tagIncest/TabooLegal Heirs Ch. 02

Legal Heirs Ch. 02


“Hey,” Dad said, “Your cousin sister is going to come here.”

Sis pouted, apparently disappointed. She was seated beside Dad on the bed, fondling his erect cock.

“Shit!” she said. “That means we can’t fuck as openly as we do now.”

“Who cousin?” Senior asked, withdrawing his face from between Mom’s tits.

“My brother’s daughter.”

“That pimply little brat?” Junior asked, thrusting his cock in Mom’s mouth, watching his brother sucking on her tits.

Dad laughed as sis bent down to take his cock in her mouth. “C’mon, you guys. When was the last time we saw her? Ten years, maybe?”

Mom pulled away from Junior’s cock. “Thirteen years. She is now almost 19. What’s the reason for her coming down here?”

“She’s doing her marketing and has to get a six-month training with a real company.”

“Six months?” sis yelled.

“When did you say she’s coming?” Senior said, fondling mom’s tits and watching her suck on Junior’s cock.

“Tomorrow.” Dad replied, beginning to thrust his hips up and down, watching sis slide her lips up and down on his shaft.

Senior rose from the bed and slid towards sis. He yanked her legs up so that she was crouched on the bed, Dad’s cock still in her mouth.

Senior crouched behind sis and guided his cock into her pussy from behind. Sis gasped around Dad’s cock and pushed her ass back to take Senior’s cock right to the hilt.

Mom glanced at the trio and then began to suck junior to match with senior’s thrusts. In and out of sis’s cunt went senior’s cock; up and down mom bobbed her head on junior’s cock.

Dad noticed the rhythm and he too began to fuck sis’s mouth to match senior’s thrusts in her pussy.

Senior let out a howl and pulling his cock out of sis’s mouth rushed over to stand beside Dad. He jerked his cock furiously and as his juices shot over her cheeks, Dad grunted and poured his come into her mouth.

Not to be left behind, junior too was jerking off his cock. Below him, mom waited, cupping her tits in her hands and waiting for his come to splash them.

Junior cried out when he climaxed all over mom’s tits.

Indeed, it was just another weekend in their lives.


Dad and the kids were dumbstruck when they met cousin. Mom had picked her up from the airport when the rest of the family was at work, so she looked at them, an amused smile on her lips.

The cousin had grown up to be a very beautiful girl indeed.

“You look so much like your mum,” Dad commented and the kids did a double take. They had never thought that their aunt would be so sexy.

Even though cousin was of the same age as sis, she had a body of a woman ten years older. She was around five feet two and around a hundred and twenty pounds. Her dark, silky hair was short; she wore it in a sort of a page cut. She had a generous mouth with slightly thick lips and a pert little nose. Her eyes were wide, bright and had a hint of mischief in them, particularly when she smiled. Her oval shaped face looked younger than her age in stark contrast to the rest of her body.

Her shoulders weren’t as wide as sis’s and her waist wasn’t as narrow either. One look at her, and they knew where all that weight was concentrated. It showed in her strong thighs and hips, her firm, rounded ass and those amazing tits. Her face belonged to a petite girl; her body to a voluptuous woman.

She was to share sis’s bedroom, and when mom and she went up to unload her baggage, Dad took sis to one side.

“Damn, she is hot!” he said. The boys also ganged around dad and sis.

“Looking at her has given me a hard on,” Senior agreed.

“Same here,” Junior seconded, going to the extent of pulling out his erect cock from his pants and showing it to them.

Sis gave his cock a few jerks and pushed it back into his pants. “We’d better be careful with her around. We don’t want the her to know about us, or she will think we are sick.”

“Fuck her, then!” senior retorted.

“That is what I would like to do,” junior grinned, zipping up his pants.

“Here’s what you can do, honey,” dad as always was full of ideas and they had never failed.

“What, dad?” sis asked, slapping away seniors hands, which were trying to squeeze her tits.

“Wait a minute, guys,” dad said, “this is serious matter. Honey, I want you to get that girl hot and horny and here’s how you can do it. An hour after dinner, around the time that all of you are in your rooms, you will hear noises coming from our bedroom. You know it adjoins yours. You will get her curious and make her accompany you to snoop around. We will keep our door half open so that your cousin and you can watch your mum and me fucking each other.”

“What about us?” senior complained.

“Don’t interrupt me,” dad said. “Watching us will definitely turn her on. I’m guessing she isn’t a virgin.”

“Of course she couldn’t be! With a body like that, she must have loads of experience handling guys,” junior said.

“Yeah, right. Honey, the two of you will be in darkness and probably, if she were as hot as your mum and you, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to diddle her around. Maybe there itself, or maybe you could take her back in your room. Perhaps, during the heat of it, you could confess about being real close to your brothers. Watch her reaction to that.”

Their discussion had to be stopped because mum and cousin were coming down the stairs. Cousin smiled brightly at them. She had changed into a more comfortable gown. It reached down to her knees and they could peep at the top of her tits only when she had to bend down.

“I must thank you all for having me in,” she said sincerely.

“Oh c’mon,” dad smiled, “you are no stranger. And forget formalities. You are my brother’s daughter, not some stranger, ok?”

“Thanks a lot, uncle,” she smiled at him.

“Hey,” interrupted mum. “You guys go on and change. It’s getting late and I will set up the table for dinner.”

“Let me help you, aunt,” cousin said and the two disappeared into the kitchen.

Later, they sat around the table and she spoke about her parents and pre-schooling. “I’ve got to work for at least six months, full time in a reputed company and get their work certificate. That is a pre-requisite for the university to award me the diploma.”

“What kind of work?” senior suddenly had an inspiration.

“Well, you know the usual stuff. I’m specializing in marketing. Obviously, I have to do some kind of market analysis for a company that would be appreciated.”

“You got something in mind, Senior?” dad asked.

“Yeah. Maybe I could talk to my boss. He was thinking about doing a survey on the requirements of second hand cars around the city. You know the stuff. You gotta make up questionnaires and one of the guys from the company would visit the folks they want to target this year. Like what kind of car they would like to have? What would be their budget? What kind of guarantee could we afford on the performance? You know that stuff. It’s pretty simple, but your final report will form the basis of next years sales.”

Cousin was excited and said, “If you could really arrange that, I would be happy dear cousin.”

They finished dinner and hung around for half an hour watching soap on TV, till dad finally called it a day. “C’mon you guys, lets pack for the night. It’s getting late.”

Dad had hurriedly explained the plan to mum, whispering in her ears when she was doing the dishes and she had agreed. Obviously, dad was getting horny because he kept glancing at mum.

The boys were glum. They weren’t sure whether the plan would work today and knew, that if it did not, they would have to go without sampling mum or sister’s wares. They couldn’t remember when they had to do this the last time, sleeping without the women of the house.

Nevertheless, they decided to wait and watch.


“Gee, do you really mean it?” cousin asked sis. “You really don’t have a boyfriend? That’s weird.”

“Well, I don’t really need one,” sis replied and almost bit off her lips in anger.

“What do you mean?” cousin looked at her sharply.

She was saved by the sudden noises from the adjoining room.

“What’s that?” cousin was startled.

“Wait,” sis whispered, “just listen carefully.”

They were lying on their respective beds, which were set about a couple of feet apart from each other. There was a common desk between them at the head of the beds and sis flicked on the night lamp. They listened in the semi-darkness.

There was a loud moan, followed by a series of grunts. Then, they heard some whispers. There were a few giggles and some unintelligible words.

Cousin looked at sis. Sis could tell that cousin was blushing. That meant she knew what her aunt and uncle were up to.

Sis rose from her bed. “Lets investigate.”

Cousin was flabbergasted. “Oh cousin, perhaps we shouldn’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, uh, well, it’s apparent that aunt and uncle are, um, uh, well…”

“What?” sis asked, enjoying the look on her cousin’s face.

“Well, they are married and well, uh, they are apparently making love,” cousin blurted out, looking away from sis.

Sis giggled. “Right. Let’s go and check that it is only that and not somebody else, ok?”

Cousin was feeling wet between her legs and the tips of her nipples had hardened. “Should we?”

“Oh c’mon, cousin,” sis said, walking up to the girl and pulling her up with her hands. Cousin rose, reluctantly, but with a sense of anticipation that was purely sexual in nature.

Together, they slipped out of their room and crept noiselessly towards the master bedroom. There was a night lamp on in her parent’s bedroom and the door was half open. Quickly, sis pulled cousin behind the curtains from where they could have a complete view of the bedroom and yet remain in the safety of the darkness.

Mum was seated with her back to the headrest of the bed. She was of course, naked. Dad stood on the bed, his feet planted on either side of mum’s hips. He was crouched at his waist. He too, was just as naked.

The two girls had a side view of the couple and they could clearly see Dad’s huge cock sliding in and out of mum’s mouth.

Cousin gasped, her hand clutching sister’s hand, her heart thudding so loud that she was afraid her aunt and uncle would hear. Since they were not so far away from the couple, they could hear what was being said.

“Oh yes, baby, suck my cock, yes, oh god, yes, suck it, suck it, aahhhh…” he was groaning. His hands mauled her huge tits as he bucked his hips back and forth, slamming his cock in and out of her mouth.

Mum had one arm around his ass and with the other hand, was fondling his huge balls. She was making slurping noises and it was obvious that his cock was surrounded by a lot of her saliva.

They watched one of his hands release one tit and drag down behind him till he was rubbing her cunt. Her knees spread apart and her ass rose off the bed as he thrust a couple of fingers up her cunt.

“Oh god, yessss…” she wailed, and as she did so, his cock slipped out of her mouth. Cousin’s heart almost tripped when she saw the length of the cock, now rubbing over mum’s face.

“Gee,” sis whispered, “they are really going at it today, hah?”

Cousin couldn’t answer. The sight of her uncle’s cock, which he was now pointing at her aunt’s mouth, fascinated her.

“C’mon, honey! I need your lips around my cock. Don’t stop now, suck me off, oh my god, come on, baby, suck my cock,” he told her through his clenched teeth, thrusting his hips forward.

“Yes, baby, yes, I will, but please fuck my cunt harder with your fingers, oh god, yes, like that, yes, yes, fuck, fuck,” she murmured.

She now grabbed his cock in her hands and began to lick the shaft after bending it back against his stomach. She squealed when he squeezed her tit powerfully and then let her tongue run over his balls.

Cousin suddenly noticed that sis had whipped up her gown and had thrust one hand inside her panties, rubbing her cunt. She was still holding cousin’s hand. Sister’s eyes were fixed on the sight before them. Involuntarily, cousin too picked up the hem of her gown and bunching it around her thighs, slipped her free hand inside her panties.

As the two girls rubbed themselves, mum took dad’s cock back inside her mouth. He put his hand into her hair and held her head steady, pumping his hips to and fro. He kept up with the thrusting of his fingers in her pussy.

Suddenly, sis was leaning towards cousin. Putting her mouth close to her ears, she whispered, “C’mon, cousin, I think we have seen enough. Lets get back to our room.”

Cousin was confused, but reluctantly let sis drag her to the room. Once inside, sis pushed cousin back onto her bed.

“I want to see you naked, cousin. I want to see your tits and pussy. I need to play with you. I want to kiss and suck you all over.”

Before cousin realized it, her gown was off and sis was pulling down her panties.

“Wow, cousin, you have got such glorious tits,” sis breathed, capturing them in her hands and kneading them. They were large, firm and the nipples were equally big and hard.

“Not fair,” cousin giggled, now unable to restrain herself. “You must get out of your clothes too.”

Sis sat on cousin’s hips and hurriedly pulled her gown over her head. She then raised her ass and kneeling over cousin, stripped out of her panties as well.

“You are gorgeous,” cousin whispered.

Sis leaned down, lying on top of cousin and they exchanged their first kiss. It was a passionate kiss. Mouths opened, lips fused and their tongues dueled.

Sis grabbed cousin’s tits, squeezing them. A vision of her uncle doing that to her aunt sprang in her mind, and cousin too brought her hands up to take sister’s tits in her hands.

Sis slipped one hand down to bury it between cousin’s legs. Cousin moaned when sis began to rub her cunt.

Still kissing each other, sis felt cousin’s hand go down between their bodies and cup her cunt.

Cousin rolled over so that sis was now lying beneath her. They continued kissing and fingering each other.

Meanwhile, the two brothers had crept out of their bedroom. They stood outside the girls’ room and watched as sis and cousin pleasured each other. Both the brothers were wearing only shorts and both had brought out their erect cocks, stroking them as they watched their wanton sis and cousin.

“I want to get in there and fuck the hell out of cousin,” senior whispered harshly, “Oh boy, look at her tits! And look at her cunt!”

“We better not get in now. If something goes wrong, dad will have our asses!” junior said, fondling his hard cock.

“Shit!” senior said indignantly. “The girls are having fun and so are dad and mum. What the fuck are we supposed to do?”

“With the girls so wrapped up, I bet they won’t notice if we join mum and dad,” junior said. “Maybe, we can come back to the girls bedroom later.”

Senior agreed and the two hastily slipped away to their parent’s room. Junior closed the door behind them when they entered.

Dad was lying on his back and mum was seated astride him, her back to him. His cock was embedded deep inside her cunt and she was riding him.

“Oh yes, baby, come on, fuck my cock faster, yes, fuck, fuck,” dad yelled.

Mum saw her sons entering the room and paused, his cock impaled inside her.

“What is it, dears?” she asked them. Dad craned his neck to see them.

“Fuck me while you ask them,” dad said, impatiently lifting his hips and beginning to hump up and down. Mum giggled and began to move up and down over him.

“Shit, mum!” senior said, walking to the bed, pushing his shorts down to expose his hard cock. “Sis and cousin are going at each other in their room.”

Dad paused and looked at them from under mum. “Really?”

“Yeah,” junior said, already naked and jerking on his cock. “They are kissing each other and fingering each others cunts like there was going to be no tomorrow.”

“This, I have to see,” Dad grunted. “Your sis is real quick.”

“Else, cousin is real hot,” mum laughed. “But first, you have to finish here. I’m almost there.”

Dad began to buck his hips up and down. The boys stood on either side of their mum. She sucked on their cocks alternately, fondling the one she did not have in her mouth. She was moaning and her body shuddered. At one point, she held her sons cocks together and tried to take both of them in her mouth together. She could slide just the cock heads because they were too big.

The boys played with her tits as dad fucked her hard and fast.

“Oh baby, I’m going to come!” dad groaned, slamming his body up and lifting mum up with his hips.

Mum moved faster now and she sucked in senior’s cock all the way down. Junior managed to get his cock down between her lush tits and started to fuck her cleavage.

Finally, with a deep guttural cry, dad let his seed shoot inside mum’s cunt. Almost immediately thereafter, senior pulled his cock out of her mouth and let his juice erupt over her face. Watching that, junior too came with a groan, flooding her cleavage with his hot come.

Mum rolled over the bed, licking off the juices that she wiped off her face and tits with her fingers. “Aah, that was so nice!” she sighed.

Amazingly, dad, despite the fact that he had come, was getting hard again.

“I got to see that wench!” he muttered, rising to his feet.

“Lets all go in there,” junior proposed enthusiastically.

“Maybe that would scare her,” mum said.

“If you see them now, mum, you will know that nothing’s going to scare her. She’s hotter than a firecracker!” senior said.

Mum hesitated and looked at dad.

Dad thought for a while. “No. We might scare her. I think it’s a better idea if you two guys go in first. Kids doing each other may not seem so terrible to her.”

“Gee, that’s great, dad,” senior said. “Do we get to fuck her cunt?”

“Only if she allows it,” dad answered.

“Go on now,” mum told them. “And when you are there, I think it would be a good idea to sort of ‘surprise’ them, honey.”

“Right,” agreed dad. “That would be better. That way, we have her where we want her.”

The two brothers pulled back their shorts, excited that they would get a chance at their voluptuous cousin.

“See you shortly,” Senior grinned at dad.

“And you too, mum!” whispered junior.


They stood by the side of the bed and the girls were still not aware of their presence. Cousin was lying on top of sis, sucking sis’s boobs. Her hips were drawn back so that sis could fuck her pussy with her fingers.

The boys pulled up their shorts over one leg and began to fondle their erect cocks as they watched the girls moaning and wriggling on the bed.

Sis noticed them first and winked. “Hi guys! Having a free show?”

When cousin heard sis, she spun around, startled.

“W-what the h-hell are you guys doing?”

“Hi cousin,” senior replied cheerfully. “We should be asking that question. We heard noises and came down here to investigate. With you around, we were pissed off that maybe we wouldn’t be able to fuck with sis.”

Cousin was bewildered as she glanced at the two boys and then back at sis who was grinning.

“What?” She was stunned.

“Oh come on, cousin,” junior smiled, jerking on his cock, having noticed cousin’s eyes shifting from his cock to his brother’s cock. Sis had not stopped fucking cousin’s cunt with her fingers and that was making cousin squirm. Sis then brought up one hand and began to fondle cousin’s heavy tits.

“Yeah, come on,” senior said with a short wry laugh. “We fuck pretty often, you know. Sis loves us to fuck her and we love to fuck her too.”

“Besides,” junior added, “wouldn’t it feel better if you have a cock drilling your cunt rather than fingers?”

Cousin had twisted her head up to them and when she opened her mouth to say something, senior bent down swiftly and kissed her. Since her mouth was open, senior plunged his tongue straightaway inside it.

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