tagIncest/TabooLegal Heirs Ch. 03

Legal Heirs Ch. 03


Senior talked to his boss the next morning and convinced him that having someone do the initial market survey at no cost would be beneficial to the company. The boss agreed on the condition that senior would be totally responsible for his cousin.

The boss was a man in his early fifties, tall and thin, with long hair, which he kept colored, falling over his collar at the back and over his forehead at the front. Around the town, he was called Midas, because whichever business he got involved in, paid him rich dividends. The business of selling second hand cars, repaired and modified, was handed over to him by his father-in-law when the old man couldn't cover his losses. Boss had turned it around within a space of two years and now was poised to move in for the big kill.

The boss had an understanding with senior. Apart from his regular salary, boss paid him a commission of five percent for every second hand car that senior would manage to sell.

On her first day to work, cousin was given a royal 'good luck' send off. After an early breakfast, Dad beckoned her over to the couch on which he was seated.

Even as cousin walked up to him, he had unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out his cock. It was hard and pointed up from between his legs that he had spread apart.

"Lower your pussy on this, you hussy," he had commanded.

Her back facing him, her skirt bunched around her waist, panties pulled down to her thighs, she had mounted him, sighing as she felt his long cock enter her hot pussy.

"Ride it, baby," Dad had cried out and she had begun to move up and down over his cock.

Senior had risen from the table and walked up to the couch, dropping his pants and shorts on the way. He offered his cousin his cock and she had happily lowered her head to take it in her mouth, licking and sucking it away.

As Dad pumped up and down, sending his cock deeper into her cunt, senior had pulled down her blouse and bra. He lowered his prick, pulling it out of her mouth and had stuck his cock between her monstrous tits.

Senior didn't have to move at all. Cousin was doing it as she rode Dad. This meant that even as she was fucking Dad, her tits were jerking off senior's cock.

All this was too much for junior, who at this time had sis sucking on his cock. Even before senior had stared to tit-fuck cousin, sis had managed to pull out junior's cock and bending down had started to suck him off.

"Let's give her a real sandwich," junior had said, pulling away from sis. "Mom, you and sis suck on her tits while I fuck her mouth."

The idea appealed to everybody and soon cousin was riding Dad's cock, fucking senior's with her big tits and sucking on junior while mom and sis knelt on the floor, licking cousin's nipples.

It was an amazing experience for cousin who ended up with spunk shooting up her cunt, down her cleavage and into her mouth as two tongues played and licked her super sensitive nipples.

Cousin also ended up with having to change into a fresh skirt and blouse.

"My god, I just can't believe how horny you guys are!" cousin told Dad, sis and senior when they were driving to senior's office.

"Just you wait and see, girl," Dad chuckled.

Dad dropped off senior and cousin at the second-hand car shop.

"Best of luck, hussy," Dad called out before continuing on the way to his office with sis.

When senior introduced his cousin to his boss, it had an awesome effect on the old man. Oh god, the boss thought as he shook her hand. This babe was something! He'd never come across a girl with such a youthful, innocent and beautiful face complementing such a voluptuous and sexy body. She looked like a mix of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe!

For obvious reasons, the boss remained seated on his overstuffed leather chair if only to make sure that senior and his cousin wouldn't notice that bulge between his legs. The boss had a sexy wife, who looked ten years younger than she really was, but this girl was astonishing.

The boss found himself ogling that amazing cleavage; half revealed from the skimpy blouse that she wore. Then, his eyes flickered down to gaze at her long, shapely legs.

"I hope you are comfortable here. And to make sure that you are, I have assigned you to your cousin."

Senior led her to his cabin. It was fairly large and quite comfortable. Apart from his chair behind the large teak table, there were a few other chairs arranged opposite his, a comfortable couch at one corner, and a couple of storage racks crammed with books and files.

As soon as they had exited his office, boss had locked up his cabin and walked into the antechamber where he had his closed circuit TV monitors. Senior had the authority to seal deals and that could expose him to under hand dealings; the kind of which the salesman before senior was involved in. Invoice for ten grand and accept two under the table. Though boss trusted senior completely, he had not removed the cameras from the office.

The boss settled down on the chair and used the zoom to get a close-up of cousin's chest as she bent down to jot down notes that senior was giving her. What an impressive rack! The blouse she was wearing was cut deep in front and he could see the bra straps and the smooth creamy tops of her tits every time she bent down. And behind the garments, her luscious tits strained against them, threatening to spill out.

The wimp was just giving her notes! If he, the boss, were in his place, he would be having his hands thrust inside the bra and giving her tits a great job, he thought as he pulled out his cock and began to masturbate.

He had turned down the volume low; but when he heard her laughing, decided to turn it up all the way till he could understand what it was that had made the sexy chick laugh at.

"If you keep bending down like that, cousin, I'm going to have to pull out my cock," Senior was saying.

Say what? The boss was stunned. This goddamn wimp was already having his way with this slut!

"Do I have to lock the door?" she asked mockingly.

"Yeah. Do that and come on over here," Senior replied.

The boss watched the shapely girl sashay her way to the door and turn the lock over. By the time she had turned back and was walking up to him, senior had pushed back his chair and unzipped his pants to allow his prick to jump out.

The boss watched, open mouthed, as she knelt down on the carpet between senior's legs and without any further delay, took his cock right inside her mouth.

"Shit!" the boss murmured, his hands jerking his own cock faster, "this bitch is right up there!"

Senior rocked his hips up and down as cousin bobbed her head over him. Sure enough, the boss noticed that senior had thrust his hands into her blouse, and from the billowing movements, realized that the wimp was fondling those amazing tits.

"Oh yeah, suck on it, baby, suck on it! Give me some more tongue, oh yeah, like that, yeah, go on and suck it harder, faster, now, now!"

Boss began to stroke his cock faster, breathing through his open mouth as he watched senior lift the girl's enormous tits from under her blouse. His eyes popped out of their sockets. Fuck! His wife had a damned good rack all right, but this bitch was something else! Her tits were as big as a pair of fucking watermelons, they were without a hint of sag and shit, those nipples had to be at least a couple of inches round!

Boss watched with glazed eyes as Senior finally rose from the chair, lifting the girl up by her shoulders. She was still jerking on the wimp's cock as he pushed the blouse and half-bra down and pulled her skirt up over her waist.

"Jeez, cousin, I've gotta fuck you now," senior gasped, pushing the girl to the desk. He swept the papers aside and the girl lay back on the desk, her ass hanging down the edge, her creamy and strong thighs opened to reveal her tiny panties.

Senior didn't bother tugging off the panties. Hovering over her, he reached down and slid the material off her crotch to expose her gaping cunt. She had his cock in her hands and she pulled him towards her, raising her hips.

"Oh god, even if I did have a royal fucking in the morning, I can't just keep away from cock! Put it in, senior, put it in! Fuck my cunt with that!" she moaned.

He laid his palms on the desk on either side of her face and leaned forward, his cock gliding smoothly into her wet pussy.

"Ahhhhh," she groaned.

"Ugghhh," he grunted.

Her legs wrapped around his thrusting ass, her hands encircling his shoulders. She raised and lowered her hips and he pumped back and forth. Their thighs smacked each other and Boss could clearly hear the slapping sounds from the speakers.

Senior bent further and put his mouth over the girl's and they kissed deeply as they fucked; their movements were at once swift, fast and savage.

The inner door to the boss's office clicked and opened. He heard it, but continued watching the screen and pumping on his cock, his ass almost a foot off the chair. He didn't bother to look away because only one other person besides him had the key to that door. His slut wife!

"What do we have here?" the slut asked, locking the door behind her and walking up to her husband's desk.

"Oh my god," she cried out in wonder when her eyes went to the screen. "Look at those tits on that bitch!"

"Shut up and watch," Boss snapped.

Slut giggled, her hands already on the tiny zipper concealed at the side of her mini skirt. In spite of her age, she looked like she was in her early to mid twenties and her body was still lithe, curvy and well shaped.

She slipped out of her skirt. As usual, she wasn't wearing panties. Boss glanced out of the corner of his eyes and watched his wife whipping the t-shirt over her face, revealing her naked tits. They were big, no doubt, but they did sag a little. Not like that bitch getting fucked by senior in that cabin.

Boss merely slid his chair back so that his wife could get between him and the desk, her back to him.

"Let me get your rocks off, baby," she cooed, watching the screen as well.

Boss grasped his wife's naked hips as she slowly lowered down on the chair, his cock impaling her cunt. As she began to ride him, they had their eyes fixed on the screen.

"Oh god, look at them go," slut said wonderingly.

"Oh yeah," Boss replied, thrusting his hips up to drive his cock up into her hot cunt. He took hold of her heavy tits, mauling them as they watched senior now began to seriously give it to his cousin.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming," cousin screamed after wrenching her lips away from his. This made senior pump harder and he began to roughly knead her tits. She let one hand go down so that she could play with her clit.

And boss slid one hand down his wife's tit to rub his stubby fingers over her erect clit. She bounced harder on him.

Finally, senior pulled his dick out of cousin's cunt and she slid down to the floor on her knees, taking hold of his cock and jerking it off for him. He thrust his hips forward, threw his head back, closed his eyes and cried out.

His spunk literally rushed out of his cock, smacking cousin on her face. Hungrily, she took the throbbing cock into her mouth and the camera was so damn good, boss and his wife could actually see her swallowing senior's come.

This had made slut come too and she quickly spun around and went down to her knees, gobbling boss's cock down her mouth.

"Take that between your slut tits," he gasped and she did, leaning back so that he could arrange his cock between her melons. She held them together for him and he pumped back and forth, sending his cock gliding up and down between her tits till he howled and came. The burst of his come ran up to her chin and then dribbled slowly down to her heaving tits.

"This," boss said after a long time, "this I personally gotta see. He has his eyes on you, honey. Why don't you make a round for him while I try to get into the girl's pants?"

She smiled, licking her lips.

Why not?


In the afternoon, during the lunch break, boss summoned senior to his office.

"Good work on that Morris deal, boy. I figure you got a raise coming your way!"

Senior beamed at the unexpected generosity of his otherwise tight fisted boss.

"What's more, with the check coming in today, I guess your cousin has brought a big slice of luck to the firm. So I figure a small amount as out of pocket expenses for her are called for, huh?"

"Gee, boss, thanks. Cousin is going to be damn happy. A few extra quid never hurt anybody, huh?"

"She's a nice one, that kiddo," boss continued. "And I bet you are making it up to her, eh?"

Senior was puzzled, but had to blush. "I don't understand."

"Oh come off it, boy!" the boss laughed. "I wanted to give you the news and when I walked up to your office, you had the door locked and I could hear a lot of noise coming through it."

"I-I don't know what to say..." senior stammered.

Cousin walked in at that point of time.

"Good afternoon, sir!" she called out.

"Oh hey, we were talking about you," boss smiled, giving her the quick once over. She looked so incredibly sexy in that short skirt and the revealing blouse. She smiled widely at the boss and his mind flashed back to that moment when this very mouth had opened to swallow senior's come.

"Really?" cousin asked, her mouth curved into a smile.

"Yeah," boss answered. "But before letting you in the good news, I got to ask your cousin," (here, he stressed on the word 'cousin') I'm afraid he's got to go to his office and pick up the Morris file. Okay, senior, vamoose. Into your office and I've laid the goodies right on your file."

Senior could see the way that boss was smirking at him. He cast a long glance at cousin before shrugging and making his way out of the office to his own.

Boss had seen to it that there was no one else in the office after the afternoon break. He had sent the other staff on various assignments because he and his wife had already set things up.

"Hey, girlie, why don't you sit down, huh? Make yourself comfortable? Can I get you a drink?"

Cousin was astonished. Senior had described the boss as being tight fisted and very difficult to get by and here was the old man actually offering a drink!

"Oh, er, no thanks, boss," she stammered, lowering her shapely body onto the chair in front of him. Her short skirt rode up her thighs and his eyes widened when he saw that smooth expanse of creamy flesh.

He gave a short laugh as he rose from his chair and headed towards the drinks cabinet. "We got a rule here, little one. Nobody refuses a drink during the first meeting. Okay then. Nothing strong. A small vodka, huh?"

She said nothing, watching him pour out the drinks on the cabinet. He walked back to his desk and handed over her glass to her.

"Here's to you," he said, sipping from his glass. She had no option but to drink up as well.

"Good girl," he murmured, glancing at his Rolex.

She noticed that he had been glancing at his watch quite a number of times.

"You got an appointment, boss?" she asked, feeling the warmth of the vodka rushing through her body.

Boss grinned, letting his eyes take in the sight of her almost half naked tits and those legs sticking out of the sexy skirt.

"You could say it that way," he chuckled. He motioned towards the door leading to the antechamber. "Appointment right there," he said.

She stared at the closed door. "What's in there?"

Boss chortled. "I reckon my wife must have started the proceedings by now, so why don't I show you?"

She was confused. He rose, his glass still in his hand and motioned for her to join him.

"Come on, little girlie. We are going to see what's happening with my appointment. Or more correctly, we are gonna see if my wife has kept up the appointment."

She rose uncertainly. "I – I didn't know your wife works here."

That made boss laugh as he led her to the antechamber. "Well, you can say that she does. She brings in a lot of clients and she keeps the staff happy. Come on, I'll show you."

They walked into the dark room and boss locked the door behind him. She gasped at the sight of the high tech equipment that occupied the room and stood rooted to one spot while he picked up what seemed like a remote, which it was.

He gestured towards the thick shag rug lying at one corner of the room.

"Make yourself at home, girlie," he told her, sinking down to one side of the rug and turning the remote to one large TV screen. "This is state-of-the-art, girlie. One remote is all it takes to control those screens. I bet we are gonna be happy to see what goes on behind closed doors. C'mon, girlie, sit down. I won't bite: at least, not if you don't want me to."

Cousin flushed, but nevertheless lowered herself on the shag rug, trying to keep distance from the boss, who merely chuckled when she tried to pull the hem of her skirt down her knees.

"Yeah, closed doors. But I'm smart, you see? You've gotta be in this business. Now, let's see what senior is up to, huh?"

The half a dozen or so screens lit up and cousin had to gasp when she saw senior and boss's wife from different angles in senior's cabin.

"Now, watch," boss chortled.

Senior and boss's wife were standing beside the desk and near the door, clutching each other in an embrace, mouths fused together. The camera had such a good resolution that cousin could actually see the woman thrusting her tongue in senior's mouth while he sucked on it.

Cousin gasped and boss chuckled. "Horny wife. Likes them young. And senior? Well, I s'pose he likes almost everything that sports big racks upfront, huh?"

Sure enough, senior was already kneading the slut wife's T-shirt covered tits even as her hands had crept down their bodies and she was squeezing his crotch covered as it was by his pants.

"Now," boss said, making no effort to close the distance between the two of them. He was watching the screen intently; sure that something had to give. From what he had seen of this girl, he was sure that she was going to get horny, sooner or later. He trusted his wife to do that.

As senior french kissed the older woman, he was also shoving his hands up under her T-shirt and cousin could see the billowing movements there, confirming her suspicions that he was now squeezing the woman's tits.

"Lets have some volume," boss chuckled, pressing a button on the remote. The room filled with noise and cousin could hear the moans coming out of the hidden speakers as clearly as though the two were in the room.

Slut wife now began to fumble at the zips of senior's pants.

"Hmm, no shorts, huh?" slut wife whimpered after tearing away her mouth from his. "Meant for all those little girls to get a view of this monster?"

Senior's cock was out and she grabbed it, jerking the shaft up and down. He pushed her T-shirt up over her jugs, exposing them and groaning, he shoved his face between them.

She thrust her chest up at him, grabbing the back of his head closer by one hand while continuing to jerk furiously on his cock.

"Oh yeah, stud, like that, yes, lick them, yeah, lick 'em up!"

Senior pulled back his head and leaned forward again to capture her right melon, mouth encompassing the flesh. He squeezed and pinched the left tit while sucking on the other one. His hips began to pump back and forth automatically.

She reached for the tiny zip at the side of her short skirt and tugged it down and while she did this, he impatiently pushed his naked cock against her belly, now that it was free from her fist. She wiggled her thighs and the skirt fell down over her ankles and on to the floor.

He pushed her back; his hands still attached to her heaving tits and stared at her naked pussy. She giggled manipulating his cock with both her hands now.

"No panties either, stud," she whispered.

He thrust his hips forward and rubbed her wet pussy with the tip of his erect cock.

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