tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLegally Nude Ch. 25

Legally Nude Ch. 25


This story is the twenty-fifth in a series. This series has undoubtedly gone on way too long. However, I find these characters hard to expel from my head. I hope that they give the reader some of the enjoyment they give me. While this story can, hopefully, be read enjoyably by itself, the earlier installments provide context and character background. My characters are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to any real person is unintended and coincidental. Please do not rely on these stories for any legal advice.


I have written previously about the tragedy of Carla's accident (Legally Nude CH 19). While it is still painful several years later, I thought that it was worth discussing the aftermath of that horrible event. I think it illustrates that even the most terrible events can have positive consequences.

I had been temporarily pulled out of my depression by Melina's demonstration of love for and commitment to Erin, me, and the firm. Swiftly after Carla passed away, Melina had transferred from the very prestigious law school she had attended in Chicago to the law school at our local university. As I had tried to explain to her that was a huge sacrifice on her part that would have life-long ramifications. She transferred anyway in order to support us and to help with the firm's work as much as she could.

The reality was that, at least in the short-term, Melina could not help much. She was starting her second year when, according to the cliché, the law schools work their students to death. Having traded way down in terms of the prestige of the degree she would receive, it was that much more important that she do extremely well. The demands on her time were such that she took an apartment within walking distance of the law school for that year.

I was able to refer some of Carla's cases out to our friends in the NBA (Nude Bar Association). However, that still left an oppressive addition to my own workload. Even worse were the many times that I started to walk to Carla's office to bounce something off of her before I realized that she was no longer there and never would be there again. I slipped back into a deep funk.

Thank god for Erin. Although Erin and Carla had been lovers and extremely close friends, Erin seemed to handle Carla's death better than I did. Erin was bright enough and had been with me long enough that, despite the lack of a law degree or license, she understood my job at least as well as I did. There was more than one occasion during those months when Erin saved me from making huge mistakes.

Summer had long slipped into fall and I was still suffering the loss of my lover and partner. We were home one evening and I was in a self-pitying mood. I walked into our television room and saw Erin sitting naked in a chair. She had been a beautiful young woman just out of college when I first met her. Now, in her early 30s, she was even more beautiful. Erin had always been mature and wise, but the years we had been together had added experience and insight. Erin French was an extraordinary woman in every respect.

Standing in the doorway, I said, "Erin, tell me something."

"What Harry?" she replied.

"You are smart enough and hardworking enough that you could be a CEO by now. You are beautiful enough that you could be a model or an actress. Why have you stayed on as business manager/paralegal/receptionist in my two-bit law firm?"

Erin moved from her chair to the sofa. She patted the cushion next to her. "Come here and sit down Harry." I sat on the sofa a few inches away from her. Erin slid over next to me. I could feel the warmth of her bare thigh and hip against my bare skin.

"I know that there are many things which I could have done," Erin started. "Why have I stayed all these years? Well, there's a minor reason and a major reason. The minor reason is that I really enjoy working in the nude. It is fun when the FedEx guy comes in and looks me up and down. I also enjoy getting naked with all of our friends."

Erin turned so that she was facing me. She reached out and took my hands in hers. "Harry," she said, "look at me." I looked into her magnificent green eyes. I thought that I actually saw a twinkle in them. Erin squeezed my hands tightly. "The major reason I've stayed is that I love you, passionately and with all of my soul. I want to be around you every day for the rest of my life."

There. It was out. Deep down, I had known that was the answer even before I asked. The love affair between Erin and me had been implicit from very early in our relationship. It had just never been stated that directly and explicitly.

I continued to look into Erin's stunning face. I thought that I saw a smile starting. I pulled my hands from hers, leaned forward, put my arms around her bare body, and pulled her to me. I hugged Erin that night like I had never hugged anyone or anything before. Without even thinking about it, I said what I had felt for a long time. "I love you Erin French. I promise you that we will be together every day for the rest of our lives."

Erin and I kissed, for a long time. Finally, Erin pulled away slightly and leaned back in my arms. With a smile, she said, "We've shared our relationship with others before and there will be others again. But there is a bond between us that is built on a whole lot more than work or looking at each other's bodies or sex."

I was starting to feel a whole lot better. "Absolutely!" I said.

Erin's smile got wider. "Ok, then," she said, "Want to fuck?" We did for most of the night.

By sheer coincidence, I got a call from Magistrate Judge Natalie Wurdeman at the office the next day. Judge Wurdeman and her husband Peter had become very good friends and teammates in our winter indoor nude volleyball league. I know that they had felt the loss of Carla also.

After the initial pleasantries, Judge Wurdeman asked, "What are you doing for the first ten days of January?"

I called up my calendar on the computer, looked at it, and answered, "Nothing very important, why?"

"Is Erin there?" the Judge asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Get her on the line," Judge Wurdeman instructed. I put the Judge on hold while I got Erin to come in my office. I put the Judge on speaker.

"Of course, Peter and I were hit by Carla's death," Judge Wurdeman said. "It got us thinking that none of us really know how much time we have and that maybe we have been living too much for the future and not enough in the present."

I made some acknowledging sound. The look on Erin's face said that, like me, she had no idea where the Judge was going.

"Anyway," the Judge continued, "Peter and I both have time the first couple weeks of January. We thought we ought to do something, so we did some research. Peter and I both scuba dive, so we wanted somewhere we could go diving. We found this really interesting resort on an island on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. They have a dive operation there. We called the dive operators. Anyway, we are planning to go for ten days. We knew that you two have been hurting much worse, so we thought that you should come with us."

Erin shrugged. I was of mixed mind. I said, "Thanks very much. Can we think about it overnight and get back to you?"

"Sure," Judge Wurdeman said. "Oh, I failed to mention a couple of things. First, the resort is having 'nude weeks' for the first two weeks of January. Ordinarily, there is just one clothing optional beach and clothes have to be worn through the rest of the resort. However, during nude weeks, guests can go naked anywhere on the resort."

"That's a plus," Erin said.

"And," Judge Wurdeman went on, "we talked to the dive operator. They are willing to take us out diving in the altogether any days we want to go. Peter and I have never dived nude and thought that it would be a lot of fun. Do you guys dive?"

"No," I said.

"That's why I'm calling now," Judge Wurdeman responded, "so you have time to learn."

I looked at Erin, who was now nodding her head enthusiastically. "We're in" I told Judge Wurdeman.

The Judge laughed. "Remember, no suits," she said and hung up.

The first thing we did was call Melina. As we expected, Melina could not go because of school. "But, don't worry about me," she said. "I'll stop by the office at least every other day to check the mail and phone messages. You guys go and have a great time."

The second task was to find someone to teach Erin and me to scuba dive. That turned out to be a lot easier than I had expected in a city hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean. We found an actual dive shop in a northern suburb that was starting a class the following week. They had a deal to use a pool at a nearby YMCA for the in-water instruction. That would get us certified sufficiently to dive with more experienced divers.

The classroom sessions were more interesting than I had expected, but the in water instruction proved to be most interesting; although perhaps not for the reasons the instructors intended. When we got to the Y, Erin and I went into separate locker rooms for the first time in years and put on swimsuits for the first time in years. It had been so long since I'd seen Erin in a swimsuit; I couldn't remember what her suits looked like.

I was pleasantly reminded when Erin came out of the women's locker room onto the pool deck in a tight-fitting, dark green one-piece that set off her red hair beautifully. At 34, she had far and away the best figure of any woman in the class despite being one of the older women. I was irrationally proud when she walked up beside me and took my hand. Even the instructors were a bit distracted. While Erin was not arrogant about her looks, she knew that she was uniquely beautiful (and I told her that often enough) and she did not mind having people look at her, even with clothes on.

The skills that we needed to master did not seem difficult. Naturally, Erin took to it more readily than me. At one point, as we were standing in waist deep water watching a demonstration, Erin took my hand, leaned over, and whispered, "I wish they'd let you and me do this in the nude. I hate being in the water with a suit on." We suffered through the classes clothed and rather easily got our certificates authorizing us to dive with other, more experienced divers.

We spent the actual Holiday with Melina and her parents, who were also good friends. Erin and I spent much of the rest of the time around Christmas getting the practice to a point where we could both be gone for almost two weeks. That wasn't easy.

Melina came to the office the day before we left so that I could brief her on some contingencies. When in doubt, she could always call Wendy. The last thing Melina said to the two of us before she left was, "Have fun, but I want pictures, of everything."

We met Natalie and Peter at the airport very early the next morning. It would take a very long day, with multiple changes of planes and a night-time boat ride, to get to the island. Since the four of us were planning to spend the entire ten days at the resort naked, we each brought only a carry-on bag. Natalie and Peter had explained that we'd rent dive equipment from the operator on the island.

It was almost mid-night when we checked in. The attractive lady behind the front desk said, with only a slight Hispanic accent, "We were waiting for you. I'm glad that you're here because now I can go off."

We had been traveling all day. It was hot, and our clothes were sticking to us. Natalie asked the lady at the desk, "Where can we go naked?"

The lady smiled and said, "It is nude week. You may go naked anywhere on the resort. You could strip off here if you wished." The four of us looked at each other and we all began to smile. I don't think the lady at the desk had expected us to take her literally, but we did; pulling our clothes off in a rush and stuffing them into our bags. The lady at the desk initially looked a bit shocked, but quickly regained her composure, smiled and called for a porter.

The porter put our bags on a cart. We followed him to the "chalet" that Natalie and Peter had reserved, which was on a small rise overlooking a pool. This close to the equator, we were perfectly comfortable nude even though it was now early morning.

Not surprisingly, we all slept late the next morning. Erin and I had just gotten up and were standing on the patio of our "chalet" looking down at the people around the pool when Natalie and Peter walked out to join us. In keeping with our mutual understanding, all four of us were nude. Peter chuckled, "We've surely already missed the dive boat today. I'll call them later and make sure that we can get on tomorrow."

I happened to know that Natalie Wurdeman was about seven years younger than me and the same number of years older than Erin. That put her just over 40. However, you probably would have guessed her to be several years younger, especially if you saw her that morning. Both she and Peter did a lot of physical activity and it showed. Natalie's waist was flat. Her breasts were small but firm. Her butt was tight and nicely shaped above firm but attractive legs. While she was alluringly female, Natalie Wurdeman didn't carry on sagging skin or extra fat.

Judge Wurdeman caught me looking at her. She smiled and gestured for me to lean towards her. When I did, she whispered, "its ok. Peter can't take his eyes off of Erin either."

Peter was a very well-educated man with a surprising wit. While I have a build reminiscent of the rugby player which I'd been in college, Peter was built more like a distance runner, except maybe a bit taller. While Erin had never said anything about his appearance, Carla had commented a couple of times that Peter was an attractive man.

We spent that first day doing nothing much beyond recovering from our flights. Peter called the dive operator and confirmed that we were on the boat, with gear, for the next day. Peter was also told that we'd have the boat to ourselves.

We were up early the next morning and had very light breakfasts. We each put ID, our dive cards, sunscreen, and some money in zip lock bags. Natalie said, "The dive boat leaves from a dock here on the resort. They said that we can go nude anywhere on the resort and we're diving nude. So, I don't see any reason why we need to wear anything to the dock." I never argue with a judge.

There was a young man whom I took to be Honduran behind the counter of the small dive shop at the dock. He called into the back and a young woman with long blonde hair and a very deep tan came out. She wore shorts and a bikini top. In what I took as a British accent, she said. "Yes, you're the Wurdemans and friends, right? I'm Abby. I'll lead the dive. My lazy-arse boyfriend Clive is just getting your gear. He'll drive the boat. Now, tell me about your diving experience."

We told her. Of course, Natalie and Peter were vastly more experienced than Erin and me. Abby said, "Well, I think that the site we chose for today will serve quite well. Erin, Harry, just don't stray too far from Natalie and Peter."

Clive made several trips out with masks, fins, and air tanks. We tried everything on and got straps adjusted properly. "Right," Abby said "Grab your gear and let's get going." We followed her out along the dock to what I would have called a pontoon boat, only it was larger than the ones you see on the lakes and rivers around home. Clive started the motor. Abby said, "Harry, would you put your gear on board and take the stern line?" As I handed my gear aboard, Abby took off her shorts and tossed them on a table on the dock. Underneath, she was wearing a very small bikini bottom. The bikini flattered her nice body. Abby undid the bow lines as I mimicked her actions with the stern lines. We hopped aboard and Clive took us away from the dock.

Abby, in her bikini, stood in the center as we four nudes circled around her. "Where we're going isn't really that far,' she said, "but, with this boat, it will take us about 45 minutes. I don't really expect it, but there might be someone else diving out there." She looked at us. "What you're wearing," she said with a smile, "won't be any problem if someone is out there. Now, get plenty of sunscreen on. I don't want anyone burned so that they can't dive tomorrow. Clive and I don't make any money that way."

We skirted along the island's coast maybe three-quarters of a mile out. Once we got away from the resort, the island appeared to have little development. In response to my question, Abby confirmed "Up until about ten years ago, anyone on the island wanted to get off and onto the mainland. There was naught to do here. Now, people want to come back to work at the resort or at another one planned for the south end of the island. The problem is housing them. It is too much for everyone to commute by boat from and to the mainland each day, but, if you start building staff housing and the other things the staff would need to live here, you lose the character of the island. I don't know how it will be handled."

We finally arrived at the dive site. Clive anchored and ran up a "divers down" flag. We began putting our gear on. Peter was getting his feet into his fins, so Natalie asked "Harry, would you help me with my tank?" I lifted the tank up to her back, holding the straps so that she could get it on. Natalie took a small step back and my dick brushed her bare ass. Natalie took another step back and briefly wiggled has ass against my dick.

Abby's last instructions before we got into the water were, "Erin, Harry, you follow Natalie and Peter. Natalie, Peter, you follow me."

Abby went into the water first, followed by Natalie, Peter, Erin, and I went in last. As we began swimming down and away from the boat, I fell in behind Natalie. Natalie looked back at me then turned her head back forwards. A moment later, I noticed that she was swimming with her legs farther apart, giving me a splendid view of her pussy. I was torn between taking in the beauty of the Caribbean and the beauty of the woman in front of me.

We were under for about 25 minutes. The water was comfortably warm and it was truly beautiful, even when I looked away from Natalie Wurdeman. Abby led us back to the boat and waited in the water as we climbed a small ladder to get aboard. Peter stood aside and let Erin climb up first. Peter gave her a helpful boost with his hand on her bare ass. After Peter went up, I stayed aside to let Natalie climb up. As she grasped the ladder, Natalie said very softly, "Help me up Harry." I gave Natalie a boost with one hand on each bare buttock.

When Abby came aboard, she said, "We'll go on down a ways to a beach no one ever uses. We brought a lunch for you to eat there and you can swim or sun as you please. We'll stay a couple of hours and then head back. If you guys are up for it, we can bring extra tanks tomorrow and dive a couple of sites."

We spent a couple of hours eating and relaxing on the beach before we headed back to the resort. Motoring into the prevailing wind, it took us longer to get back than to go out. It was late afternoon by the time that we had docked and offloaded the gear. Abby suggested that we be at the dock by 8:00 a.m. the next day since we'd be going father out.

Back at the "chalet," we showered as couples before dinner. I had some question whether we should go to dinner nude. However, Natalie repeated that they had told us that we could go nude anywhere in the resort. The four of us went nude to the restaurant. We did all bring towels to sit on.

As I'd expected, we were the only people in the restaurant who were totally nude, although a few bolder souls were wearing essentially see-through items with nothing underneath. However, the staff treated us like any other guests, and the food was excellent.

After dinner, we walked to a bar that was still open on the beach. There was a light breeze. It was very pleasant sitting nude on the beach with my lover and two good friends.

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