tagSci-Fi & FantasyLegend Ch. 02

Legend Ch. 02


All the girls giggled as Eva blushed, though Fran giggled most, for she had more practise. Lucy just rolled her eyes... Her eyes... "Had they really been purple?" Lucy asked herself, "and if they had, why were they not now? Was it true? Was she really a Dragon?" She had understood exactly what the white Dragon had meant by her having to change, our heroine is not stupid, she simply wanted time to process everything, it was a lot to accept, if it were all true. And if it was all true, just where were they?"

"Lunch." The girl walked into the hollow, her multicoloured highlights glinting in the sun, her purple eyes glancing around before coming to rest upon Lucy.

"A parallel universe is not at all like parallel parking, if you screw up a parallel universe it does a lot more than scratch paint work, a whole lot more. Nobody can remember just who or when this universe got screwed up, but then I doubt anyone in your universe knows who screwed up your world either...?"

"No, they don't" Lucy replied without thinking, then she did think... "You can read my mind..!!"

"I can do many things." The girl replied, "as can you, now."

"I can..?? Ka... Kala..?? Your name is Kala, isn't it?"

Kala smiled, "it is, and you are learning fast, but not fast enough, I've brought lunch, fresh steamed fish, I added a few herbs before I finished letting off steam." She grinned and held out the fish to the girls. "Eat quickly she told Lucy, we need to get you to change soon, before the black Dragon returns."


"You'll find it easier with time, but to begin with it helps to feel a strong emotion, anger for instance..." With that Kala closed her eyes and changed. The girls gasped, then stood quietly, stunned by the transformation as the beautiful girl became the pure white Dragon right before their eyes.

As soon as the change was complete the white Dragon opened her eyes, those purple eyes flashing, burning with a passion, not one of love, a passion for... For exactly what Lucy no longer cared, for the white Dragon had reached out and snatched up Anja in it's sharp claws, lifting the naked and screaming girl up, the white Dragon's mouth opening, the razor sharp fangs poised...

Our heroine was taken by surprise, once again she reacted even before her mind had fully grasped what was happening. The anger was so incredibly hot, it seemed to burn inside her, pain rippled through Lucy's body and she screamed, in anger, in vengeance, except the scream was not a scream but a snarl, a snarl so loud the trees shook and the ground vibrated. Lucy was no longer a girl, Lucy was a Dragon, a beautiful girl-like sexy golden dragon, her purple eyes burning, her claws reaching out, her razor sharp fangs poised to strike...

Kala had already changed, now she cradled Anja in her arms. "As I was saying, anger works..." Kala glanced at the ground, "sorry about your clothes." A wickedly sexy grin spread across her face, "I did warn you though, remember? And I was right, you are very sexy when you're angry, and if you recall, I did warn you to get undressed first." On the ground around where the golden Dragon stood the remnants of Lucy's clothes lay scattered, split and shredded as her body had transformed.

"Shit..!!" The golden Dragon swore, "Ok smart ass, now how do I change back?"

"You don't, not yet, first unfold your wings, we need to fly, but first you need a test flight." The white Dragon unfolded her own wings, watching patiently as the golden Dragon copied her, then, with a single powerful sweep the white Dragon lifted into the air, followed by a frantically erratic flapping as the golden Dragon launched upwards, ignoring the giggles of the white Dragon, partly because it was hard enough to fly without knowing how, but mostly because a giggling Dragon makes a very weird sound, humour and razor sharp fangs are not a good mix.

The girls watched in awe as their friend lifted into the air, seeing Lucy change into a golden Dragon was, well it was gross, but once changed they all agreed she made a very beautiful and extremely sexy Dragon. Her first moments of flight made them all giggle, especially Fran, who practised more. It was rather like watching a drunken helicopter pilot, except drunken helicopter pilots seldom survive long enough to sober up, whereas the golden Dragon soon seemed ready to give gravity the bird as she swooped and banked high in the sky. The sun glittering on her scales, so that her whole body seemed to shimmer, as graceful as molten gold, until that is the golden Dragon swooped low and tried to land.

At that very moment a Swiss Air pilot was approaching Zurich airport, guiding the huge Airbus A340-300 into final approach. If you had asked him, other than being, albeit politely, told to shut up, he would agree that there are several things all pilots are agreed on. First, a landing is a controlled crash, second a good pilot is one who has the same number of take-offs as landings, and thirdly, landing an Airbus A340-300 vertically, is best avoided.

The golden Dragon had swooped with such grace, soared with such glee, and now landed in a cloud of firewood, firewood that seconds before had been full grown trees. It is a well known fact that trees dislike Dragons, with good cause.

Out of the cloud of firewood a slightly dusty and dishevelled girl appeared, a little embarrassed, a lot relieved, and grinning hugely. After all, regardless of the firewood landing, any girl who can fuck gravity deserves to grin.

"Not bad, not bad at all." Kala strolled into the clearing, her eyes bright, her smile wide, her arms reaching out to embrace our heroine. They kissed, a kiss unlike any other either of them had experienced before, passion flowed like lava, their breath hot as their bodies, which seemed to melt together... With an immense effort Kala broke the kiss, "later, soon, but later..."

Our heroine nodded reluctantly. "Very soon... or else..."

"Or else what..?" Kala grinned.

"Or else I'll fuck you so passionately that forever after you'll be known as 'The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo'." Lucy grinned.

"That's a novel idea.." Kala is a beautiful Dragon, but her sense of humour is...

It was only then that Lucy realised that she was naked, and likely to remain so, for apart from her spare shirt she had nothing to wear, nothing much bigger than a postage stamp, for her clothes, even her boots lay shredded amongst the scattered piles of firewood.

"Time to leave," Kala said, "we take three each, and fly far away, somewhere safe where we can leave your friends for a while.

"Three each?" You expect me to carry three people after only one lesson? Are you fucking crazy?"

"Only if your middle name is crazy," Kala replied, grinning, her eyes focussed on our heroine, eyes smokey with purple lust.

Meanwhile Eva had been translating, the other girls listening as she explained Kala's plan. All of the girls wanted to ride upon the Dragons, the desire both inexplicable and simple, they all found the girl-like Dragons very sexy. A quick exchange of looks and they split up, as always there was no need to decide who went with who, the girls had long ago formed two teams, racing against each other, swimming, cycling, whatever the challenge, they always formed the same two teams.

Whilst Kala and Lucy argued, or to be more exact, whilst Lucy ranted and Kala watched our heroine's beautiful eyes becoming more and more purple, the girls picked their way between the piles of scattered firewood, Eva, with Lucy's rucksack on her back stood with Monika and Maja, whilst Anja, Fran and Helen had joined Kala.

By now our heroine had once again changed, her ranting had started the transformation, her realisation that Kala had once again goaded her into it completed the change. Not that Lucy was angry at Kala, not really angry, truth be told she was not angry at all, the real emotion that surged through her body and made her blood boil was lust. Never before had Lucy lusted after another girl so completely, just the thought of Kala made her wet, made her body ache and her nipples burn. a heat that spread to her pussy, a raging inferno that only Kala's tongue could eventually extinguish.

Climbing onto a Dragon's back as not easy, as the girls found out, in fact it's a little like porcupine procreation, the desire was mutual, but the act requires great care. Even so the girls were soon sitting astride the Dragons backs, surprised to find that the shark-fin like spikes on their spines were not rough and hard, but just a little spongy, just as well since each naked girl was sitting astride the spine, wedged between the spikes, the back of one pressing against her sex whilst the one behind spread her ass cheeks and rubbed across the puckered rosebud of her ass.

The white Dragon spread it's wings, lifting high into the air, three naked excited girls riding it's back, feeling the powerful muscles writhe beneath the smooth firm body as they rode the white Dragon, all thrilled at the feeling, the wind in their hair, the sun on their bodies, and each intimately aware of their fast growing arousal as the Dragon wings beat the air, muscles working, the spikes flexing, almost vibrating against their wetness.

It was Fran, giggling as usual who invented the concept of Dragon speed being measured in orgasms per mile, a calculation that later caused much blushing and a lot of glazed expressions. Never was the phrase, "cum fly with me," more apt, or more enthusiastically enjoyed.

Our heroine was glad that Kala knew where they were going. Being able to fly was exhilarating all on it's own, being ridden by three close friends, all of whom where moaning and cumming, between giggling and shrieking as Lucy experimented in diving and swooping, well, that just added to Lucy's ever growing sexual frustration.

The act of changing into a Dragon was, well, it was kind of gross, but actually being a Dragon, that was, well, it was fucking amazing, at least our heroine thought so, with special emphasis on the 'fucking' part. Lucy rarely read fantasy stories, of course as a child she was told many of the popular Swiss folk tales, myths and legends, but those were almost all just tall tales, embellished over time, often twisted to suit the teller's morals. In the myths Lucy vaguely remembered Dragon's skin to be rough and scaly, like armour, the Dragons themselves always evil, fire breathing beasts to be hunted and killed, now Lucy realised that there is a vast difference between myth and legend, between folk tales and truth.

Kala had at first flown high, aware of the risk of being seen, yet conscious of Lucy's inexperience, but as they flew on she led them lower, even though they were headed up into the high mountains, the secret alps that only rock and snow called home, or so most thought. As the sun settled lower and the air began to chill, Kala swooped deeper into the valley they had been following, a valley filled with ice and snow, a mountain glacier. Lower and deeper Kala dived, Lucy trusting her, following close. With a single sharp shriek of warning Kala tucked her wings in, almost covering the girls upon her back as she plummeted into a cave on the mountainside and disappeared.

Lucy copied her exactly, aiming for the cave then tucking her wings, protecting her friends as she too plummeted into the cave, disappearing into the utter darkness...

...only to burst out into a secret valley, the dusk light seemed bright after the black cave and dazzled, Lucy spread her wings, just as a girl might hold up her arms. Before her lay the most beautiful valley imaginable, such perfection as the chocolate box artists could only dream of. Most welcome of all was a wide grassy area to land on, hopefully this time with more grace and less kindling.

Our heroine did her very best, and her best is very good indeed. As a second attempt it was much more of a landing than a crash. Which was just as well, for even as the girls climbed down from her now sticky back and the golden Dragon transformed into Lucy, a Lucy with only one all consuming intent.

For thousands of years artists have tried to capture the majestic intensity of two wild animals caught up in a fight to the death. If those artists had seen Lucy and Kala they would have despaired of their feeble artistry. There on the soft turf the two lover met and melded, bodies shining in the last rays of the sun, two pairs of purple eyes, burning with uncontrollable passion, a molten lust that consumed them both, heedless of those around them as they devoured each other, feeding upon each others desire, mindless of all but the touch, taste, feel and wetness they craved more than anything else.

As the full moon peeped carefully over the mountain it lit the two lovers, still entwined together, bodies now slick with sweat and cum, senses full of each others scent and taste, Lucy clinging to Kala who's control allowed her to change not fully, indeed very little, although that is not how our heroine would describe being fucked by a Dragon's tongue, especially when trapped in the arms of the girl she lusted after. 'Little' is very much the wrong adjective when describing a Dragon's tongue.

The moon relaxed as it watched over the two lovers, spreading it's soft light over them like a blanket. Not that they needed a blanket, for here in the secret valley the warmth of a sleeping volcano heated the ground. A quirk of geography that the girls were grateful for, especially as they had reluctantly left the two lovers to sate their long denied yearnings.

From a fold in the ground a girl had appeared to greet them, instinctively she had approached Eva, stopping only to kneel respectfully before the surprised girl. "Welcome Mistress." The girl spoke with an accent similar to Kala's, one which the girls could not understand, except Eva of course, "my name is Katja, if it pleases you I will be your guide and servant whilst you are here..." The girl blushed prettily and looked up at Eva adoringly, "please forgive me Mistress, I've never met a real Haxlz before..." the girl's soft voice faded wistfully.

Bending down Eva slipped her hands beneath the girl's arms and lifted her to her feet, smiling as she kissed her forehead "Lead on sweetie," Eva smiled as she spoke, taking the girl's hand in her own, the others following as Katja beamed with pride and led them away, her lithe body bouncing with barely suppressed pride and excitement.

As they walked, Eva thought of what the girl had called her, she knew that in Swiss a "Haxli" was the diminutive for a witch, one lacking malevolence, it was often used to refer to a young girl full of mischief, but the girl had called her a Haxlz, the translation into Swiss was almost impossible, in English she thought it closest to sorceress, not a witch, but one possessing powers, or gifts. Certainly her ability to understand Kala and Katja was a very welcome gift, Eva wondered what else she might be able to do..??

Katja led the girls down into the fold, the gentle grass slope allowed them to see a group of bushes, roughly forming a circle, as they approached one of the bushes Eva could see a soft light deep inside, visible through an arch between two smooth bark covered posts. As they entered the girls realised the bush was a house, or was the house a bush? The floor was a single huge flat rock, around which the bushes had grown, their limbs woven to form a dense mass that seemed to keep out the light and presumably the rain. The rock was warm beneath their feet, warmer than the ground outside, certainly warm enough that none of them felt the chill of the night even though they were deep in the high Alps.

"If it pleases you Mistress, I will go and fetch you and your friends food and drink?" Katja was trying her hardest to be respectful, but her natural exuberance kept bursting through, her eyes dancing with pride and delight as she awaited Eva's response.

"An excellent idea, thank you sweetie." Eva smiled, holding the girl close as she kissed her forehead again, once released Katja skipped away, reminding Eva of a puppy or perhaps more aptly a young girl on Christmas morning.

The girls had settled themselves on thick fur rugs that covered the rock at the back of the house. As Eva joined them they set upon her, eager to know what had been said, equally eager to include her in their lovemaking, for although they were tired and hungry, they were all still highly aroused from the ride on the Dragons, not to mention the sight of Lucy and Kala ravishing each other.

Explanations had to wait, for Eva's parents had raised her never to talk with her mouth full, and right then it was full of Anja's pussy. The six girls had known each other for most of their lives, yet until now none of them had looked at each other in quite the way they did now. Of course a few of them had experimented, a kiss here, a touch there, but until now none of them had found the others arousing, none had felt the desire, no the need to touch and be touched, kiss and be kissed, love and be loved.

The house glowed with the soft light of fire-flies feeding on the sweet fruit placed to attract them, whilst the girls moaned and writhed together, a tangle of sensuality, uncaring of who they pleased, or who pleasured them, sharing their bodies as easily as they shared a cafe bill back home.

They had barely sated one hunger when Katja returned bearing a huge tray to sate another. The range of food delighted the girls, fish and meat, fruits and vegetables, most they recognised, a few they didn't, but all found enough to eat, fresh spring water and fruit juices quenched their thirst, the only things missing were desert and coffee, though from the way Katja looked at Eva, she herself was very much on the menu, and the way Eva's eyes caressed her, it seemed that she at least would enjoy desert.

That night seven bodies lay entwined, all cuddled together, six friends who now shared a love that would bind them together for life, and one servant girl who's accent in the throes of ecstasy had inspired Eva to take her higher still, until the girl lay spent in her arms, as happy as she was sore, drifting off to sleep with only one thought, to serve her Mistress forever, the willing slave of the most kind and loving Haxlz ever.

Meanwhile Lucy and Kala had finally exhausted themselves upon and within each other. For a while they lay together in a tangle of arms and legs upon the warm soft grass, the moonlight still blanketing them, later their hunger grew, demanding sustenance. When Kala had suggested they hunt, Lucy had baulked, revolted at the thought of an image involving razor sharp fangs and one of Bambi's cuter cousins.

The very thought sped the change and soon the two Dragons took to the air, twin streaks of white and gold as they tore through the night, swooping up through the cave and bursting out into the crystal clear air of the mountain peaks. Swooping and diving the two Dragons headed far away, down the mountains to the low alps, lower still to the forests, Lucy's body awash with pure adrenalin, coming so soon after the endorphin rush of their lovemaking it boosted all of Lucy's senses, never had she felt so powerful, so immensely strong, so utterly free not to mention so very in love, for it was not just a meeting of fingers and tongues, their lovemaking was a meeting of hearts and souls, both knew it, neither doubted it's power, nor as yet had they expressed it aloud, except in cries of ecstasy and moans of desire.

Lucy glided soundlessly above while Kala swooped down, below her a full grown stag stood on a rocky outcrop, antlers scratching at the full moon, the jagged cut on his hindquarters a fresh and deadly battle scar. In one deft move Kala plucked the stag into the air, her sharp claws going deep, the stag died instantly, saved from the lingering death of a crippled king.

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