tagSci-Fi & FantasyLegend Ch. 04

Legend Ch. 04


Afterwards Kala was proud that she had never flinched, never doubted her lover, not even when every sense screamed at her to flee from imminent death.

The huge golden Dragon sped past Kala, aimed directly at the two Dragons that had been about to attack her lover. Lucy knew that Dragons cannot be killed, a part of her was glad of that, for she was not a killer, it was not part of her nature, however protecting her lover was. Tucking in her wings even tighter she extended her sharp claws, passing between the two Dragons she struck, claws ripping into their wings, shredding them so both tumbled away, no longer able to fly, they tumbled down to earth, flapping frantically but ineffectually.

Lucy watched them fall as she soared high above, aware of Kala who now flew at her side. Only when both had crashed into the forest far below did Lucy become aware that Kala was trying to 'talk' to her. She was still not comfortable with mind-sharing, as Kala called it.

"I'm sorry, that was my fault, I let my passion override my common sense."

Lucy looked across at her lover, "no, my fault, I was not thinking, you warned me about flying too far and I forgot."

"Ok, so we both fucked up... how about we go somewhere safe and just fuck...??"

"No, let's go home and make love.." Lucy grinned, though a grinning Dragon looks anything but happy, mostly because of all the razor sharp teeth a grin displays, "... then afterwards we can fuck."

Kala was no better at grinning, her own razor sharp teeth flashing in the moonlight. "Let me lead, please, we need to make sure nobody follows us."

They flew fast and low, Kala guiding them into the shadow of the mountains, using narrow valleys to hide their passage as they skirted the wide open grasslands and forests, circling far from their destination until Kala was sure nobody could have pursued them. The moon was slipping behind their home mountain when the two Dragons dived into the last valley and plummeted into the cave, wings tucked in tight until they burst out into the secret valley.

As soon as Kala landed on the soft warm grass she changed, turning to greet her lover, her naked body primed and ready, her eyes flashing with purple passion. The golden Dragon glided gracefully over the grass, swooping down upon the naked girl, claws tucked in, but tongue extended, the golden Dragon's tongue curled between the girl's thighs and lifted her up as the Dragon banked around and circled the valley, Kala clinging to the golden Dragon's nose, caught by surprise, balanced astride the rasping tongue that spread her sex and tormented her eager clit. The golden Dragon's tongue curled, the tip pressing against Kala's shoulder blades, holding her in place.

Kala was well aware of her vulnerability, in human form she was defenceless, mortal, falling to earth would kill her, yet those thoughts were buried deep, she trusted Lucy, more than that she was about to cum, exhilaration mixing with adrenaline, a potent combination. Kala's screams echoed through the secret valley, the orgasm fast and devastating, Kala felt herself fading into unconsciousness, dimly aware of the warm soft grass beneath her feet, beneath her back... then all went dark.

So full.. Movement.. Rippling.. "Oh fuck... Fuck..!! Fuck me..!! Kala's eyes snapped open, staring up into the face of the huge golden Dragon... Who's tongue-tip was... "Oh yes..!! Kala's fingers dug into the warm soft grass, trying desperately to stop herself from.. Right then she was not sure what she was stopping, all she knew was pleasure, a fullness she had never felt before, an undulating heat, and, well, helplessness... She tried to scream but had no breath, her body melted, her cum soaking the tongue, the grass, everything went dark again...

Lucy lay on the soft warm grass, her lover cradled in her arms, the two alone in the darkness. She had not yet mastered the ability to partially change, though she had tried as often as she could, but only when Kala was not with her, for Lucy wanted to surprise her lover. That night her passion had been too strong, the urge too great, the idea had formed in her mind only as she plummeted through the cave. Lucy smiled, licking her lips, the taste of her lover made her hungry for more.

Lips brushed Lucy's neck then kissed tenderly. "You said make love first, fuck later."

"That was before I spent an hour staring at your ass as we flew home." Lucy hugged her lover tight and giggled, happy she could giggle properly, "you have no idea how sexy your ass is, my beautiful white Dragon." Kala's giggles were pretty sexy too.

Hand in hand the two lovers walked through the darkness, pausing to kiss and touch, each aware of the others arousal, each stoking the flames of passion, so that by the time they lay down upon the bed of soft furs they were both dripping with lust, a lust that lasted until dawn as they made sweet passionate love, tender, gentle, endless love.

Whilst the two lovers slept, Katja and Suze were busy cleaning up the orange stained dust from the floor of the cave, whilst Eva watched and thought. Of course as her clumsiness had caused the mess, Eva had tried to clean it up, much to the protests of the two girls, so she gave up and let the girls clean up the mess.

It took a while to wipe and brush away all the dust, both girls carefully working their way towards the centre where the silver space-blanket still lay, a little crumpled, over the black marble circle. When they reached it Suze held one edge whilst Katja carefully smoothed it out, pressing her hand flat down as she ironed out the creases until it lay flat once again.

As the girls continued working, cleaning the rest of the floor, Eva lifted a corner of the space-blanket and carefully pealed it over, hoping it had protected the black marble and the carving from the orange dust..

It hadn't, but perhaps that was just as well, for in pressing it with her hand, Katja had served her Mistress better than she knew. As Eva pulled back the foil she gasped, for the orange dust had stuck to the foil, aided perhaps by the remains of the water. There on the foil where the carved figures, every detail, all picked out in orange, and this time Eva could read it all, it even made sense. Well maybe 'making sense' is pushing it a little, given what Eva now knew, but at least she could read and understand the inscriptions.

Eva had been studying the inscriptions for hours, whilst the two girls had brushed and wiped away every spec of dust along with all of the orange residue until the cave sparkled with light, the rich purple veins standing out against the pure white stone, the myriad of tiny quartz crystals sparkling as they caught and refracted the light. All three were tired, so Eva carefully folded the thin foil blanket and led the two girls out of the cave into the late afternoon sunshine.

The sun was warm, the ground was warm, the grass was soft, the girls were tired. For once Eva was glad she had slaves, at least glad there were others to grow and catch food, At Eva's instruction, Katja called out to others who soon brought bowls of water for them to wash and trays of food and drink. "It's been ages since I ordered take-out," Suze giggled, whilst Katja met the village girls at the door, taking the bowls and trays from them, still eager to serve her Mistress herself.

Until then Eva had given little thought to the five 'houses' and the people who lived there, apparently her people, her slaves.? She was still not at all comfortable with the idea of slavery, and yet apart from Katja none of the people had acted like slaves, all seemed happy and polite, but not exactly subservient.

As the three of them ate, Eva questioned Katja about the villagers, Suze listening as Eva translated, for although Suze had been in the valley a long time she had been unable to learn the language the villagers used, and what she learnt was only from observation and deduction.

"My Mistress, as the white Dragon said, all here in this place serve you, for you are the Haxlz and this is your home. All of us are are Franxlings, for we have all been rescued by the white Dragon, or another of the Rettzinnen."

Eva translated to Suze and as she did she realised that the language was in many ways close to her own native Swiss-German, Franxlings could easily be 'främdling' meaning an outsider or non-local, whilst Rettzinnen sounded like 'Retterinnen' which means female rescuers.

"Rescued from where?" Asked Suze, "from who?"

"Oh fu......!!" Lucy moaned, holding her head. She had awoken cuddled against Kala, feeling warm and loved, but with a dull throbbing in her head. At first she had ignored it, but as the afternoon wore on the dull throbbing had become worse. "Oh fuck..!!"

"Again..??" Kala replied, grinning to herself, "not that I object, not at all, but even so......."

Lucy elbowed her lover, then grabbed her shoulder and turned Kala towards her, meaning to kiss her. It was then that Kala noticed her lovers eyes...

"Oh fuck indeed sweetheart." Kala said softly, her face serious, "your head hurts, doesn't it? Like a headache only much worse..?"

"Yes, much worse... But how do you know? And why are you looking at me like that? What's wrong?"

"Come, we need to go, now, right now, whilst you can still fly." As Kala spoke she was already lifting Lucy to her feet, holding her as she walked her outside. "It will get a little better once you change, maybe a lot better, given your abilities, but it will get worse, much worse if we don't go now."

Lucy changed almost instantly, eager for the pain to go, or just fade a little. Kala changed too, wasting no time in lifting up into the sky, followed by Lucy, who sighed as the aching pain faded, she waited until they had cleared the cave and skimmed the valley floor down to the lake before 'talking' to Kala, using the mind sharing thing to communicate.

"What is wrong? What is the ache? Am I ill? Where are we going? Why did it fade when I changed? Will it get worse again? Much worse?....."

Kala tried her best to sound cheerful, not wanting to scare her lover. "If we were not in a hurry I'd kiss you until you stopped asking so many questions at once... Like last time, remember?"

Lucy too was trying to be cheerful, "I only do it so you'll kiss me to shut me up..!! And if you won't kiss me now, I expect double later..!! So there..!!" Kala turned to look at her lover, only to see possibly the cutest look she had ever known a Dragon, any Dragon, to ever have made. The sight of the huge golden Dragon sticking out it's tongue at her combined with the expression and the wriggle of her ass had Kala smiling and laughing, both of which are not easy for a Dragon, something to do with the razor sharp fangs, not to mention the sharp claws.

"What is wrong is that we need to go far and much too close to other Dragons for safety, but we must, for the pain you feel is not a headache, Margarethe is summoning you, so we have no choice, the longer we delay, the worse the pain will get."

"Who is Margarethe?"

Kala did not reply immediately, indeed she took care to shield her thoughts lest Lucy see too many of her memories. "Margarethe is a Dragon, The Dragon." Kala had no intention of lying to her lover, not even by omission. She chose her words, her thoughts, carefully, not to conceal but to explain without overloading Lucy with a lifetime of memories.

"I told you that Dragons cannot be killed, at least not in their Dragon form, I also told you that Dragons die only of apathy for life. Both are true, Being what you call immortal is not as wonderful as it might sound, for eventually the zest for life fades into boredom, every day becomes a repeat of a day already lived a thousand times before, nothing is new, nothing surprises, so eventually immortality as you call it becomes not a gift but a curse, apathy follows... But there are worse things than death, even for a Dragon, the worst of all you are suffering the start of now. Margarethe has the ability to summon any Dragon, her command causes that ache, the pain will get steadily worse until you present yourself to her..."

"But then it stops, right?"

"Yes, then it stops... Unless... Unless she judges you guilty and punishes you... In that case the pain gets worse, much worse, and lasts until she chooses to make it stop... or until the pain drives you beyond madness, beyond everything, everything but apathy. And then..." Kala's voice quivered and faded, for the first time in her life Kala felt utterly helpless, afraid not for herself, but for her lover.

They flew far across the land, far into the night, at first they had 'talked' but slowly Lucy's headache had grown until she could no longer 'talk', needing all her concentration just to follow the white Dragon. Kala knew just how much pain her lover was in, not just from memory, but because it overflowed into her as they 'mind-shared'. At last the dawn came, the sun rising over the most beautiful valley either of them had ever seen, lush grasslands punctuated with vast areas of flowers, many of them just beginning to open in greeting to the sun. Bordering the open expanses were thick forests, through which the dawn light filtered to dapple the forest floor with patches of brightness.

In the centre of the largest forest was a wide clearing surrounding a huge mass of foliage, which in turn was encircled by a stream. The white Dragon swooped down, leading the golden Dragon to land outside of the stream, Kala changed as soon as she landed. "Don't change, just follow me." As she spoke Kala was already running towards the stream, the golden Dragon following, not needing to run to keep up, indeed right then the golden Dragon could hardly walk at all, so great was the pain, yet as soon as her huge claws touched the stream Lucy did change, and just as quickly the pain vanished, completely, utterly, leaving no trace, no lingering ache, nothing.


"I know, you didn't change, you were changed, no Dragon can enter the home of Margarethe, none may even fly over it, for all are changed into their human form at the stream's edge."

Kala reached for Lucy's hand, "come my love, let us face Margarethe together, for your fate is my fate, I will not leave you. I love you." Together they walked from the stream and crossed the wide lawn, heading for the entrance to Margarethe's house. A house which Lucy realised was just like those in the secret valley, but much larger and far more ornate, the branches woven with such skill as to form solid walls and spiralling pillars, the plants artfully arranged so that their leaves became not just protection but decoration, the different colours picking out the natural architecture of the living 'house' that grew around the single rock that formed the floor, at least the ground floor, for as Lucy looked up it was obvious there were more floors above, even though the ceiling of the entrance seemed impossibly high.

Kala stopped before they reached the stone steps that led up to the entrance, Lucy by her side, hand in hand they waited, Lucy wondering what Margarethe would look like, she was soon to find out...

Back in the village the girls had at first felt abandoned, with Eva gone and Lucy spending almost all her time with Kala, it seemed at first as if they had no purpose, except for Monika of course, she was happy in the kitchen, just as Helen was happy in the gardens amongst the fruits and vegetables, for Helen had, or so the others claimed, the greenest fingers in all Switzerland. There was not a plant she could not identify or grow, indeed even the most delicate of withered plants left to cook on a university dorm room windowsill would be revived under her devoted care.

Anja began to make clothes, carefully cutting and stitching pieces of fur together. At first the others though it a reaction to her near rape experience, but it was not, Lucy had saved her from that trauma with a single kiss, a kiss that Anja longed to experience again, indeed she and Fran often kissed for hours, it was never quite the same, but neither girl ever complained. Whilst Anja designed and cut and stitched, it was Fran who spend hours with a borrowed Dragon fang carefully shaving away the fur to produce soft smooth leather for Anja. Of course being Fran she giggled as she worked, but nobody minded, after all, Fran was a very accomplished giggler. Of the six girls that left only Maja.

Every night they still all shared the same house, the same fur bed, they shared each other, in all the possible combinations, nobody went to sleep frustrated or uncuddled, neither did any of them feel pressured, just as they had become accustomed to being permanently naked, so they had become used to living and loving with each other. Of course they had been together for a long time, part of a larger group that had started when they were at school, over the years the group had changed, people drifted away, others joined, in time the few guys moved away as did some of the girls, until only the seven of them remained, perhaps that was why they got on so well together, maybe it was even why they had become intimate with each other. Or perhaps it was simply a way to deal with being trapped in a parallel universe..?

At that moment Eva was feeling very trapped.

It had started innocently enough, now that she could read the inscriptions and understand their meaning Eva needed time to think. Just as when faced with a complicated case, her mind needed time to explore the options so she could present her findings in a way that made sense, and more importantly to Eva, in a way that was right. For her each case was not about points of law or clever arguments, it was about simple truth and unprejudiced justice. Eva had chosen to do her thinking on the edge of the trees close to the stream, of course Katja was by her Mistress's side and Suze accompanied them, partly because she felt a part of what was happening, but also because she wanted to know what the inscriptions meant, wanted to know if Eva could really get them all home.

Eva had found a spot at the base of an ancient tree upon which to sit, the bark worn smooth as if from centuries of use. The two girls had at first been content to sit on the soft warm grass at her feet, Katja happy to simply await her Mistress's command, Suze happy to daydream about the stream and the forest, her imagination conjuring thoughts of wood nymphs and fairies, secret pathways and beautiful princesses, for deep down there was a lot of elf in Suze, a lot of elf.

Those who know generally agree that elves are closer to imps than to nymphs and fairies, perhaps that explains why Suze began teasing Katja, it was not boredom, nor was it devilment, it was however typically impish and very effective. It was not long before both girls were giggling and playing, both recognising the others growing arousal, each conscious of their own increasing need.

It was the giggling that tore Eva from her thoughts, at first she was annoyed, but one glance at the two girls now sprawled at her feet was enough to make her smile. Despite her unease with the concept of slavery, Eva was fast growing to love the girl, as for Suze, well she was easy to like and a pleasure to be with. Nonetheless Eva needed to think and to think without interruptions.

"If you two don't behave I'll tie you both up and beat you, or fuck you, or both..."

Eva had yet to learn to chose her words more carefully.

"Oh yes please, my Mistress, this one dreams of being treated so..." Katja had sprung to her knees and now knelt at her Mistress's feet, her lithe body pressed to the warm soft grass, her head bowed low and arms stretched out before her, wrists together, whilst Suze was on hands and knees, side on to Eva, wiggling her ass and batting her eyelids...

"I do hope that is a promise... and a threat..." Suze grinned and licked her lips slowly and sensuously.

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