Legends of the Fel Ch. 08


His breaths coming in ragged motions, Tan approached the motionless form. He had a perfect view of her pussy as he neared, and he able to tell that this girl was a natural blond with a lovely deep slit nestled between her legs topped by the small protuberance of her fleshy clit. Her young breasts were hidden by the steel plate covering her chest but the pointed nipple design upon the armour did noting to stop Tan's arousal.

He stopped short of the Fel girl's body suddenly unsure as to what to do next. He had no intention of raping her, no matter how tempting her pussy might be. He also had no desire to take her life either and that only really left one choice.

Coming to stand with his feet either side of the unconscious girl Tan took his long penis in his right hand and aimed it at the girl's face. It took a few seconds before he was able to start pissing but then he was doing it. Now he was in full flow, urinating strongly over her face and hair. Changing his aim he quickly peed over her armour enjoying the way in which his piss ran over her steel outlined tits. A sudden gasp caught his attention and immediately he went back to training his flowing piss over the girl's beautiful face.

Another gasp followed by a series of racking coughs and then she was awake and aware of what was being done to her. A spine chilling scream breeched the air as she found her voice; a sound of hatred and malice. Tan's piss shower instantly vanished into thin air, his heart stopped by the sudden outburst. She made no move to break for freedom. Instead she just stared at him, raw hated on her pretty face as their eyes locked; her beautiful blue orbs as cold as frozen ice. She screamed again.......

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by baileytommy01/10/18


this is predictable amazon were men can't fight give me a brake but the pee is new read one amazon you read them all a feminest story

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