tagSci-Fi & FantasyLeia Becomes a Slave

Leia Becomes a Slave


The Boussh disguise had worked without any problem, that is, until thunderous laughter filled the cavernous room and a curtain was raised revealing Jabba the Hutt and his minions.

At first Leia was taken by complete surprise but as the truth became clear, she began to tremble, fearing for her life. Four Gamorrean guards approached, two grabbed the blind man and dragged him into another room, the other two grabbed Leias arms and pulled her towards the crime lord. She tried twisting and pulling but the dim-witted guards were simply too powerful.

Jabba spoke and a droid translated, "You have freed one of my prized 'possessions', threatened my life, and awoken me. You shall die." A mandalorian bounty hunter raised his rifle, eager to end her life. "But" said Jabba, just before he pulled the trigger "If you can entertain me, I may let you live a few days more...if your good. STRIP HER, put on a dancing outfit".

Leia was horrified. She tried to get to her feet but Bib Fortuna came up behind her with a knife and a metal bikini. She felt the cold blade run down the middle of her back as he cut off her Boussh costume. Bib did the same down the front, and as he pulled away the pieces the crowd gasped at her firm curvaceous breasts.

"Well..." said Jabba, "Perhaps you'll do more for me than just dance". Jabba looked at Bib, who knew exactly what to do.

The guards hauled the now topless Leia up to his throne. Jabbas tongue licked at her chest. She turned away in disgust. He licked again leaving behind a slime trail. On cue, Fortuna pulled her pants to the ground. Leia screamed! "No! Stop! What are doing?!"

The guards lifted her up until her hips were up to Jabba's face. His large tongue reached out and caressed her nicely trimmed pussy. Leia was appalled and completely embarrassed but it felt so good she couldn't help moaning in pleasure. The cold air against her naked body caused her nipples to become hard and the sensation between her thighs got her pussy dripping wet. Jabba licked harder and faster, he began thrusting his tongue deep into her. "Stop, Stop!" Leia pleaded. Jabba stuck so much of his fat tongue in her she thought her slit would split.

The guards started thrusting her entire body at his tongue as Jabba continued to thrust his tongue up and down. Even though she hated him with every fiber of her soul, she screamed as a huge orgasm ripped through her entire body. Jabba licked her juices off his lips as the guards practically threw her to the ground. Leia laid there panting, gasping for air.

Bib Fortuna took advantage of her weakened state to put a collar with a chain attached around her neck. He slipped a metal bikini top on her, fastening it in the back, and a metal 'belt' around her waist with two long drapes hanging from it.

"I love it when they struggle" Jabba said to the others, who roared with laughter. "She was good, but not that good. Feed her to the Rancor".

"Wait, your honorful Jabba. You owe me some money, but Id rather have sex with her" said a young man. Jabba thought for a moment but then nodded in agreement.

As he walked up to her he pulled his cock from his pants which was already rock hard from what he just witnessed. Not wasting a second, he shoved it in her mouth. Leia bit down on it. He cried out in pain then slapped her. "You're a slave now, you do as you're told". He shoved it in her mouth again. Leia was too tired, scared and traumatized to refuse. She had never sucked a cock before. She licked up the shaft and encircled the head. She flicked the tip with her tongue as her hands started fondling his balls. She took as much of it into her mouth as she could and started sucking on it. She reached around, grabbing his ass and started thrusting his throbbing cock in and out of her mouth.

He stopped her, laying her down on the cold stone floor. His hands reached under the bikini top, feeling her round breasts and rolling her nipples between his thumb and index finger. He pulled one of the hard breast-plates aside and admired her perfect boobs. He flicked at her nipple with his tongue until she started to moan again. Then he kissed his way up to her lips where he gave her soft sensuous kisses. He reached back to push aside one of the drapes and align his swollen member, shoving it deep into her hot moist pussy. Plunging into her harder and faster, her moans become screams. His balls slapped against her as she started begging for more, "Yes! Yes! Harder, Harder! Fuck me HARD! Yes!". An orgasmic wave swept along her body, Leia sighed heavily, he quickly pulled out and shot a warm blast of cum onto her face.

She was about to wipe it off when she heard a loud chuckle, it was Jabba! She had forgotten she was still being watched by a hundred or more people! "Leave that cum where it is! It shows everyone you're a whore. My whore!" the giant slug demanded, "I've decided to keep you around for a while..."

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