Leia's Capture


Leia had just finished unfreezing Han from the carbonite he was encased in when Jabba's booming laugh resounded through the room. She knew her plan had failed and turned to see Jabba sitting on his podium staring intently at her.

"Hello my princess!" He chuckled. You shall pay for ruining my favourite decoration.

With that said two of Jabba's pig-men guards stepped up to her and ripped her bounty hunter disguise off her body. She was left there in nothing more than her white bra and panties. Her brown hair was done up tightly to the back of her head and upon her face was a look of utter surprise. She had shocked, light brown eyes and a small nose. Below that were full wet lips which now were open slightly due to how unexpected events had become. Her ample breasts were contained within her white bra and her nipples could be seen beneath them due to the cold air and her lack of attire. She was a slim build with a thin waist and a firm ass covered by her panties. From her hips to the ground she had long, slender legs between which was her pussy. To her embarrassment she had a slight camel toe due to how tight her underwear was.

Jabba noticed this as he said, "very nice princess, but I have just the thing for you... Hahaha.' As he laughed all his followers laughed as well.

"I will kill you." Leia retorted, which made him laughed even more.

Leia was lead to a small grey room with nothing in it apart from a hole in one wall where a pool of water and a small pile of dry food were placed. The walls were bare metal and the floor felt as if covered by a layer of slime under her bare feet. There was a small hole in the far right corner of the room which she assumed was the toilet due to the smell. She couldn't believe it. She was a princess! And now she was in Jabba's captivity in nothing more than her panties and bra.

She was left for about one hour during which time she simply paced around the room looking at the solid metal door she knew was locked waiting for anything to happen. After sitting down for about two minutes the door swung open and two more of Jabba's guards entered. The pig like creatures were disgusting and quite stupid but that meant that they were perfect for carrying out orders. The first walked up to her and without warning ripped her little remaining clothes off her to leave her completely nude. Her large breasts bounced free and her pink nipples got even harder now exposed to the air. Her hairless pussy was also was also revealed to the world which she promptly covered with her hands. Both guards then left.

Now in the centre of the room lay a high tech looking vibrator with a note attached. It read "cum for me and cum for your release." She was revolted by the prospect but she was aware that she had two choices: Stay in the filthy prison cell or meet Jabba's requests to survive. Picking the device up she and inspected it closely finally deciding it was the only way.

Upon deciding she had to cum the vibrator whirred into life and immediately began to pulsate in her hand. She directed it down between her legs and placed the toy to her slit. Leia felt herself get very wet very quickly as her clit came out from its hood and her pussy lips became swollen at the same time. Pressing her clit against the toy and cooed softly at the sensation and began to roll her hips as the toy stimulated her most sensitive area.

She dropped to her knees and eventually onto her back as the pleasure overcame her. Leia's tits were firm and topped with rock hard nipples and her left hand now made it's way up her body to tease and pinch her nipples. As she did this her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she moaned loudly at the sensations she was experiencing. She gingerly pushed the vibrator into her pussy which caused her to buck her hips against it. Eyelids fluttering she continued to push until the whole eight inches of the dildo were buried inside her.

The toy then expanded sideways until it filled her insides up completely and stimulated all her pussy at one time. This was too much for leia and it pushed her over the edge. She shrieked loudly in pleasure as she came, waves of her juices coming from her twat joining the puddle on the floor she had already made. The princess knew what the slime was now... Her breasts heaved up and down after her explosive orgasm and her pussy still dripped with her cum.

She didn't know how long it had been since she came because the next thing she was aware of was someone throwing some clothes towards her. She found on the floor a metal bikini top and a metal belt with purple cloth hanging down to cover her pussy and ass. When she put them on she discovered that the top pressed against her nipples a bit and that when the metal belt was put on a small metal rod from the front and back extended down below the cloth. These rods reached her clit and asshole and put pressure on them - she dreaded to think what they were for but it was the best she was going to get.

When dressed in her very revealing (yet better than nothing) outfit Leia was lead to Jabba's main chamber by some aliens she didn't know of. They still stared. She heard various hoots and cheers as she was paraded around his ship as every creature gawked at her curvy figure. The cloth hangings did not offer much modesty frequently brushing to the side giving those lucky enough a glimpse of her private regions and the bikini top left nothing to the imagination as well - pushing her cleavage up for the best view.

Leia was lead through many winding passageways all made from the same grey or rusty brown metal. She tried her best to ignore everything that was happening but her clothes were simply too revealing so she blushed bright red. When finally in Jabba's chamber a loud cheer went up at her arrival. Her ample breasts on clear display drawing the most attention from everyone.

Jabba silenced the cheering by declaring. "This is princess leia, and she came for me!" with that a thin screen descended from the ceiling and began to play her masturbation from earlier. Leia blushed as she came on camera and shouted out in pleasure. "Better get used to that princess!" Jabba laughed meaning everyone else did too. She was then fitted with a brass collar which was attached to the podium the giant slug lizard sat upon. Jabba forced her to lie next to him even though she struggled. Her face was flushed with anger from her public humiliation and it took a while to subdue her. All she was comforted by was the fact that she might be able to escape or even get rescued soon. She hoped very soon.

Jabba looked down at the scantily clad princess and boomed, "Don't worry your highness, I'm sure you'll CUM to like it here..."

Leia just stared up at him with hatred and felt cheated and exposed. She couldn't bare to think of what was to come. She knew straight away what was going to happen as the rods that pressed against her clit and butthole began to vibrate as well as the two things pressing on her nipples. The quadruple stimulation just made Leia moan and squirm in her position as she was pleasured infront of the large crowd. She was trying to battle the sensations but she was in a losing fight with her body.

Leia came close to cumming several times yet the machine knew it and slowed so her torturous pleasure continued. This happened three times during which time she had become very wet and very loud as she moaned and her legs became slick with her juices. Moaning for more all the time, the third time she nearly came she could bear it no more and begged "please Jabba. Make me cum!" looking up at him with her large brown eyes, needing the release.

Jabba simply smiled and nodded to a couple of his followers. Two red aliens lifted her up to her feet and disrobed her. She refused to finger herself infront of the crowd after the video but she still needed the stimulation. The two aliens lifted her legs and spread them while a third held her by her shoulders and lifted her into the air in line with Jabba's face.

Suspended and spread by the aliens she was carried towards the Hut leader. He licked his large lips with his massive tongue at the sight before him. Leia felt him lick from the bottom of her slit to the top with his slimy tongue which caused her to shiverwith pleasure. Suddenly he plunged it into her which was all she could take and she threw her head back and moaned loudly cumming all over Jabba's tongue and face explosively, leaving her exhausted. She was placed onto the ground still panting from her orgasm while Jabba laughed at her helpless nude form.

He licked his lips savouring the flavour of Leia as she lay on the ground. Her chest rose and fell as she panted and she shined slightly due to the coat of her juices and sweat she was covered in.

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