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Although this was submitted for the 2009 Halloween Story Contest, please be aware of two things:

1) This is an INCEST story, those opposed should avoid.

2) There is a long buildup before any sex (as in multiple pages), so those who like to jump right into the action should probably steer clear.

Now that I've done such a great job selling this story...enjoy!

Heartfelt thanks to my editor and friend Gayle for her amazing work under a tight deadline. This is not my story, it's ours!

As always, comments welcome and please remember to vote.


Like most women, I had long dreamed about what the perfect romantic getaway would be like. Each time I thought about it, the fantasy took a different shape, but romance was always paramount. Some nights I pictured a deserted beach with nothing but my lover, surf, sand and sun for miles around. Many an evening I longed to be whisked off to Paris for a long weekend, making love on a bed in a five-star hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower, nibbling strawberries and sipping champagne as we relaxed in our post-coital bliss. When I was feeling friskier, I imagined going to someplace exotic with my man, but pretending we had never met, so he had to sweep me off my feet like some mysterious stranger.

Sitting here at my keyboard fresh from the experience, it's hard to believe that by far the most perfect getaway of my life was not set in an exotic locale, but in the quaint state of Vermont. And the passionate, talented lover I had dreamed about since I was a teen, turned out to be even better than I could have possibly imagined. The only problem being that lover was my only son, Leif.

I guess I should provide a bit of background to help explain how this all came to pass. My name is Jillian and I am a 52 year old divorced mom of two. I grew up in the Boston area, but after marrying my college sweetheart Lars, we chose to settle in his hometown of Seattle.

At first life was difficult, being in a strange city away from my family, yet only one year later our oldest, Karin, was born, so I didn't have much time to feel melancholy thereafter. I had lots of help from visitors from home which made things easier, and just four months after Karin's arrival I was pregnant again. Leif came nine months later with much fanfare as he was the first male grandchild born on my husband's side, so his birth was celebrated by his large, Scandinavian family.

I loved Lars very much when we dated as he was so different from any man I had ever met. He was very handsome, an athletic blonde with high cheek bones and lovely eyes, and more humble than I would have expected for someone of his physical appearance. He was stoic, which at the time seemed so mysterious to me. And since he was a great listener too, I convinced myself he was simply a well of compassion.

Sadly, while at first I took my husband's stoic demeanor to be intriguing; I later learned he was just simply boring. And that wonderful listener I loved? In time I realized it was because he had absolutely nothing to say for himself. I was left largely alone in an unfamiliar city with a man whom I seemed to grow further apart from on a daily basis, yet thankfully I was able to immerse myself in raising two wonderful children.

I will admit to thoughts of running back to New England on many occasions over the years, but for the sake of my kids I stayed with Lars until I finally divorced him after Leif went off to college. By then my ex-husband and I were no more than acquaintances, but I kept up a good front for everyone else. I also held a pretty decent job since the kids first went off to elementary school, so that helped keep me both sane and grounded.

After the divorce, I attempted to date, without much success. Living where I did in Seattle, I was surrounded by Lars' extended family, so it just seemed like everywhere I went I bumped into a relative.

One summer evening not long ago I happened to be flipping the channels on TV, bored as usual. I stopped on a nature documentary about the Appalachian Trail, and I immediately fell in love with the fall colors they displayed from the mountains of New England. I suddenly became very nostalgic and amazingly homesick for my place of birth. It had been years since I'd basked in the autumn splendor that is New England, and I longed to experience it once more. Washington was beautiful of course, but most of the trees are evergreen, so we just do not have the explosion of color to compare to what I was used to as a child.

Halloween had always been my favorite holiday, dressing Karin and Leif in their costumes and parading them around the neighborhood. Most years I wore a costume myself as I toted the kids about, wanting to show them I enjoyed the evening as much as they. I spent hours decorating the house as well, trying to make it a fun place to stop for all little trick-or-treaters. My enthusiasm for the holiday had waned over the years, but I suddenly felt recharged.

Knowing I had a ton of vacation time saved up at work, I decided a nice fall vacation was in order. I spoke to my girlfriends to see if anyone would accompany me, but found no takers. Undaunted, I expanded my list of candidates to include people I was not as familiar with, but still no luck. I simply could not believe nobody felt as excited as I did about a leaf peeping trip to New England, and staying in lovely Bed and Breakfasts or Inns. I was so desperate, I almost asked a guy from work to go with me as I know he liked me, but he was just too creepy. Without another option, I resigned myself to the idea that it was just not going to happen and cried myself to sleep or more than one occasion.

I was left feeling rather depressed and sorry for myself when out of the blue Leif showed up at my door one Saturday afternoon. We had not seen one another in a few months, so I warmly welcomed him in. Within minutes we were sitting together on my sofa, deep in conversation as usual. As much as he looked like his dad, he was very much his own man and could carry a conversation on almost any topic.

Leif tried to appear at ease, but intuitively I could tell something was wrong, so I finally asked him what was up. Turns out he had recently broken up with his long-time girlfriend Gretchen, and was feeling a bit lost. Apparently they had grown apart over the years and the passion had left the relationship completely, something I knew all too well.

I must say, it was nice to focus on someone else for a while and forget about my own issues, listening intently as he poured out his feelings. I became misty eyed as I listened to his tale, wanting the best for my only son.

After an hour or so the conversation turned to me. Apparently I was not the only intuitive person in the family, because he seemed to look right through me as he asked, "What's wrong Mom? I can tell you've got something on your mind too."

Tears welled in my eyes once more as I explained my desire for a homecoming trip to see the fall foliage, and my recent frustrations. I felt a bit silly crying in front of my son, but he simply grasped my hands within his own and listened intently, nodding with either sympathy or understanding from time to time.

It had been ages since I'd taken the kids back to Boston, so I was surprised when Leif said he remembered the foliage and loved the idea of seeing it once more. I felt momentary guilt as I was afraid he was just doing it for me, but the look on his face was so sincere. Leif explained that he had plenty of vacation time, and really wanted to get away given the situation with Gretchen.

While I was saddened by the news of his relationship, to say I was overjoyed by his desire to go would be an understatement. It finally hit me that I really was going home, and not with some creepy guy from work, but with my handsome son.

After our long talk, Leif stood and held his hands out to me and I placed my palms within his. He then pulled me up into a deep hug and I simply melted into him. It had been ages since I'd experienced loving arms around me and I felt as though I had suddenly been transported to another place entirely. I must admit, being held by such a handsome man was an experience I had not known for years. Leif looked like the man I once feel in love with, but only more handsome than I could remember. I felt proud that maybe I had something to do with that.

As the days slowly wound down before the trip, I began to organize my things. I knew the weather in New England could vary greatly, so I packed lots of flannel and wool. I packed a few lightweight items as well, in the hopes we'd luck into some unseasonable heat. We would be spending a few nights in a Bed and Breakfast, which I was sure would have big warm fluffy comforters, so I added one super slinky nightie too just to pamper myself.

We left Seattle on a Friday evening on the redeye and arrived in Boston early Saturday. We were met by my sister Connie, and after collecting our bags we were on the road to her home in the suburbs. I looked around in shock as the city had changed so much since I'd last been home, but it was wonderful to be back in the warm embrace of family.

Connie had planned a barbeque to include my parents, siblings and all the nieces and nephews that could attend. Given the time of year, many were off at college, but it was great to meet the little ones I previously had seen in only pictures. Even though Leif and I were tired from the flight, we had a fantastic time. Connie had even purchased a number of pumpkins, so all the kids and I engaged in a carving competition, which I absolutely loved.

We stayed at Connie's for two days, giving us ample time to reconnect with my family. Each evening, my sister and I stayed up late sipping wine and chatting about everything and nothing. Leif and I also went into the city and played tourist, marveling at the changes since the Big Dig. He proved the perfect traveling companion, always accommodating my desires but not afraid to offer suggestions of what we could do.

Connie tried to lend us her old minivan, but thankfully Leif concurred with me and we rented a convertible. Sure it was cool out, but that's probably why we got such a good deal. Besides, I loved the idea of having the top down as we soaked in the foliage.

Leif insisted on driving from Boston to our B&B in Vermont, so I just sat back and enjoyed the ride and his company. The sun was shining and the colors were spectacular, as was the conversation with my son. We talked about the landscape that we passed, each of us pointing out pretty sights for the other to look at.

I must say, sitting next so close to my son I felt a certain quiet confidence exude from him. He seemed to be so relaxed yet completely in control as he tapped the steering wheel along with the song on the radio. I couldn't help but smile as I looked over at him. He was just so damn handsome with the wind tossing his wavy blonde hair.

After just a couple hours on the road we arrived at the B&B. If you can imagine a quaint antique home nestled in under glowing orange, yellow and red maple trees, you'd be on the right track. It was even prettier than I could have hoped for.

When I booked the place I was sure I asked for two rooms, but either I messed up or they did, but for some reason we were down for only one room. The proprietress was kind and made a few calls to see if anyone else had a spare room, but soon it was clear that if we wanted to stay in the heart of foliage country that evening, it was either that room or our car.

We settled into the cozy room, which was much larger than expected, and we made ourselves comfortable. The room was more like a small suite, as it had a small sitting area in front of a spacious fireplace. It felt strange to be in such a romantic setting with my own son, but somehow strangely intriguing too.

The redeye and long days at Connie's must have taken their toll on us because after checking in we were both felt pretty wiped out. Rather than do anything crazy, we decided to grab some lunch and go for a drive in the mountains. We got a couple recommendations from the folks at the B&B, then were off.

Driving the winding mountain roads along a river was everything I'd hoped for. Leif once again did the driving so I was free to look about for all I was worth. We pulled over at a scenic overlook and peered down into a beautiful tree-lined valley. A cool breeze came up so my son moved behind me and took me in his arms to keep me warm. He rested his chin on my right shoulder and I could feel his whiskers tickling my cheek. The hug was intimate, but felt so right. It just seemed so perfect being in the loving embrace of a handsome man as we stared out at the amazing explosion of colors spread across the valley below us. Leif released me after only 30 seconds or so, but I could have stayed like we were forever. Reluctantly, we moved away from the overlook and got back on the road.

We were out most of the day, and my son even indulged me some shopping in an old country store. I was lucky he was so patient, even encouraging of my desires to pour myself into everything that was Vermont. Later we enjoyed a lovely dinner at an inn not far from our B&B. A fire was roaring in a large fireplace as we dined on classic hearty American meals.

We arrived back at our room tired but very satisfied. The room was cool, so my son lit a fire in the fireplace before we got ready for bed. Leif said he would sleep on the floor in front of the fire, but I would have none of that. The bed was a king, so I told him there was more than enough room for the both of us. Maybe it was because I was so tired, or maybe the wine I had with dinner, but I felt playful suddenly and said, "Just keep your hands to yourself young man." He just looked back at me with a silly grin and nodded his head.

I had not been in such close quarters with a man in so long, I was actually a bit nervous, even though it was my son. I slipped into the bathroom and put my flannel pajamas on, and made myself ready for bed. I climbed under the covers while Leif took his in the bathroom. I had turned off the lamps, so the light in the room was from the glow of the fire.

Leif exited the bathroom and made his way to his side of the bed. As he walked past the light of the fire, I noticed that all he had on was a pair of shorts or boxers. As he moved onto the bed he said, "Sorry mom, but I figured we'd have our own rooms so I didn't bring any sleeping clothes."

"It's okay sweetie, not a problem," I replied, but in truth felt a shiver run down my spine.

We sat under the covers with our backs against the headboard and chatted for a while. Leif looked so handsome with the light from the flames dancing across his face and torso. I couldn't help but notice how defined his abdomen was and how solid his chest looked. Thankfully the light was low because I felt myself blushing when I stole a glance lower to see if his crotch was exposed and I didn't want him to see me looking so guilty.

I was left wondering what he was thinking at that time. Was he grossed out having to share a bed with his 50-something mom, or was he possibly intrigued, maybe even a little titillated?

Before long he said, "I'm wiped mom, I'm turning in," and leaned in to plant a soft kiss on my cheek. His action caught me a bit off guard, but also excited me a tad.

Even though we were not touching, it felt thrilling to be in bed so close to a handsome man. I listened to his rhythmic snoring and found it amazingly comforting, yet strangely arousing. As if it had a mind of its own, my right hand wandered down between my legs and rested lightly against my mound. My body was hot but my mind conflicted. Could I actually touch myself with my son so close?

I was sure he was asleep, and soon I found myself very slowly easing my fingers up and down my slit, rubbing myself through the flannel slacks in time with Leif's breathing. As my son inhaled, my fingers moved upwards and as he exhaled they slid back downwards.

I had never been a particularly adventurous woman sexually, so this was new territory for me. I knew my pussy was going to get very wet and didn't want a bog spot on my PJ's, so I silently pressed my palm under the waistband of my bottoms, and touched my naked sex. It was so warm and damp, my fingers easily sliding up and down the slick skin.

The visions running through my head were all of Leif, which shockingly turned me on immensely. I could see his chiseled face clearly in my fantasy, along with his perfect body. In my mind he was nude, his large cock standing up proudly from his groin. I couldn't help but imagine all the lovely, twisted things we could to together.

Within only another minute or two I felt an orgasm coming on. I was deathly afraid I might make some audible sign of my arousal, so I gritted my teeth tightly as I frigged my swollen clit. Moments later my body shuddered as I came and I'm sure a whimper must have escaped my lips.

For a while I basked in the incredible feeling, but when I came down from the high I felt ashamed at what I'd done. What had been so amazing at the time all the sudden made me feel dirty. How could a mother think those things about her own child, I wondered? After running over the troubling visions over and over, I finally drifted off to sleep.

Our first full day together in Vermont was simply spectacular. Leif awoke before me, and when I rolled over I found him looking at me with a grin on his face. I instantly remembered what I had done the night before and I instantly felt a cold sweat coming on.

"Morning mom," he said softly, his bright eyes staring into my own.

"Morning baby," I responded, hoping I was not blushing. He just kept looking at me with a soft smile across his face I asked, "Is something funny?"

"Nope, you just looked so peaceful while you slept it was nice to see," Leif replied.

If I didn't know better I would have thought he was flirting with me and my body responded. Leif must have been watching me for a while, and I really wondered what was going on inside his head. He was lying on his side with his head propped up on his hand as he looked down at me. The comforter was bunched up on his abdomen and a quickly stole a peek at his chest. God, what was happening to me?

I had to get away and clear my head, so I got out of bed to take a pee and freshen up. The room had grown considerably colder overnight, so after only a few minutes in the bathroom I almost ran back to bed and climbed back under the warm covers.

I was oddly nervous beside the boy I'd raised myself, but did my best to hide it. We chatted for about an hour regarding our plans for the upcoming days, before we decided to get up for breakfast. Since we'd talked so long, it was too late to shower and still make breakfast, so I dressed casually and stole Leif's baseball cap to hide my untidy locks, and then we headed downstairs together.

Breakfast was hearty and just what we needed. Leif enjoyed a giant stack of pancakes, while I opted for a diet plate of fresh fruit, yogurt and homemade granola. He offered me a bit of his breakfast, but when I declined, he said, "Come on mom, you can't come all this was and not have any Vermont maple syrup."

I smiled back and gave in and soon was biting a syrup-covered bite of pancake from his fork. I felt my cheeks grow a bit warm as I chewed, realizing how intimate it must have looked to the other diners in the room. It was so romantic and reminded me of something his father had once done years before.

Given what I had done the evening before, I found it hard to look directly into his eyes. Leif didn't seem to notice as he sat sipping a cup of coffee and reviewing a map of the area. After speaking with an older couple seated next to us, we excused ourselves and headed back to the room.

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