tagInterracial LoveLemonade (The Apology)

Lemonade (The Apology)


There was something that had driven him to come, but he didn't want to analyze it. But it lingered in his mind, in the back, refusing to stay completely hidden. There was something about Samantha, that he couldn't put his finger on. And oh, how much had he wanted to lay his fingers, along with other parts of his body, on her?

Well, a lot.

*The Backstory*

Before I go any further with this hot little tale of raw sex and emotion, I'll introduce myself. I am Samantha or Sam, as my friends call me. But please be advised that certain identifying details in this hot little tale of raw sex and emotion (And yes, I purposely repeated that line. I'm trying to keep your attention here.) have been changed to protect the innocent...or the guilty.

I'm not going to tell you what I look like, or what sexual positions I like or what I like to do to a guy to make him scream my name in ecstasy.

No, not yet. Because you're going to put yourself in my shoes. (Sorry guys, this includes you. Just deal, okay?)

You may think you don't know me, but you do. You know someone like me. Maybe your best friend or your girlfriend, or maybe it's you! Basically, as long as humans exist, we will get hurt, we will fuck-up and hopefully we will also makeup. Here's a little story about that.

The situation was this...

He suddenly began ignoring me. There was no warning, explanation, or answer to my messages. I responded by "un-friending" him, which is the technological way to give someone the finger, the fuck-off, or to say "We're Not Gonna Take It ANYMORE!!!"

And I felt GREAT about it!

...For about a day and a half. I soon felt that maybe I had over-reacted....just a little bit, maybe? Or a lot, maybe? I wasn't sure what my next step should be. The problem was that I told him I'd never speak to him again. And that sort of complicates things....a little bit, maybe?

So I got some "guy advice" from two my dudes. And I received two very different, but equally supportive opinions. (smile).

Marcus: I'm sorry hon. If you feel that way you could send him a message and then give him time to think about it.

Stretch: Hell, Samantha even if this guy was going through something...How long does it take to say, "Hey, got your messages. Can't talk right now?" I just did it and it took me 3 seconds!

See what I mean? After much thought, and drawing from my Masters Degree in Overanalyzation, I finally decided. Somehow, I thought that this person's friendship was worth one more try. I at least wanted to apologize.

In any case, the message had to be creative, and something that would compel him to read it. I had no way of even knowing if he was actually reading my messages. Previously, when things were going well, I had promised to write a story for him. It suddenly I had a light bulb moment!

"What if I combined the apology with the story?"

And that's what I did.

*The Story*

Did you hear the one about the girl who was really sensitive and totally over-reacted and totally feels bad and totally wants to "make-up"?

Samantha said to Jared.

He didn't react, initially. But his eyes narrowed and his jaw tightened with irritation.

She had asked him to meet at her room in The Literotica Hotel, to let her talk to him. He wasn't sure why he agreed. He was already regretting it...a little.

There was something that had driven him to come, but he didn't want to analyze it. But it lingered in his mind, in the back, refusing to stay completely hidden. There was something about Samantha, that he couldn't put his finger on. And oh, how much had he wanted to lay his fingers, along with other parts of his body, on her? Well, a lot.

Maybe it was just pure curiosity at meeting her finally that had driven him here. No, not finally. Not like he had been longing to meet her, or anything.

She greeted him with a warm smile and clasped her hands in front of her, pushing the twin scoops of her cleavage forward. Her mocha skin glowed in the dim light of the casually luxurious room. Her brown eyes communicated a blazing warmth as they watched him with bold intent.

"At the risk, of seeming crazier than you already think I am," she said, pausing for effect. "I needed you to know that...I feel different about things now. And while my feelings were valid, I feel that I did jump the gun a bit and over-reacted."

His jaw tightened further still. He was a stubborn one, she thought. They were more alike than she had realized - two stubborn, extremely "passionate" people. Two fiery, determined personalities, warm enough to consume the space around themselves and others. This heat had a side-effect of causing some blistering, some hurt feelings that were not intended. She gave him a small smile, risking irritating him further.

She felt compelled to touch him, to just know what his skin felt like. She slid a finger slowly, softly down his nose, to his lips. She had to reach up, even in her three-inch high-heels because he was significantly taller than her. She took-in and admired his broad shoulders, finding him even more attractive in person than she had imagined.

Jared didn't have time for this. He had shit going on in his life. She ended things - she could deal with the consequences. He'd already moved on. It hadn't been that serious anyway. What was the point? He had thought she would just be fun, interesting. Not so serious about things.

She took a deep breath.

"I was in a very sensitive place," she said, softly. "My message to you reads harsher than I intended."

He gave her an impatient look. He shrugged his shoulders as if to say, "And...?"

She bit her lip in frustration. Her firm look softened, she looked suddenly vulnerable. He tried to ignore it.

"Look. The situation just triggered some shit that happened to me in the past."

Interest and curiosity began to war with his earlier feelings of annoyance.

This was the woman he had been so curious about, that he had found so sexy, fun, and witty. He was finally face to face with her, but not on the happy occasion that he would have preferred.

But he knew that it would be difficult to stay angry at her the moment he walked through the door. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw her outfit: A crisp, white dress shirt, a red bra peeking out from her ample cleavage, a tiny gray, school-girl skirt, sheer black thigh-high leggings, and black peep-toe pumps. She was tiny in height even with the heels, indeed as curvy as she had told him, indeed as cute as he had suspected. Her eyes were cat-like, confident and mysterious. She was now biting those juicy, glossy lips he had seen from her pictures. He had imagined numerous times what he could do with those lips, what they could do to him, for him, on him...

This was supposed to be fun. But now she would have to make a hard decision. She would live of course. But she still wanted him. She was honest enough to admit it, even if it made her feel incredibly foolish.

"Sit down...for a minute?" She said, pushing him back against the bed.

He sat at the edge, looking not quite comfortable. But she wasn't done with him.

She got on her knees and leaned into him, balancing herself on his legs. She smiled at his look of surprise. Now she had his full attention. Maybe all was not lost?

What was she doing? This fucking crazy, broad. This fucking crazy, sexy, broad. Fucking crazy, sexy, fascinating broad. Fuck this sexy, fascinating broad. Oh God, he wanted to fuck this sexy broad. Oh God, he HAD to fuck her. Oh, please.

She was between his legs, dragging her fingers down his thighs and looking into his eyes in THAT way - that needy, lusty way. She brought her mouth close to his, brushing his lips lightly. But he drew back. He saw a flash of hurt in her eyes, before her quick recovery. His chest constricted. He had not meant to hurt her. He was just...confused.

She turned her attention to his ear. She licked the lobe, than blew softly on the wet skin, creating a cool wind that made his whole body shiver in spite of himself. His cock twitched with life, growing firm.

She nibbled and licked his ears, then dragged her tongue down the side of his neck, her hands flat against his chest, against his white tee-shirt. Her lower half, made conversation with his crotch, speaking directly to his hard dick. She tried to kiss him again. Still, he drew back. He didn't want this to be too easy for her.

Her eyes narrowed. Would she give up now? Would she leave him alone now? Did he want her to leave him alone? Especially now, with his cock throbbing for her touch, for those lips, for her tight, wet pussy?

"Okay, have it your way, ,"she said. "I said my peace. You can go now.'

She backed herself off of his heated lap and went to open the door.

He was up and pushing the door closed before she realized what was happening.

"I can't go yet."

She folded her arms, and waited.

"I thought you wanted to make-up? Have some fun, like we used to?"

"THIS is no longer fun, honey."

He still wasn't discouraged.

"I think I know what you need," he said with seriousness but there was a glow of mischief in his eyes. "Bad girls need to be punished, right?"

Okay, this was more like it. She responded immediately. This was how they played before things went sour.

"Obviously. What's my punishment?"

"You sure? Anything?" He asked, pointedly.

She nodded. Yes, anything.

"Deep throat me," he said, challenging her. He obviously thought she had been bluffing. This fucking asshole. This fucking, sexy asshole. God, she wanted to fuck this asshole. Oh please, fuck me asshole. That was supposed to be her punishment? Well, she could pretend to not enjoy it, she guessed.

She pulled him back to the bed and tugged at his black basketball shorts, sliding them down.

"Sit that cute little ass of yours down," she said firmly.

Oh God, she was getting increasingly wet looking at the thick outline of hard cock in his navy blue boxer briefs. She slid down the underwear, springing free the stiff, pulsating treasure. Her whole body reacted. Currents of longing surge through her, upon seeing him nearly nude and waiting for her to please him with her mouth. She eyed his beautiful cock, so thick, flushed pink, with throbbing veins and a slight curve upward that she instantly loved.

Oh God. He had to fuck her now! Oh, please.

Next she took off his shoes and sneakers. She hated when men kept their socks on during sex, assuming this would lead to more bedroom action. Then he took off his shirt. She began unbuttoning her own.

He watched her take off the shirt and undo the red bra, revealing the soft, mocha scoops of her breasts and the aroused, luscious dark tips. He licked his lips in anticipation of sucking those tasty morsels. He brought his huge, strong hands to her chest, taking each of her tits in his hand, feeling the loving, tender caress of her warm scoops with the texture of the hard nipples poking his damp palms.

The vision of his pale skin against the dark sheen of hers was intoxicating. She bent low, her mouth trailing kisses across the inside of his thighs, coming closer and closer to his pelvis. She then by-passed his attention-needing dick to lick his belly. This fucking tease!

She licked her way back down, and suddenly landed a lick on the large, tight mushroom head of his cock. Firmly gripping his shaft, her tongue flickered on the tip of Jared's rock-hard penis. She sucked it hard, the suction making a popping noise when she released it from her wet mouth. His balls were tight with tension and she began to suck each one while stroking his shaft.

Jared's eyes were closed, his head back in concentration as he enjoyed what Samantha's mouth was doing to his dick.

"Look at me," she said to him.

And so, he did.

She looked up at him, keeping eye contact as she fucked his stiff pole with her mouth. This was supposed to be her punishment but she was moaning in enjoyment. She was getting-off on getting him off. Her pussy was soaking wet, her clit throbbing for attention, her walls preparing for a stiff, aggressive visitor, longing for him to enter her firm and hard, over and over again.

Samantha looked up at him with her warm, brown eyes glowing with mischief and playfulness. She licked him from the top to the base of his shaft, and back up with long, wet, firm licks from her wide tongue. He watched as her juicy lips, the lips he'd lusted over from her photos, surrounded his cock.

She began to rub her tits with his cock and squeezed them around it, tittyfucking him.

"Take it all. Suck my cock, baby."

He needed more of her mouth. She began to swallow him, inch by inch, bringing his full length into her mouth. Her moaning was driving him nuts. He pulled her long brown hair back so he could see every detail, increasing the intensity of what he felt. Her head bobbed up and down, as he stretched her mouth, moving past her lips. Her tongue constantly moved so that every inch of him was being addressed, teased, licked, and sucked. Soon, she had all of him inside and he could feel the back of her throat tickling his tip.

Oh God...Oh fuck...Oh God. Oh shiiiiiiiiiit...feels so fucking GOOD.

She could feel him about to cum, his cock twitching and constricted. His body tensed all over, his face softened with the feel of the strong orgasm. The white, cream of his load began to pump out, into her mouth, lips, down her chin, her boobs, and some dripped onto his thighs. She licked his cream from his thighs and swallowed as much as she could and wiped her mouth and chin, grinning back at him.

She stood up and climbed upon his lap, straddling him. With one hand supporting her back and the other gripping her ass, he moved back a bit on the bed. They both breathed heavily with the friction of satisfaction existing with the frustration of wanting more.

"More?" She asked him.

She kissed him, this time getting the satisfaction of him hungrily returning it. His tongue sliding against hers and his teeth gently biting her bottom lip. Her arms circled his neck and her hands gripped his strong back. He could feel now that she was not wearing panties under her skirt. His newly hard cock rubbed against her soaking wet pussy, threatening to enter at any moment, as her hips moved against him. He gripped her ass in his hands as the feeling and passion of his kissed increased.

She didn't know where her moaning ended and his began. They seemed in tune with each other once again.

Or, were they?

"More?" She asked him when they finally broke the kiss. Her grip on his shoulders and back loosened. She backed down from his lap. He still was hesitating. Game over. And she didn't even get "hers".

Maybe it was his cock talking, but he felt like a real dick. This girl was amazing. And she was about to walk away. Before she walked away forever, he gently grabbed her arm and turned her back to him.

Now he was the one looking up at her with pitiful eyes.

"No. I'm sorry," he said, finally.

"You have some explaining to do yourself."

"I know. I know."

"Well, you've been really bad. And bad boys must be punished."

"I can take anything you dish out."

He kissed her. And they did so much more.

*The Conclusion*

If you're still with me, you probably want to know what happened, right? Well, it no longer matters, really. But the good news is I had another lightbulb moment.

Why not spin this whole mess into a useful story? Why not make lemonade out of a sour situation?

And that's what I did.

The End.

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