Lena sat in the tub, the follow of steaming water coming down on her from the shower head. Blood streaked though the water to descend down the drain, every part of her ached. Had it all just happened?

Lena breathed in as she yawned, the sunlight flooding into her eyes form the window just above. The birds seemed to welcome her with song as the last moments of her dreams slipped away.

Lena's day off, and she was already making a check list of what she intended to do. Watch an old movie, read the rest of her book, eat the remaining ice cream in the freezer, all the things she was looking forward to... But she wanted to shower first.

She walked to the bathroom, undressed, pressed the plastic curtain aside and slid in. The shower sent water down on her like rain and she quickly found a tune to sing.

She soaped her arms and legs slowly, savoring each claiming moment. Lena dropped some shampoo into her palm and scrubbed her head. She closed her eyes as the suds and water filled her ears and turned to rest her arms on the wall under the shower head...

Once the soap was washed away she turned around and there he stood. An average sized man, most likely in his late 20's staring back at her, standing in her shower, grey eyes tracing rounds over her flesh like she was a travel brochure.

The hair rose over her body, touched by his gaze. Her heart quickened as he stepped closer and Lena flattened herself against the wall of the shower. He moved in like an owl to a mouse, pressing the lower part of his body against her own and used one hand to hold her wrists above her head.

Lena groaned and shifted on the wall, her intruder's knee sliding between hers, his denim jeans pulling at the soft skin of her white legs. His t-shirt plastered to the muscles of his chest as water beat down on them.

Lena shut her eyes as his face came closer; his light, brown-spice sent invading her nose.

"Be a good girl, Lena..." he breathed, his mouth not an inch form her lips. She squeezed her eyes tighter, her legs bumping the sides of his knee as she squirmed. Lena could feel the stiffness of him pressing against her hip, sending chills racing up her spine each time it bumped her.

He bought her arms down between them and tied her wrist together with the string form her lufa. Neither spoke as he worked. Lena watched his face, his eyes burning with anger, teeth clenching with need.

He let her wrists drop and unzipped himself form his jeans, he hardened the rest of the way as soon as he was free. He urged her legs apart with his knee, and brought his face down to hers again.

He kissed her softly, smiling as he claimed her lips. It was a simple kiss, but enough to stir reactions from her.

Her beasts tightened, the muscles through her body began to cramp. Desire began pooling between her legs driving her ever closer to the edge of her sanity. Soon after, he pulled his lips away, the devil dancing in his eyes.

"Wrap your legs around me." He commanded, when Lena didn't move he forced his knee up farther, tearing the muscles of her thighs. She cried out and threw her thick legs around him.

"Stop..." she whimpered.

"Not until I have you..." He growled and bought his head down to take one hard nipple into his mouth.

"Stop-" Her eyes shot open and she cut herself off in a scream as his teeth pinched her sensitive nub. Her body started grinding up against him, dragging the nude flesh of her body against the hardness of his, pressing her breast eagerly into his mouth.

The tip of his tough lashed out against the excited peak, the action forced her body in a total out burst, she buckled and squirmed, trapped between him and the wall, water still pelting them, teasing the flushed areas of her skin.

He pulled his mouth from her, both of them breathing raggedly. He entered her without warring, pressing himself to her virgin core, rousing a scream from her as she tossed her head back. Her dry insides gripped him like an iron vice and she screamed out each slow time he pressed into her.

"Please, don't..." she moaned as the rest of his body came up against her. He clutched at her hips, driving her into the wall. The sent of Lena's shampoo invaded both their noses.

He pulled from her only to press back in, sweet and slow. Her walls stretched around him with each slight move, adjusting to fit him as he tortured her. His breath came in short burst, fiery against her skin. He growled in his throat as he filled her to the max, delighting in the feel of her walls quivering around him.

He urged her legs away form his hips and shifted his arms up under her knees. Wrapping his hands around her back, he pulled her in against him and pounded into her.

With each stroke her soft moans became screams until her walls tightened down on him, he plunged in as deep as he could on his release, screaming out her name as she buried her fingers in his shoulders.

Darkness closed in a Lena as she climaxed. Her thoughts where begging for it all to stop, knowing she'd lose it if this man finished her. She cried for it to end. On his finishing thrust she felt reality slip away.

Lena sat in the tub, the follow of steaming water coming down on her from the shower head. Blood streaked though the water to descend down the drain, every part of her ached. Had it all just happened?

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