tagIncest/TabooLena - The Fourth of July

Lena - The Fourth of July

byFranco Pauli©

Trust me, growing up in a small town in Virginia isn't a whole lot different than growing up anywhere else. Even when I was a kid, it began to dawn on me that it wasn't the where you lived that made a difference, it was the who you were with that made the difference. The whats, whens and whys are pretty much the same, some good, some bad. Personally, I started out with some pretty pitiful people. Had they stayed around any longer than they did, I probably wouldn't be writing this.

I was born Tucker Rollins. I never met my father. My mother used to say he was the love of her life, the man who had come to Smithfield and swept her off her feet, if only for a night or two. He worked at the packing plant along with my mother. He killed them...she packed them; a match made in heaven. He was gone long before I was born. She did the best she could, I guess. I don't recall her spending much time alone in bed. Nor do I recall her hand ever being more than a few feet from a bourbon bottle. She died when I was twelve. I didn't have any other family and because my mother was such a drunken slut, she didn't have any friends. No one really gave a fuck about what happened to me, except for Jess, my best friend.

I guess being really poor, white trash can be a blessing at times. For a white kid in Smithfield, having a best friend like Jess, a kid so black he disappeared at dusk, wasn't cool. But, If you were dirt poor, it seemed to neutralize the color or your skin and it made everything fine. Jess managed to talk his mom into letting me stay at their house for a few days after the funeral. A few days turned into a few weeks and so on. Pretty soon, Lena Jefferson became "Mom" and Jess's baby sister Tawny became "Sissy." Jess stayed Jess. And for the first time in my life, the house I lived in didn't smell like dead pigs.

We were still poor. Mom cleaned houses for a lot of the rich Smithfield families, and aside from what little money Jess and I earned doing odd jobs, hers was our only income. But life was good. Mom was one hell of a cook, Sissy was a pain in the ass and Jess and I were inseparable. We had to kick a lot of ass growing up, being salt and pepper and all. But when we both made the all-state basketball team in our junior year of high school, we both got whiter. The following year we took our team to the division finals. Our division wasn't much...something like Division Minus 5...but damn it, we won.

That triumph won us both our first trip to the big city of Richmond, our first night in a hotel and our first piece of ass. Looking back, I'm really not sure which one was the best. I don't even remember her name, so that should say it all. But basketball became our tickets out of Smithfield. The fact that Mom had always made us keep up with school made it possible to actually attend real schools. A full ride to Florida State for Jess and another to Virginia Tech for me, exposed us to worlds we had never dreamed of.

We both came home whenever we could and summers were a welcome relief to our hectic schedules. We were celebrities as far as Smithfield was concerned. We got great summer jobs and the extra money made things a lot easier on Mom. She was smiling a lot more and actually was able to take a few short holidays with the family. She also started looking prettier. I guess I never noticed how beautiful she was. Hell, she was Mom. But my meeting to a lot of different women at school and on our road trips made me appreciate how beautiful my mom really was.

She was still a young woman. I had never thought about it much before, but I realized that she had been a lot younger than my real mother when she had Jess. It didn't take long for the college boy to do the math. Damn, she had only been fifteen when she had Jess and a very, very old 27 when I moved in. It also didn't take long for me to realize that a ripe 35 year old black woman was a whole lot sexier than the skinny white chicks I had been dating at Tech. That summer after my junior year ended far to quickly, though I wanted to stay, I had to go back. I needed to make sure my future was solid. A lot of things had changed that summer.

I realized I was hanging out around the house far more than Jess. More often than not, he was out till the wee hours of the morning, dragging his six-six, sorry ass into the same bed, in the same room we had shared since I moved in. I once laughingly asked if he was trying to fuck every woman in Smithfield by the time the summer was over. He just laughed and hit me with a pillow. I dated a few times, but was happiest when I was at home, alone with Mom.

Sissy was growing up and was gone as much as Jess, spending most of her time with friends. I could see a lot of her mom in her, that beautiful smile, those flashing eyes that peered down over her nose when she was angry at you. But her skin must have come from her father. It was much lighter than Mom's, a creamy brown with just a hint of the color of port wine. I suppose that's where the name Tawny came from. In any case, she was going to be a heart breaker for sure. Jess and I made a pact, regardless of what happened after we graduated...she was going to school.

But her burgeoning beauty wasn't enough to take my attention away from Mom, or Lena, the name my mind began to use in the lurid fantasies it created. At home, she liked to be comfortable. She went barefoot most of the time, silently padding around the house as she tended to the things that needed to be done. I would watch her every move; when she cooked, when she cleaned, whatever she was going. She rarely wore a bra, I assumed a concession to her need for comfort. Of course, this allowed her huge tits to sway and bounce under her top in a way that drove my youthful libido crazy.

I began to develop a set of my favorites outfits. One particular sun dress usually left me painfully hard and in desperate need to relieve myself. It was an old and threadbare sun dress, its design more for a young girl than a lushly curved, mature woman. The straps tied behind her neck, becoming the bodice, as they curved around to the front, gradually widening as they flowed down over the opulent mounds of flesh they vainly tried to contain. Her breasts nestled into the material, natural and free, moving as if they had a life of their own. Dark shadows surrounded the ever present dimples her nipples made as they attempted to poke through the fabric. They would extend and thicken in a chilling breeze, as if inviting a set of warm lips to comfort them. But if her tits deserved a place on Mount Rushmore, that woman's wondrous ass deserved the whole mountain. It was absolutely a mouth-watering experience to watch.

The back of her dress was non-existent, leaving an acre of silky smooth, milk chocolate skin exposed from her shoulders down to the tops of the cheeks of her ass. Her lush buttocks pushed out abruptly, swelled into deliciously curved moons which tucked back into the tops of her thighs with that same abruptness. And, that dress displayed her lovely bottom with the perfection it deserved. The material lay across the swells of her cheeks, caressing each smooth curve until it fell off the edge to hang loosely down an inch or two below the juncture with her thighs. Her ass defined booty...treasure...candy for the eyes. Simply seeing her ass, in that dress, always had the same result...a raging hard-on that needed to be tamed in the privacy of the bathroom. I studied every detail of that magnificent woman, leaving images that burned themselves into the fabric of my mind, fodder for my fantasies that always followed.

I'll never forget the first time I caught a glimpse of her panties. I came instantly, spending my seed into my tightly cramped briefs and had to rush out of the room to hide my embarrassment. Of course, there were more times that delightful sight came into view. Often, as she bent over to fetch something from the fridge or a low cabinet in the kitchen, my eyes could follow the graceful curve of her legs up under her skirt to her panty clad ass. One would have expected them to be a modest, cotton, granny style. But they were sheer, almost transparent...the come fuck me type a woman didn't wear to church. When the light was right, you could see every detail of her succulent and completely shaved pussy. The first time I discovered she was shaved came as a real shock. Her puffy, crescent shaped vaginal lips were darker than the rest of her skin, begging to be licked right through the gauzy material that pretended to hide them. Obviously, there was another side of this woman...one that I hadn't expected.

July came along with much more than the intense heat of summer. Steamy nights often found one or more of us kids sleeping on the back porch. Those of us, who couldn't sleep inside, would drift out one at a time seeking a respite from the scorching heat. Mom never slept outside, hating the smell and feel of the oily bug repellent on her skin. The heat seemed to dilute patience and modesty. There were never out and out fights, but frequently tempers would flare, followed by a smart remark or two. The diminishing modesty had its benefits...as the temperature increased, clothing decreased and the heat of a different kind began to rise.


We were all home on the Fourth of July. I woke up to the smell of bacon drifting through the kitchen widow out onto the back porch. Mom had gotten up early, and was cooking breakfast for the whole family...something that had become a rarity as we had gotten older. I pushed myself up from the lawn chair and eagerly strode into the kitchen...nothing makes you hungrier than the smell of bacon cooking on the stove. The creaky screen door made my entrance known.

"Good morning, baby. I hope you don't mind...I figured you wouldn't miss one of your old practice shirts." I was glad she hadn't turned around. It gave me time to get the awe struck expression off my face and gather my wits. Instantly, my favorite yellow sun dress dropped to number two on my list.

"Not to worry, Mom...it looks a whole lot better on you than it does on me. It's a good thing you're my mom or..." I tried to suck the words back into my mouth. Why didn't I just keep my mouth shut? I didn't know what to expect as she slowly turned around to face me, but the big grin on her face let my heart start pumping again.

"You just made my day, baby...so Lena has her groove back, does she?" She walked towards me, laughing softly, exaggerating the swish her hips like a runway model. I couldn't keep my eyes from sweeping down across her lush body as she crossed the room. The scooped neck came much lower on her chest than on mine, leaving her milk chocolate tits almost naked to the edge of the wide, dark brown circles that surrounded her thick nipples. Her lower body gently bumped against the sides of the loose fitting shirt, giving each a turn to define the graceful curve of her hips. I had never seen anything so fucking sexy. She stopped right in front of me, close enough for me to feel the heat of her body. She looked up and stared directly into my eyes.

"Thank, you, baby. You've always been the sweet one, Tuck...don't ever let that change." She rested her hands on my shoulders and pulled her body up until her face was level to mine. Her smile was gone as her lips moved closer to mine and when they touched my own, my body trembled. Without thinking my hands moved to circle her waist and bring her closer. Her gasp instantly shattered the surreal moment and a rush of guilt flooded over me...my fully hardened cock was pressed tightly against her soft belly. I started to speak but she hushed me with a single finger pressed against my lips, her hips still pressed against mine. "Don't say anything," she said shaking her head. "You're not a boy anymore, baby...you're a man...just be careful. OK?" She smiled softly and eased back slowly. "Let me finish breakfast...the others will be up shortly."

She turned and walked back towards the stove while a thoroughly confused and totally shaken Tucker Rollins headed back to his room to get dressed. As I walked down the hall, the door to Sissy's room opened. I started to say good morning, Sissy, but was surprised to find Jess staring back at me. He looked a bit nervous at first, but quickly regained his composure and gave me his biggest smile. "Good morning, Bro...something smells good. Is Mom cooking?"

"Oh yeah. You better get ready...It's bacon, grits and eggs...just like the old days." I grinned the best I could, trying very hard not to ask.

"Hot damn," he shouted. "I'm starving." He rushed past me into our room and I headed towards the bathroom. I needed a lot more than a shower at the moment...finding out what the hell was going on around the house would have to wait...I had to sort out some things of my own.

When I finished getting dressed, I headed back to the kitchen. The table was set and Jess was sitting in his usual spot. Sissy was helping Mom. She turned when she heard me sliding my chair out and gave me a nervous look then glanced at Jess. The ton of bricks hurt. I looked down at the table, desperately trying to get my shit together. Fuck, who was I to judge anyone. Hell, real or not, I was hot for my mother, for Christ's sake. I wondered if Mom knew about them. In any case, Jess and Sissy were my family, fucked up or not. And who wouldn't want to get into Sissy's pants. Of course my logic wasn't all that super, but it came to a conclusion that worked for now. I lifted my head back up, smiled and shrugged.

"Jess...you need to get Sissy one of your old jerseys. That way we could each have our own team." A little wink and a broad grin shattered the tension and you could almost hear the silent thank yous in the room. We all ate like we had never eaten before. Of course we gave Mom a plentiful dose of kudos and she loved it. When we finished, we happily decided to spend the day at Virginia Beach.

We gathered up all the stuff we needed, a cooler full of sodas and beer, the suntan lotion for me and Sissy and a bunch of towels...they were quickly packed into the old jalopy we laughingly called a car. As we were getting our suits on, Jess and I joked around as if nothing was out of the ordinary, as usual, teasing each other about the size of our cocks. "Bro, you sure your daddy was white?" he asked laughingly. I just grinned. "Seriously, boy, you have one hell of a unit and I sure hope you are using it on some little honey." I was used to it by now, having heard it enough from the few women I had had the pleasure of servicing. But suddenly, he got quiet and looked me right in the eye. "It just happened, Tuck. It was just fucking, at first...it's a lot more now, and I don't know what the hell I'm going to do. It's a lot more complicated than it seems."

"Hey man, its OK. I understand. If it's right with you two, its right by me. Just keep it cool." I wondered what he would think if he knew how I felt about our mom...but decided not to mention it. Something suddenly clicked in my mind, something Mom had said. "Just be careful..." I got an eerie feeling that she knew...I had been warned. She had, on more than one occasion, hinted that Sissy would be one hell of a woman for the right man...smiling softly as she directed her remarks right at me. I dawned on me that she hadn't mentioned it all summer. She knew.

"Hey you two, get a move on...the sun's going to set before we get there." Mom's words got us hopping and we finished our business and headed out to the car. Mom and Sissy both had used our respective jerseys to cover their suits. I couldn't help but grin but was a little surprised when I opened the door to ride shotgun, Sissy hopped in before me.

"Hey, girl. You're supposed to ride in the back with Mom. What's up?"

"Nope...nope...nope. We are going to double date to the beach with the two best looking brothers in Smithfield. Ain't that right, Mom?"

"Your crazy, girl," she said and burst into laughter. She cocked her head as if giving it some serious thought. "Hell, why not?" she added climbing into the back seat. She giggled as she beckoned me to get in the car with her hand. "Looking for a good time, sailor?" We all broke into gales of laughter.

"Momma, you're making the boy blush. Look, he's all pink." Jess just shook his head and laughed.

"All you all are crazy," he growled as he started the car. He was still grumbling and laughing when we finally rolled away from the house.

It took a while to find a place to park, but we finally had our feet on the sand. Thankfully, we figured we could buy some cold drinks on the boardwalk and left the cooler in the car. It would have been a much longer walk, hauling the cooler with us. Jess and I spread out the towels while the 'girls' got down to their suits. I glanced up just in time to see Mom pulling her jersey up over her head. My mouth fell open in total amazement. The red, one piece bathing suit she normally wore was gone. The suit she was wearing was one of Sissy's.

On Sissy, the scant, taupe bikini displayed her young, hard body like artwork. On Mom, every thread in the suit was stretched to its limit by her mature, lusty curves...erotica would be an apt word to describe the image. The thin knit material clung to her body like another layer of skin. Every nook and cranny was defined in detail as its softness flowed over her body. I glanced around just to see if anyone else had noticed. I almost laughed out loud. Every pair of male eyes within fifty feet of us, including Jess's, were fixed on Mom. There were also the eyes of some very disgruntled wives and girlfriends.

"Day-ummmm, Mom," Jess said, laughing as he shook his head in disbelief. Sissy growled and stuck him good with an elbow as she plopped down beside him. She was laughing too but gave him one of those down the nose looks.

"Put your tongue back in your head boy...I, am spoken for. At least for the day. Right, Tuck." She giggled softly and sat down on the blanket beside me, then leaned over to whisper in my ear. "I'm Lena today, baby...you woke her up this morning...let her pretend and have just one of the days she missed." She ran her fingers over the side of my face and kissed my cheek softly. I swallowed hard and turned my face away from the others. I finally took a deep breath and turned my head back around.

"Hey guys, Lena and I are going for a swim...care to join us?" It didn't take long for Jess to figure out what was going on, or at least a sense of it. And he let me know.

"Naaaaaaa...I need to work on my tan." He laughed. "Well, at least Tawny does." A lot had just been said about this particular Fourth of July, and with very few words. I jumped up and reached down to pull Lena up. She grabbed my hand and held it for a second before pulling herself up. I could have sworn I could see a few tears in her eyes as she smiled up at me. As we walked to the waters edge, she slipped her arm around my waist and rested her hand on my hip.

"Think we are convincing?' she asked sincerely. I slipped my arm around her and casually rested my hand on her ass. She looked up at me and nervously bit her lower lip.

"We will be...slide your fingers into the waist of my trunks." She seemed reluctant, but smiled and slipped her soft fingers under the elastic. "That's perfect...now scratch."

"You're terrible," she groaned. With that she quickly removed her hand, slapped me on my ass and streaked into the water. I chased her and finally caught up with her when we were about waist deep in the surf. I started with the obligatory dunking of your date as soon as I could get my hands on her. When she surfaced, she immediately sought revenge, but I eventually had to let her tip me over into the shallow water, feigning a drowning act slight enough to not have the life guards spring into action.

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