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Lending a Helping Hand


"Sh, Sh, Sh, sweet baby, it is going to be ok." Looking at the wall clock, I notice it is 4 a.m. 2 hours of non-stop crying. What started as a little whimper has gone into a full blown distress cry. I am now officially a single mom. Emily is a week old and we are trying to learn how to breastfeed together. There is no lonelier feeling than being up in the middle of the night with a crying baby. Plus, being a first time mom, I have no clue what to do. My milk has come in and my breasts are so full, they hurt. None of the birthing process has been easy for me. Why I expected motherhood to go smoother, I don't know.

Pregnancy wrecks havoc on your body. And now my boobs look like something from a horror movie. My tits used to be my best feature. 36D's, well shaped, firm and what I have been told by several of my boyfriends, perfect nipples. When excited my nipples would extend at least ½ inch and when they were sucked on they seemed to grow another inch. It really gave the guys something to latch onto.

Now my boobs are so distended from milk, I can't get a bra on if I wanted to. I had to dig my one-piece bathing suit out of the closet just for a little support. The milking veins in my boobs are really prominent and hard. And they hurt! My nipples are huge! They don't even look like nipples, they are so stretched out you cannot even tell they were the prettiest color of pale pink. They just look like a balloon ready to pop. And there was no way Emily was going to be able to "latch" on.

"Sh, Sh, Sh, Emily you are going to get us kicked out of the condo." The condo we live in is really meant for older adults. Not for children. When I moved in, motherhood was not on the agenda. So when Emily came along, I received special permission with the association to stay. Now with her crying non-stop, I can just imagine what will be the main subject at the next association meeting. I can hardly take this desperate feeling of loneliness any longer.

It's now about 4:30 and I am getting desperate, what am I going to do? Just over Emily crying I hear a soft knock on the door. Not sure whether I really heard a knock, I just ignored it. But, then I heard another knock. I hurried up and pulled my robe on and walked to the door. Looking through the peep hole, I see it is my next door neighbor, Mr. Winters. Oh, great.

I opened the door. "Hi, Mr. Winters. I am sooo sorry about Emily's crying. I hope we didn't wake you up."

Mr. Winters is an older man in his late 60's. He is really a very handsome man. Tall, about 6'3" and lean. He plays a lot of tennis and he is in great shape. His tan keeps him looking vital and fit and it really sets off his silver hair. His wife of 48 years, Helen, just died about 5 months ago from an aneurism.

"I've been listening to little Emily crying now for 2 hours, and it brought back memories of when Helen and I brought home our babies from the hospital. We had six children, you know. Anyway, I thought maybe I could be assistance or even a little bit of moral support."

"Mr. Winters, please come in! I really do need some help. I just don't know what to do with her. I'm trying to breastfeed her and she just doesn't seem to be able to latch on, and my boobs hurt so bad, I'm in a lot of pain, and I am so tired! I really can't believe I am telling you all of this!"

"Dear, dear, don't worry about embarrassing me. Helen had this problem with all our babies the first couple of weeks, if you don't mind me helping you, I think I could lend you hand. I warn you, it might be out of your comfort zone. And you might find my methods a little odd. But, it always seemed to help Helen."

"Mr. Winters, at this point, I am willing to try anything."

"Well first, you need to calm Emily down. I know you want to breastfeed her, but she is so hungry and distraught, that she is not patient enough to wait. If, you have a bottle, let's feed her and get her to calm down. After she is calm, then we can work on your problem."

"Ok, finally a plan. I am so glad you came over. I am usually not so emotional. I just can't seem to think clearly."

One hour later, wow, what a relief, Emily finally has settled down. Mr. Winters was right, she just needed to eat and calm down. "I'm going to put her in the crib now and maybe she will sleep for a couple of hours." I winced as I was getting up from the couch because my boobs were still very tender and painful.

After putting Emily down in her bed, I headed back to the living room. It was the first time I noticed Mr. Winters was in his robe too. He was looking out my front window watching the sunrise.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Winters. I don't know what I would have done if you didn't come over."

"No problem, Dear. Now, we should help you get comfortable."

Mr. Winters moved over to the couch and motioned for me to sit by him. He said, "Dear, I would like to help you, but it may seem awkward and it may be a little embarrassing for you, but believe me, I think this will work for you. Helen always had me help her out and I think I can do the same for you."

"Well, Mr. Winters, you were right when it came to Emily, so yes, I would like for you to help me."

"Ok, first remove your robe and let me see your breasts."

Oh, Mr. Winters wasn't kidding when he said it would be awkward, but at this point I need some relief and I would do almost anything. I removed my robe gingerly. Mr. Winters took his hand and gently touched my engorged tit. He ran his fingers along my bulging veins and he gently lifted my boob. He said, "Dear, you really must be in some pain. You can hardly make out where your nipple is because they are so stretched out."

"This is what I want you to do. Lie back against the couch and get as comfortable as you can. I am going to lie down and put my head in your lap. I am then I'm going to gently massage your breast and start stimulating your nipple with my mouth. At first it is going to be painful, but once the milk starts flowing, you are going to feel immediate relief. Is this going to be ok for you, Mr. Winters asked."

For an answer I sat back against the couch and motioned for him to lie on my lap. Mr. Winters laid on the couch and positioned his head on my lap and lifted my breast up. He massaged my breast and used his lips to rub gently on my nipple. He started using his tongue and to lick my nipples and after a moment he suddenly latched on pulling as much of my nipple into his mouth as possible. I almost jumped off the couch because it was so painful, but he continued to suck and massaged my breast.

Just when I thought I could not take the pain any longer, I felt my milk release. Mr. Winters was right. It was an almost immediate relief. He continued to suck my breast, with every pull I felt my stomach spasm and it was like an erotic pull that sent a sensation directly down to my pussy. I was not expecting this to feel erotic in anyway.

As I was looking down at Mr. Winters milking my breasts I instinctively moved my hands to cup his head. I just really felt a tenderness well up inside of me and I started trace his eyebrows with my finger and traced his nose and then I moved to his ear. It just felt so natural watching him suck my tit. As I was tenderly touching him, he raised his free hand moved it up to my neck and gently stroked behind my ear and then entangle his fingers in my hair. It was one of the most erotic experiences I have ever had. My pussy was starting to twitch.

After about 10 minutes, Mr. Winters, unlatched from my nipple. He had a smile on his face. "There is nothing that tastes better than breast milk, my dear, he said. Now it is time to do the other breast. Move down to the other end of the couch and I will lie on the other side." That is when I discovered I was not the only one who found this experience stimulating. Mr. Winters could not hide his erection sticking out of his robe.

When he caught me looking at his erection, he blushed. "I am sorry, dear. Milking you is bringing back so many memories of my Helen. I would milk her and on the second breast she would give me a hand with my erection. It was an agreement we had, "I'll lend you a hand, if you'll lend me a hand", so to speak. In fact, after 6 kids, it really became a part of our lives. Every night before bedtime, we would lie on the couch and I would suck her breasts and she would rub my cock. There were many nights I fell asleep with her tits in my mouth. I think that is why I have not been able to sleep at night."

"Mr. Winters that is such a romantic story, I said. Would you mind if I gave you a hand tonight? I know I am not your Helen, but you have been such a life saver tonight and I would like to give you something in return."

"Well, dear, if you don't mind, I never turn down a helping hand!" Mr. Winters gave me a quick wink and laid his head down in my lap. I laid my head back against the couch and closed my eyes. Once again he started to massage my breast and used his lips to rub gently on my nipple. Then his tongue began to take long rough strokes. My nipples were so sensitive I could feel every stroke and my pussy started to pulse. When he latched on, pulling my nipple into his mouth, I could not help but gasp and squeeze my thighs together. The sensation was so strong.

Opening my eyes, again tenderness welled up inside of me. And my hands took a life of their own. This time I smoothed my hand down his chest and found an opening in his robe. His skin was so smooth and the hair on his chest was soft and silky. It made me want to tangle my fingers into his hair. Mr. Winters moaned and continued to suck on my tit.

Mr. Winters was a lean man and it was so easy to follow the trail of hair down to his cock. The hair around his cock was silky and again the urge to tangle my fingers in his hair hit me. Mr. Winters gave another moan and kept sucking my tit. His erection was long, and sturdy and really enticing. I could not wait to grasp a hold of his penis.

On the end table was baby lotion in a warmer that I used for Emily. I squirted some in my hand and started to massage the warm lotion on his cock. His cock was so smooth and soft and the lotion made wet noises as I pulled my hand up his long, stiff shaft and over the head. I then ran my hand down his shaft to his balls. The lotion made my hands smooth so they could glide with ease. I tenderly played with his balls.

About this time Mr. Winters was now playing with my nipples. He would suck my nipple in and then flick it with his tongue and swirl his tongue around it. Then he would give my nipple a quick pull. My pussy was pulsing and I could hardly concentrate. Soon my hand was going up and down Mr. Winters' shaft. My hand started to match the rhythm of his sucking. Mr. Winters started moaning until he could not last any longer. He pulled my nipple hard into his mouth held it while he growled and let his release come.

As Mr. Winters was coming down from his climax, he kept my nipple in his mouth and suckled off and on. The next thing I knew Mr. Winters was fast asleep. I couldn't bear thinking about waking him up, so I gently raised his head and placed a pillow under him and found a blanket to tuck around him. He looked peaceful as I gently placed a kiss on Mr. Winter's cheek. "Thank you Mr. Winters for lending me a hand. Sleep Tight!"

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