Lending a Helping Hand


I couldn't really see what was going between Lisa-Marie's thighs so I concentrated on watching face and her hot plump tits as the bounced around each time she shuddered in pleasure. Her large nipples were now fully erect and my cock ached at the thought of sucking them into my mouth. After about 10 minutes of Rachael directing Danny it was clear that he was having trouble tipping his wife over the edge. She would keep getting close and I'd see her body jerking about as she struggled to control herself as an orgasm approached, but each time it would fade away despite Danny clearly attacking her pussy as best he could.

"How about we change things a little" Rachael suggested "It took James several tries before he figured out what I needed to send me over the edge. Danny why don't you come here and have a practice on me for a bit and let James finish Lisa-Marie off. What do you think?" It was now Danny turn to be indecisive, he clearly wasn't keen on the idea of somebody other than him helping his wife to her first ever real orgasm, but on the other hand he was clearly excited at the prospect of enjoying more of my wife.

This time it was Lisa-Marie who urged things along; as the night wore on she was clearly leaving more and more of her inhibitions behind as she gave in to the pent up arousal inside her that had been bursting to get out for years. Looking at me she just said "Go on Danny, we've got plenty of time to practice on each other later" and with that Danny slid across to my wife and Rachael grabbed his head pulling his face into her pussy and letting out a gentle moan as his tongue slid across her exposed pussy.

I smiled at Lisa-Marie as I kneeled between her full thighs, gently placing my hands on the soft flesh exposed above her stockings I leaned in and ran my tongue along the lips of her pussy from top to bottom. I soon realised that with her pubic hair covering the lips of her pussy, unlike my wife who kept her pussy clean shaven except for a patch of hair above, it was difficult to get my tongue to where it needed to be. As I heard Lisa-Marie moan gently I used my thumb to clear a path of hair from between her lips and allowed my tongue to slide across her again.

This time I felt my tongue slide right into the wet folds of her twat and Lisa-Marie's body instantly spasmed in pleasure as I hit her sensitive clit with my tongue, instantly rewarding me as her juices flooded out. The smell of her pussy was heavenly and her juices tasted amazing as I lapped at her twat enjoying the delightful differences to my wife. Her pussy lips were larger than Rachael's and clearly much more sensitive as well. Where as my wife loves it when I tease the inside of her lips with my tongue, Lisa-Marie reacted best when I sucked the lips of her pussy. I kept away from her clit at first not wanting to bring her off too soon, but she came anyway as I gently used my teeth to nip at the engorged lips of her twat. Her body suddenly convulsed as a mini orgasm hit her and a quiet scream escaped her mouth, with her pussy creaming her juices all over my face.

I allowed her to calm down for a minute, before I resumed my playful nibbling on her pussy finally allowing myself to slip a finger into her pussy. Lisa-Marie jumped slightly as she felt something unexpectedly slip inside her, but she soon settled down as I used my finger to gently caress the inside of her pussy. I could hear my wife now, letting out low moans as Danny finally started to figure out how to bring her off. I looked up from between Lisa-Marie's thighs and I could see my wife, her head leaning on her friends shoulder and her arm draped across her slowly groping one of Lisa-Marie's full breasts.

As I watched, Rachael lifted her head and leaned into her friend, kissing her gently on her lips. Lisa-Marie moaned gently in pleasure, before turning into Rachael and kissing her back their lips coming together in a hot sensual kiss. I decided that now was the right time to make my move on Lisa-Marie's clit, allowing my tongue to flick past in for the first time. Lisa-Marie's soft full thighs squashed my face between them as she moaned loudly into my wife's mouth as they kissed and I finally attacked her pussy. Lisa-Marie's clit was much larger than my wife's and easy to keep track of as I ate her pussy with wild abandon and within a few minutes I had her.

Lisa-Marie's body jerked taught as she broke the continuing kiss with my wife and let out a low guttural moan and then suddenly a series of uncontrollable spasms hit her as her orgasm rocketed through her body, her juices flowing every where soaking her thighs, my face and the couch. Her orgasm seemed to last for several minutes, all the time I kept up my attack on her clit, prolonging her orgasm until finally she collapsed, pushing my head away saying that she couldn't take anymore.

I sat back staring at her, thighs spread wide, chest heaving with her thighs and pubic hair soaked with her own cum. Rachael then suddenly moaned loudly as Danny suddenly hit the right spot, her thighs clamping his head against her pussy as she came loudly, before releasing him suddenly as she collapsed back gasping from her second orgasm in close succession.

Rachael turned to Lisa-Marie and gave her a quick kiss, "So, how was it honey" she asked?

Lisa-Marie just lay their smiling for a minute before finally replying "Can we do it again?"

We all laughed at that and Rachael, finally recovering, pulled herself to her feet and walked over to me holding out her hand. She helped me up from the floor and gently stroked my stiffness in front of Lisa-Marie and her husband. "I think that's enough teaching for one night" she said "Why don't you two have a bit of a practice together on what you've learned tonight, while I take James to our room next door and fuck his brains out." And with that Rachael led me from the spare room and straight into ours.

We had our hands all over each other the instant we were in the room, not bothering to close the door behind us. It took seconds for us to fall onto the bed, with Rachael quickly straddling me and plunging her wet pussy onto my hardness. We were both horny as hell and within a few minutes of Rachael riding me we were both ready to cum. Rachael's hit first as I sucked on her breasts, her body convulsing around my cock buried deep inside her pussy. This was too much for me and I gave in trying to hold back spewing my cum deep inside my wife, until she finally collapsed onto of me.

After a minute, when we'd finally caught our breath Rachael rolled off me to curl up against me on the bed and I swear I saw movement from the door way that looked like a figure quietly sneaking away.

"I think Lisa-Marie and Danny were watching us" I whispered quietly to my wife who was already half asleep.

"Good" was all she said before we both drifted off to sleep.

End of Chapter 1....

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