Lennon & I


8th December 1980, a day that will remain etched in my brain for all of eternity. That was the day my one true love, my Idol, and my Hero. Died.

He was shot outside the Dakota, in Manhattan, as I gazed down from the window and waved him bye, he stopped to sign an autograph from a bystander who shot him dead.

The image will remain with me, for as long as I shall live, however he will always be a part of me and I a part of him.

This is my story.

I was 22 at the time, 1964 was the year and the Beatles had finally hit the big time. Settling with there line up of. George, Ringo, John and Paul, after the tragic death of Stu in 1962.

As the gig drew to a close at the Cavern Club, John glimpsed a beautiful woman in the third row.

Dressed in a tight black mini dress, which stopped a little before her knees, and a pair of thigh high, black leather boots. She was a startling contrast to the rest of the teenyboppers.

There eyes caught each other mid glance and the lady blushed slightly but smiled in a manner that can only be described as radiantly. Her smile exhumed her kind nature and her eyes were masked in a dark purple eye shadow, but the colour only offset the beauty within her eyes.

Her ruby lips parted slightly and John shivered with excitement.

Paul tapped him on the shoulder awaking him from his daze as the song came to an end.

"Thank you Liverpool, as always you've been great" The band proclaimed before they rushed off to the side.

John quickly scanned the concert hall from around the red velvet curtain to ensure the beautiful lady was still present.

"ENCORE!!! ENCORE!!!" came the deafening roar of the fans.

"Excuse me but could you possibly go up to the lady in row 3 wearing the black dress, and find as many details as you can out, also ask her what her favourite song of ours is. After the encore I would like you to bring her to my room."

As the band came back to play their encore, John looked to make sure the roadie was indeed quizzing the lady for details. Seeing them chatting. The roadie signalled, holding up 2 fingers. John smiled understanding the message and started up the first bar of what he hoped was the ladies favourite song.

"Well, shake it up baby now Twist and shout…."

Throughout the song he kept glancing in her direction and saw her scooting towards the front row.

"Well shake it, shake it, shake it, baby now Ah, ah, ah, ah "

As the song reached it's climax, the place erupted and hundreds of pairs of knickers were thrown onto the stage. John's gaze never left the woman's, she didn't throw her knickers... he made a mental note.

As they walked off the stage John winked at the woman and threw her a plectrum, which she placed in her handbag and smiled that infectious smile back at him.


Michelle was an avid Beatles fan, and after her chat with the roadie, and hearing her favourite song being played she was over stimulated.

As Joseph (The roadie) walked her to John's room she had palpitations, and started to hyperventilate.

"Oh my God, I'm gonna meet John Lennon," she kept repeating. As the roadie gently held her to calm her down. As they approached the door her mind went blank.

What will I say? What am I going to do? Hi Mr. Lennon I'm your biggest fan. No! Jeez Michelle get a grip on yourself, don't act square.

Her mind was in overload as she lightly rapped on Mr. Lennon's door.

"It's open, Come In."

Her hand shook as she reached for the doorknob and turned. As she stepped into his dressing room, she was startled to find Paul there instead.

Paul took her hand and kissed it gently, "John had to go to the bathroom, so asked me to make you feel comfortable."

Michelle blushed, though her heart and soul belonged to John she was fond of Paul. "Hi P-p-p-Paul. I'm Michelle"

"Hey Kid, it's OK you don't have to be frightened, we're just normal lads from Liverpool, C'mon" Paul opened his arms to hug her tightly.

"Oi, Macca, Get your hands off my bird..." chimed the unforgettable voice of John Lennon as he walked into the room, smiling profusely.

Paul laughed at his humour and slowly walked Michelle towards John.

"John meet Michelle, and Michelle, well... Mr. Lennon"

Michelle was awe-struck and did the first thing that came into her head, she curtseyed.

"Hey, non of that, we may be bigger than Jesus but we're not royalty"

"Oh I'm sorry," she blushed again. "I don't know what to say..."

John walked forward and opened his arms so she could hug him. He heard her cry a little and made a mental note "That's brilliant, While my guitar gently weeps".

"Hey, C'Mon Michelle, come over onto the couch and we can have a chin wag."

Slowly, he paced her over to the couch, and he mouthed to Paul to go away, they would be fine now.

"I know you must hear this every day Mr. Lennon, but I really am your biggest fan..."

"Shhh, non-of this Mr. Lennon business I'm John and I'm very pleased to meet you Michelle," he whispered as he pulled her hand to his lips and gently kissed it.

Michelle blushed again, evoking the remark "That shade of red suits you" from John.

She smiled and John returned the compliment. "You know something Michelle, You may not talk much, but that smile can say more than any song I could write."

Again blushing she replied "Oh John thank you for the compliment, but nothing I can do is a comparison to what you do on stage. And your voice is just... WOW!"

"You don't have to suck up to me, you're already in my dressing room" he replied with his smile to make sure she knew he was joking.

"Anyway, Michelle, I have a question to ask you..."

"Yes? What is it...?"

"Well may I be so brazen as to ask why you didn't throw your knickers on the stage. I mean, I did play your favourite song after all."

Michelle blushed once more before replying. "Well, funny story John, but today I was in such a rush to get to this gig, that I plain forgot to put my underwear on"


Michelle nodded with her near beetroot coloured face.

"Wow, well I won't tell anybody if you don't" he winked as he said that and placed a hand gently on her knee.

She giggled and again John was enthralled. Both this ladies smile and laugh seemed infectious he could listen to and watch her all day.

"What did Paul do while I was out of the room"

"Oh, he made me feel welcome and kissed my hand, quite the gentleman."

"Really? Well I'll have to make sure you remember me a little more then," and with that he leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

Michelle warmed to the kiss and opened her lips a little to allow him access to her mouth, she felt as though the kiss lasted for days when in fact it was barely minutes. When John and her tongue met, there was a definite jolt that startled her and she moaned gently into the kiss.

As their lips finally parted John's eyes were glazed slightly. "Wow you are a great kisser Michelle, where do you live?"

"I'm up here from Norwich on Business, so I'm in suite 56 of the Liverpool Marriott Hotel" Just around the corner.

"Business? What is it you do?"

"Oh I'm an artist, not with paint, but with pencil, a sketch artist."

"Really? 'Cause I dabble in art too."

"Yes I know, I've seen a few of your works, very nice they are too John, You're very talented"

"Flattery will get you everywhere my dear," he said smiling gently.

"It's been a real pleasure Michelle but I have a gig tomorrow, will you be attending?"

"Sadly I don't have a ticket."


John climbed up from the couch and gently lifted Michelle up, kissed her on the cheek and opened the door to let her leave.

"I'll be in contact Michelle don't you worry."

And with that, the door closed and Michelle made her way back home, a very happy woman.


Michelle heard a knock on the door; having just been in the bath she quickly wrapped a towel around herself and answered the door.

"Special Delivery for Michelle Ewing"

"What is it?" She exclaimed.

"I only deliver the packages cutie, please sign."

She signed the paper and the gentleman was on his way. Hurriedly she closed the door and rattled the package... Nothing could be heard.

I wonder what it is... she enquired with her mind. Taking the ribbons that wrapped the 8 x 12-inch package and sliding them over the corners.

Lifting the lid, she gasped as she looked inside the velvet-clad box. There lay a card and the most beautiful crimson baby doll Michelle had ever seen.

She swiftly ran to the mirror and held the sheer piece of silk up to her womanly curves. Gorgeous! She thought. Dashing back to the card on the table she noticed a pair of black lace knickers.

She then ripped open the envelope to find a signed photo with a Key attached to it. The Photo depicted John's face with his trademark haircut and 'Round' Police sunglasses. He looks great - She intoned.

On the reverse of the photo read:

"Dear Michelle I don't really know what has come over me, but I felt a bond last night. I wish to invite you to the gig tonight, find 2 front row tickets in the envelope. The key is for my dressing room. I want you to go there before the end of the gig and await me. The Knickers well, you weren't wearing any so I thought I'd buy some, I would love for you to wear them to the gig. When you enter my room Take the panties off and have them ready for when I arrive. Please bring the Baby Doll with you but don't wear it.

Yours John."

Michelle's heart swam as she put the card down. Wow John wants to see me again.

Just then she heard another knock at the door, this time a box of chocolates with just a little card saying "See you tonight - John"

As she ate the chocolates she noticed that there was a picture in the bottom, but not a press release one. My God was that... She blushed again but smiled and stared at the picture in the box.

She felt a tingling between her thighs but noticed it was nearly 7:30 and the gig began at 9 and she still had to get ready.

Deciding what to wear tonight was easier, she had the black panties on already, so found a pair of black stockings and a garter to match, slowly running the stockings up her slender thighs and attaching them to the garter.

She checked in the mirror, and wondered if she should leave her bosom free. 36d's were staring back at her with nipples dark crimson and erect enough to cut diamonds. She gently raised a hand to them and pinched gently. A shudder embraced her body.

Remembering John said not to wear the baby doll, she had to decide on a dress and shoes. Instead she decided on a red blouse, and a black miniskirt. Finishing her look off with a pair of calf high boots.

The skirt was short enough to see the garter straps connecting to her stockings. She looked at herself in the mirror and growled.

Deciding on the deepest rouge she had for lipstick. She placed the baby doll into her handbag and the tickets and key and set off for the gig.


As this gig played, the same roadie from the night before met Michelle that told her "John has shuffled the play list and has said you should go to his dressing room after twist and shout."

Michelle blushed but thanked him for his message with a kiss on the cheek.

She wondered if anyone know the effect that song had on her. She was entranced with John's gruff voice and lyrics when they sang this song, and the fret work of his hands, wishing those fingers were on her body.

As she heard the tell tale opening bars she nearly climaxed there and then. She had been on edge all day, the mood and the moment truly enveloped her senses, and she screamed along with John as he sang.

She smiled as he deliberately added an extra reverb of the bridge and chorus to prolong her ecstasy, then smiled at him as she crept away into the hallway of the concert hall. Locating John's room she unlocked the door and let herself in.

She gasped as she took in the new setting before her. The couch was folded out into a double bed, with red rose petals delicately lying from the door to the bed. A candle illuminated the room and shimmered creating a beautiful atmosphere for her, but there was an easel on the bed with a cover over it.

Michelle wondered what was behind the cover, but decided if she was supposed to know, John would tell her.

Lifting her skirt a little, she slid her knickers off as the photo instructed, and as she was bent over a slight breeze from the window caught her wetness and sent a spark straight to her clit.

Never before had she felt so sensual, so passionate, and yet also so comfortable. Here she was in John Lennon's dressing room, one of the biggest stars in the world, yet he liked her.

It has always been her dream since she was a teenager to meet this guy. Her idol and her life long love. It was then she sensed she wasn't alone.

Her private thoughts had over taken her head to the point where she hadn't noticed the crowd roar and John entered the room unannounced. He slowly crept up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing the side of her neck gently before whispering "Hi Angel" into her ear.

A load groan escaped her lips and she was embarrassed by the noise, but John slowly twirled her around and kissed her gently on the lips.

"You look even more beautiful in candle light Michelle, Thank you for coming."

"The pleasure is mine John, it really is, what's the easel for?"

"Oh, you made such an impression on me last night that I've done something for you." He walked her over to the easel, then walked slowly back to the dresser and found the champagne and 2 glasses.

Pouring a little into the two glasses he ran back up to her, held a glass out for her, and said "To Us Michelle". Then whisked the cover off the easel, and there, before her was the most beautiful piece of art she had ever seen.

She walked closer to it, trying to make out exactly what it was, when the candles were shimmering. Finally she recognised it, and gasped a little. "Wow John this is beautiful, is... is it me?"

"Indeed it is Michelle, you looked so stunning that I wanted to encapsulate your smile for generations to come, but of course this doesn't do you justice"

"It's wonderful John thank you," and with that she drank a little of her champagne then embraced John, kissing him tenderly at first but her tongue seeking access with a passion that would not be denied.

Their tongues met and swirled around as the kiss deepened and John fell to the ground to break up the kiss.

"Wow! Now that's what I call a 'Thank You' Angel."

Michelle blushed then a light bulb went off inside her head. "Here Catch"

John lifted his arm and caught the bundle of black cloth; drawing it up to his nose he inhaled, and shivered with delight.

"Why Michelle, I do believe you came prepared," and with that he arose from the ground and whisked Michelle into his hands.

"Did you bring your present?"

"Don't you mean you're present?"

"Oh yes"

"Well I did."

"Please," he lowered her back to the ground. "Please go and change."

For the first time in her life, Michelle sashayed her hips seductively as she wiggled to the bathroom to change into the silky baby doll.


When she returned she saw John wearing a robe in the candlelight. His hair glistening, bells chimed and birds sang in her mind to this vision. A moment every fan dreams about could happen.

John saw her in the doorway. And she witnessed the passion and hunger in his eyes as he drunk in her body.

Her ample bosom made the baby doll stand out at the top she almost spilled out of the sides, but the rest of the silk garment hung beautifully like a second skin, the feel of the material on her body had her practically dripping, and her nipples were once more erect and proud.

John galloped over to the Norwich beauty his mouth gently kissed her neck as he worked his mouth up to her ear. "C'mon baby now, Twist and shout"

"Oh my..." A gasp escaped as her body shuddered. "John Lennon is singing my song for me, wow."

Her arms wrapped around his neck as he continued singing gently to her between kisses. Finally he knelt before her, and slowly slid one strap off her shoulder. He kissed her shoulder then released the other strap.

All that was keeping the garment up right were her hard nipples and her womanly hips.

John's hands slid across the material and cupped her breasts from behind as his kiss met her neck and that moan escaped her lucious lips once more.

His fingers slid to her nipples and tweaked gently making her moan louder "Oh John take me" was all she said, as he span her around and slid the garment to the floor.

His mouth found those nubs of pleasure as his tongued flicked the tip he could feel her push her breasts further, he bit lightly on the right nipple as his hand massaged the left. He was intoxicated with her body and rained kisses delicately all over her.

Gently pushing her back onto the bed his mouth slid down her stomach, and he inhaled her womanly scent.

Michelle's eyes rolled into her head as his tongue slithered down her body and down to her knees. Slowly and deliberately he kissed and licked his way up her thigh, his hands found her breasts once more and played her like the guitar she had longed to be since hitting puberty.

She pinched herself "Ouch, no I'm not dreaming oh wow... it's really happening, Oh John take my virginity I've been saving it for you"

"Mmmmm, I've not seen a lady shaven before this is sooo smooth, I'll be gentle with you Michelle I promise" he replied as finally his lips met her labia and his tongue sloshed over her clit.

Michelle's hands clawed at his hair as she moaned wildly and froze the first John Lennon induced orgasm hit her so hard and so fast that her breath completely left her.

John held her in his arms as she lost consciousness at the intensity of the pleasure received. As she came too, she blushed at John and apologised.

"Nothing to be sorry for my dear, that was the most beautiful moment of my life. The candles illuminating and shimmering make your body glow, you look so angelic my Angel."

"That's so kind of you to say, that was something else, I just hope I can please you as much as you please me."

"Michelle, my heart belongs to you, whatever you do is fine by me."

"OK... Please lay back on the bed"

From this position she could see the tent in his robe. She licked her lips seductively as John watched her slide onto her knees next to the bed. Her hands slowly untied his robe and it fell to his sides. Opening to reveal his man hood. Her eye widened with the thickness. It was 6 and a half inches at least in height but the width was only slightly skinnier then her wrist.

She gulped but smiled sweetly up at him, her eyes again took in the purple-headed monster before her. She tentatively wrapped a hand around it, a little too tight making John yelp and place his hand on hers.

"It's OK Angel, I'll teach you, place your thumb gently on the large bulbous vein that you can see, and wrap your hand around the rest, gently apply pressure then glide up and down. Then just let yourself go, do what you want with me."

She blushed but whispered "OK John" flashing him that smile.

She slowly pumped her hand up and down his shaft, loving the feel. So hard and hot, yet soft and smooth. Such a conflict in feeling but it was intoxicating. She saw some droplets forming at his head and tentatively flicked her tongue out at the bulbous head, smacking her lips after tasting his pre-cum she exclaimed "Savoury but not bad".

For the first time she decided to take the initiative, she wanted to know what 'Going Down' on a man was like. She opened her mouth and gently slid the tip of his cock into her mouth, just allowing the head in then stopped and felt the warmth of it, and the pulsation's within, swirling her tongue around the tip and under the mushroom head. As she did this she heard moans so knew she was doing it right.

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