tagHumor & SatireLeon, the Witch & the Broom Cupboard

Leon, the Witch & the Broom Cupboard


Ultimately Leon decided not to tell anyone about the Broom Cupboard. Partly because he knew that no one would believe him but mainly because of the Giselle the witch. Just thinking about that hot supernatural body gave Leon a serious hard on.

Her name was Giselle and she lived on the other side of the Broom Cupboard in a world most mere mortals had no idea existed. But Leon knew. He had found the Broom Cupboard when he had moved into the old lady’s apartment after she had died.

The cupboard had been boarded up, and hidden under layer upon layer of flowery wall paper.

At first Leon had taken it to be just an ordinary storage space but when he opened the door he found not a small dingy cupboard but an opening to a glittering cave which lead to the lush and decadent world of Pornia.

And so for the last seven months Leon had been visiting Pornia, a bizarre world filled with witches, wizards, elves, warlocks, goblins, talking animals, fairies (and I don’t mean the camp kind!) and all other sorts of weird and wonderful creatures.

Giselle was a witch. And what a witch she was! She wasn’t an old hag like those described in fairy tales (no, not the camp kind, remember what I said earlier!) she was a luscious willowy minx whose head of jet black hair was like a sheet of pure ebony, ivory pale skin that was almost translucent, a thin delicate nose with a pointed tip and a blood red pair of lips in which a long red tongue flicked in and out of it like a cobra’s kiss. Her eyes were icy blue and slightly curved and she had a voluptuous body curved in all those right places, along with a rounded firm ass to die for and cherry topped breasts that would put Pamela Anderson to shame.

She was also a witch that liked to indulge herself. She had, had many lovers from her realm, a couple of wandering twin Elves, a goblin or two, as well as several warlocks, one or two dozen wizards, and when times were hard (cock hard that is!) an occasional peasant from the fertile fields of Pornia.

However she had a penchant for male mortals. Not that there were that many in Pornia, in fact Leon was the first to come to the hidden realm since Matthew Jacobs. He, it turned out was the husband of the elderly lady who had owned the apartment that Leon had purchased. His wife Nan Jacobs knew about Pornia and hated it with all her heart. When her husband died, from exhaustion and a smile on his face, Leon suspected, the vengeful Nan sealed off the entrance between the mortal world and Pornia.

But Leon had reopened the door and he now he was enjoying the fruits of his decorating efforts.

When he had ventured into Pornia he had met Giselle. Her cottage was not far from the cave entrance, and when he had stepped out from the glittering rock opening, she had been in her garden gathering herbs with her familiar, the Black cat Grimalkin.

“Hello,” Leon had said loudly blinking his eyes uncertainly, not sure that he had just entered a Broom Cupboard and now was standing in a green and purple field with a golden sky above him, and rolling dancing hills that glittered and sparkled like expensive jewels.

The woman or rather the witch stood up, stared at him and then gave a cry of delight.

“Oh Grimalkin! Someone has opened the door at last!”

She glided toward him, smiling, her arms open, her long but flimsy black dress showing Leon what she had on offer. His eyes widened, could those tits be real? And that heart shaped cup of Venus between her legs, was it actually pulsating? It took Leon a moment or two to realise that this vision of lovliness was not walking or running but rather she was floating toward him!

“Welcome mortal!” she cried out to him before he had a chance to believe his eyes or be afraid for that matter, “I am the Witch of the South Giselle and you have just entered the land of Pornia!”

Well it took a little while for all of what he was seeing and hearing to sink into Leon’s befuddled brain but when it did, he knew with sudden alacrity he had hit the jackpot.

Giselle was licking her lips as she looked him up and down it was obvious she liked what she saw. Leon was 28 years old, not quite six foot tall, a little bit of the stocky side but nothing a few days at the gym couldn’t cure, nicely tanned, it helped having a friend who had a sun bed he could use, his wavy brown hair was soft and silky, and he had bright green eyes along with a generous mouth and a pair of nicely manicured hands with long strong fingers.

Well Giselle wasn’t backward in coming forward if you get the drift? Her glittering eyes moved from Leon’s puzzled but slightly lecherous gaze and dropped to the package between his legs. The bulge was obvious, and he blushed when he realised she was aware that he had beginnings of a hard on.

Her long snaking tongue ran over her moist lips and she said.

“Would you like to see inside my cottage?”

Leon nodded his head. She took his hand and led him into the quaint white stoned cottage that smelt of lavender, and honey. The interior was lit only a fire in a grate, it was small room, with very little furniture, there was herbs hanging from the low ceiling, and near the fire grate were built in stone shelves filled with clay pots and colourful glass jars that whose contents Leon would rather not know about!

The Black Cat who was sitting nearby stared at Leon and appeared to smile at him which took the man by surprise. Very slowly the creature lifted its paw to its mouth and began to lick it. Leon got the impression that the cat knew exactly what was going to happen next and was amused by it.

Before Leon could say anything about the cat to the witch, Giselle turned around and grabbed his crotch, her hand clasping his covered and cock and balls and cupping them eagerly.

“It’s been years since I’ve sucked a mortal’s cock,” she said almost hoarsely, “Do you mind?”

Leon barely had chance to splutter that of course he didn’t mind before he was thrust against one of the the walls of the cottage, and then Giselle was on her knees and his trousers were suddenly around his ankles along with his boxer shorts whilst a pair of hot succulent lips wrapped themselves firmly around his rapidly swelling cock and she was sucking and eating it like a woman deprived.

Leon let out a gurgle of surprise, pleasure and shock.

He watched her in amazement, her head thrusting back and forth on his like a fast moving piston in action; she grasped his balls and was fondling them with tweaks, pinches and squeezes. Leon’s eyes watered in pleasure, this hot little witch certainly knew how to suck a man’s cock! She rapidly rolled her tongue, and her lips up and down his rigid shaft.

Leon felt his groin stir as wave after wave of pleasure welled up and around his midriff and he found himself gripping her shoulders and thrusting into her mouth and down her throat. She didn’t even gag, rather she moaned and he realised she was getting off as much as he was.

“Kiss my balls!” he heard himself order her, “Do it you NOW!”

She obeyed, kissing his balls willingly as she deep throated him, Leon almost shot a deluge of cum down her throat but he managed to hold on, he was going to maximise this blow job even if it killed him!

She was sucking harder and deeper, her once ivory pale cheeks now pink and bulging as his cock expanded its girth. Leon was well endowed, most of the men in his family so Giselle wasn’t going to be disappointed.

Finally Leon could hold on no longer, he had to ride the waves and ride them now! He clutched at her shoulders, thrust harder and deeper than he had ever done in any of his human partner’s mouths before and then he let go with a roar of pleasure as load after load of spunk gushed down the witch’s throat.

She swallowed and she slurped as her mouth writhed on his cock and she squeezed his balls until they were two completely empty sacs and she had, had her fill.

Her mouth slid off his cock, and cum dribbled down her chin in several streams. She smiled up at him a blissful expression on her face. She licked her lips, and then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Oh yes,” she said with a sigh, “That was good.”

She helped Leon pull up his trousers as he was totally dazed as well as being totally sucked dry and led the staggering man to a comfortable chair which was by a fire in a proper stone hearth.

He sank gratefully into the cushions. She sat opposite him in another chair and it was only then that Leon got to know more about Pornia and its inhabitants. Giselle also told him about her previous human lover, Mathew, a very nice man who unfortunately had a rather nasty wife who closed off the broom cupboard and therefore Giselle’s potential supply of mortal lovers.

“Are there other witches?” Leon asked Giselle and she nodded her head.

“Loads of us,” she said almost reflectively, “Most of them are shagging Warlocks and such like, I like variety though, I like mortals, they’re a lot better than what we have available in Pornia!”

“You certainly know how to suck a cock!” Leon said and to his surprise he felt his groin stir, which surprised him because he hadn’t long last fucked Giselle’s wonderfully willing mouth.

Giselle preened herself prettily, licking her lips and smiling at him with her glittering ice blue eyes.

“Mathew used to call me the horniest little witch in Pornia,” she said almost fondly.

“You’re certainly that,” Leon agreed, “I’d also say you are a mega hot little slut too, and I mean mega!”

Giselle flung back her glorious head of hair and smiled.

“Slut,” she rolled the word on her tongue, “I’ve always liked that human word, sluuuuuuttttttt!”

Leon’s cock groaned in his pants.

“Why don’t you come back with me to my apartment?” Leon suggested. Giselle’s face fell.

“I can’t” she said, “Well I can but only once a year, during Halloween, Mathew used to send his wife to her sister’s place for the week and I’d spend Hallows Eve evening with him in his apartment.”

“Did he ever take you out?” Leon asked the witch.

“No,” Giselle said and she pouted, “He said I was too much of a slut to trust with other mortals, he’s probably right!”

Leon could well believe it. He would take a leaf out of Mathew’s book, what Giselle had on offer he would keep to himself.

“Would you like to fuck me now?” she said taking him by surprise for a second time.

“Sure,” he said and then he began to smile, “But we do it my way this time okay?”

Giselle’s eyes glittered and she began to smile as well. She was willing to play along, in fact she felt her belly stir as his words, he was going to make an excellent replacement for Mathew! Well worth the 50 year wait!

“I’m a witch,” she reminded him and her hand slowly moved up to her silky bodice and she traced an outline of her straining tits, the two huge cherry nipples pointing toward him like a red tipped gun about to go off, “I could turn you into a frog!”

“And then who would fuck you?” Leon said mildly and without fear, “So are you going to do it my way?”

Slowly, ever so slowly she nodded her head.

“It better be worth it,” she warned him and there was power, cruelty and greed in her voice and Leon almost backed down but his own greed for sexual satisfaction won over his fear.

“It will be worth it,” he said savouring every single word he was saying, “Because you’re going to beg me fuck you, you’re going to get on your hands and knees, crawl over to me, and you’re going to beg me to fuck every whole in your slutty little body and you’re going to do it because you know you want to…”

Giselle’s eyes widened at his words and he noticed her chest rise and fall faster, she was turned on, she liked what he was saying!

He watched as she slid off her chair in front of him, and she crawled toward him, gliding almost, and Leon’s cock throbbed in appreciation of such a glorious sight.

He leaned over as she came in line with the lower part of his legs and with a sudden jerk, had yanked her bodice over her heaving tits making her gasp in surprise. Her nipples hardened, he saw the dark red circles become mottled and tight before his eyes.

He grasped the magnificent mounds in his large hands and squeezed and fondled them, as she stayed on all fours, he tugged on the large pink nipples, not gently, but pinching them hard, making her arch her back and cry out in a combination of pleasure and pain.

“Don’t stop!” she gasped when he suddenly moved his hands from her breasts, “Please don’t stop!”

“Beg me to continue,” he said calmly to the witch on the floor, “Beg me to now or I won’t continue!”

The thought of him not continuing his rough but exceedingly pleasurable handling of her breasts tormented the frustrated Giselle and she willingly began to plead with him.

”Pinch my tits!” she begged him, “Please, squeeze them, pluck them, make them throb, I want you to do it, please, I need you to do it!”

Leon let her plead, whine and cry for another five minutes, before he obliged her, he was rough, making her gasp, cry and whimper, but her groans were those of pleasure.

He dragged her off her hands and knees when she least expected it, forcing her kneeling body between his legs. His mouth latched onto her left tit and he sucked, bit and chewed on it. She gurgled, thrust against him, cried out and begged him not to stop.

He brutalised her tits and she screamed out her pleasure, bucking against him, and then he was pushing her backwards, so that was she was all but fell on the cold hard floor. Before she could say anything, he had flipped her onto her belly and was dragging her flimsy dress off her nubile body. He cast it aside. She was stark naked now and her rounded pale bottom trembled with pleasure under his touch.

He forced her onto all fours again.

”Let’s see how your ass likes this!”

He forced her bum cheeks apart, lowered his head in level with it, spat into the glowing hole and then rammed three fingers hard into the tiny hole.

Giselle screamed, she bucked, she tried to move away, but he was holding onto her shoulder with his free hand with the other forced his wiggling fingers deep inside her butt.

“YES!” she shrieked over and over again slamming her bottom into his hand, “YES! YES! YES!”

It was better than Leon had expected. Her ass hole was tight but not so tight it wouldn’t get the stretching it eventually deserved but first she was going to do some acrobatics with him!

He would save her sweet little ass for later, what he wanted to do was give her a taste of something she would want again!

“On your back!” he ordered her a few minutes later, “That’s it, spread your legs, wider you slut, don’t pretend you can’t, hold them with your hands, good, now let’s see how wet I can get your hot little pussy!”

Leon gorged himself on her rearing pussy, she practically creamed his face though she didn’t come completely, she was screeching out her pleasure, begging him to go as deep as he could with his tongue. Leon was more than willing to oblige.

Her pussy was like nothing he had ever had in his life and he slurped, licked, and ate at it with gusto. Eventually he had to come up for air and he was delighted to see that Giselle was a trembling, gasping, bucking mass of witchery flesh.

“Goblins teeth!” she gasped over and over again, gulping, gasping and shaking on the stone floor, “Sweet dragon’s scales, Mathew never did this to me!”

“We haven’t finished yet my filthy little slut,” Leon said as he licked her juices from around his mouth, and then before she could utter another word, he wiggled out of his pants and was straddling her face.

She deep throated him with ease, and to his delight he heard a smacking kiss as her balls slapped into her mouth. She grabbed his buttocks with both hands and he heard a low moan in his crotch, and then more eager kisses on his balls as he thrust in and out, back and forth, and side to side.

He slid out of her mouth with a satisfying pop. He was pleased to see her eyes were practically out of their sockets and she was drenched in sweat, mainly from their sexual acrobatics but also because they were so near to the open fire!

She grabbed his shirt, ripping it open, and her hot mouth began to kiss and lick his nipples, making him gasp in pleasure. She was trying to take control of the situation, Leon knew this instinctively.

Well that wasn’t going to happen! He swiftly positioned his rock solid cock between her still parted legs and rammed it hard into her glistening hole. She reared up like a virgin filly that has just been boned by a randy stallion! Her mouth turned into a huge “O” and then she screamed a loud scream that was a combination of pleasure and outrage. She grabbed his shoulders and thrust with him, still screeching and bucking.

Leon’s heavy balls slammed into her crotch, he wanted to make sure she took every last bit of his huge cock. She was going to know he was well and truly inside her. His vigorous thrusts reminded him of two people going back and forth between a trapeze. One was sometimes higher than the other; with each thrust Giselle’s bottom rose off the floor and then slammed back down on it.

“Can witches get pregnant!” he gasped into her ear and she looked momentarily perplexed by his words and then it registered what he was saying, and her eyes became two frantic balls of blue ice.

“Only if you cum inside me,” she gasped back clawing at his back, “Don’t cum inside me!”

Leon thrust harder, deeper and bit down on her ear lobe, making her screech again and buck some more.

“I’m going to come inside your cunt!” he shouted in her ear making her writhe against his heaving chest, “I’m going to plant my seed in your belly and knock you up, you know you want me to, beg me to come inside of you, beg me now you dirty little slut!”

“YES!” she shrieked, furious at her desire to obey his every command but also revelling in it as it was giving her all the pleasure she wanted, no needed from him, “YES! I WANT YOU TO COME INSIDE ME! DO IT! DO IT NOW! I WANT YOU TO CUM INSIDE ME!”

“Prove it!” Leon hollered back at her, “Prove to me you want it!”

“PLANT YOUR SEED INSIDE OF ME!” She screamed thrashing so hard on his cock she thought she could feel it in her throat, “MAKE ME PREGNANT! DO IT, DO IT NOWWWWWWWWWWW!”

Her desperate wail of desire made Leon finally burst his load, firing gush after gush of spunk deep inside of her, there was so much spunk in fact that it rushed out of her in a back flow and ran down her thighs and legs. She screamed, and creamed simultaneously and the joint orgasm they had practically rocked the foundation of the tiny cottage.

Outside Grimalkin was listening in interest to his mistress and the mortal. Well he certainly had a tale to tell his friends at the Annual Familiar Conference next week in Pornia Woods. Giselle would be smiling for the rest of the year after this session with the human and he had impregnated her too. About time too, Grimalkin thought, the other human Mathew had always done what Giselle told him and that included withdrawing before he came!

It was about time that Giselle met her match, and this mortal appeared to be it!

In the cottage Leon had not quite finished with Giselle. Her spent naked body lay gasping, whimpering on the floor but he forced her onto her knees and guided her head between his legs.

“Suck and lick every last drop up!” he ordered her, “NOW!”

Meekly she obeyed his command. Her tongue lapped over his saturated cock and balls willingly, she gulped down his creamy spunk which had mingled with her own juices, she licked, nibbled, kissed, and sucked every last bit.

Afterward they both got dressed.

“You will come back, won’t you?” her voice was anxious. Leon nodded his head.

“Sure,” he said smiling warmly at her, “And you can come to my place at Halloween, might as well keep up Mathew’s tradition don’t you think!”

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