tagInterracial LoveLeonard Redux: The Return of Beth

Leonard Redux: The Return of Beth


Leonard Redux, or The Return of Beth Taylor

There it stood. Proud. A testament to his manhood, and to Beth?s talents. A thick, glistening shaft of black manhood. Ten inches tall, easily two inches across and ramrod straight, pointing to the ceiling. It was circumcised and beautiful? such an amazing cock that even the man secretly watching the scene develop enjoyed staring at it.

The ebony tower pulsed, rocking as if in a strong wind. The man?s blood continued to course through his veins, past his massive testicles, each the size of a bloated golf ball, behind the coarse, tightly curled pubic hair and up the shaft of his massive erection. It pushed into the ripe, pink, delectable knob at its crown. Each pulse made the bulbous head shake slightly.

As it rose above the man?s athletic torso, the cock tapered slightly from the base against his groin towards the glistening crown. The shaft curved ever so slightly towards the man?s chest, and a bit off to the left. The flesh was dark, much darker than the chocolate of the rest of his body? the contrast one a dark and bittersweet European chocolate against a more gentle milk chocolate. Whatever the flavour, Beth Taylor loved chocolate.

A soft piece of piano music played but the room was otherwise silent. Light from a dozen candles placed all around the room illuminated the area with a warm, subtle light that the perfect complement for the music. The silence of the black man showed that he understood that a single word would mean the end of the game.

His name was Leonard and he lay on his back, low to the ground. His hands were snugly tied, each to a hook screwed firmly into the frame of the futon that held him. His legs were also spread wide and tied off to hooks at the foot of the small bed. Leonard?s body dwarfed the mattress as his hips rested within a foot of the bottom of the bed.

And Leonard was completely nude.

His body glistened with the sheen of massage oil that Beth had been rubbing into it for a long time now. She had convinced Leonard that he would enjoy the little game, and he was up for anything, as long as it involved his luscious, buxom, blonde goddess: Beth.

Leonard was a friend of Beth?s from a trade show where they had met about a year previously. He was 32 years old, about seven years Beth?s junior. He stood six feet, one-inch tall and had the build of a track and field athlete: powerful arms flowed into strong shoulders and a rippled, muscular chest. His legs, as he lay on the bed, were tensed slightly, making the muscles in his thighs distinctive, and sensual. His hands were large, even for his frame; Beth has said many times that it simply proved the old adage that a man?s cock was reflected in his hands and feet. It certainly was true in Leonard?s case.

Now, the man lay there, as he had for an hour or more, naked and bound. He was powerless, and Beth made him believe it, of course, as she continued her ministrations upon his flesh. Unfortunately, or was that fortunately, Beth had yet to touch Leonard?s cock. This had pushed him into a delicious but agonizing period of erection. He had long prided himself on cock-control, but this was something new; his busty lover now had him in her grasp, both literally, and figuratively. It was going to be a long afternoon.

With Leonard?s cock at its massive maximum, Beth continued to slide her warm hands over the lover?s dark skin. Still she continued to avoid his penis.

She had begun with a light drizzle of massage oil from a squeeze bottle, letting it run first onto his chest from waist high. The thin stream had traced a random pattern across Leonard?s pecs as he flexed them for his lover. The oil dripped down one powerful thigh, then across the other. It ran over his flesh, glistening erotically and highlighting the man?s musculature and smooth skin. She had finished her preparations by dripping the lightly-scented oil, one drop at a time, onto Leonard?s soft penis. It had been laying conspicuously? how can such a massive piece of man-flesh, even soft, not be conspicuous?? along one thigh. Soon, the drips had caused a reaction and the monster that was her lover?s cock began to stir. The shaft thickened first, rising slightly, then the cockhead. Beth stopped dripping the oil on Leonard. That was enough, she knew.

At this point she was still completely dressed, and in her best office outfit, too. It was a dark fuchsia silk and linen blend suit with a skirt tight enough to highlight Beth?s ample, but not excessive, ass. Across the front, where it pulled tight, anyone looking could see the hint of a prominent pubic mound. (Leonard?s eyes had been drawn to that the moment she had unbuttoned her blazer.) The blazer itself was tailored perfectly as she had had it custom-made. It hung loosely and unbuttoned, allowing a sheer white blouse to peak through every time Beth moved. And each time it showed, so did the lacy, dark purple bra that was underneath.

Leonard watched every move his lover made. He found it impossible to pull his eyes away. While he loved the outfit Beth wore, he especially liked the way her legs looked in those heels. They were a closed-toe pump with a 4-inch heel that succeeded in every way: they lengthened her legs beautifully, tightening the calves and pushing Beth?s hips forward slightly. They were the perfect match for the sheer stockings with a hint of metallic flecks in the them.

As Beth walked all around Leonard she would pause to give him the show he desired. For several minutes at a time she would pose, standing still to give him a clear view. She would cross her arms beneath her breasts, pushing them up against the fabric and lean forward to give him the best view. His eyes never left the deep cleavage she offered.

Once in a while, Beth would remove a piece of clothing. The jacket was first, then the skirt, finally the blouse. Now she stood directly in front of Leonard, only a few feet from his face but beyond his ability to touch any part of her. She still wore her heels and stockings? they were the self-supporting type that ended high on the thigh with a lacy and delicate border. Beth also wore dark purple panties, the tiniest she owned. They were tight, sheer and left little to the imagination as Leonard could clearly see wisps of blonde pubic hair atop the engorged lips of her pussy. Already there was a wet area forming in the expensive fabric.

The matching purple bra was a half-cup which allowed Beth?s ample bosom to be exposed in the generous way she liked it. Her nipples, hard as diamonds from the heat of the situation, poked at the lace of the bra?s fabric. They were thick and rubbery when she was in this state. Easily the size of thimbles, they were also the most erotic spot on her body. She had often told her lovers to suck on them hard and to play with her tits because that was enough to make her come. Sucking on one of Beth?s nipples was the same as pulling at her clit with your teeth; it was electric!

Beth stood directly in front of Leonard now. She had devoted almost two hours to preparing him for the next stage of his afternoon. She had rubbed her hands all over his body, spending long periods gliding her hands along his muscular thighs. She had sucked on his nipples and bitten his lips. She had held his balls in her hands? it took both of them to comfortably hold both testicles at the same time.

But she had never touched any part of his cock. That was why it was straining so hard to reach the ceiling now. It pulsed, throbbed, rocked back and forth and still Beth avoided touching the monument to her sexuality.

As Leonard watched she began to sway gently in front of him. The sensual dance was intended as the final preparation and she played with it for a long time. As she danced, Beth carefully slid her tiny panties down her legs until they lay on the floor at her feet. She didn?t touch the bra, the stockings or the shoes. She didn?t need to for the next stage.

All this time, the watcher watched from the next room. He, too, had undressed and now sat naked upon a stool. His own cock remained untouched, but as hard as Leonard?s, if not quite so massive.

Beth moved forward until her knees rested against the futon between Leonard?s outstretched legs. The pleading in her lover?s eyes told Beth all she needed to know. This man with almost unnatural control of his cock, and of his come, was nearing a point where he might actually lose control. This was the moment Beth had been waiting for.

With her pussy dripping its lubrication, Beth moved towards the massive hardon in front of her. Without touching any part of Leonard, she moved into a position that straddled his body. She knelt on the bed, one knee on either side of his hips. Now her thighs were resting against his, and in front of her stood almost a foot of rigid cock.

It was pulsing wildly now in anticipation of what it hoped would happen next. Beth was not going to disappoint.

By now the man in the other room had started to breathe hard as he too anticipated what was to come next. His eyes were glued to the 21 inch monitor that sat on top of a dresser. In one hand he held a remote control that gave him complete choice of the view on the monitor. It controlled two cameras placed discretely in the room. They could zoom and pan to see almost any corner/ Naturally, the bed had been placed in a perfect spot for the show. He had seen to that himself. As he stared at a closeup shot of the dark meat on the monitor, his own thick erection throbbed painfully. He refused to touch it still.

Beth sat astride Leonard?s thighs. His amazing appendage stood in front of her, only inches from her breasts. As much as she would have loved to drop her head down to engulf the cock before her, or to wrap her big tits around it, she refused to give in. This was about her cunt, and his monster cock, nothing else.

She squatted slightly, placing herself in position directly above her lover?s throbbing manhood. It stuttered as it waited. Would Beth need to grasp it to line it up with her pussy? She did not want to have to, but if need be?. One more look towards Leonard?s face confirmed his state of arousal, and his need for relief. She slowly began to lower her cunt towards the knob atop his cock. She softly rubbed the head with the outside of her pussy, its glistening lips lubricating the tip of the giant cockhead.

Leonard pressed his hips upwards, dying to reach her cunt. Beth would have none of it and she leaned back, away from his massive tool, and sat back on her haunches. It almost destroyed Leonard?s concentration, but he knew better. He stopped.

Again, Beth raised her hips into position above her lover?s wonderful cock. This time he held still, except of course for the nodding of his cock? that was it?s own decision, he knew, and Leonard could do nothing about it. Beth loved the feeling of total control she had over this man, the one who had so completely taken her back in Vancouver a year before. He had fucked her every possible way: sitting, standing, upside down in the shower, leaning against a railing 20 floors above a busy street. He had fucked her tits and her cunt, her ass and her mouth? no, her throat! And she had loved every moment of it. This was her chance to pay him back.

Squatting calmly above Leonard?s rigid manhood, Beth recalled that night. It almost made her lose her own concentration, giving in to the need she felt deep inside her cunt. But she held back, knowing it would be all worthwhile? eventually.

Her pussy gaped open, the outer lips thick with her excitement. There was moisture glistening as it spread slowly from deep inside her vagina. Her inner lips were equally prepared for what should have come next.

Again, Beth slowly moved her cunt into contact with Leonard?s cockhead. She stopped. Using a gentle motion of her hips, Beth spread her moisture all over the knob until the whole crown of her man?s cock was coated and slippery.

By now Leonard was moaning, almost in pain.

In the room, the watcher was sliding one finger along the underside of his cock. More than that and there was no way he would last. He knew there was so much more to happen.

Now that she had completely prepared his cock with her pussy juice, Leonard knew that she would want to surprise him by sitting hard on his groin, going hard and deep. He strained with all his concentration not to thrust up into his big-titted, blonde lover. He knew that any such action would put off his pleasure yet again. He did his best to pulse his shaft across her labia, and her clitoris, but it was just beyond even his reach.

Leonard was disappointed. Beth did not impale herself as he had been expecting. Instead, she sat down on his stomach with his erection pressing up against her generous ass. She slid her drenched cunt along his belly. Slowly. Very slowly. Her hips swayed front to back, side to side, each movement coating his muscular body with her juices.

The watcher looked on. He, too, was surprised that Beth had not starting fucking the man yet. She was amazing, he thought. He stroked his meat a few times, then stopped as the pleasure built yet again. On the screen, Beth had reached the black man?s throat with her cunt.

She looked down at Leonard, appreciating the look in his eye as her lusted for her from between her breasts. Beth knew that her best asset, as far as he was concerned, were her ample tits with their thick, crowning nipples.

As she sat upon her lover?s chest she reached out to the low table beside the bed, and picked up a bottle of flavoured oil. As Leonard looked up at her, Beth dripped some of the oil directly onto her massive tits. A thin stream trailed down between them, making it way inexorably towards her pussy.

She brought both her hands to her breast, gathering up the oil and massaging it into herself. Her hands moved luxuriously across her flesh, one hand trailing into the sparse little tuft of hair atop her pubic mound. The other hand continued to rub the oil into her tits. They shone in the dancing candlelight.

Leonard looked up into Beth?s eyes, imploring her to do something about his needs. Recognizing this, Beth pressed back with the globes of her ass and rubbed against the raging shaft against her. But no more. She refused to even touch it yet. But she did turn around enough to drizzle a stream of the oil directly onto the head. Leonard moaned as the warm oil coated his penis and dripped into the tightly curled pubic hair at its root. But no relief. This was becoming a torture? but of the most delicious kind.

The man next door continued to watch, frozen to the action on the screen. Beth was a most amazing lover, he decided. But he?d already known that. His hand was wrapped firmly around his own shaft; his bulbous cockhead stuck out several inches beyond the fist that held it. It was deep, deep purple, the result of such a long anticipation. The man dared not stroke more than a few passes at a time? he had long ago decided that he would not come until Leonard was ready. His heart raced as he zoomed the camera into his wife?s lover?s face.

Beth was shiny with oil now. Her pussy was drenched with a delicious mixture of the oil and the juices that poured so copiously from her body. Her thick lips were only a few inches from Leonard?s own lips. She slid her hips forward, pressing her cunt against his chin, across his lips and up to his nose. This, she buried into herself, but it was not enough for anyone. She moved back, placing herself directly above Leonard?s mouth and whispered ever so quietly,?you can tongue me now.?

Leonard could not believe it. In fact, he thought he had imagined her saying that he should touch her pussy with his tongue. He hesitated, then stuck the tip of his tongue out to see what Beth would do. She moved herself closer. Leonard knew, now, and he slowly slid his tongue out into the abyss that was Beth?s luscious vagina.

The watcher changed cameras with his remote. This angle, from above the bed, gave him the view he needed. His wife, with her so-pale flesh, sat upon a tightly muscled black man who was now extending a bright pink tongue into her pussy. Coming in as close as the camera could, he watched the man?s tongue as it licked up along one side of Beth?s cunt, then down the other side. It would stop and tickle the engorged nub of her clit, but only in a quick, teasing move. It never stayed in one place long. This guy?s as amazing as she told me, he mumbled aloud.

Beth was enjoying the tongue fuck she was getting. She could feel orgasms, yes, more than one, massively building insider her. Her nipples were taught, as hard and rubbery as they could possibly be. The oil made her flesh shine, reflecting the candles around the bed. She was enjoying the teasing of the tongue as it played all over her pussy. Then Leonard planted his full mouth against the top of her cunt, flashed his tongue hard again and again across her clitoris. Beth screamed out a massive orgasm, and pushed hard against Leonard?s mouth. He continued tonguing her clit hard, chewing on it and rubbing his lips against her own. Beth was coming as she had never come before. That was saying something.

Leonard knew he had done well. He watched those wonderful, pendulous tits shaking as Beth came again and again. He loved the taste of his lover, and what he had done for her.

The man in front of the monitor decided that the time was approaching when he, too, would have to come. But not yet. Leonard hadn?t.

As her lover gently licked at her pussy lips, bringing her down slowly from the amazing orgasms she had enjoyed, Beth continued to quiver with mini-comes as she relaxed. Before long, she had regained her senses. She could still feel the iron-hard manhood pressed against her ass. It was just about time to let Leonard enjoy himself as she had.

Beth got up from the bed and stood a few inches from Leonard?s left hand. She knelt down, one knee on the floor, and placed her right tit into the man?s hand, telling him,? feel my big boob, lover.?

He did. It felt amazing for both of them.

By now Beth?s husband, Martin, was almost out of his mind with desire, a demand to ejaculate. Not yet. The time would be soon. He watched.

Beth moved back into position at the foot of the bed. This time she did not hesitate but knelt down and took Leonard directly into her wet, warm mouth. She could hold only the head and an inch or two of the shaft in that position. But she swallowed what she could, and stayed motionless. All she did was squeeze the back of her mouth around the bulging knob. At the same time, Leonard pulsed his cock hard, pushing it against Beth?s lips and against the inside of her mouth. He knew she was an amazing cocksucker and did not want to miss a second of the pleasure that was building.

Beth moved her head up and down on Leonard?s rock-hard cock, each time taking the same amount of his flesh into her mouth. She could feel his desire building. That was when she slipped one hand down to cradle his huge balls. In her smallish hand only one fit at a time, so she used both hands to cup and tickle his testicles. Her fingernails dragged across the tightly wrinkled flesh of his sac, bringing yet another moan to his lips. It took only a dozen or so pumps with her mouth to bring Leonard nearly to ejaculation. Beth was an expert. She grasped his thick cock with both hands (it took the both to surround the shaft) and squeezed hard against the underside at the base of the pillar of his flesh. This held off what she knew would be a massive eruption.

It was time to get serious? for all three of the players. Beth decided that the time to fuck had finally arrived. She was drenched with the anticipation of Leonard?s huge cock filling up every cubic inch of her pussy as she knew only he could? of course, there had been that big English cucumber with Paul, now that she thought of it. She said in a clear voice,?I just cannot get over how full your cock makes me, Leonard.?

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