Leprechaun Tales


"Jesus, I'm sorry Patty, I couldn't stop it," I finally moaned, my cock still hard in her hand.

"It was my fault," she laughed as she reached over and turned on the bedside lamp, allowing me to see the thick strands of white cum lying on her naked thighs and stomach and hanging from her breasts. "I've never seen so much," she added giggling as she dipped a finger across her nipple and pulled a string of my sperm to her mouth. "And the doctor said it was so very potent," she laughed as she licked her lips.

"But Patty," I protested, mesmerized as my eyes followed her finger as she slipped it between her lips and sucked my seed deep into herself.

"Its sooooo good Jimmy," she gushed happily as she fed herself another finger full. "Would you like some my little brother," she offered as she moved another cum filled finger towards my lips. "Open your mouth, c'mon, now stick out you tongue," she ordered as she pushed her finger into me, and then pulling it out, lowered her mouth on mine.

"Grrrrrlabutrerbnmm," I sputtered as her tongue found mine.

"Jesus," I cried when our lips finally separated.

"What?" she teased.

"I've never been kissed by a girl before," I admitted.

"Mom and I've kissed you."

"I mean...you know, a real kiss...not like that."

"Did you like it?"

"But you're my sister Patty...Yes, yesssss," I almost yelled.

"So how come you haven't gone out with one of your little classmates? Have you gone on a date at least?"

"They all hate me. I'm still the stupid, fucking midget to everyone!"

"Wait til they find out what you've got between your legs, my handsome little brother. They'll be falling all over themselves in their rush to fuck you."

"Yeah right," I bristled.

"I'll spread the rumor far and wide, 'Jimmy O'Scoury has got the biggest prick in Miami'," Patty finished laughing. Seeing the blush spread on my face she insisted, "Its true Jimmy, I've never seen one so big."

"Really?... When did you see any Patty? Are you a virgin?"

"I've seen a few," she laughed, "and no, I'm not. So anyway, at school, what do the other boys think, say now, when they see you in the shower, now that you're taller, so much bigger?"

"Are you changing the subject sis?" I challenged, but then answered anyway, proud of how I had finally turned the tables on the bastards. "They used to laugh at me, not just at my height but also about my penis. They were always trying to make fun of me. Even told their girlfriends that I had no hair, that my penis was less than an inch long... laughed at me in the halls,"

"Those fucking bastards," Patty snarled.

"But this term, hah, slowly they watched me get bigger. At first they continued to tease, but now in the last three months, I've got bigger and bigger... finally bigger than any of them, now they don't know what to say. I hate them."

"It's so beautiful sweetie," Patty responded as her hand grasped me again. "So big and beautiful, he deserves a kiss too," she whispered as she moved her head downwards.

The second I felt her tongue flick over my glans, my cock hardened so much it hurt. "Ohhhhh," I groaned as she popped my cockhead into her mouth, and then lay back groaning as her two hands pumped me while she sucked and licked me. For a second time that night I came; I watched transfixed as her head bobbed on my shaft as I pistoned my seed into my sister's mouth and throat.

"I love you Patty," I finally managed to say as I lay panting, "So much. You and Mom are the only two people I've ever loved."

"I love you too sweetie, and mommy does too," she said as she slid on top of me, letting me feel her nipples against my chest as my semi-hard shaft was trapped between our two bodies.

"Do you want to do it... you know, make love...with me?" I hesitantly begged.

"Of course! Do you think I'm going to let some little high school slut take my brothers virginity? Noooo way!"

"Now Patty?"

"We'll have all day tomorrow when mommies at work."

"But Patty....I want to now," I cried as my prick grew hard once more.

"He'll have to wait til tomorrow," Patty laughed as she lightly touched the monster lying between our stomachs. "I want you all rested up," she finished, giggling as she slid off my body and nestled against me.

I finally slept but then woke up about four a.m., startled out of an erotic dream by the spouting of my cock, taking seconds to realize, to remember that it was Patty beside me, Patty whose bum was being drenched by my lava-ing sperm.

"Don't you ever sleep?" Patty mumbled, momentarily awakened by the pole bumping against her rear, by the feel of my liquid oozing down between her legs.......

...Patty was already up and out of the room when I awoke just after eight to Mom's tapping on the door, her call of, "I'm leaving now honey, see you after work," just penetrating my foggy brain.


"C'mon, wake up sleepyhead, it's almost nine-thirty," were the next words that I heard.


Pulling the sheet from my body in one quick pull, I heard her gasp.


"God, is it always hard?"

Looking down I saw my penis standing proudly tall, arching upwards from its golden bed of hair. "Lately, he's always like this when I wake, and most of the day too," I admitted, but then looked up and saw Patty.

"Oh Jesus Patty," I whispered reverentially as my eyes feasted on my sister, standing naked next to my bed, drops of water from her shower glistening on her skin. "God, you're beautiful," I said as I jumped out of bed and took her in my arms.

"Well it's about time, you sure didn't say anything about my body last night, whether you liked it or not," she mock complained. "You didn't even touch my breasts, my nipples, don't you like them?" Patty demanded as she cupped her hands under her still damp tits and lifted them up towards me.

"Christ Patty, they're beautiful, the nicest I've ever seen," I worshipped.

"Well, now you say it. Besides they're probably the only ones you've ever seen."

"I've seen pictures..."

"Would you like to touch them Jimmy, kiss them...lick them," she interrupted as she pulled my head down towards them.

I cupped one of her milky, white orbs in each of my hands as I moved my mouth over the surface of her firm flesh, ignoring her nipples as I licked the moist droplets from her freckled skin. Finally I pulled one puffy nipple into my mouth, and her distended, hard bud seemed to grow even longer as my tongue circled it.

I was suddenly ravenous for my beautiful sister, and eagerly sucked and stretched each nipple in turn, and wished that I could taste the milk these pointed cones had been designed to provide.

As I continued to suck and lick her, one hand slid downward, involuntarily drawn to the moist juncture between her now spread legs. All of a sudden I was aware of her moans, her cries, as I trailed a finger along her hair lined slit. "No Jimmy...please...oh fuck... yes, oh yessss," she groaned as I made her arching nipples dance under my tongue.

How can a man describe that first time he slips his finger between the folds, feels the slippery moistness of his lover as she draws him inside. My mouth went hungrily back to hers as I pushed first just a knuckle, then the whole finger up her hot, clutching, throbbing channel.

As our tongues dueled wetly she arched her hips against my probing finger, wanting more, finally groaning out a demand, "Fuck me Jimmy, fuck me now, pleassse baby." Pulling me on top of her as she fell back on the bed, she grabbed my thick pole, trying to stuff it into herself even as we fell.

"Pleeeease Jimmy," she pled again as I landed on my knees and arms just above her and flinched as I felt her rub my cockhead between her distended lower lips. "Push baby, push it in," she begged as her heels locked around my back.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, Oh fuck Jimmmmmy," she cried as I pounded down into her, in one stroke driving all nine and a half inches deep to her center.

For minutes I went crazy, the feel of her cunt on my cock transforming me into an unthinking animal, a primal urge taking over and demanding the release of my cum inside her. She told me later she screamed and howled as I repeatedly pistoned in and out of her but I didn't hear, and I didn't feel a thing when her finger nails raked across my back.

I felt her first orgasm, felt her juices pour over my penis as I pounded, and felt her spasmodic twitches ripple through my cock, but it was only minutes later, when a second wave orgasmed out from her, that my horn released its pulsing load into her gaping womb, flooding her with my maleness.

I fucked Patty three times that morning and then she sucked me off slowly, and although unable to swallow all of my long pole, she delighted in the taste of my cum.

Mom said nothing at dinner, even though it was obvious something was up, and I realized only later that she not only accepted what we were doing but encouraged it.

For the next week Patty and I slept together, delighting tirelessly in each others body. Patty admitted the second night she'd slept with quite a few boys, even some men, over the previous two years, "But Jimmy, never, ever someone like you!"

Wednesday of the second week she told me she was going away for the weekend, that I'd be alone.

"But Patty?" I wailed.

"Its only two days silly," she laughed, but then whispered when she saw my despair, "Mommy wants you honey."

"What? How? ...I mean, how do you know?" I stammered.

"Don't you think Mommy likes sex too?"

I really hadn't thought about Mom's sex life before, but with Patty's words wondered, knowing how beautiful, how attractive Mom was. "Who does Mom sleep with Patty? I mean she hardly ever goes out."

"I think she's pretty frustrated Jimmy. I'm sure she must like sex as much as we do."

"She does?"

"Yes! So what do you think you should do this weekend?"

"Is that why you're going away?" Seeing her smiling nod I asked, "You want me to? You don't mind?"

"Wouldn't it be nice if the three of us could spend the summer together? In bed. And remember, I'm going back to school in the fall. I don't want you to be all alone. But I think I'm also going to find you some other girls before I leave."

"You are?"

"Not just yet though," she beamed as she moved on top of me, kneeling on my thighs as she grabbed my arcing cock. "So is he excited about me or Mommy?" Patty chuckled as she slipped my prick into her moist cave.

Later, lying drained, "Are you sure mommy wants to sleep with me?"

"Just make sure she does buster," she threatened in mock seriousness.


"Jimmy, is that you?" Mom asked as I opened her door and slowly moved towards her bed, my naked body gleaming in the moonlit room.

"I didn't know...I mean I wasn't sure mommy," I stammered as Mom switched on the lamp and then turned back to me.

"Oh darling, of course I want you," my naked Mom insisted as both of her hands groped towards the long pole that was stretching to reach her.

"I wanted to before...after Patty and I...we didn't know what you wanted...that's why Patty went away for the weekend," I explained even as one of my Mom's hands grasped my straining cock while the other circled around my butt and pulled me closer.

"I heard you Jimmy, you and Patty, at night...I wanted to come into your room... so bad honey," she whispered as her eyes locked onto mine. "I want you in me my love," she moaned as she drew me down into the bed.

Its funny, you get used to a woman, and then all of a sudden you're with someone new, someone different, someone who touches you in a new way, someone who tastes different, someone who can take you somewhere else...

Mom was shorter than Patty, but at five-eight was still tall, and her breasts and hips were fuller and rounder than her daughters. I immediately moved a hand to her breast, surprised at how it overflowed from my fingers as I explored.

They weren't quite as firm as Patty's but my hands loved the velvety feel of her round orbs and as my lips latched onto one erect nipple, my hand massaged, almost milked, her other breast.

Mom was purring like a cat while I sucked first one, then another, finally complaining, "You haven't changed a bit."

"What," I mumbled through an engorged nipple.

"When you were a baby, oh God, you suckled so ferociously, always wanting to get the last drop."

"I did? How long did I breastfeed?"

"Two years," she sighed, remembering.

"Two years!....Did you like it when I sucked you mommy?"

"I like it better now,...ohhhhh," she groaned as I pulled her teat with my teeth, stretching her even as my tongue licked its sensitive tip.

Her fingers had now found me, and forming a warm tube, she locked them around my shaft and then over the ridge and onto my sensitive cockhead.

"Mommmmy," I cried as she pumped me, and the struggled to free myself, wanting urgently now to be in her.

"Yes baby," she gasped as I pushed it into her sheathe, the same sheathe that had expelled me out into the world eighteen years ago. As I filled her, as I thrust repeatedly into her welcoming channel, I had an almost maniacal feeling overcome me, a desire for my boiling sperm to impregnate her.

"Oh Mommmmy," I screamed as my boiling cum rushed up my shaft into the womb of the woman who had carried me for nine months. Her hips arched upward, meeting, welcoming every spurting stream of my seed.

"Baby, Oh baby," she murmured when we fell apart spent, our juices joined, oozing from her distended pink gash, dripping from my trembling, semi-soft prick.

Sliding down my sweating body she took it easily between her lips, licking upwards from the base as it grew longer, quickly filling to its full majestic length.

"Mommy!" I gasped as she swallowed me whole. I couldn't believe she'd done it; Patty struggled to get half of me inside her mouth. My hands slipped to her head, guiding her, holding her, pumping her as her tongue and lips bathed me, insistent, until finally, throbbing, I flooded outward.

...Patty walked in on us on Sunday afternoon, Mom on all fours on the rug while I was fucking her doggie style. She stood in front of us as she undressed, stripping silently as she watched my hips thrust my cock again and again into my moaning Mother.

"Patty," Mom finally gasped after her cunt had drawn the last drop from me, "so tell us, how was your weekend..."

Night after night, day after day the three of us made love. July quickly turned into August and then one day in mid August Patty asked, "Who would you like to have sex with next anyway Jimmy?"

"But I've got you two," I protested.

"What about the Ling girl, she was a real sweetie," Mom suggested. "Do you see her when you do their lawn?"

"She's been in Hong Kong, she's only getting back next week," I told them.

"She has beautiful, long, black hair, and a sexy little body," Mom remembered.

"She's about your height Jimmy," Patty laughed. "Maybe you'll do better with someone your age, someone your size," she teased.

"As if I can't satisfy you, you tall bag of bones," I laughed as I rolled her over on her stomach and took her from behind.

"Well...ohhhh...you're not... ohhh God...bad for a midget," she finally admitted between gasps as I pumped into her clenching, moist cunt.


"Gosh, she's really a pretty girl," I thought as I watched Soo surreptitiously from under the wide brim of my straw sun hat. She had come out minutes earlier and had sat down in her string bikini on a lounge chair on the patio at the edge of the pool.

She had seen me mowing at the end of the yard when she had come out but clearly hadn't recognized me, ignoring the gardener she thought her Mother had hired as a matter of course.

We had gone to elementary school together, but then she had been whisked off to a private school somewhere up north, Connecticut or New Hampshire I thought I'd remembered. So I hadn't seen her much over the last few years and of course she'd never seen me this tall.

Heck, I thought suddenly as I mowed ever closer to her, I am as tall as her. Immediately an erotic thought of sex with a woman my size flashed through my mind. She had actually been one of the nicer kids to me when I was young; perhaps her small size and her own Asian alien-ness had made her less critical than my other classmates.

She lay now with only three small, white triangles of cloth covering her, held all together miraculously by impossibly thin strands.

Perfect little tits, I thought, as I watched her, firm, orange sized breasts spilling on all sides from the small pieces of cloth. I could see a couple of long, curly black hairs escaping from the little thong, hairs that matched the long, silky strands that reached three quarters of the way down her back.

I had slowed almost to a stop as I neared her and suddenly felt her eyes on me as mine traveled across her groin. Meeting her eyes I saw a quick fury at my audacity flash through them, but even so she civilly asked, "Are you new here, I don't recognize you. I'm Soo, Mrs. Ling's daughter."

"Ah so," I intoned as I semi bowed to her, "the number one daughter has returned from her studies in the north."

"Unnhh?" she frowned, obviously wondering what the fucks with this jerk? But when I doffed my hat her frown turned to confused recognition. "Jimmy? My God, is it really you?... I mean, how did you get so big?" she demanded as she jumped up from her chair and hugged me. "You're as tall as I am," she gasped as I held her against me, a flabbergasted look now plastered across her face.

We talked for a good half an hour, catching up with each others life. I liked her! I was also surprised that I wanted her, having believed that with all the sex, and love, I was getting from Mom and Patty that I'd have no interest in anyone else.

She'd told me she had a boyfriend, but complaining, said, "He's up north, from Boston, I haven't seen him all summer. How about you?"

I lied! I don't know why, it just came out. "I've been going with someone too." I started.

"Oh, do I know her?" she asked, trying to hide her disappointment.

"She's older," I continued to lie. "Twenty-three, she works," I added, thinking of a girlfriend of Patty's she'd told me about earlier that week.

"Twenty-three! What's she do?"

"She dances," I blushed.

"You mean...like topless?"

I blushed and nodded and wondered why I had made up a stripper girlfriend; I realized Soo was interested in me just as I was. Later when I let her convince me to have a swim with her before I left, I knew she couldn't help but notice how my cock stretched the Speedo-like suit I wore, again and again I saw her eyes flicker down to my groin.

Before leaving, I promised to come and see her again, and even went so far as to invite her to come to the beach with Patty and I some day soon.

"Oh, I always liked Patty. How'd she do at Duke? I'd love to see her again; you know I want to go to med school when I graduate."

"I'll have her call you."


"I saw little Soo today," Patty announced at dinner two days later.


"You didn't tell us she was home," she chided. "Or that you have an older girlfriend, a stripper Jimmy?"

"What?" Mom demanded but I knew they were teasing me.

"Yes, I invited her to join you, me and your girlfriend at Haulover Beach tomorrow."

"You didn't," I groaned. "She said no, right?"

"No, she's looking forward to seeing you, all of you," she giggled, clearly thinking of how we'd all be naked together on Florida's number one nude beach.

"But I don't have a girlfriend Patty," I complained.

"Oh yes you do. I called Nicole. And when I explained everything she happily agreed to do a little favor for her friend's only brother.

"What exactly is Nicole like?"

"You'll see," she laughed, a hint of warning in her voice.

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