tagHumor & SatireLerechous Syndrome

Lerechous Syndrome


"Isn't Doctor Wayneright here?" Wanda asked.

"He's out sick today. I'm Doctor Lectiat, I'll examine you today. If you could step in here," the greedy smile on his face was only evident when she wasn't looking at him. She was wonderful. He watched the wiggle of her buns in her fairly tight skirt as she walked in. He couldn't believe that he had the chance to play doctor with this amazing blonde. Wayneright, her usual doctor, would be a lucky man if only, like Doctor Lectiat, he was willing to take advantage. She was stacked. Her calves were perfect. Her thighs were harder to get a good look at. Her skirt was tight around the hips but not the legs, so he would have to do something to get a better look. That gorgeous, full, round ass of hers was easy to make out though. Her waist wasn't slim but definitely provided the perfect accentuation to her figure and above that were her tits. Very big, they thrust out into the world in a way that even her unrevealing blouse couldn't begin to hide. That luxurious blonde hair flowed down to just past her shoulders and her face, ah!, it would be hard for most men just to make eye contact with those big blue, sparkling eyes.

"Have a seat if you would, miss," Doctor Lectiat said as he patted the spot he wanted her. She was high up enough then to put her bust right at eye level. He found it easy though to pretend it wasn't there though as he made that special, direct, professional eye contact with her. This of course made her feel that much more comfortable. "Now what seems to be the problem?"

"Just a cold I think, but I've had it for a week and a half and it doesn't seem to get any better." There was just the slightest rasp to her otherwise melodic voice.

"Yes, it doesn't sound good." He could have asked any number of questions to further along his examination but he could tell that he was already past suspicion. He put his stethoscope to his ears and told her, "Unbutton your blouse if you would." Once she had it undone, he parted it and sighed happily, but not audibly, at the sight of her light blue bra. He put the stethoscope to her chest, all the while staring at the beautiful sight. Listening intently for a moment he had her breathe deep several times.

"Have you had any headache with it?" He asked.

"Yes, off and on but not too severe." She felt rather uncomfortable as the Doctor slid her blouse down her arms.

With his stethoscope to her back he repeated his listening routine. "Any tension in your shoulders and back?"

"I, I think so. I hadn't paid attention."

He began to lovingly rub her shoulders, slowly moving in toward her neck. It felt so good that she let out a couple little sounds of approval. Still, it was a complete stranger touching her in a way that seemed rather intimate. She knew, or rather was convinced, that he was completely professional, only doing what she needed, and it did after all seem to have an effect. He asked a few more symptom questions, "Any change in appetite?" "Any trouble sleeping?" Each time he sounded a little bit more grave. His massaging hands had moved down her back, "Do you feel less tense at all?"

"Oh, yes." She really hadn't wanted to respond quite that enthusiastically.

His fingers made way for more as he snapped her bra clasp. "OH!" Then his hands resumed their trek along her skin. She didn't know if that made her feel relief or not. She was much more relaxed when he finished though. "Can I get dressed again?"

"Not just yet." He went about a few mundane tasks so as not to seem too eager. He checked her pulse, shone light in her eyes and ears, looked in her mouth. "It could be just a long lived cold, but I'm concerned that you might have a touch of Lerechous Syndrome."

"Is that serious?"

"It can be. Have you had any discomfort in your breasts?"


"Lerechous has a number of specific symptoms, quite often related to the breasts." Unbelievably casually, he slid her bra down her arms. Standing in front of her again, he turned his eyes toward her tits as he removed the bra completely. It took supreme skill for him to maintain a blank medical expression. They were a pair of wonderful knockers, well placed, only slightly lower than when held in the brassiere. A great shape, they were a bit too broad to be perfectly round, heaping outward in spectacular curves. Her nipples were perfectly round and they stood up so delightfully, a pair of nearly perfect cylinders.

Betraying none of the sexual tremor he felt, Doctor Lectiat put his fingertips at the top of each beautiful boob and ran them around in slow circles. She sounded a bit hesitant, "Uhm, Doctor...?"

"I'm checking for any dry skin or red marks or other irregularities."

"Oh. O-okay." She sounded only slightly uncertain.

With almost unnatural precision, the Doctor ran his fingers over every bit of her tits from outside to inside in a spiral. He heard a sharp intake of breath from her when he neared the nipples but he stopped right at their edges. "Everything seems all right," he said slightly ambiguously. As he said it though, he started over, using not just the tips of his fingers but his entire hands as he touched her again very softly. He ran his palms and fingers over the entirety of her breasts a few times as her breathing deepened and her face reddened. "Perhaps some slight abnormalities," he commented as though to himself. This was entirely untrue. Her skin was perfect. "Are your nipples overly sensitive or irritated?"

"Uh... Ah!" She couldn't help letting out that little sound as the Doctor's fingers touched her dark pink little treasures. Each one had a fingertip circle around the areola several times. Then the doctor took each nipple between thumb and forefinger, pulling slightly and then releasing.

"Good, good," he said, though he tested them again with a tweak and a pull. He put his hands back on her tits, arcing around the nipples. "Of course any real problems would cause discomfort under pressure and movement." He lifted her boobs, jiggled them and then let them drop, keeping a stern look despite his inward glee.

Wanda tried not to let her embarrassment show as the doctor repeated that. Lift, jiggle, drop, lift, jiggle, drop. Once his hands made contact again, she expected a fourth jiggle drop treatment but instead he simply squeezed her tits. She tried not to sound uncomfortably but let out a loud, "Oh!" He shifted his hands and squeezed again. She couldn't help squirming just a bit. "MmM!" Her eyes darted around trying to focus on something, anything, other than the fondling of her boobs. His hands changed position again, right on the center of her tits, fingers spread, and how he loved the feel of her nipples against the center of each palm. Again he squeezed, gently, firmly, gently. "D-doctor! Are you sure this is necessary?"

"Oh, I'm afraid so Miss Grappabel. Lerechous syndrome is something easily treated but only if we diagnose it quickly. You wouldn't want sudden blindness or hair loss would you?"


"I know it's a bit invasive, but you'll want me to finish the test."

"Yes, of course!" How could she have doubted this Doctor's good intentions? He was so detached from this. It showed on his face. Even if his hands cupped, fondled and squeezed her boobs all over. A few times.

Doctor Lectiat was in heaven. These tits were the most perfect toys in the world. He tugged at each nipple again and let go to watch her boobs bounce back into position. "Some of this has caused you some real physical discomfort hasn't it?"

Wanda didn't answer right off. No, actually all the discomfort had been from the embarrassment of having a stranger's hands had been all over her tits. It wasn't any kind of special physical symptom. To tell him that though might offend him and she had already implied an insult with her earlier doubt. "Y-yes, a little. It wasn't bad though so I don't think it's important."

"Hm. Well, I'll check your breasts again in a minute, more thoroughly. It can be hard to detect the subtler symptoms of Lerechous. In the meantime, if I could get you to disrobe."

"Wh-? O-okay. What, what are you going to do next?"

"Small skin irregularities caused by Lerechous syndrome are most often found on the breasts can appear almost anywhere."

"Oh." She gulped as she considered what that meant as she unfastened her skirt. When she stole a glance at Doctor Lectiat, he was looking at his clipboard. With that exceptional timing and peripheral vision of his though, he really just managed to look away whenever she looked in his direction. He got a real good show as he watched her slide that skirt down her long, very fit legs. Once they were at her ankles, she slipped her shoes off, then stepped out of her skirt (what amazing legs!) and one by one, doffed her socks. Barefoot, barelegged, bare breasted, Wanda couldn't help wrapping her arms around herself, but under her breasts. She didn't want to seem too bothered. "Do I, do I have to take my panties off?"

"Hm?" he finally made eye contact as though he had been too distracted to even notice her nudity. "Everything. Yes." He eyed her greedily as her panties rolled down revealing a nice close trimmed golden brown bush in a little triangle above her pussy lips. The panties descended down her perfect legs and she stepped out of them. "Stand, please, with your legs apart and extend your right arm." He detected a slight shiver of remorse from her as he put his hands at her wrist and slid his hands slowly down her arms, 'looking for irregularities.' She wondered to herself just how much of her he was going to touch. Her other arm was next. After that, even though he had given her that relaxing rub, he slid his fingers over her shoulders and down her back, going over every bit of exposed skin there. She breathed an almost audible sigh of relief when he stopped just above her butt. Instead of searching her nice firm cheeks, his hands explored her hips first. Doctor Lectiat seemed professional and detached but in reality he was thrilled about having this incredible figure under his fingers.

His hands moved down the outside of her thighs not quite quickly, then back up slowly. He was down on one knee now behind her. Instead of exploring both legs at once, he put both hands at the top of her left thigh. He worked them down, loving the feel of her body. Down past that his palms and fingers ran over her perfectly curved calf.

Wanda didn't really know what she hoped for when she asked, "Is everything okay so far?"

"Well not really. I haven't found anything extreme but I have found a few small spots that worry me."

She had felt him linger once or twice, so now she knew why. "Do you think it's serious?"

"Only if I find something worse than I already have." He moved to her other side and prepared to fondle that leg. Starting at the bottom, he worked his way up, reveling in the feel of her legs as not a spot of them evaded his curious fingers. From the back of her thigh, his hand wandered up to her left buttock.

"MnM!" Wanda flinched at the touch, her ass flexing just a bit and Doctor Lectiat loved that. She tried to relax but that was impossible with this stranger's hand roaming all over her butt cheek. Like everywhere else he had checked, he did it thoroughly, his hand sliding over every bit of skin. Twice.

"You have no muscle fatigue?" he asked as he gave that firm butt cheek a squeeze.

"I don't know. A little I think."

A second squeeze and a third. Then his hand slid over to the other one. His left hand slowly stroked her left cheek while his right rested on the other. He felt her all over before testing her again for 'muscle fatigue' by squeezing her butt, this time with both hands, a couple times.

Still on his knees the Doctor got in front of the beautiful woman. She saw that he was looking at her pussy. She shuddered even before his fingertips made contact with the skin above her pretty little bush. Rather than moving down though, they moved upward, over her belly and around her waist. Twice he let his hands enjoy the feel of that firm tummy before moving down to the most intimate of areas. Slowly, those fingers made their way around the little triangle of fur before gently feeling their way through it. It was fine and silky to the touch and Doctor Lectiat delighted in it but for no longer than he knew she could believe was legitimate. His fingers moved outward again and felt along any exposed skin he had yet to touch, saving her pussy lips for last. He felt just the slightest little tremor from her when he touched her there. He slid his finger along them a few times and then with one finger gently rubbed all the way along her slit. Then again with a finger from his other hand.

At long last he was standing again and Wanda looked more than a little relieved. He told her with only a little bit of evident worry. "Well, I'm not finding very many trouble spots but they still have me concerned. As I said, those symptoms are most common at the breasts." He cupped her gorgeous jugs again. "You're sure that you've felt no real discomfort here?"

"Uuh... N-n-no." It was hard to answer in an even tone of voice as his hands wandered over her boobs, caressing, then squeezing gently, then firmly, then moving to repeat that.

He jiggled her tits. "This doesn't bother you?"

"No, no I, a hahah, don't feel anything."

Squeeze. Squeeze. Then he took her nipples between his fingers. "Because I do detect a few anomalies."

"Y -eee- you do?"

"Very minor but they're definitely there." He gave her three last squeezes then decided it was best to finish. "You have nothing to worry about. I've got some medication available here." He fished a bottle of sugar pills from his pocket. "It's not even prescription. You only need the lowest dose."

"Oh. Well that's great." She was genuinely relieved. She was still uncomfortable though since she was still stark naked but she was so off balance after all that she wasn't certain if putting her clothes back on was polite yet.

He handed it to her. "Yes, it is Lerechous Syndrome but I'm happy to say you've got only the earliest stages of it. You're in no danger. Just take two of those a day for three weeks and you'll be just fine."

"Thank you Doctor."

"Now you'll need to be checked again after a week to a week and a half. I don't usually make house calls, but I'm sure I can make an exception. Should I call you to schedule a time?"

She would have been suspicious but he wasn't even looking at her. It was as though he didn't even notice her naked body. She started getting dressed and, taken with the man's professionalism, she assured herself that he knew what was best. "I'll give you my number."

"That'll be fine. I'll be by sometime to go over you again and make certain you're recovering."

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