tagRomanceLesbian Bitch Ch. 04

Lesbian Bitch Ch. 04


As usual everyone is over eighteen. Ruby is the narrator.


Romantic Interlude

Tanya and Jane invited Scott and Ruby to join them for a romantic two week holiday. We have booked a villa at a nudist resort up at Cains and there if going to be plenty of room. Jane was jumping up and down, not being able to contain her excitement.

Over the last year Scott, has become very familiar with Jane and Tanya's bodies. Not only enjoying seeing them naked during Tanya's art/Photography classes, but at family occasions and Regular visits to the sex beach.

Jane is now more comfortable with him enjoying her naked, than she is with even Jake. The father of her children. Jane has never loosened up so much in front of any man she has ever known in her life.

Ruby assured Scott that he was in for the time of his life at this luxurious nude resort. Tanya had been their only a few years ago, for her family vacation. Everyone there is so Kind and friendly, and the owners as hot as! Tanya was over joyed with enthusiasm. I'm so happy you and Scott have agreed to join us there for two whole weeks Ruby.

"I just love watching men having sex with my 100%lesbian bitch Jane and Jane knows just how horny it makes me. Tanya continued, I promise you that we will be having regular lesbian threesomes with Ruby." Tanya whispered the whole thing to Scott, while Jane and Ruby rekindled old times in the shower together.

Scott was curious of what the hell he should pack for two weeks in paradise at a nude resort. I sure won't be needing many clothes. What on earth have these ladies packed as Scott was packing the car.

I can't believe that we need two trolleys Scott complained, as Scott and the girls made their way through the airport. As they were boarding the plane, the girls said quit your complaining. You will soon find out what we have packed. The ladies all had sparkles in their eyes.

The three ladies were wearing incredibly short dresses with no underwear on. Scott had an amazing view for the whole flight.

Once the lovers arrived at the resort, there were plenty of looks as Jane and Tanya were holding hands on their way to reception. After checking in they were asked to remove all of their clothes and were escorted to their villa. Ruby was shocked how forward the receptionist was. The receptionist was new, as it turned out it was the owner's daughter.

"This place must of cost you a bomb Tanya. Jane's eyes were popping out of her head. How did you afford this?"

"Actually My lovely husband chipped in as well." He was desperate for me to spoil you Jane.

Nobody expected anything like this, the villa was stunning and the views were even more exquisite. There was a large spacious deck, with our very own private spa.

That was only the first surprise Tanya had in store for us. In walked our very own butler Frank and our own cook Laura.

"You just call us, your wish is our command." Frank and Laura explained.

Moments later that budding young eighteen year old receptionist knocked at the door. Scott let her in to find that Tanya and Jane were already grinding their pussies together.

"Hi again to you all, my name is Marry. Mum and Dad have told me a lot about you Tanya. Not batting an eyelid to the sexual activity before her. Anything I can do just ask." As Marry started fingering herself in front of us.

By now Scott had a raging boner in anticipation of what he might get treated too. Tanya was now eyeing of her cherry ripe twenty something niece.

Jane knew what she must do and started working her hands over Scott's cock.

"That's it baby, work that cock my sexy lesbian bitch." Tanya aggressively ordered Jane. Tanya had Ruby in a 69r by now, groping and sucking her tits. Flickering Ruby's rock hard nipples in her mouth.

As Tanya came up for air, she instructed Jane to take Scotts cock to her tits. "I want Scott to plaster your tits with his hot seed lesbian bitch. Take him to town my sexy lesbian lover. As Tanya threw ten condoms in Jane's direction. I want to watch him fuck your butt and your pussy once he has covered your entire body with his spoof." Tanya licked her lips and pulled Ruby even closer to her.

This was an eye popping experience for Ruby. Tanya certainly got her wishes, Ruby couldn't believe how much cum Scott released onto Jane's awaiting body.

"Would you like him in my ass or my pussy first." Jane politely asked Tanya.

"Your ass first my sexy lesbian bitch. I want to watch you masturbate over watching me pleasure Ruby." As Tanya took her video camera from her bag, set it up and pressed record. Tanya then rushed back to attend to Ruby, Scott was super excited by now and started massaging his hot cum into Jane's awaiting tits.

"You're really getting off watching Tanya fuck me aren't you lover boy. As Ruby raised her eyebrows in her boyfriends direction. I'm getting off to Tanya's touch and Tanya's really getting off watching my boyfriend fuck her lesbian bitch. Tanya is really going to reward you for this show later, as Ruby winked at Jane. My man is in for the fuck of his life to when Tanya has finished with me." Ruby raised her eyebrows towards Scott again.

Jane now started riding Scott cowgirl style for Tanya's enjoyment.

"Oh my sweet lesbian bitch, that's how you do it. As Ruby spread Tanya's legs and fingered her Aunty to an amazing orgasm." Ruby then planted her lips on Tanya's Juicy cunt and began lightly sucking it and rolling her tongue to stimulate Tanya's clitoris. Ruby was certainly pussy hungrily as she ravished her Auntys pussy with love.

Scott was in aberration as he watched Tanya plaster his girlfriend's face and and tits with lady cum and Ruby hungrily licked her Aunties cum off her face. That helped Scott give Jane the best orgasm a man has ever given her.

Jane collapsed on top of Scott shivering with pleasure. "Your man is one hell of a lover. Jane smiled at Ruby. You're an extremely lucky young lady."

Scott rolled Jane on her back not wanting to miss any of the attention Ruby was showing Tanya's pussy and began to grope Jane's tits and very excited nipples. Scott was now out of Jane's pussy and rubbing his erection up and down Jane's clit and shot his load continually up Jane's belly and splashed on Jane's tits as Scott massaged them.

"Holy fuck that feels so good." As Scott bought Jane to yet another orgasm.

"Is my lesbian bitch actually enjoying herself." Tanya said with delight and Tanya cummed on Ruby's face again.

Tanya then returned the favor and was intensely giving Ruby multiple orgasms as Tanya covered Ruby's face and tits with her cum.

"Ok big boy come over here and kiss me. Come and taste this tasty treat." Scott and Ruby passionately kissed and hugged as Scott licked every drop of Tanya's cum of his girlfriend's body.

Tanya went over covered with Ruby's cum and urinated on Jane's cum soaked body. Ruby smiled at her boyfriend and said I hope you still have plenty of cum for me. It was now Scott's turn to pee, Ruby opened her mouth to capture every drop of her boyfriends pee.

I saved my pee for the spa, that really makes Me really horny. Tanya and Jane joined us in the spa to clean up before dinner. Everybody had a real appetite after all that release of sexual tension.

As Laura approached the spa area to take our dinner orders we noticed that Laura had a very strong musk of masturbation about her.

"I wonder if Laura was watching our little sex Show." Tanya whispered to Jane. Jane thought what a thrill that would've been for her.

Tanya ordered the most expensive bottle of champagne on offer to have with dinner.

Tanya also had Frank and Mary spread rose petals all around us while we were in the spa and had them lite a variety of centered candles that were spread out everywhere as the sunset rose.

We all chatted for ages over our meal and sipping champagne.

We went to our separate bedrooms and had rampant sex all night long. We were all totally spent as we watched the sunrise over the horizon from our own bedrooms.

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