tagLesbian SexLesbian Bitch Ch. 06

Lesbian Bitch Ch. 06


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


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Everyone is over eighteen and Ruby is the narrator.


Mystery solved

Ruby woke up to Laura Jilling her of and kissing her neck. "Come on sleepy head, the rest of us have already had breakfast." Ruby jumped up and looked at the clock. It was 10:00am.

"Why didn't anyone call me? We have so much to fit into today!"

"You were looking so peaceful, let me cook you a healthy breakfast. The others have gone to relax around the pool. So it's just you and me here sexy." Blowing Ruby a kiss.

"So tell me what the big secret is? I'm a little confused as well to what you ladies needed to bring to a nudist resort."

"Well we bought every vibrator, Dillo, and sex toys that we own. We are planning some naughty games for Scott over the next few days. "So don't tell Scott ok!"

That really got Laura excited and got Laura's juices flowing. "Ok I will keep your little secret. Ruby I'm feeling really horny now. I need to fuck you really bad!"

Ruby didn't put up a fight and joined Laura in the spa after breakfast.

Scott and Jane were feeling really hungry and caught Ruby and Laura in the act. Ruby glanced from her kissing with Laura, still fondling each other's tits.

"How tight are you two? Not feeling like spending any money today are we?"

Laura just smiled knowingly and told Scott and Jane to help themselves to whatever they wanted in the fridge. "I stocked the fridge this morning, you two are in luck."

Jane and Scott came back out to the deck area with armloads of food and drink.

"Come on you two break up the hanky panky and join us in the pool. You can't stay here all day." Reminding Ruby of where she is.

Laura and Ruby got out of the spa and walked to the pool area dripping wet. It was getting quite crowded and of cause Tanya was showing off in the pool. Tanya was loving all the attention that she was receiving. The rest of us were just happy tanning for a while, before taking a quick dip.

We decided that we would go to the beach that was the most isolated away for the afternoon. Laura informed us that beach would most likely be next to empty and that she couldn't remember the last time that she was there. "I feel like an afternoon of uninterrupted sex." Laura smiled, laughing in both Scott and Jane's direction.

Laura made fresh sandwiches and mixed us some drinks to take with us. Scott was enthusiastically paying a lot of notice to Laura making the sandwiches, thinking about her intentions for the afternoon.

We arrived at the beach and went for a swim before we devoured our sandwiches. We were the only ones there to. After lunch the sex started to heat up. Scott was the odd one out. Laura's mouth was buried between Ruby's legs and Tanya and Jane were scissoring rampantly. Scott just stroked his cock and enjoyed the show.

As a few couples arrived at the beach, Ruby thought that she had better take care of Scott's erection. Ruby guided Scott's manhood in her wet snatch while Laura went and caught some waves.

Tanya was really starting to miss her husband, she had never gone without cock for four days before and watching Scott pounding her niece wasn't helping. "May I please have a ride of your boyfriend Ruby?' Ruby was more than happy to satisfy her Aunt's needs and let Tanya join them for a threesome.

Jane had switched her attention on Laura in the surf while she wildly Jilled off.

Tanya was having both anal and intercourse with Scott, while Ruby was passionately kissing every square inch of Tanya and Scott's bodies.

As Laura's wet naked form came out of the water and started sprinting up the beach, Laura had both Scott and Jane feasting their eyes on her. Scott asked Tanya if he could have the pleasure of watching the two lesbians scissor each other?

Tanya was really turned on by Scott's suggestion and informed Laura that Jane was all hers. Laura and Jane had wild scissor sex, with their large tits bouncing in rhythm with each other. Than Scott instructed Laura to sit on Jane's tits and start bouncing on them.

This sight was really turning Tanya on and after a while she thanked Ruby for sharing her boyfriend. Ruby hugged Tanya close and kissed her Aunty on the lips. Ruby told Tanya that she badly wanted to have a lesbian three-way with Laura.

Jane's mind was racing back to the other day that Scott gave her so much pleasure and asked Ruby if she could feel Scott's cock in her pussy and her ass. Tanya grinned at her lesbian bitch and said getting a taste for cock are we?

Everyone burst out laughing, Ruby was more than happy to share Scott with Jane as well. As Ruby was thinking that she really wanted to share him with Laura as well and hoped that Laura would consider being their lesbian bitch when she handed Laura her mobile number at the end of their vacation.

Laura joined Ruby and Tanya for a threesome, while Scott went over to Jane and fucked her senseless. We stayed in the same sex configurations for the rest of the day and watched the sunset over the water together.

It was still really hot so we decided to have a splash in the ocean before we made it back to the villa.

The couples were very polite and didn't stare. They seemed to have the same idea as Laura and were fucking uncontrollably.

Scott was in heaven, enjoying our walk back to the villa watching four wet hotties assess wiggling.

On our return to the villa Frank already had the smelly candles lit, Scott serenaded the ladies spreading rose petals all over the place.

After dinner Laura whispered in Ruby's ear. "Shell we let Scott in on the big mystery now?" Ruby consulted with Tanya before the girls emptied their bags in front of Scott. Scott shoved dildos in all of the ladies Asses. Ruby got the most pleasure out of watching Laura using her most orgasmic vibrator. Tanya was intent on vibrating Scott's ass and he enjoyed that feeling a lot. Jane's most orgasmic part of the night was rubbing her vibrator over her tits after she had ejaculated on it.

Laura joined Scott and Ruby in bed yet again and Scott fingered them both to sleep.

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