tagIncest/TabooLesbian Bitch Ch. 07

Lesbian Bitch Ch. 07


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Everyone in this story is over eighteen. Ruby is the narrator.


Thrill seekers

Laura and Ruby woke up to find Scott's fingers still in their pussies. The girls were still shaking from there orgasms during the night. Ruby removed Scott's fingers from Laura's wet cunt and licked Laura's nectar off her boyfriend's fingers, which woke Scott up. Ruby used her nectar to lubricate Scott's hardness while she kissed and licked his rod.

Tanya woke up particularly horny as the sun started to rise, she couldn't wait any longer to look at Scott naked or watch the two lesbians having sex.

Tanya grabbed Jane by the hand and stormed into our bedroom. Laura was getting out of bed to start preparing breakfast. Tanya pinned Laura to the bed and told her that breakfast could wait. Meanwhile I was giving Scott his morning blowjob.

Ruby told Laura that she was going to teach her to give better blowjobs today using Dildo's so that Laura didn't gag. I went on to tell Laura how excited I was getting watching the lesbians giving my boyfriend blowjobs.

Tanya told Laura that she really needed to watch the lesbians having sex right away. Tanya was frantically Jilling off as she watched her lesbian bitch having her way with Laura. As Ruby released Scott's cock from her mouth Tanya upped the pass of her Jilling off and was desperate to give Scott a blowjob herself. I was more than happy to share.

It was decided that everyone would spend the day Base-jumping and on the flying fox.

Tanya said that now that her lesbian thrills were fulfilled that Laura may start preparing breakfast if she wanted to.

"Well you're in quite the frisky mood aren't you Tanya?" Scott's face lit up to the prospects of what the day would bring.

Over breakfast the conversation turned to all the sex toys, vibrators and Dildo's that the ladies filled their bags with. Scott's mind was racing with thoughts of the kinky sex games that the ladies had in store for him over the cause of their vacation.

Base-jumping was up first; Tanya and Scott are quite the thrill seekers and encouraged the rest of us to go for it and just jump. Ruby had total confidence in Scott and Tanya. I just went for it; Laura and Jane turned white and needed a little more prompting. The pros in Tanya and Scott showed us how it was done.

Than it was the flying fox which none of us needed any prompting over, even though it was a 200-meter drop. It was a huge thrill to watch all of those naked people that were participating in the flying fox activity today.

They were just a couple of the many activities available at this amazing nude resort.

All of our plans for the day were fulfilled and it was only lunchtime.

Tanya's frisky mood found us spending the afternoon around the pool and at the first of the three beaches, which are always crowded. Tanya couldn't get enough of eyeing of all the hunky Men and sexy ladies that were loving looking at her naked.

By four o'clock it was playtime, we resided back to the villa and got creative with our sex toys. We had the chains, handcuffs and nipple vibrators in use. Scott just loved being used to bring our sex fetishes to life, not to mention how sexually charged the sex games made us ladies feel.

It was than time to get a collection of Dildo's together as Tanya helped me teach Laura the art of giving blowjobs. Followed by us all jumping in the spa together to relax and talk about the day we had and the prospects for the next week or so that we had left at the nudist resort. We cracked open the champagne an hour before dinner as Frank closed the one-way glass doors for the day to give us some privacy.

After dinner Scott needed to watch the two lesbians having sex, fondling each other's tits and kissing. Ruby and Tanya shared Scott's cock and gave him a double blowjob while he intently watched the two lesbians in full swing. The lighting of the smelly candles and spreading of the rose petals weren't done until the two lesbians were in full swing. Frank had the honours of serenading us that night.

Tanya in her frisky state was determined to have both of the lesbians in her bed that night. Scott said only if you let Jane sleep with me tomorrow night.

"Does that mean I get to sleep with my sexy young niece tomorrow night?" Tanya sparked up. Absolutely Ruby answered for her boyfriend.

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