tagLoving WivesLesbian Bitch Ch. 08

Lesbian Bitch Ch. 08


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Everyone is over eighteen and Ruby is the narrator.


Flying bye

Our time at the nudist resort seemed to be going so fast, we only had days left. We have all really become close with Laura very well. With a little more dildo practice Ruby was confident that Laura would be giving blowjobs to Scott like a pro without gagging. Laura was willing to do whatever it took to get Ruby sexually charged.

Laura built up and removed sexual tension for all of us and Ruby was getting very nervous about giving Laura her mobile number and asking her to be our lesbian bitch.

We discovered everything the nudist resort had to offer thrill seeking and otherwise along with all of our sexual activities.

Laura really started getting involved in all of the kinky sex games that we planned for Scott and so it was soon the last day at this exquisite nudist resort.

We had all slept in the same bed because of all of our needs to watch the two lesbians Jane and Laura have as much sex as they possibly could. Scott had a constant boner for Tanya and Ruby to attend to all night. Tanya took over the morning ritual of giving Scott his blowjob, while Ruby kissed both Jane and Laura on the lips, caressed their tities and rubbed her hands and her pussy over every square inch of these two hot lesbian bitches.

We decided to spend our last day at the secluded beach where we would have the most outdoor privacy to have rampant sex and orgies all day long.

Over breakfast was what we hoped would be a new ritual, Laura gave us all oral sex including our butler Frank. Laura really wanted to impress Ruby with her blowjob techniques that the dildos were helping her to achieve. Scott and Frank were delighted that Laura was able to suck both of their balls dry without gagging. Ruby clapped and cheered Laura's efforts and gave Laura the pussy munching of her life than kissed every square inch of Laura's body to show Laura her appreciation. Tanya and Jane were Jilling off in unison watching Ruby kissing Laura's entire body. Scott was rubbing his cock on Ruby's back and shoulders as he got a close up view of Ruby kissing this ultra hot lesbian. Ruby, Scott and Laura cummed as one with their orgasmic explosion then washed each other off in the spa. Tanya really needed her lesbian bitch to eat her pussy out now! Laura once again cooked up a storm and packed enough food and drinks for everyone for the whole day.

There were already three couples fucking, when we got to the beach. Scott was even more excited that one of the other couples on the beach was a lesbian. We all started by laying our towels out then ran into the ocean as an entire group. The other lesbian couple were right behind us and we watched on as they passionately kissed and fucked in the water. Laura and Jane followed suit and fucked out of control before we had one last group hug in the ocean and went back to our towels to tan for a while.

Scott hand fed Ruby her morning tea and lunch so she could leave her hands on Laura's breasts for as long as possible. By the time we were ready for lunch Scott had dipped his fingers and tongue in all four of our steamy wet cunts. Scott had pet names for the taste of each of our pussies and cum, which we were all very entertained about.

After lunch we played a game of riding Scott, Laura was the only one not to participate but was glued watching on as Scott cummed in the rest of our pussies and asses. Ruby, Tanya and Jane had a threesome while Laura practiced her blowjob techniques on Scott. Scott was really impressed by how much of his cum Laura was able to swallow before using his excess sperm to give Laura a full body massage, paying close attention to Laura's tits, pussy and ass before reaching for Laura's breasts and rubbing his cock on Laura's back and shoulders. As Laura started to buck with excitement Scott moved his hand off Laura's right breast and fingered her. Scott just couldn't get enough of licking Laura's cum of his fingers, which gave Ruby an explosive orgasm watching on.

Once again that night there was a serenade of smelly candles and rose petals as the champagne was flowing and once again everyone slept in the same bed excitedly watching Jane and Laura making love. Unfortunately we had to go home today and Ruby reached over to her draw and wrote her mobile number down for Laura and asked Laura to marry her and Scott and become their lesbian bitch.

Laura couldn't believe what Ruby was asking her, but mentioned that her contract at the nudist resort would be up for renewal in five years time.

Scott and Ruby were really mesmerised by the prospect of being able to introduce Laura to the sex beach back home. Passionate kissing and fondling was exchanged as we said our goodbyes to Laura.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/18/18


of retarded writers writing only smelly turds! WFRW (WATCHMAN FOR RETARDED WRITERS)

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by Whackdoodle05/16/18

Who are these people?

And if Ruby is the narrator, why is she referring to herself in the third person?

Sorry but this is worth only 1 star because it really made no sense.

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by hindsight202005/16/18

Friendly advice.

You can get good scores writing stroke pieces in other categories. LW requires an emphasis on the story. You just don't have a decent story to tell with this piece.

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by dragonmann7205/16/18

Dear Bouncingboobs

As I usually only read L/W submissions I checked your BIO before trying to start this chapter. After the first few paragraphs I'm sorry but I gave up, not for the reasons you may think but from the verymore...

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by sbrooks103x05/16/18

Just a Piece of Friendly Advice

Take it for what it's worth.

Decide on a category for your story, and stick with it for all chapters. Deal with fluctuations with tags, descriptions and prefaces.

Given the title, "Lesbian Bitch," thismore...

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