tagRomanceLesbian Bitch Ch. 09

Lesbian Bitch Ch. 09


Shygirlwhore is my editor.

This story is delving years into the future.

Everyone is over eighteen and Ruby is the narrator.


Three-way honeymoon

After much deliberation of where Ruby and Scott should take their lesbian bitch Laura on their honeymoon, they decided to hire a houseboat for a week.

Laura's mind boggled at some of the sexually suggestive weeding gifts that we received. Laura couldn't believe just how sexually open my entire extended family is.

"You guys remember to take plenty of honeymoon photos won't you?' John was getting his kicks just thinking about the activities, possibilities and fun the three of us were going to have on our very own private houseboat.

Dad was really enjoying having Laura fit in so well with our nudist lifestyle. Dad couldn't concentrate on anything; he was very taken by Laura's naked beauty around the house and was always breaking plates and running into things.

Scott had surprised us just days before our houseboat trip, by showing us the pamphlet of the houseboat. Laura and Ruby's eyes lit up.

"This thing must of cost you a fortune." Laura and I just kept glancing at the pamphlet and then back at each other with delight.

Saturday came around in no time and Mum and Dad drove us down to the wharf where our luxury houseboat was tied up. John and Dani waved us goodbye as they ran along the shore as we crossed the bar in our houseboat, to what would be sure to be a memorable honeymoon.

As the shore dimmed into the distance Ruby and Laura stripped down to just there

G-strings and went to explore the two story houseboat and left Scott in control of the steering. Scott told the girls that they could give the cameras a rest and just relax. "I've had hidden cameras installed all over the boat." Scott cheekily winked at his wives.

That made the girls feel particularly naughty. "Dads going to enjoy our honeymoon just as much as we are." Ruby whispered to Laura and puffed out her chest. Scott's cock started to grow out of his shorts.

As Scott anchored the boat for a while he went out to the top deck where he found his wives completely naked sunning themselves on the comfy recliners and popped the cork on the champagne and offered them some fruit platters.

Scott couldn't take it any longer he needed to stroke himself off and fuck and touch his ladies. Scott fell to his knees and started kissing his wives on the lips and massaged their tits.

Hello Catlin! Scott cried out as Ruby built up the sexual tension between her lovers, and Scott flooded Laura's hot cunt with his hot seed. "Oh I love that name. Laura's face lit up. While Ruby was sucking on her tits. I really hope that we have a girl first.

Have you thought about your children's names yet Ruby?" As Laura moaned with the pleasure she was loving from her lovers.

That stopped Ruby in her tracks. "No I haven't given baby names any thought at all. My main focus is on getting my lesbian bitch pregnant." Reminding herself of her Aunty Tanya.

It was time to pull up anchor and pull up Scott's shorts. "We really need to get moving to our destination for the night." Scott freaked out as he looked at his watch.

We cruised into this pristine little hideaway that Scott had obviously planned, with two wide-open beaches either side of our private lagoon. There were still going to be a few onlookers so Scott suggested that we should at least put some pants on hen we were using the top deck. I have never seen such clear and undisturbed waters, we could literally see into the depths of the waters, seeing the fishes swimming around. The views were absolutely breathtaking.

"You have out done yourself Scotty." As Laura and Ruby brushed their titties over Scott's shoulders and pecked him on the cheek. Laura had her own surprises and went into the kitchen to prepare her very own special crab recipe for dinner and Scott marvelled at Laura as he handed her a glass of champagne and took in the breathtaking view he loves the most, looking over Laura's shoulders and examining Laura's tits.

Laura wanted Ruby to assist her in the kitchen, but what she really wanted was to watch Scott pound Ruby's pussy while she prepared dinner. Laura's fingers kept slipping in and out of the wet cunt as her focus varied between her lovers fuck fest and back to her crab recipe. Laura knew how much we loved the flavor of her cum added to our meals.

Ruby's tits bounced in rhythm with Scott's movements as he picked up the pace and Scott's hands moved to Ruby's pussy as he sensed her first orgasm. As Scott slipped out of Ruby's hot love canal, Laura added our cum to her crab masterpiece. "This recipe is going to taste better than ever before now!" Laura turned off the hot plate and kissed and licked her way down both of Ruby and Scott's bodies ending in the best oral sex we have ever had.

Laura's crab dish melted in our mouths and went perfectly with the red wine selections that Ruby had chosen to take with us. We went for a walk to the furthest beach after dinner and took photos of the sun setting over the water. We just sat Topless on the rocks for hours chatting and breathing in the fresh salt air and taking in the view to see as we closed our eyes once our honeymoon was over.

We then went back to the houseboat for Scott's special coffee and Ruby's homemade biscuits before bed. Ruby requested that Scott ass fucked Laura tonight. "I want to finger and kiss Laura all over as we drift off to sleep together."

As the sun dawn on us we had to pinch ourselves to believe that this was actually real! Laura and I went up to the top deck for a spot of topless sun-baking. We must of worn Scott out. "He never sleeps in." Laura and I giggled together. Scott eventually came up to the top deck with our coffees and fruit plates for breakfast. Scott had informed us that we would be here for the next three days.

"Well good morning sleeping beauty. Laura smiled at Scott as he realized that he had forgotten to put his shorts on. I think you had better put some pants on before you get caught. Laura and I laughed at him. Who's up for bacon and egg? Laura smiled at Scott as he emerged back up to the top deck. That lovely sight you greeted us with has worked up my appetite."

We all nodded with approval. "Yes please Laura."

Scott was keen for us girls to join him for a day of snorkelling and exploring our little oasis. We didn't want to leave his side. It was mid afternoon before we returned to our houseboat. We discovered that the beach that was closest to us was a nudist beach. This place can't get any better! We bought our platters and champagne down to the nudist beach and we made plenty of knew friends as we enjoyed the stunning sunset.

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