tagRomanceLesbian Bitch Ch. 10

Lesbian Bitch Ch. 10


Shygirlwhore is my editor.

Everyone is over eighteen.


Ruby is the narrator.

Our little oasis

We were becoming rather close with two couples in particular. Steve and Ally were in their late teens. Ally had amazing legs that were never ending. Ally told us that because her tits are so big, she finds wearing a bra extremely uncomfortable. Ally's blonde thick hair was free flowing down over her little ass. Steve was a little out of shape but was still easy on the eye. Steve had a middle-sized cock, but Ally told us that Steve was a monster in the bedroom.

The other couple was in their late twenties Jax had breasts a similar shape and size to mine. Jax had short red curly hair and her ass was just as quiet as Laura's. Robbie took Laura and my breath away, he was a bodybuilder by trade with a twelve pack that made up for his little pecker.

Scott knew that we appreciated his fatigue and larger than normal cock and was very secure with his looks and wasn't threatened at all by Robbie's looks.

I was keen to share our new female friends with Laura and I had a real urge to eat their sweet cunts while my husband ass fucked them. Steve and Robbie got really turned on by the thought of watching Laura and I pleasuring their wives. The deal was that if Scott got to ass fuck their wives our lesbian bitch Laura had to give them blowjobs while the boys watched. We all shook hands in agreement suddenly my nipples and clitoris got extremely excited by the sexual prospects awaiting us. It was time to unwrap some of our sexually suggestive wedding presents to share with our friends. This was going to be one hell of an exciting and kinky fuck fest tonight.

We cracked four bottles of champagne down on the nudist beach along with the BBQ and salads that Steve and Ally were preparing, which helped to absorb some of the alcohol. Lucky we are all happy drunks! Boy we were sexually loosened up! We just sat down on the beach enjoying good food and shared our most intimate sex stories with each other.

Back on our houseboat Laura and I had laid out the most kinkiest sex toys we could find on the Bottom deck, and grabbed both Ally and Jax by the hand and masturbated, kissed and fondled each other around the sex toys, putting on a full on lesbian show for our loving husbands.

The boys played their own game egging arch other on to see who could shoot there cum the furthest while they jerk themselves off. Us girls were quite a sight as we managed to wear much of the boys spoof on our chests. I offered my ass to both gentlemen, while my man ass fucked their wives. Laura remembering the deal gave the gentleman blowjobs as they popped out of my ass. Laura and I swapped cum as we had a four-way kiss with Steve and Robbie. Scott had turned his attention from ass fucking Ally and Jax moving to his favorite pastime of eating pussy. Ally and Jax returned the favor and gave Scott a double blowjob before giving him an eye full of hot lesbian sex still managing to grope Scott's cock.

Things really started heating up once our respective husbands tied our wrists together and started using Dildo's and vibrators to explore our entire bodies. The handcuffs, clit beads and strap on's came into play as well. Scott couldn't contain his excitement as I used my strap on to ass fuck everyone, of course I saved the best for last Scott fingered Laura silly as I strap on ass fucked her. That was the first time Steve and Robbie had received anal sex and it drove their wives sexy crazy.

As the sex games cooled down Scott and Steve went up on the top deck did a spot of fishing. Robbie treated us girls to some of his bodybuilding routines. That was one of the most exciting things I have ever witnessed as Laura, Jax, Ally and myself were Jilling off with vigorously the more we enjoyed Robbie showing off.

We needed to take a break for a while we went up onto the top deck to join Scott and Steve. It was getting rather late by then so we saw no need to put any clothes on! It was nightcaps and shot all round. The boys had quite a few large fish on-board that they promised to BBQ for lunch tomorrow.

"What an eclectic bunch we are." Ally grinned as she took us all edged in her mind.

It was time for our friends to go their separate ways for the night, leaving me alone with my two sexy lovers for a night of rampant sex in bed entangled in each other's arms as we drifted off to sleep.

By 7 am Steve and Ally were knocking on the side of the houseboat. "Wake up sleepy heads. Let's go surfing. It's so great to feel the early morning air on your naked bodies. Isn't it?"

Scott and Laura joined them down on the beach. I was worn out. "I'll catch up with you guys in a bit. I'm going to bring pancakes down to the beach shortly for everyone. Have you guys heard from Jax and Robbie yet this morning?"

"Yes. Ally replied. They are doing the rain forest walk this morning and will be here by 11:30 to help prepare the fish for lunch. It's just us for Breakfast."

"What a glorious day in paradise we spent with our new found friends. I feel so blessed to have all of you guys in my life." Steve and Robbie showed Scott a few new tricks of Cooking fish on the BBQ.

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