tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLesbian Call Girl: A 3-Course Feast

Lesbian Call Girl: A 3-Course Feast


AUTHOR'S COMMENTS: This is a piece of fiction, based solely on my own sexual fantasies. It is not intended to imply anything about the sexual preferences or activities of the people portrayed in the story.

Monica Crowley is a conservative political commentator on U.S television and radio. I know that some people will be turned off (or maybe turned on) by her politics. I myself disagree with her on most topics, but that doesn't change the fact that she is beautiful and HOT. I just could not resist.


Well, this is a familiar spot, I laugh to myself. Indeed it is, one I've been in a number of times over the past few months - on my knees on the floor of some hotel room, parked between Monica Crowley's open thighs. I never would have guessed that a conservative political commentator would be one of my clients, but Monica has become a regular, calling up at least once every time she's in town, which tends to be every couple of weeks. I'm not sure how she first got hooked up with me, but I'm certainly glad she did. I don't agree with Monica at all on politics, but I sure love having sex with her. She's classy and pretty and actually very sweet. Add to that her intelligence, self-confidence, and sense of humor and you get a woman who is simply sexy as hell. And all that's in addition to her killer body - I couldn't believe it when I found out she was forty.

Yes, it's always the same routine with Monica, very straightforward and all business. She just relaxes and lies back easily on a chair or couch, while I get on my knees and do what I do best. I think she likes this arrangement, having me on my knees. It keeps it detached, impersonal, and adds a certain feeling of servitude that seems to appeal to her. Certainly she expects it, because she always takes her position, almost immediately, and clearly expects me to take mine. And I definitely like it, too. It makes me feel slutty and subservient, especially with her superior attitude. She just seems so naturally commanding, which appeals directly to my submissive tendencies.

I also love how she watches me as I eat her out, her mouth forming a secret smile, her eyes just riveted on me there with my head between her legs. It adds something for her, some tone of dominance, or maybe brings into focus the naughtiness of what she's doing, or more precisely, what she's letting me do to her. She watches me intently, only occasionally letting up, closing her eyes to relax and enjoy the moment as the pleasure really hits her.

My hands explore her body while my mouth works over her private parts. I caress the warm curve of her hips, then wander over the delicious contours of her legs. I've always admired Monica's legs, enjoyed the view of them on the McLaughlin Group on PBS, and in real life they're even better - just as shapely, but also smooth and silky to the touch. I've tried a few times to enjoy them more intimately, kissing and licking my way up and down their curves, but Monica always stops me, making me return to my proper focus, which, for her, is her sweet quim. And indeed, it is sweet. I really think Monica has the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted. I noticed it the first time I did her and it has always been the same. I don't know if it's her natural flavor or something she uses on herself, but it's wonderful.

There is so much lush female beauty to this woman. Looking up from my place on the floor, I can take in all her loveliness - the full curve of her hips, the flat, creamy expanse of her stomach, the easy swell of her breasts, topped with the pink, goose-bumped peaks of her tender nipples. Above that is her lovely face, her full lips quivering ever so slightly now in response to my ardent oral loving. And below, mmmm, right in front of me is her hot, quivering cunt, topped by a soft blonde tuft of pubic fur. If I pull back a little I can even catch a glimpse of her sweet little rosebud, all pretty and pink in the crack of her ass. That's one part of Monica I've yet to experience, but I'm hoping.

It's just good to finally have her completely naked. It took a couple sessions to get her to shed all her clothes, to convince her that she would enjoy it more if I could touch her everywhere, caress her bare breasts, her waist, run my hands over the sensitive skin of her torso. The first time she hired me she removed only what was necessary, just raising her skirt and slipping off her panties to let me get to her private parts. That was hot in its own way - just down and dirty sex with no preliminaries - but it was definitely limiting, too

It's so much better now that I can see and touch her whole body, as well as enjoy the sight of her stripping down to the buff, seeing her full breasts fall out as her bra comes off, watching her slip her expensive skirt down over her hips, and best of all, getting on my knees to pull down her lacy panties and then place a simple, subservient kiss on her pretty blonde muff. If that doesn't put a girl in the mood, nothing will.

Oh, the sex is still down and dirty, no kissing or cuddling, just right down to business - direct gratification, down on the floor with my mouth working dutifully between her legs. But I do notice that Monica is more relaxed, less inhibited in the way she receives her pleasure. She's even let me suck on her nipples a few times, lying back to enjoy the sensation, though I don't think she ever really relaxed completely. In any case, there's none of that tonight. Tonight it is right to the main course.

And of course, it's always clear who's in charge. This is perhaps the hottest part about doing Monica - she always keeps her cool. Oh, she cums, there's no doubt about that. The subtle tremors in her body tell that tale. But she also maintains control, always holds onto a slice of that reserved, professional demeanor. Even her hair stays in place, not a blonde lock falling out of line, even when she hits her peak. It's like she doesn't want to let me see the effect I'm having on her, or to admit what's happening to her. Still, the quiet grunts and groans and the subsequent warm, satisfied smile that glows on her face reveal the amount of pleasure she's receiving. That smile is the best part - a little victory for me that tells me I've done my job and made her cum. And if I manage to draw an audible "Oh!" from my conservative mistress, well, that's just icing on the cake.

I'm getting a quick response tonight. I've only been down on her for a few minutes, but already the effects are showing. I can always tell when Monica's getting close. Her legs start to tremble and they inch a little farther apart, while her hands take a firmer grip on my head. It's my cue to step up the action a bit, to move my tongue faster over her needy flesh, swirling lightly around her swollen clitoris. She's there now, making little grunting noises, already climbing the peak after just this brief period of attention. I lick over her clitoris with my whole tongue, wrapping the hot little morsel in sensual stimulation. It feels huge and hard as I swarm over it. Monica is breathing heavily. She seems to be at an especially high level of arousal tonight. That feeling is confirmed when she responds to one long, lingering lick with a loud groan, raising her rear off the chair. She's never responded so overtly before. She always maintains a certain level of self-control. Either she's really horny or she's starting to feel comfortable enough to let loose more.

"Oh, suck me ...mmm... god, SUCK ME!!!" My god, she's never said anything like that before. It's an incredible turn-on and I quickly do as she says, sucking her tender, wet flesh into my mouth, running my tongue eagerly over the edges of her cunt lips. I reach up to fondle her breasts while my mouth continues to work on her drooling orifice. She's absolutely wild now, her previous restraint almost completely gone, her abdomen rippling, contracting and relaxing in response to the pleasure from below. She has my head in a vise grip as she groans and strains toward her orgasm. I flick rapidly over her clit and she finally loses it. "Unnngh ...unnnng ... GOD ... eat it!...yeah...OH!"

Monica shivers and shakes on the tip of my tongue as low guttural sounds escapes from her lips. I hold her butt in my hands as her body arches up, reaching for more. Her eyes are closed tight and her mouth is twisted in a snarl as the pleasure just overcomes her. I plunge my tongue in deep and feel an extra gush of moisture ooze into my mouth. It's so good. I live for this.

Monica's orgasm is short and intense, her hips bucking several times as the aftershocks surge through her. As she starts to come down I change my pace, taking slow, leisurely swipes around her tender flesh. I lick up everything she has, cleaning up the mess I've made between her legs, and get ready for more.

Looking up, I am delighted to see that wonderful glow on her face. I could tell it was a great cum, short but sweet, and her face tells the story. But of course, that doesn't finish it. Monica never wastes a moment of our short time together. and a single orgasm is never, ever enough. Always the taskmistress, she keeps me at her relentlessly, using every available minute to extract the pleasure she expects. By now I know the routine: a quick pause once I finish her, pulling away slightly, just a momentary respite until the waves of pleasure subside. And then, moments later, I hear, "Okay, do it again," as she pulls me back into her humid crotch. No one else is so methodical, so constant in her need, so expectant of continual pleasure, even if the time is short. She makes me work steadily while I'm with her, but I love it, love how relentless and demanding she is. There are usually three or four of those "Do it again" moments in our hour session.

This time the command comes very quickly and I am back at it with almost no break in between. Monica pulls my head back into her, the moist heat of her crotch engulfing me from nose to chin. I'm immersed in her cunt, but I don't mind that at all, as I just love licking her. Monica's hips swing back and forth, slowly and steadily, rubbing my face in her still very wet pussy. I wash my tongue back and forth in her slot as she moves me up and down. A soft, steady "Mmmmmm" tells me how much she likes it. She looks down at me with a firm, possessive smile, then closes her eyes and savors the pleasant feelings between her legs. "Eat me," she murmurs dreamily, and I happily do as she asks.

Monica is far less frantic now, and it's clear that this one will stretch out longer than that first quickie. I lick her daintily, swabbing here and there, teasing her as the moisture starts to build again on her delicate tissues. Her hips are moving again, up and down, guiding my tongue through the exquisite warmth of her creamy folds. I'm licking her full length - slow, extended swipes from ass to clit. As I do so, I take the opportunity to "overshoot my target", venturing downward to sneak a couple of licks over the pink ring of her asshole. I pleasure her there quickly and subtly, hoping not to offend her. I can't tell if she even notices, but she definitely doesn't object. I make a mental note to try more the next time - always trying to push the envelope a bit.

Eventually her passion builds again and the pace picks up, along with her pelvic rhythm, until she's fucking my face just as furiously as before, smearing her abundant cream over my lips and chin. I'm so aroused now that I'm moaning into her slit, and I look up to see an extra-wide smile on her face. Monica has an ego and right now I'm stroking it, just as my tongue is stroking her sweet quim. I lick her to another orgasm and quickly hear another "Again." She's insatiable tonight. And so am I.

I hear "Again" four more times before our hour is over. Monica definitely seems satisfied, but I can sense her regret when she realizes our time is up. For a second I think she may ask for more, but I'm quickly disappointed, as she slowly eases away from me. Damn! It must be her conservative personality - she's just so damned consistent and disciplined. I swear that one of these times I'll get her to do an extended, more leisurely session. Or maybe just longer, at the same level of intensity - that would be hot, too. I suggest this as I leave, offering more time for the same price, a sort of "regular customer reward", but all I get is her amused smile and a soft-spoken "We'll see."

Of course, the big problem with doing Monica is that I always leave frustrated. Even if we had more time, I doubt that I would ever feel comfortable pleasuring myself during our sessions, since the focus is so clearly on satisfying her needs. And it's no different this time. Fifteen minutes after the hour, I find myself out on the street, horny as hell as I think about what I just did, vividly reminded by the taste of Monica's juices that still lingers on my tongue. I'm buzzing and desperate for a place where I can give myself some relief.

I'm about to slip into one of the hotel restrooms to satisfy my needs when my phone beeps. It's a text from CaCee: "Hey u done with MC?"

I text back a "yes" and get a "call me" in return. Dutifully, I call "the boss", though I'm dying to get into the restroom to relieve the tension Monica left me with. "What's up?" I ask when CaCee picks up.

"Hey babe, I got an 'emergency call' for you. You up for it?"

I'm not really sure, but I answer, "Yeah, I guess. What is it?"

"Well," CaCee responds excitedly, "I've got two chicks riding around in a limo and they want a girl. And I won't tell you who they are, but I know you, and I know you're going to want to do these two. For sure. Oh, and they want you all night."

Well, it does sound interesting, and since Monica left me unbelievably horny, I'm definitely up for more. "Sure," I say, "when do you need me?"

"Right now," comes the startling response. "They're right outside your hotel there!"

Now? I think. Damn, I'm not ready yet. I start to stammer something, but CaCee interrupts and immediately convinces me I have to go now. Luckily I cleaned myself up before I left Monica, so I can, though I really need to do something else first! But, ever the good employee, I do what CaCee asks.

I look outside and sure enough, there's a stretch limo right in front of the hotel. I wander out and tap cautiously on the driver's window. It rolls down to reveal a pretty Latina woman in a chauffeur's cap. The nameplate on her chest says "Maria".

"Did you call CaCee?" I ask.

She gives me knowing smile, snorts a little laugh, and says, pointing behind her, "No, but they did. You can get in the back." I start to move away and she stops me, "Oh, wait a minute," she says. She rolls her eyes as she explains, "I'd better let you in."

I step back to the passenger doors and Maria opens one for me, peeking inside first to make sure it's okay. I slip inside the limo and find it dark, so dark I can't see who I'm with. Then suddenly the lights flip on and I see. And what a sight - two busty young women on the opposite seat, one blonde and one redhead, both very attractive. And both as naked as the day they were born.

"Hey," the redhead says breathily, and now I realize who she is. It's Lindsay Lohan! And the blonde, it's ... oh, hell yes! - it's Britney Spears. CaCee was right - I would never pass this one up. These two aren't the most highbrow of celebrities, but I've always had a secret desire for both of them. Purely physical, of course, a "guilty pleasure" like the one I have for Jessica.

I can tell immediately that they've been partying. I have a flash of concern, given their previous bouts with excess, but I don't see any evidence of drugs. The car does smell of alcohol, but nothing else, no weed at least. However, I do notice one other smell, the smell of female arousal. I notice now that there are several vibrators lying on the seats and on the floor. Lindsay and Brit have obviously been playing. But I guess they wanted a more interesting toy.

"Did CaCee tell you what was up?" Lindsay asks.

It takes me a moment to respond, as I'm thoroughly distracted by Lindsay's body, my eyes drawn uncontrollably to the space between her thighs, where her female parts are clearly visible, all pink and pouty. "Not really," I answer at last, "but it looks like you're ready for some fun."

Now Brit speaks for the first time, chiming in with, "Yeah, we're ready for sure. The vibes just don't do it. I really want some head." I chuckle to myself. Same old Britney - so much class.

Lindsay offers me a drink from a flask and I accept. It seems to be a Mohito or some such thing. It's fairly sweet, and not being a real drinker, I'm glad for that. Lindsay hands me a glass and I fill it and sip while she talks in a rambling, semi-drunk manner.

"Okay, so Rule Number One," Lindsay says playfully, wagging her finger like a chastising schoolmarm, "...no clothes allowed." She gives me a naughty smile and continues, "Come on, off with them."

I laugh good-naturedly at her little game and quickly pull off my dress, bra and panties, placing them carefully in a pile in a secluded corner. Lindsay continues her playful tone, commenting to Britney as she surveys my nude form, "Hmmm, cute little thing, isn't she?" I take this as a compliment. I know my body can't compare to either of theirs in sheer female sexuality, so "cute" gives me a nice feeling. I take several overly-flirtatious poses, playing up the tone. Lindsay smiles in appreciation, but Brit just stares, not very interested in my little games, seeming distracted.

"Rule Number Two," Lindsay declares with a mischievous grin, "...Lindsay gets it first."

This audacity draws a jaw-dropping look of outrage from Brit. "Who says you go first?" she pouts, "I'm hornier than you are!" This, in turn, brings a loud guffaw from Lindsay, but Brit continues her rant. "You had your old Samantha," she complains. Then, shaking one of the vibrators in Lindsay's face, she whines, "I got nuthin' but this for the past two months!"

Wow, I think, two months! Yeah, she really must be horny, at least if she's anything like the other pop diva I know. If Jessica went two months without any real sex, I'd be in her bedroom doing her the whole night. No wonder Brit wasn't interested in my silly posing.

The two of them argue back and forth. As they do, I spend the time to admire their naked bodies. Lindsay appears to be on an upswing of her ongoing weight yo-yo, which is good. When she loses too much she looks drawn and anorexic. but tonight she looks wonderful - healthy and voluptuous and delightfully feminine. Her breasts are full and firm, her pink nipples like sweet candy drops begging for an eager mouth. Her whole body exudes a feeling of overt softness, all peaches and cream, with those little sprays of freckles in the most delightful places. Looking at that luscious body, now with just the right amount of extra curves, I just want to dive in and devour her.

But of course there's also Britney. I've always found her irresistibly cute when she isn't drugging out or going insane, and tonight she seems to be back to that cleaner life. I've read that she's been working hard to return to her previous shape and I have to say she's succeeded admirably. Her stomach is deliciously flat, her creamy white thighs supple and smooth. And her breasts, well they are simply magnificent. I've read she's a 36D and while I can't confirm that, I can say that they look wonderful, full and firm, standing out proudly from her chest. Her pinkish brown nipples are large and already erect, the areoles dotted with little bumps that reveal her current level of arousal. Like Lindsay, Brit looks good enough to eat. And if I read the situation correctly, I'm about to do just that.

Finally they stop arguing and Lindsay concedes to her more horny friend. "Alright, alright," she says good-naturedly, "you can go first." She adds with a mischievous grin, "At least I get to watch."

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