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Lesbian Call Girl - Desperate Actresses


This is one in a series of stories based on the premise of selling myself as a call girl catering to rich and famous women, managed by CaCee Cobb, Jessica Simpson's former personal assistant. The premise may be a little shaky, but it's a fun concept and it reflects a real fantasy of mine.

NOTE: This is a work of complete fiction and has no reation to the real lives of the people depicted.


The mid-afternoon California sun poured into the window in CaCee's office as we sat together on her plush new sofa. She had finally decorated the office and just spent fifteen minutes walking me through all the choices she'd made in the process. But now she was down to business, telling me about our latest client. "Soooo, my little Leenie, I've got a new one for you. A little different, but from what you've told me in the past, I don't think you'll have any problem with her." I wondered what she meant by "different". I'd been at this now for a several months and had seen a number of clients, most of them famous, all of them rich, Hollywood women. Some (most, really) had been pretty self-centered and spoiled, but none had been nasty or kinky. I wondered if that was what was coming.

CaCee rambled on as thought back to how this all started, several months ago. CaCee called me with what seemed like a crazy idea - to become a "lesbian call girl" under her management. CaCee knew of my sexual proclivities from my time as a summer intern for her and her best friend (and then her boss) Jessica Simpson, when, through an odd series of events, I ended up spending a lot of "quality time" with both of them. Those activities, however, were a far cry from prostitution, which is really what CaCee was proposing. She argued that it would all be very high class and safe, with rich and famous clients in the entertainment business, and that, from her own experience, I would be great at it. And she assured me there was a market for this, plenty of high-profile women, many of them older, who would pay for it, either for a special thrill, or for easy access to an attractive young girl, or just to satisfy their needs in a discrete, no-strings-attached environment. But there was no escaping the reality of the job, so my first reaction was an emphatic "Hell no." However, after I got over the initial shock and thought more about it, I reconsidered. CaCee was she was talking about big money, which I could certainly use. And adding in the adventure and the beautiful women she assured me I'd be with, I decided to give it a try. CaCee was thrilled, as she had just quit as Jessica's assistant and needed the income herself. She had been keeping me busy ever since.

I came out of my reverie and realized that CaCee was still talking about our latest client. "I know you say you like older women, hon, but this one's older than any of the others." That did catch my attention. Yes, older women interested me, and I'd been with several "older" women already, but that was relative to my own age. The oldest so far was close to forty, which isn't really old at all. CaCee's cautious comments made me wonder where this was going.

It was time to cut to the chase. "So what's the story, CaCee," I asked. "Who's the client?"

CaCee answered my question with one of her own: "Do you ever watch 'Desperate Housewives'?"

"Hmmm,.. No," I said, "I watched it the first year, but only off and on since. It got kind of silly." As I spoke, I was leafing through the cast in my mind, wondering who this mystery woman might be. The big stars were all close to forty, and still very attractive, but there were a few bit players who were much older. I wasn't sure how I felt about that - it could be a little strange. On the other hand, this was a job, and I knew things could go this way when CaCee first proposed it to me.

"Well," CaCee continued, "if you haven't watched recently, you may not know our latest 'adventurer'. Are you familiar with Dana Delaney?"

Omigod, I thought - Dana Delaney! Yes, I was familiar with her. In fact, I'd had a girl-crush on her for years. In my early teens, watching reruns of "China Beach" on cable, my response to Dana was one of the first indications of the direction of my budding sexuality. I had seen her in a few more recent things, but had yet to see her on "Desperate Housewives". I was surprised to hear her spoken of as "old".

Snapping back to the present, I answered CaCee's question. "Yeah, I know her. But she's not really that old, is she?"

"Not sure of her age, but I know she's over fifty. That better be okay, babe, because I already committed you. I told you at the start that you wouldn't always be with hot little sexpots. Plus, it's a good deal - all day, and she's paying a premium for it."

"Sure, it's fine," I assured her, and I meant it. I realized that I hadn't seen Dana in anything recently, and that she was already in her thirties when I first noticed her, but it was still hard to believe that she was fifty. I assumed she had stayed in shape, but I wondered what she looked like these days. Our age difference was considerable, but on the positive side, that could add extra excitement, a little extra kink to the encounter.

"Cool," she said, beaming proudly at me, her little project, "You're so easy to work with. Now where were those notes I had on this?" CaCee moved to her desk and rummaged through the piles of papers she had there. As she bent over the desk, I admired her lovely backside, so perfect there in her tight pink capris. Her halter-top shifted up to expose a long expanse of smooth, tan skin on her back. I felt myself responding to the sight and realized that it had been a while since I'd had any sex. But that was about to change.

We stood together by the desk as CaCee filled me in on the details - where I was to go, what time, as well as a cover story for why I was there, in case it was needed. And she reiterated that Dana had paid for the whole day, which meant, in theory at least, that she could have me until the following morning, almost twenty-four hours. I'd never made that long a commitment, but as CaCee noted, she had paid extra for it.

I was about to go, but as I turned for the door, CaCee placed a hand on my shoulder to stop me. "Oh, yeah, Milene, I almost forgot... Jess wants to see you tonight." Then she added with a roll of her eyes, "I think she's feeling 'needy'."

I had to laugh at that. Part of the deal with CaCee was that I would continue to service Jessica whenever she wanted it, so I knew what that "needy" meant. It meant two or three hours parked between Jessica's legs, eating her pussy and ass until she had more orgasms than most people could even think about. And of course, Jessica just took them for granted, as something she was naturally entitled to. I didn't mind, though. Even after so many times with her, I still enjoyed Jessica's luscious body, and I really loved her insatiability and the way she responded to my lovemaking. It would be a fun night.

"Just make sure you save some for tomorrow," CaCee added with a wry grin. "Remember, Ms Delaney paid extra for the whole day, and you have to satisfy the paying customers."

"Oh come on, CaCee," I answered, suddenly feeling a little cocky, "you should know by now that I can handle whatever you throw my way." Then I added with a sly grin, "Besides, you never seem to worry about the paying customers when you want your own freebies."

CaCee seemed taken aback for a second, but then she grabbed my upper arm hard, pulling me toward her to look intently into my eyes. "You're getting pretty sassy, girl," she said playfully. "Maybe you need to remember who's the boss."

"Maybe," I responded, playing the brat now, egging her on, "why don't you show me?" She immediately got into the game, ordering me to "lock the door, you little bitch."

I stepped quickly across the room to do just that, and by the time I turned around, she had already loosened her belt and was unbuttoning her capris. "Hey, wait a minute!" I exclaimed, scurrying back to her. "I think that's my job." Then I added sarcastically, "I probably need the practice."

I dropped to my knees and finished undoing her pants, pulling them down over her shapely legs, revealing a frilly purple thong that covered almost nothing. Our little verbal foreplay had really got me going, and the sight of her there like that almost took my breath away. I looked up into her eyes as I placed a warm, urgent kiss right on her thong.

"God, you are such a whore," she whispered, and her tone said that it was definitely a compliment. "You really love pussy, don't you?"

"Ummm hmmmm," I breathed, nuzzling further into her warm crotch. Then playing it out, "I love YOUR pussy. Can I have some pussy, CaCee? ... Some of yours? ...Please?"

Her response was subtle, her hips inching just a bit forward to indicate her assent. I immediately took the cue, reaching up to pull that lacy little wisp off to leave her naked from the waist down. As soon as I was done, she lifted her left leg, resting her foot on a nearby chair, lewdly opening herself to my gaze.

I could not suppress a little "Ohhh" at the sight of her exposed, pink flesh. I looked up to see a sly, knowing grin on her face. "Yeah, you want that, don't you? That's what I love about you, babe, you ALWAYS want some," she said. Then, urging me forward with a hand on my head. "Go ahead, sweetie, enjoy."

I didn't have to be told twice. I always love licking CaCee, and by then I was so horny I couldn't wait a second more. Taking her hips in both hands, I swooped in and took a long, leisurely lick all the way up her open slit, my eyes closing rapturously as I felt the soft tissues yield to my tongue, tasted the warm juice that was already flowing.

Above me, I heard a quiet, "Mmmmmmm..." as CaCee experienced the wet, gentle touch of my tongue on her privates. I looked up and saw that her eyes were also closed, but then they opened and I smiled lustily at her, licking around inside her, then pulling away and licking my lips for emphasis as I held her gaze.

"Are you sure you don't want me to save this for the customers?" I teased, licking her again, stopping just short of her clittie.

CaCee's eyes tightened in playful command as her right hand grabbed my hair. "Shut up and eat, bitch," she snarled, as she jammed my face back between her legs. Now it was my turn to "Mmmmmm" as my lips melded tightly into the wet heat of CaCee's cunt. I rubbed my face in her, circling, savoring the feel of her delicate flesh in my mouth. Her flow increased as I moved, and I licked inside to scoop some of her delicious nectar into my mouth. I heard an urgent "Unggggh" above me and could already see CaCee's abdominal muscles flexing and twisting in response to my exploration. This was going to be a quick one, as our little charade had raised the passion in both of us. I moved on toward the inevitable conclusion, happily eating her out, and in minutes she was churning in the throes of climax. I licked her through it, pulling the pleasure from her as she bathed my face with her cream.

"So... was I good?" I purred afterward, keeping the tease going as I wiped my mouth clean. "Am I ready for tomorrow?"

Her response was a snarled "Not good enough, bitch... do it again!", as she forced my face back in for a second helping of her drooling snatch. She was still just playing, but her commanding tone was nonetheless exciting. I turned her around and she rested her elbows on the desk as I licked her from behind, one of my favorite positions. I brought her to a second grinding, groaning orgasm, her bottom shimmying in my face as I burrowed as deeply into her as I could. Then I slipped off, hoping to rest up for my session with Jessica.

Resting was a good idea. As expected, it was a long, demanding session that night. Jessica had been feeling down, and when Jess feels bad, she tends to lift her spirits with a ton of hot, nasty sex. That night she used me unmercifully, riding my face, pumping into my mouth, and making me lick her ass again and again while she cooed and sighed in response. She was absolutely insatiable, but I have to admit, I loved it. I can't say how many times she came, because I actually lost count, but I'm sure it was the most I'd ever given her. She was in a good frame of mind when I finally left her room, totally satisfied and relaxed. I'm sure she got a good night's sleep.

Unfortunately, when I awoke the next morning, I felt the effects of my long night with Jessica. My lips were slightly chapped and my jaw ached like hell from working on her for so long. I was really worried that CaCee might be right and I would not be ready for my appointment with Dana. Fortunately, I'd been there before, and had some remedies. With a little lip balm, a couple of Tylenols, and some deep massaging of my jaw hinge, I was set to go again. Wow, I thought - CaCee in the afternoon, Jessica all night, and now on my way to Dana Delaney, and getting paid to boot. Life was good.

At CaCee's suggestion, I got a cab and arrived at the studio at 1:00. The driver pulled up to the guard station, where, as instructed, I identified myself as Dana Delaney's niece. I expected some hassle, but there was none, perhaps because, also at CaCee's suggestion, I had dressed smartly and modestly. In my simple white blouse and plain blue skirt, with little makeup and hair back in a half ponytail, I looked like a typical middle class college student, maybe even a high school girl. The guard quickly checked his notes, then my ID, and pleasantly waved me through, first providing me directions to the "Housewives" set and to Dana's trailer.

My heart pounded with anticipation during the brief ride to the set and a brisk walk to the specified trailer. I took a deep breath and knocked lightly on the door. From inside I heard a "Who is it?" in a female voice that made me shiver with nerves and excitement.

"Its Milene," I said, trying to speak loudly enough without drawing a lot of attention, then added, "uh... from CaCee."

The door opened and there she was, smiling that broad smile I remembered from television. "Wow," she exclaimed, looking me up and down, seeming a little surprised, "you're cute!"

I felt myself blush at her compliment, then extended my hand in introduction. "Good afternoon, Ms Delaney, I'm Milene," I said simply. "I'm honored to meet you."

She shook my hand and couldn't hide her amusement. "Well, aren't you a sweetheart. I'm happy to meet you, too. Come on in ...and I think you should call me Dana." So unpretentious, I thought, open and straightforward. I was loving this woman more by the minute.

As I stepped into the trailer it took a second for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. Then I was surprised by what I saw. This may have been a trailer but it was not your typical trailer park fare. This was an expensive, well-decorated space that, I'm sure, cost more than many people's homes. Among other features, there was a mini-kitchen, a wet bar, a sofa and chairs, and surprisingly, a fairly large bed in the middle. The air conditioning must have been on high, because despite the outside temperature, it seemed very cool inside.

Dana offered me a drink and I took it - some kind of white wine, highly chilled and very good. I perched myself on the edge of the bed while Dana reclined comfortably on the sofa.

Funny, I was so flustered when I first arrived that I didn't even notice how she looked, but I did now. There was no denying that she was a mature woman, but even at this age, she still maintained that cute-pretty look I remembered from China Beach. Yes, there were lines around the eyes and random streaks of gray in the hair, but the eyes still sparkled there were still those freckled cheeks and that big, open smile that just exuded warmth. And her hair was longer now, thick auburn tresses falling down over her shoulders. Dana was obviously relaxing, because she was wearing a long, silky dressing gown that revealed only vague outlines of the lush curves of her breasts and hips. Oh my, I remembered those breasts. Dana's breasts, bulging out of an army t-shirt on "China Beach", were one of the first things that made me aware of my interest in girls. The thought that I would soon be seeing them in the flesh, touching them, maybe sucking them, was just thrilling.

"So..." she started, turning back toward me, then pausing before continuing, "Wow, you really are young aren't you?" Her comment didn't surprise me. I look young for my age, so I get that a lot. A lot of people still think I'm in high school when they first meet me.

"I'm legal," I assured her with a smile. "But I'm only twenty-one. I hope that's not a problem."

Dana smiled, and I sensed she was thinking about something, perhaps about how naughty she was being in doing this. "Oh no," she said, "it's not a problem at all. It's wonderful, actually. I was just struck by how sweet and innocent you look. A little surprised, I guess."

"It's alright," I said, "I know I look like that, but looks are deceiving. You'll find out," I purred, trying my best to sound sexy, "... I'm really not innocent at all."

Dana laughed lightly at my cheekiness. "Well, aren't you the hot one. That's good, though, really. This is a new thing for me, you know, paying for it." She wrinkled her nose a little, seeing a little humor in the situation. "Sooooo..." she continued, now shaking her shoulders in fun-drama, "I was hoping to get a little w--i--l--d, you know? Meaning..." tilting her head with an exaggerated leer, "I'm not paying for innocent, see? In fact... I was told to expect... just the opposite." I simply nodded my understanding. Obviously, CaCee had been promoting my talents.

I tried to make small talk for a while as we sipped our wine. This is always the uncomfortable part, the initial stages, and I'm not that good at it. I asked how she liked the show, things like that, and told her how I'd always admired her as an actress. She asked me a few things about myself, but for the most part we kept it pretty impersonal. She did tell me that she was finished shooting for the day, meaning that we really did have all the time she wanted.

Dana must have gotten a head start on the wine, because she seemed a little tipsy, just enough to be fun. She spoke quickly and freely, laughing as she talked to me, and also waved her hands a lot, splashing her wine around and gradually loosening the belt on her robe. That loosening continued until eventually the whole front of her robe was open, almost down to her crotch, allowing her full breasts to come into plain view. She didn't even notice until she caught me staring.

"Oh.... Oops!! Sorry," she giggled, putting down her wine and starting to pull herself together. Then the silliness of that seemed to dawn on her. "What am I doing?" she asked rhetorically. "You're going to see everything I've got anyway, aren't you. So what the heck! Ta dahhh!" And with that she flung open her robe completely, pulling it off her arms and lying back in the couch, giving me her best bedroom eyes, thoroughly, shamelessly naked.

Now I had a chance to judge her beauty in a different context, and it faired just as well as it had earlier. I always think of Hollywood stars as being tan, but seeing Dana now in her full nakedness, I was struck by how fair-skinned she was - a very sexy look, actually. And while I knew Dana was voluptuous, I still marveled at her body. Her breasts, so full and round, were perhaps not quite as pert and upright as in years past, but were nonetheless so soft and feminine, the coral nipples standing out against the alabaster background of her skin. She had kept herself in good shape, and her waist, still acceptably trim, accented the wonderfully female bulge of her hips below it. Her legs were very nice, too, shapely and a little muscular, and between them, below a small bush of reddish brown hair, I could clearly see the outline of her female parts, the lips pouting outward to form a dark pink cleft that I could not stop looking at. As I stared at her, she boldly opened her thighs, giving me a clearer view of her sex, flaunting it, and I found myself squeezing my own thighs together, unconsciously stimulating myself in response to her little show.

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