Lesbian Call Girl: Kaley


At my urging, we place two pillow under her hips to raise her butt just enough to give me better access. I place a soft, chaste kiss on one cheek, then the other, licking lightly over the baby-soft flesh of her buns, teasing her and myself with the brief touch. Then I become bolder, licking along the length of her crack, feeling the hollow of her anus as my tongue rolls over it, but not slipping inside, still teasing, drawing a quiet "Mmmmm" from Kaley. She wiggles her luscious butt a bit in my face, encouraging me to go further. I need no encouragement. I can't wait to get into that delicious ass. Placing the palms of my hands on both cheeks, I slowly, gently spread them, a shiver running through me as get another look at Kaley's lovely asshole. God, it is perfect. I just gaze at it for a few seconds, watching it contract and relax. Kaley is either teasing me or is reacting in anticipation of what I am about to do. And I am literally shaking with arousal.

I lean forward and place a gentle kiss right on her delicate hole. Kaley responds with a soft moan, and I go further, licking slowly all around the rim of her asshole, then up and down in the crack of her ass, then back to lick passionately at her hole again, Kaley responds this time with a more urgent groan and reaches back to pull my head deeper into her butt. God, it's wonderful. She is loving it and so am I.

Keeping her cheeks spread with my palms, I place my thumbs on either side of her asshole and open it slightly, just enough to expose the tender, pink interior. Then I let my tongue wiggle tantalizingly back and forth over that delicate flesh. "Oh my god," she moans as her body trembles, "that feels so fucking good!!" Spurred on by her words, I get more aggressive, first licking firmly, then pushing the tip of my tongue into the entrance of Kaley's butthole.

"Oh FUCK!" she murmurs, so quietly, "oh god, fuck!" I lick again around the rim of her asshole and get an even better response. "Mmmmm ... oh Jesus! I can't believe you're doing that. God, I LOVE this!" Kaley's butt is moving now, back and forth, in time with my tongue swipes across her asshole. I push my face deeper into her ass, loving the heat and caress of her smooth, soft buns against my cheeks. I push my tongue forward again and feel her little ring relax, allowing me to plunge even farther into her hot little hole. Kaley grips desperately at the bed sheet as a wonderfully desperate groan comes from deep within her. That groan turns into a mindless babble of words - "Oh GOD ... Fuck! ... Jesus!!" - when I open my mouth wide against her opening and push deeper, as deep as possible, until the entire length of my tongue is buried in Kaley's wonderful hot ass.

Kaley groans loudly, then whimpers delightfully as my tongue wiggles inside her butt, thrilling to the tight clamp of her anal ring around it. I stroke it in and out several times before pulling out to lick lovingly up and down her ass crack, pausing each time to swab wetly around the rim of her needy little anus. I use my finger to play with her, circling the little ring, then pushing inside, enjoying the heat as Kaley whines with pleasure. Finally I go back in with my tongue, feeling no resistance now as once again my whole tongue slides easily into her asshole.

Much as I love eating Kaley's ass, I want to get her off again. Reaching under her, my fingers find the hot, spongy softness of her cunt lips. I play with them a bit, fondling the warm, soft flaps, then push inside. My god, she is literally dripping wet. Kaley moans and whines, and her juices flow freely onto my hand as my fingers push all the way into her. I wriggle them inside her, and then search for her g-spot. I find it quickly and begin massaging it as my tongue goes back to work inside her clinging asshole, Her cries are louder now, more urgent. "Oh Jesus Fuck!! What are you doing to me???"" she cries, as her hips move violently up and down on my fingers. I am clearly driving her crazy, just as I wanted to. In short order, Kaley begins to shake and wail as she loses all control, the intense pleasure pushing her inevitably toward her onrushing climax.

I lick her through her climax until at last she's down, at least partially. Her breathing is still hard and ragged. "Oh god ... oh god ... oh god!" she gasps as she is wracked by a series of full-body tremors.

I reach over to caress her lovely ass again, but she stops me. "No," she smiles and stammers, "Please ... no more. I can't take any more." It is arousing and satisfying for me to see her drained like this and to know how much physical pleasure I have given her.

Soon after that, I take my leave. Kaley sees me to the door, still deliciously naked. I thank her for our time together and give her a quick goodbye kiss. She smiles and says, "See you next time." It's the best thing I've heard in weeks.

I walk down the hall of the hotel and get into the elevator. There are others already in there, and I think to myself, If only you knew what I just did! A satisfied smile fills my face as I raise a vision of Kaley Cuoco's luscious body writhing on the bed as I eat her out one more time.

God, I love this job!!

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