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Lesbian Call Girl - Katherine


This is one in a series of stories based on the premise of selling myself as a call girl catering to rich and famous women, managed by CaCee Cobb, Jessica Simpson's former personal assistant. For the background story, you should read "Serving Jessica", but this story can also stand on its own.


The cab pulls to the curb and the passenger window slides down. The driver leans over, cued by the white rose in my hand. "You have an appointment with 'Miss H?" he asks cryptically. I lean down to assure him I do, shielding my eyes from the late afternoon sun. Then I quickly slip into the back seat and the driver speeds away, across Santa Monica Boulevard toward Beverly Hills. I wonder if he knows the nature of my appointment.

My stomach is all a-flutter as the cab winds through the streets, past the brick and stone walls built to protect the privacy of the rich and famous. I should be used to this by now, but the first encounter is always a thrill. And besides, this one is different. This is Katherine Heigl, the girl who, for me, is the real "anatomy" in Grey's Anatomy. I can't believe that within the hour I will be going down on her, pleasuring her in every way I can think of. I make a mental note to give Cacee a special "thank you" for finding this one.

I'm feeling sexy and confident, adorned in an outfit I just purchased, a pink silk top over a tight little black miniskirt. I've also put a little curl in my hair, something I rarely do. The whole package is not a style I would normally pick for myself (I tend toward simple things), but it works well for my job. I've learned from experience that my "clients" expect a certain look from me. It may differ from one woman to the next, but there's a common thread throughout, and that is to look classy - sexy, but classy. So unless a client has a specific request for a "look", I go with this.

The taxi pulls into one of the driveways, up to the intercom at the gate. The driver talks to a disembodied female voice and in moments the gate opens. We travel up the short drive and as we reach the house, I see her standing out front, waiting for me. She smiles broadly and waves, as she would to someone she's known for years. I assume it's a show for the driver.

Looking at Katherine now, I feel a little overdressed. She looks so wonderfully casual, more like a pretty coed than a famous Hollywood star. She is wearing a pale green t-shirt with a little Minnie Mouse over her left breast, and below it, bright pink Capri pants that fit oh so perfectly and showcase the delightful curves of her hips and thighs. Her hair is pulled back in a short ponytail, and a pair of pink and green flip-flops provide the finishing touch, displaying her cute, perfectly pedicured feet. It's a look you might see on any college campus, though my guess is that those simple clothes cost more than most college girls make in a month.

My god, she is so beautiful! Her face is healthy and glowing, her smile a light, even in the bright afternoon sun. She's wearing a perfect amount of makeup, just a touch of eyeliner and a shimmering, pink gloss on her lips that makes her mouth look wet, shiny and incredibly sexy. And her body! Damn. No anorexic Hollywood star here, not this one. Katherine's is the classic female form, voluptuous in the best sense of the word. Her thin, cotton top does little to hide the delectable bulge of her full breasts, while her hips, curvy and womanly in those hot pink Capris, make me want to grab them and dig into her with no further preliminaries.

I pay the cabbie and head toward the front door. Katherine has already turned and is walking in front of me, her hips swaying provocatively as she moves. As she reaches the door she turns and offers her hand as I climb the few steps of the stoop. She seems so sweet and down to earth. I tell her my name and say politely, "I'm so pleased to meet you, Ms. Heigl" and she quickly corrects me: "People call me Katie." I say "Okay, Katie" with a smile, but inside I know she'll always be Katherine to me. It's the name I've known her by and the name I've fantasized about.

Katherine subtly looks me over, seemingly sizing me up. "You're so petite," she says. "For some reason I expected someone in your profession to be ... oh, I don't know ... larger than life or something." she laughs at herself and her preconceptions. "Whatever," she concludes.

"Katie" opens the door for me and we go inside. It's magnificent, of course, huge and exquisitely decorated, but I've grown accustomed to this lavishness from the other star's homes I've been in. I expect her to offer me a seat, but she doesn't. Instead, we both stand there in the large foyer, facing each other. I feel slightly uncomfortable until I realize that she just wants to get started. No preliminaries this time, no small talk, just get to it. That's fine with me, as I am ready, too.

I can see now that Katherine is definitely not wearing a bra. Her taut nipples poke out seductively under her light cotton tee. Making the first move, I use my finger to tweak one of them through the thin fabric. "Well," I playfully tease her, "someone's glad to see me." She laughs softly and cutely bites her lower lip, embarrassed that I have exposed her arousal. Then she breathes an admission, "I've been thinking about this all day, once I knew for sure you were coming. I'm so damned horny!"

Wow, that sounds good. "Well then," I respond, reaching boldly for her waist, pulling her closer, "I guess we shouldn't make you wait any longer." She's much taller than I and I'm glad I wore my highest heels to partially bridge the gap. I raise my head slightly to brush over those full, lush lips with my own, licking delicately over them. Just this tiny, intimate touch has me totally aroused already. I let the tender kiss linger for a while, then push firmly in, rotating my head slightly as my tongue moves into the moist pit of her mouth. She responds immediately, an almost imperceptible moan as her tongue moves hotly over mine and we writhe softly against each other.

I let my hands roam over her body, up and down her back, stimulating her, but also stimulating myself. I move to the gentle curve of her ass, caressing her soft buns with my open palms. The thin fabric of her pants lets me feel every contour of her butt, almost as if it were already bare. A quiet "Mmmmm" tells me she likes the feel of my hands there. Her hands are on me, too, though she's definitely not as aggressive as I am. She moves daintily on my body, mostly holding onto my waist, squeezing me there as she responds to what I'm doing to her.

We make out for a minute or so before I pull back, looking into her pretty blue eyes, trying to gauge her feelings. We're both breathing hard now, our temperatures rising.

"Do you play with girls a lot?" I ask. Normally I wouldn't be so nosy with a client, but Katherine seems to enjoy the talk. My hands continue to caress her bottom, encouraging her to open up.

"Some in the past," she says softly, still her eyes still locked intently onto mine, "but not in a long time. When I heard about this, it just sounded so good. I realized how much I miss it. And with Josh away, well ... uh ..." She stops in her thought, apparently catching herself, holding back from giving too much information. I wonder if she's told Josh about this little encounter, or if he even knows about these desires she has, but I don't ask. It's not my place to ask.

But she seems eager to talk about this, leaving her husband out of it. I squeeze her butt gently and she responds with a brief "Mmmm", then She leans in for another quick tongue-kiss before continuing. "When I was a teenager, on the set, a lot of girls would come on to me. I resisted it for a while, but eventually I let some of them do it." She kisses me again, then breaks into a naughty smile. "It was good. Some of them were SOOO good at it! And they seemed so happy to do it."

"Yeah, I can believe that," I say, giving her breast a gentle squeeze. "Even the straight girls probably wanted some of you."

"You're sweet," she answers, "but I think a lot of it was just being young and curious. Some of them were pretty clueless, but some were really, really good. After a while I couldn't resist letting them do it. I guess I was kind of slutty, but I just got hooked on it. There really is something special about how a girl does it." The talk does seem to be adding something for her, a sort of verbal foreplay. Her eyes have a steamy look and I can feel the heat of her deep, jagged breaths on my face.

"So you never 'did it' for them?" I ask, filled with curiosity of my own. She has me going now.

She doesn't speak for a moment, as she considers her answer. "No, not much" she replies, seeming slightly embarrassed, but still very open. Her eyes look up and her nose wrinkles cutely as she admits her weakness. "I tried a couple times, but ... I guess I'm more of a pillow princess." There's a long pause before she clarifies, earnestly and bluntly, "I just really, really love oral sex. It makes me cum so much better." I feel myself getting wetter just hearing those words from her. I know why she said it, what she's implying. This is going to be even better than I'd hoped.

Suddenly a new feeling comes over her, a little guilt, like she's being way too selfish. "Oh god, I am such a pillow princess!" she exclaims with a little blush. Her fingers touch her lips in self-reproach. "I'm so bad."

I assure her that what she wants isn't bad, that this is her turn to be the pillow princess, but she seems to feel guilty about it nonetheless. I almost tell her just how much I am dying to do her, but decide the best course is to just go with the flow, to let her feel however she feels, but then make her feel so good that she'll forget all about it.

"It's okay," I say again, "let's just do this."

Katherine smiles in grateful relief and leads me upstairs to the bedroom. Like everything else I've seen, it's sumptuous, including a huge California King bed with a brass headrail and a ton of pillows. Katherine begins to prepare the bed, removing the comforter and pulling back the sheet. She spends what seems like forever fluffing all the pillows, and while I am dying to get started, I am content to watch her as she works, admiring her body and thinking of the joys to come. I have the sense she is stalling, but then she gets the pillows just right and plops into them, kicking off her flip-flops and lying there with a dreamy, contented look on her face.

She looks completely relaxed, and for a second it seems almost like she's forgotten why I'm there. But then, in a flash, she strips off her t-shirt, then her pants and panties. She pulls the scrunchie out of her hair and with a touch of humor says sweetly, "Okay, I'm ready!" It would be adorably cute and funny, were she not at the same time spreading her legs, raising her knees slightly, opening herself up. I almost die as I look down to see the luscious pink gash of her cunt, knowing that I will soon have it in my mouth. The combination of her sweet approach and this lewd display of herself is an incredible turn-on.

I quickly strip and climb onto the bed to position myself between her open thighs, but Katherine stops me, placing her hand daintily on my shoulder to hold me back. "No ... uhh..." she starts, "Actually, I think you need to be here," pointing to her place on the bed. At first I think she wants to do me, but her next sentence makes it clear. "I want to be on top," she says, "Is that okay?"

Now I understand - she wants to sit on my face. It's not really a favorite of mine, simply because I find it hard to perform in that position. When I'm penned in like that, my movement confined, it's difficult to maneuver and focus on my partner's pleasure. But she's the client, and this is what she wants, and I give what the client wants. Besides, Katherine looks so beautiful, her naked body so incredibly sexy, like Aphrodite descended from Olympus. I know it will be good.

I lie on my back among the mountain of pillows and Katherine quickly straddles me. She edges forward, moving up on my chest, supporting herself on her knees, Now Katherine's cunt is open above me, a dewy coat on her lips, all pink and shiny. The aroma of female arousal fills my nostrils and I can almost taste her already, though she is still out of reach, hovering about six inches above my waiting mouth. I look up to her face, past her heaving breasts, through the frame of her arms, which extend now to the headboard as she steadies herself. She has a look of subtle desire, her mouth slightly open, her tongue washing lightly over her lips in anticipation. She gives me a tentative little smile and asks sweetly, "You ready?" then bites her lips as she waits for my reply. My response is quick and non-verbal, my hands on her ass, pulling lightly at her to urge her down.

Katherine's eyes close as she lowers herself onto my face. I feel the heat coming and then, at last, I experience the lusciousness of her cunt, the wet flesh filling up my mouth, washing over my tongue as I delve into her creamy slot. I try to maintain my composure, but I can't suppress a moan of delight as I finally get to taste her. She returns my moan, a quiet "Mmmmmmm," as her hips start a gentle rocking motion over my lower face.

Katherine's slit is already filled with cream when I enter it for the first time. I can feel it leaking over my tongue as I lick slowly back and forth within her delicately throbbing channel. She continues to moan quietly and despite my best effort to remain professional I do the same. I just can't help it. I am so excited, knowing she is so aroused already.

Katherine gets into it quickly, her hips grinding harder, making long, enthusiastic strokes over my mouth as my tongue works eagerly inside her. My earlier doubts about this position are quickly erased. Now that I'm here, it's just wonderful. I'm totally immersed in her sex, the supple silk of her thighs around my head, the wet heat of her pussy filling my mouth, the added warmth of her ass on my chin. My hands are still on her bottom, cupping her supple cheeks, savoring their feathery softness as I eat her out. I shiver of lust rolls through me as I begin to pleasure her in earnest.

I suck on her gently, slowly pulling her succulent cunt-flesh into my eager mouth, feeling the moist tissue conform to my tongue as it wraps around it. Katherine closes her eyes and gasps as I orally caress her tender parts. Her legs spread farther apart and her pubis pushes downward, begging for more pleasure.

"Oh Jesus, that feels good," she murmurs, "that's so nice."

I'm thrilled by her words, knowing that I am giving this lovely creature exactly what she needs. I let my tongue wander through her gash, finding all her special spots, caressing the moist, delicate skin while she moans and trembles above me. I reach up to fondle her magnificent tits, drawing an extra "Ooooo" when I pinch lightly at her nipples, sensing an almost electric charge between us, running from my hands to her breasts and down through her cunt to my mouth.

My hands move over her, exploring her incredible body, her tits, her ass, the smooth expanse of the thighs and belly. I want to feel all of her at once, her body just a playground of delights. We're both on fire now, and Katherine's hips are moving wildly, back and forth, fucking my face. She is so wet I can feel it running down my chin, one stream going even further, dripping onto my neck. I lick up what I can while I work her to a frenzy, drive her until she finally peaks, her grip tightening on the bedrail, her hips pushing down hard, quivering, filling my mouth with the sizzling slickness of her cunt.


I lick deeply into her, my tongue feeling the tremors from the inside as she vibrates through an extended orgasm. The extra rush of fluid fills my mouth and I happily take it down, thrilled at the knowledge that Katherine Heigl has just cum in my mouth. I go for more and get it as I delight in her little shrieks of pleasure and sweet cries of "God...omigod. ohhh... Mmmmm!!!!!"

Katherine starts coming down, but that first one was so quick, I have no intention of stopping. I keep my arms wrapped tightly around her hips, my face buried deeply between her legs as I try desperately to get my tongue even farther up inside her. The greedy noises from my mouth might embarrass me, were they not buried in the warm recess of Katherine's crotch. My tongue keeps her going, maintaining the plateau, not quite letting her orgasm subside. I push upward on her thighs and she takes the hint, rising off my face to change positions. She falls onto her back, opens her legs, and I dive between them, happy to get some space to work.

My first urge is to dig right into her cunt, to continue the experience I've just enjoyed. But I don't, not yet. Instead I work at teasing her, stimulating her just enough to keep her ready, but not enough to start her back on the road to orgasm. I caress her thighs, then kiss the left one, just inches from her drooling snatch. Katherine sighs delightfully in response, and I know I'm on the right track. I expand my travels, all down her inner thigh, raising her leg into the air as I kiss and lick at her simmering flesh. I kiss behind her knee, little feather licks, then down her calf, while my hand wanders back to the smooth expanse of her thighs. She moans softly at the touch, her eyes closed, her breath deepening. I keep this up, my mouth giving both legs the same treatment, over and over, until Katherine is trembling with desire. Sheís ready now. "Oh Jesus, come on ... I need it," she begs, "stop teasing me."

I look down and catch sight of Katherine's clit, which is now huge, an engorged knob protruding boldly from its protective sheath. It is clearly in need of attention, and I swop down to give it. I take it between my lips, sucking lightly on the hot little button while my tongue tip flicks tantalizingly over its swollen head. Katherine's reaction is immediate, a sharp "Ohhh!!!" as her upper body rises involuntarily off the bed. Her hands push down into the mattress and her thighs scissor tightly around my head, the warm flesh pressing firmly against my cheeks. Once again I am immersed in her luscious heat, her warm nectar smearing over my face as she pumps forward, like an animal in heat. "Oh....Oh. OH OH OMIGOD!!!" she cries as I continue my assault on her inflamed pleasure stick.

Her legs spread wider and I plunge deep into her open hole. The walls of Katherine's channel embrace my tongue as I swirl it around inside her. Her hips thrust up and her head falls back. Her initial cry - "Ohhhhhh!... Fuck!" quickly degenerates into a deep, trembling groan as she absorbs the pleasure I am giving her. It's exciting to hear her use the f-word. It tells me she's finally relaxed, her desire overcoming her sense of decorum. I push further into her, my mouth burrowing between her wet lips, my tongue stretching out to go deep into her warm passage. I can feel her moist pussy lips clinging to my cheeks as her moans get louder and louder.

I just want her to come now, to once again see her explode with the intensity of her orgasm. I want to feel her juices in my mouth, to hear her cries of ecstasy and know that I am causing them. I keep licking her, raising the stakes continuously, until she is just desperate to get there, her body writhing about, her hands fondling her own breasts, then gripping frantically at my head, literally begging for it. God, it is wonderful.

"Please.... oh god... please... don't stop... don't stop... Oh god, come on, make me come ...Yes.... mmmmm... YES!!!"

I torment her clit for a while and then go for more, my right hand slipping under her, moving between her cheeks, searching for her other orifice. I find it quickly, my fingertip sensing the extra heat of her anus, feeling the contrast of her little muscle to the smooth skin of her buttocks. A little "Mmmmm" tells me she wants it, and I run my finger slowly around the rim, then push the tip gently into the opening. Katherine sighs with pleasure as I move in little circles, easing further inside, just a little, while my tongue works wetly over her drooling cunt.

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