tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLesbian Does Football Team

Lesbian Does Football Team


Let me begin by saying my name is Lindsay and the story I am about to tell you happened to me almost 13 years ago back in 1988.

Let me begin my saying I love Shelly. I loved her so much that I took on the entire high school football team to be with her. How did this happen you say? Well, it began a month after my parents separated Shelly and I when we moved from New York City to the dullest place in the world. Lexington, North Dakota. Population 350!

Daddy was offered a higher paying job and took it without consulting my feelings. Long story short, I kissed Shelly goodbye and headed to "redneck" North Dakota. However, I had a plan up my sleeve.

At age 18, I was ready to runaway from home as soon as I had enough money to travel back to NYC to be with Shelly. All I needed was enough cash to afford this first Greyhound back to civilization.

Arriving in mid November, I knew as soon as we got out of the car that I was not going to fit in. The average girl (if you could call them that) looked very similar to the local cows that most of the boys would tip over on a Friday night. Still, that didn't stop the locals. Most of the girls were pregnant by their cousins by the age of 14. You can imagine how much of a dish I was to the local boys.

I stood at decent height around 5'5, 5'6 with short Demi Moore hair style that went down a few inches below my ears. My body was an exact opposite from the rest of the girls. A little bit under a C cup, Shelly always reminded me that I had the greatest ass in the world and skin to die for.

I always dressed like a common city girl would, with my tits shown with a tight ass skirt. While the other girls would wear jeans and sweats, I dressed like the lady I was. With a body to kill for.

Sticking out like a sour thumb, it didn't take too long for the local boys to start trouble. The threats varied but nothing to harsh. Just the typical "Give it up or we'll take it."

The town was so small that everybody knew each other and just about everybody was related one way or another. I knew I had to get out and fast.

* * * * *

Being football season, there was nothing to do but go to the high school football games with the rest of the town. It was at the game that I got that idea to raise some money. Days before, the Captain of the football team (Mike) offered to pay me for a little strip tease. Seeming harmless, I approach him after the game in the parking lot with my proposal.

$50 bucks would assure me a one way ticket into the heart of NYC to be with Shelly. A sexy strip tease for a bus ticket. Why not? He quickly agreed and ran off to the locker room to be with the rest of the team.

* * * * *

Back at home, I was already half way done packing my things and planning my escape when the phone rang. It was Mike and he had another idea in mind.

"Since the season is almost over, you think you could give the whole team a treat by dancing for all of us", Mike pleaded.

"What!" Why would I want to put myself in a situation like that? Surrounded by a bunch of horny ass jocks with one thing on their mind. Forget that. I was ready to slam the phone down when Mike quickly interrupted me.

"There's more cash involved." Not that I'm a whore or anything, but we do things when we're in love. I gave him time to explain.

"You got me listening,"

" I speak for the guys when I say we can't pass up an opportunity like this here"

Being the sweetest piece of ass to set foot in this shit hole known as Lexington, North Dakota I was flattered to say the least.

"What did you have in mind," I said.

"Name your price Lindsay. We'd pay close to anything to see those goods"

"How many spectators are we talking about?"

"Including the freshman line....22."

"And what exactly do I have to do"

There was a brief pause on the phone. I could picture the entire team behind Mike whispering their demands to him.

"How's a sexy dance and lap dances for all of us?"

Seeming very unrealistic, I figured I name a high price to scare them off. I could always hitch hike and get some trucker to drive me to NYC.

"For that, I'm going to have to charge $50 per player," I said while waiting for their answer with a smile. There was no way that they'd pay $1,100 dollars. Why would the do that when they could get the local cows for free.

Another brief pause followed before I got my answer. "Sounds like a party," Mike said as I nearly dropped the phone.

"You're going to pay me $1,100 for a striptease?"

"I striptease and lap dances!"

What could I do? Remember this was 1988. That much cash could not only get me a plane ticket to NYC but a weeks rent in Manhattan.

"Where'd you plan on having this show anyway?"

"The locker room sounds like a better place than any. How's tomorrow after practice sound?"

With my bag already packed, what else was keeping me here? "I'll be there."

* * * * *

The next thing I knew, I was finishing up last period. Before the bell rang, I was confronted by Mike in class. I knew this wasn't going to be good.

"You got a second, sexy?"

"Oh for you Mike, I got two seconds."

Just because they were going to see me in all my glory didn't mean I had to be friends with them.

"I'll cut to the chase, what do you think about becoming a movie star?"

I knew exactly what he wanted to do. I could see it now, every hill billy in North Dakota with a VCR having a video copy of me stripping in front of the football team. Forget that.

"Now what would I want to do that Mike?"

Without saying anything, Mike pulled out a handful of handed dollar bills from his pocket. Not only was Mike the Captain of the football team, but his daddy owned the mill that supported the town. He had the cash to buy just about anything. But not everything.

"Take it or leave it Mike, I'm not that desperate."

Before I could get up, Mike quickly grabbed my arm and set me back down to my desk.

"You think your daddy could handle being let go from the mill, Lindsay? Your dad's not the only accountant in North Dakota."

I knew what he was up to. Being the rich boy in a small town, he got what he wanted. What did I care anyway, I was going to be about a thousand miles away living my own life. What could I say but the obvious.

"See you after practice"

Mike grinned as he headed out of the classroom. Just because I hated my dad for moving didn't mean I hated him. I got myself this far, I was going to finish it.

* * * * *

I sat on the edge of the school's parking lot watching the football practice from across the way. With my bag tossed over my shoulder, I had everything I needed to start my life.

Practice had just gotten over as it began to get dark. The school was completely empty except for maybe a janitor and the coach who was ready to leave. I took my time before heading through the back door to the gym.

* * * * *

The door was left slightly open for me to enter. Through the dark gym I slowly walked to the boys locker door that led down a small hall toward the lockers. I could already hear the "hooting" and "howling" from the guys mixed in with the sound of the shower in the background.

The floor of the locker room was covered with mist from the hot showers. Entering, it hardly took anytime for the cheers to start. Half naked and still dirty from practice, I could already see the VHS camera set up in the corner on a tripod.

The door quickly shut behind me as the guys let me walk to the center of the room. Mike began to get the guys to calm down as he took my hand and led me to a nearby locker area to privately change.

"You look so fucking hot"

"Thanks I guess, you got the money?"

"Does a bear shit in the woods?" Mike quickly whipped out the money from his back pocket. As quick as he held it out, I took it and put it in a nearby locker and lock it. Mike could only laugh.

"Get yourself looking good, we'll start in 5 minutes." With that, Mike threw a football jersey and a pair of blue and white matching shorts for me to put on.

* * * * *

Getting dressed in the nylon jersey and shorts, I fixed my self up and headed over to the main locker area.

Heading over, the cheers began. I walk into a circle made of half dressed football players. Some half dressed in their football gear while others only had their boxers or briefs on.

Mike walked in with a giant "ghetto blaster" with two other players. Not wanting to miss a second, players were quickly showering and heading back to the lockers with only a towel hugged around there waste.

The guys began to settle down and form a tight circle around me giving me enough room to work the room. The music started and I quickly went to work.

Rubbing my shoulders and running my fingers through my hair, I worked the room like a scarlet. Teasing the guys as I waked by, I'd bump into them and shooed their hands away as they tried to get a handful.

My white tennis shoes were the first to go. I kicked them off one by one as I stood in my tiny ankle high white socks. The music continued as I started to fondle my breasts and give the guys a quick peak at what I had under those shorts.

It didn't take too long for one of the guys to grab me and sit me in his lap. Sitting in his lap, he held one arm around my waste and another around the back of my head as he bent me over. The guys cheered as I leaned into him to get him off. As quickly as one had his thrill, I was tossed over down the line throughout the circle.

Giving a quick lap dance to each of the guys in the circle, I got up and worked my way back to the center of the room. Slowly untucking the jersey from my shorts, I wasted no time to show them my goods. The video camera had a front row seat as I lifted the jersey clean over my head and tossed it over the lens.

Each guy couldn't believe the package I had. Unlike the local girls, I took care of myself by wearing a bra throughout my youth. It was the first decent pair they had scene.

Still working the crowd, I couldn't help but notice that the entire team had massive hard ons. Adding to the surprise of the show, I decided to not wear any panties under the nylon shorts. Slowly I began to tease the guys by slowly pulling the shorts down my waste giving them a small but worthy glimpses of my ass crack.

The tension began to increase as the steam from the showers began to fill the locker area. We were all sweating bullets from the heat and the intensity from the show. Their eyes were all around me as I dropped the shorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

Completely shaved, I swayed back and forth with my hands on my head giving the guys the perfect view they paid top dollar for. There wasn't a dry mouth or a soft dick in the room. And the camera caught the entire show.

* * * * *

The music ended as well did my show. Giving myself a small applaud I turned around to gather my shorts. To my surprise they were gone. I quickly looked and found my clothes and my bag being locked in one of the lockers. I stood their naked and sweaty from the heat with 22 hard ons surrounding me.

"Ok guys, show's over."

"Actually Lindsay," Mike said while holding the camera over his shoulder. "We still got a good two hours left of videotape to shoot."

What did I get myself into! Before I could react, one of the guys came up from behind me and brushed his hand down my back and to my ass. Before I could kindly sway his hand away, two more hands came from the side to feel my breasts. I was surrounded.

A hundred thoughts went through my mind including Shelly waiting for me in NYC. Before I could come up with the right words or at least scream, I hand found my vagina. The heat from the shower and the team surrounded me. Half of me wanted to fight while the other half wanted to fall over from the situation.

Hands were touching me all over my body. Some of the boys began to strip as others ripped out condoms from their lockers. From out of Mike's bag came a whole sheet of condoms. I knew it was going to be a long night.

Knowing I had put myself into the situation, I could do nothing but follow through and think of Shelly. Suddenly, hands grabbed my shoulders from behind me and motioned me down to my knees. Mike handed the camera to one of his team mates before heading over to the center of the locker room.

Standing in front of me he loosened the straps on his paints and pulled out his dick. To better position myself from the floor that was hurting my knees, I put my hands on Mike's knees to support myself.

"Here's to a full night of "Big Apple" pussy," Mike cheered as he rammed is cock into my hot, wet mouth.

Never having sucked a dick before, I just closed my eyes and bobbed my head back and forth. The others continued to touch me anyway they wanted as Mike got the center stage. I could tell with my eyes closed that he was enjoying it.

"Oh man, this little whore is worth ever penny!"

I continued to blow him without any help from the others. I knew I was going to get out of this problem that I had put myself in. But I still had to face it.

Suddenly, I heard a small shrieking noise that got the entire locker room's attention including my own. While I was busy on my knees a small group of the guys has went into the gymnasium and got some of the equipment.

Two guys had picked up and brought in the brown gymnastic "horse" while a group of others carried in a huge blue mat that took up a good corner of the locker room.

"Alright cowgirl, lets see if you can ride bear back!" Mike helped me to my knees as I was pushed over to the brown "horse thing." It was a long brown cushion that was held up by two medal rods from its based. As I was pushed toward it, the guys disconnected the two arm lifts that sat on top of it. I had a good idea what they were planning. They positioned the horse off centered so it would stand on an angel.

Being picked up off my feet, one of the large players carried me up over the brown horse mat and laid my down on my tummy. Bent over the mat with my ass hung over the side, I got a good view of each one of the players stroking their cocks as some began to rip open their condoms with their teeth.

Not that they really wanted to use the rubbers. But they were the newest thing to hit North Dakota after the recent research done on something they would later call AIDS. Kind of like putting on a mask, the guys took the opportunity to use the rubbers that the health office had just passed out.

I had a good view as I positioned myself the best I could. My breasts flung over the side so they could be pinched and felt up by the guys as they waited for their turn in line. I was quickly spanked hard by the player behind me who was ready for action.

The spank to my ass got my feet well planted on the floor. This got my ass higher in the air and my back arched more so I could give head more properly.

"Lexington football baby!" was one of the many chants yelled as I took my first cock in me. Like a train hitting a brick wall, he took no time to burry himself deep inside me.

"You fuck," I whispered as he began to quickly ram me from behind as I could do nothing but take it. My head was quickly forced around from the side as a cock was planted on my lips. With my eyes open, I could see the camera capturing ever moment of the show. I took the cock in my mouth as I was taking another from the rear.

"How is she Samson?"

"Shit's good man, I'm not leaving till I get seconds!"

Feeling my legs go, Samson gave me a series of spanks to get me back up. It got hotter and hotter as the steam continued to fill the room.

"Time man, move it!" The cock quickly left my mouth. Before I could see what was happening, the line quickly moved and another cock was forced in my mouth. To make sure I was keeping up speed, I began getting help as one of the guys took my head and began forcing me back and forth on his cock. Gasping for air, I was ready to pass out from the heat.

"Ohhhh I like the pussy, the pussy is good!" Samson gave me a final slap before unleashing his load. Cheers followed as Samson sat down on the nearby bleacher seat by his locker.

"All night baby! All night!"

Fearing the worse, I kept my ass high up in the air for the next guy. Trying to avoid the smell of sweat from the locker room, I tried to control my breathing. While others waited in line, my hands were quickly pulled from their sides which were keeping me up.

Bored from feeling me up, each hand was guided to a cock to keep things moving. I continued to keep my eyes shut as another guy quickly entered me from behind. Jerking off two guys at a time I was still keeping busy with my mouth and pussy.

"Oh thank God, she's still tight as a fist."

* * * * *

It seemed like hours but the line kept moving. One by one, they took turns in my mouth and pussy. I was ready to black out when I received my first complaint.

"Shit man, her mouth is as dry as a desert."

For a brief second, they all stopped. They both withdrew from me as I opened my eyes.

"How about a bath babe?"

Before I could respond, I was picked up and carried out of the locker room. Like a parade, they all followed out into the indoor swimming pool. I was quickly tossed into the air and into the icy cold water of the pool.

The shock of the water restored me as I swam to the top of the water. Reaching the top, several of the guys jump in after me. Trying to tread water, I was helped to the shallow end of the pool.

At the shallow end, I swam up to the ladder and began to get out. From behind I was grabbed from my ass and pulled back into the pool. Pushed to the side corner I stood in waist high water up to my belly button.

The player that had pulled me back in the pool, positioned himself by pushing my legs apart under water. Bending me over the edge of the pool, I was right back where I started from, this time under water.

Holding myself up with one hand on the edge I used my other hand to push back my hair that was covering my face. Getting a good view of the scene around me, I couldn't help but notice the video camera stuck right in my face.

"How do you like the half time show Lindsay?"

All I could do was ignore them as they had there way with me. One by one they had their turns. Soon, I was lifted out of the pool and walked back into the locker room. Nowhere to run, I had no choice but to re-enter the locker room.

Through the doorway, I was pushed toward the showers where they wanted me to perform a show.

"Hit the showers, we want you nice and clean for the climax." They cheered me on as I stepped into the showers.

Surrounded by them, I stood under the shower head and washed myself clean. Luckily, none of them had came on me. They all saved themselves to cum in their condoms or in the pool. They all stood and watched as I ran my hands through my breasts and down my stomach.

"Don't forget that ass. Clean that ass."

Reaching over the edge of the shower I leaned over to get some liquid soap from one of the jars. I took advantage of the situation to clean myself up. Before I knew it, I was back in the locker area.


Thrown onto the giant blue mat, I laid on my back as my legs were lifted up in the air by the guys. I was quickly entered as another one of the players "jack hammered" me into the mat. A cock was also quickly shoved in my mouth.

It took me a good minute to realise that whoever was fucking me was not wearing a condom. Let alone excepting a dick in my lesbian hole, I was not going to be violated anymore with 22 dumb jocks blowing their loads in me. What could I say to get them to withdraw? I quickly thought.

"Cum on my tummy." I cried as I tried to sound convincing. The guys laughed with joy.

"I'll cum where ever the fuck I please. But since you asked for it." With that, a giant load of white cum exploded on my belly, filling my belly button. He quickly withdrew as another one entered.

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