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Lesbian Love with Anna


Hi, I'm Ellie, it's my turn to write about our experiences.

I asked Paul what his ultimate fantasy is, I already had an idea what it was but wanted him to tell me.

He told me it was to have a threesome with myself and another woman, typical man.

I felt uneasy about Paul being with another woman so I asked how he would feel watching me with another woman, unsurprisingly his face lit up like a beacon and he said that's his next best fantasy.

I'd dabbled in my lesbian side in the past and will tell all soon so I was at ease with fulfilling Paul's fantasy. The biggest problem was going to be finding a willing partner.

I mentally went through all my friends that might want to try it, there were a couple that I'm sure would do it but didn't think they would be comfortable in front of Paul.

I then thought about the girls that I'd had liaisons with in the past. One stood out, her name is Anna, we hadn't been in contact for about two years so I looked through my phone and was pleased to see I still had her number.

I told Paul all about her that night, I explained what Anna and I had done in the past and Paul agreed she sounded perfect.

Later in the evening I sent Anna a text just asking how she is and we eagerly awaited a reply, after a few hours there was no reply so we went to bed.

The thought of going with Anna again had made me very horny so I done something I'd never done before in front of Paul, I started playing with my pussy, rubbing it through my panties, I was soaked and the noise of my wetness was turning Paul on too.

I couldn't get Anna out of my mind and I cum, my panties were dripping so I took them off, I looked inside and saw my juices and cum in them, I put them to my face and licked at the wetness, it tasted beautiful, so greedily I licked every drop out of them maybe imagining it was Anna's pussy juice. Paul was stroking his cock so I climbed on top of him and slid onto it. It didn't take long for Paul to cum in me and after cleaning up we eventually went to sleep.

I awoke during the night and my first thought was Anna, I was hoping she still had her phone number and I couldn't wait to find out if she'd replied to my text. I went back to sleep and eventually woke at a more civil hour, it was just before 6.00am and I hurriedly went into the living room and turned on my phone, I then went into the kitchen and prepared a hot drink. As I was doing this I heard the text tone on my phone ping. I picked up the phone and there were 3 messages, two from my mum and yes, there it was a text reply from Anna.

We spent most of the day texting each other catching up on what we were doing and what had happened since we last met. We mentioned our sexual relationship and Anna admitted she missed it, I said I do too and this caused a flutter in my belly. I asked if I could call her later in the evening and she said yes.

Paul came home from work and I told him everything that had happened that day and we were both eager for me to ask Anna the big question later.

I phoned Anna and she sounded really pleased to hear my voice, just as I was to hear hers, we talked about how our lives had panned out over the last few years and eventually the conversation turned to sex, I thought now is the time to ask, so I simply said how would you feel about coming to our house for the weekend and having some girl on girl time, she immediately said yes, then I crossed my fingers and asked how she felt about Paul watching, I was stunned when she said he could join in. I'd earlier texted her a photo of him and she said he's cute, so she had no problem with him joining in. I said let's just us two start and see how things go, so we arranged a suitable date and Anna came over.

It was Friday afternoon when Anna arrived, I was home alone as Paul was at work. I greeted Anna at the door and gave her a hug and we kissed on the lips, not a full blown kiss with tongues but a quick peck. I shown her to her room and she unpacked her weekend bag. I sat on the bed as she unpacked and noticed she'd got some very sexy underwear. When she finished she sat next to me on the bed and instinctively we just kissed each other, she said how much she'd missed me and I told her I'd missed her too.

We spent the afternoon chatting until Paul came home from work. We ordered a takeaway to be delivered and opened a few bottles of wine as we all talked and relaxed. It was decided we would have some lesbian fun tomorrow.

Well, Saturday arrived and we were all ready, after we both showered Anna went to her room to get changed and Paul and I were in our room, once I was ready I called Anna and she walked into our bedroom. Wow, she looked amazing, pure sex, dressed in matching satin and lace purple bra and panties and black stockings. Her bra showed off her big 36D boobs and Paul's eyes almost popped out of his head. Anna also smelt beautiful and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her, she walked up to me, put her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips, it broke the ice perfectly and Paul was smiling.

I remembered that Anna loved to be massaged so told her to lay on the bed face down, I started to gently stroke her back and she shivered and went all goose pimply, I kissed her from the back of her neck all the way down her back, I stroked her ass through her panties and she was softly moaning and almost purring.

I then massaged her legs starting at her feet moving up slowly but eagerly towards her pussy, Anna slightly opened her legs and I could see the bulge of her pussy in those satin panties. I very gently touched her pussy as I was stroking her thighs, just for half a second and she said mmmmmmmm, Anna then turned over and laid on her back, I crawled up to the top of the bed straddled her and kissed her, she had flavoured lip gloss on and tasted amazing. She reached up and started to massage my boobs, I was only wearing a baby doll nightie and panties so my boobs were hanging into her hands.

I took off my baby doll and reached around Anna's back unclipped her bra and removed it. Her boobs were stunning, big but firm with huge areola, her nipples were very very hard and I leaned forward and started to kiss, lick and suck first one boob then the other, her nipples grew even harder in my mouth.

My pussy was soaking and I hoped Anna's was too as I couldn't wait any longer, I needed to taste her juices. I kissed Anna's body all over from her boobs down to the top of her panties. I was laying between her legs and could smell the beautiful musk coming from her hot pussy. I slowly slipped the top of her panties down revealing her pussy slowly bit by bit. I kissed it as it was slowly exposed, her mons pubis was smooth and I loved how it felt on my lips and tongue.

I slid her panties down further and revealed her pussy in its full beauty. It was the most perfect pussy I'd ever seen, Anna told me later that she has it waxed regularly and that's why it was perfectly soft and smooth. I took off her panties and there was a lot of pussy juice in them just needing my tongue. I didn't hesitate and licked it up before dropping them to the floor. The taste was sweet, similar to my own but I preferred Anna's. I next parted her lips with my thumbs to reveal her true wetness, wow, I needed that pussy on my mouth and using my tongue inside her, my lips on her labia and my nose on her clit I French kissed her pussy, I could feel her wetness dripping down my chin and continued to kiss and lick her until she cum. My face was covered in her juices now and Anna beckoned me to kiss her, I laid next to her and we kissed passionately for a few minutes. Anna's juices made the kiss very slippery but it was amazing.

Anna started to kiss my boobs and it was my turn to purr, my pussy was aching and I felt I'd cum as soon as she touched it. As she continued to kiss my boobs her hand was slowly making its way down my body and I then felt it reach my pussy, my pussy is trimmed with a thin line of hair going to my clit, the rest is completely shaved Anna was playing with my hair then slid a finger up and down the length of my soaking slit. Next she put two fingers inside me and her thumb on my clit, she knew exactly what to do and I cum in seconds. As my pussy pulsated I could feel her fingers inside me. She took her fingers out and rubbed the cum on my nipples then she licked it all off, Anna then gave me a very naughty grin and slid between my legs, I opened my legs wide in anticipation of what was about to happen. Anna opened my pussy and exposed my clit, I've got a larger than normal clit and she started to suck it as if she was sucking a small cock. Her head was going up and down and I needed to cum again, I reached down and held her head as I cum so intensely, once my orgasm had died down Anna put two fingers slightly in my pussy and scooped out a lot of juice, she rubbed it on her nipples and leaned her boobs over my face, I licked my own cum from her stunning boobs, I loved it and realised right then that despite my love for Paul and his cock I needed Anna in my life.

As agreed, throughout all the action between Anna and me Paul had patiently watched, he was rubbing his cock whenever I managed to look across the bedroom at him and I knew we would have a great night together as a result of what we'd both just experienced.

Anna is still part of our lives and we've all shared amazing experiences since this memorable day.

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