tagLesbian SexLesbian Magic Pt. 05

Lesbian Magic Pt. 05


Kate was sitting behind an old oak desk that had a carving of trees and animals on it. She thought the desk was beautiful and must have cost a fortune to make with all the detail that was put into it. The deer that was on it looked lifelike and the trees seemed to move a little. She thought it was the trick of the light and her mind was seeing things but she never realized that it wasn't. If she only paid more attention to the desk for a moment longer would've seen the deer move too and that the scene on it changes every few minutes.

The woman that she just met led her to this room to make a phone call but everyone that she called couldn't help her. It upset her that no one would even lift a finger to help her and never suspected that all of her calls were made to the house. The house mimics all the people that she called perfectly and wanted her to stay until it was done with her.

On the desk was a computer and Kate felt temptation rise up within her. She wondered what a lesbian would keep on their computer and her curiosity got the better of her. She figured it would be locked but to her delight, it wasn't. Kate expected to see a wallpaper of a naked woman to pop up but there wasn't one and strangely she felt disappointed. She didn't know why she would want to see a naked woman but she couldn't lie to herself that she was finding lesbian sex to be intriguing.

Kate knew if she did found some kind of lesbian porn on it that she would have watched it. Being stuck in a house full of lesbians was stoking her curiosity and made her wonder about a few things. She wanted to know how they have sex and how much different was it from a man but more important were lesbian better lovers. A detail explicit sexual act entered her mind and she felt a warm stirring feeling in the deep of her stomach.

She didn't know why her mind went to the girl that she has briefly seen before she walked into this room or why she imagine the girl was doing things to her. She was ignorant of lesbian lovemaking ways and could only think of oral sex. The girl was cute and for the first time, Kate felt sexual attraction to another girl. Those feeling scared her and not because it was forbidden but more from the fact that she liked it.

When she was picturing that girl between her legs she used past experiences from some of the men that she was with. Most of them weren't all that good and were too sloppy at it. She tried to imagine what it would be like if a woman was between her legs and figure a girl would have better finesse with handling another girl pussy.

Kate was about to turn the computer off and go find her friends when she noticed a security camera icon. She decided to click it and saw multiple camera views of rooms within the house. She watched each one like it was some kind of a reality show on tv and was delighted when she found that she could hear what was going on in those rooms too.

After searching through some of the rooms that had a camera in it Kate saw some interesting things and watched as two girls were kissing but felt disappointed when it didn't go beyond that. Some of the things that she saw were uneventful but normal actions one would see at a party. When she found a group of girls talking about women that they would like to sleep with she couldn't help but find the topic interesting.

Kate was glued to the screen like she was watching one of her favorite talk show and listen as each woman talked about a girl that they were interested in. Some talked about a girl that they saw around town and other spoke about celebrities that they had the hots for. The detail that they use to described these women body began to possess her mind with sexual details and desires.

Kate found herself becoming frightened now that she was starting to have some bi tendencies feeling. Thinking about being with another girl was one thing but having desires that you feel you would act on was another. She was about to step back from everything before her hormones got her to do something that she will regret but that was when the girl that she fantasies about earlier started talking.


"You should have seen how fine this girl was and she got some amazing tits. Crystal

took her to Belinda's office not too long ago and think she might still be there. Don't worry girls I am not stingy and you guys can have your lick after I am done with her. "


Kate knew that she was talking about her and when she went into more detail she responded in a way that surprised her. Hearing the same raunchy details that she was fantasying about being done to her by the same girl in her fantasy was making her pussy more than a little moist. She couldn't believe a woman was having this effect on her and that she was getting awful close in touching herself right then.

Hearing the bit by bit play in how she wanted to spread her legs apart and was so vivid in the description of what she wanted to do that Kate could almost feel the woman's tongue in her. Kate felt her nipples becoming hard and was now aching to be touched. She was feeling embarrassed that she let someone that was straight as herself get work over by another girl and wanted to stop things before it got out of hand. She switched to another camera view hoping to regain back some sanity to herself but saw something unexpected on the screen.

It took her a moment to recognize the girl that just walked into the room was her friend Lucy and was wearing a dress that baffles her. She knew just what she had on earlier and that wasn't it. She couldn't understand why she changed into something so erotic that would make any woman here lust after her. She knew what power that dress would have on a drunk man but in a room full of lesbians was a whole different type of trouble. She watched and wasn't too surprised by the woman action that Lucy was talking to.

She knew that women were more crafty and can be subtle in their seduction. One can miss the glues that a woman give off when they are interested and some men never do see them. Men, on the other hand, their subtle seduction skills can often come off like a herd of elephants making their presence know in a loud and unpleasant way. Kate knew where this was heading and wonder why her friend didn't.

The dress was too revealing and could awaken the sexual beast in anyone that find a woman attractive. She knew if Lucy wore that dress at some of those college parties that some of the men there would be circling around her like hungry sharks waiting for a chance to devour her. It is not that she feared her friend would be attacked for wearing it but more but that it would make people want to sleep with her. She was surprised by Lucy actions that she was letting that woman do things to her and never try stopping her.

Kate watched as Lucy was led down a path where she gave in to lesbian temptation. At first, Kate could see some resistances in Lucy's eyes but that all change from what happened on the couch. That was where she witnessed her friend fall from grace and enjoyed every second of it. She never thought her friend would do anything like that but from the look on her face could understand why she did.

Kate pulled herself away from the desk to think about what just happened and what should she do about all these feeling within her now. The desire was addicting and the look on Lucy's face told her everything. She has been with a few guys but none of them made her feel that intense pleasure by just using their hands. It took them some work before they got her to feel good but it never lastes too long. The pleasure that her friend received seemed to go on and was very powerful.

Kate knew that she didn't have the courage to start anything with another girl but the idea of it did put her into a playful mood. The lesbian seed was now planted into her head and she could feel it growing within her. The thought of her making love to another girl made her feel giddy like she once did when she first started thinking about boys. She noticed a mirror on the wall and with the word wishing mirror carved into it.

Kate didn't think the mirror had any real power and thought that she was safe to play out her new found desire without corrupting herself to it. She was seduced by the idea of being with another woman and didn't felt repulsive by it anymore. She once thought the idea was ridiculous but now that idea was stirring forbidden desires within her.

She walked toward the mirror and closed her eyes before making a wish. It wasn't so innocent that she made as a kid and wished that her reflection was real to make love to her. She was just being silly and making a wish about someone she could actually sleep with scared her. Doing so would mean that she was serious about it and that was something she wasn't ready for.

Kate thought jokingly about it being an extreme form of masturbation and that playful finger is good for the soul. She was no stranger in touching herself and did so at times when taking a bath. It was an act that she picked up a long time ago that she mastered and could please herself better than some men could. She has some toys to help her and a special vibrator for the nights that she was too busy for a man.

She leaned in to kiss the mirror pretending that it was a real person and expected to feel the cold glass upon her lips but felt something that shocked her. She felt something soft against her mouth and the sensation of being kissed. Opening her eyes in desperation to see what was going on but only saw her own reflection staring back at her. Stepping back in disbelief from what she felt but couldn't find a logic explanation for it.

Kate couldn't believe her eyes and didn't know what she was seeing meant that she was losing her mind or was dreaming. She watched as her reflection moved around in a way that didn't match her own and like it was another person altogether. She stepped back in what she thought was a safe distance and watching the mirror to try to understand what was happening.

To Kate surprise, she felt ghostly hands on her body pulling her in for a kiss. It felt real and when she tried to touch the specter felt nothing but air. She felt fear but oddly enough also excitement. The specter's hands move to erogenous parts of her body touching sensitive area and made a light moan escape her's lips. Part of her wanted to fight off this entity but how could she against something that she couldn't see.

Kate wasn't really serious about wanting this to happen and was hoping that those feeling would die out by making it into a joke. It was all happening of course but she knew that this thing action was increasing those feeling that she didn't want to grow. The whole thing was fun at first when she was in control but now things are out of control and powerless to stop it from getting worst.

She could feel her breasts being squeezed in the same way that she liked them to be played with and was trying hard not to enjoy it. Kate's mouth was parted just right after she moans that the specter slipped it tongue in. The specter kiss was far better than anyone that ever kiss her before and didn't realize it at first that she was returning the kiss. The voice that was in her head told her what was happening was wrong but her body was being seduced by this siren seductive embrace.

Kate opened her eyes after feeling the top button of her blouse pop open and realized that this thing was intending to have sex with her. It was a just silly joke and now that joke had backfired on her. If she didn't turn on that computer and got turned on by that woman she wouldn't be in this mess now but part of her was glad that she did.

Kate knew the specter didn't wish to do her any harm and only doing what she wished it would do. She knew if she told it to stop it and would obey her wishes but something held her tongue. Turning her head to look at the door that would take her away from this predicament but her feet held firm to the floor. The voice that was in her head that was telling her that this was wrong was growing weaker and the need for this to happen grew stronger.

A lustful desire was wrapped around her like a blanket that was making her whole body feel the heat that came from it. The specter was doing everything right to keep the fire lit within her and was turning out to be the perfect lover. The way it touched and kissed her was done in a way to give her the most pleasure. The specter was intensifying the sexual desire in her with every touch that it made and it was almost like it was feeding her sexual energy.

Kate felt the last button came undone and the blouse being pushed open. Her red lacy bra was visible and she could almost feel her heart pounding through her chest. When the ghostly hands touched her flesh and that was all that she could focus on. Where ever the hands went an incredible sense of pleasure follow and it teased her midriff with seductive light touches.

Kate liked to wear bras that could be unhooked from the front and especially when going out to meet a guy. Most men that she has been with fumbled with her bra and they threw off the sexual rhythm. She wanted to make it easier on them without having to stop and killing the flow. She hated when a guy finds the right rhythm to get her excited just to stop to undo her bra and can't find that same rhythm again.

Too many guys that she ended up fucking didn't know how to please a woman and left them unsatisfied. They either were too rough or speed through foreplay to shove their dick in her. Some did have the stamina to last a while and she came hard with them but too many of them she didn't. Those that were great in bed could be only counted on for one great night of sex and that it. She was okay for that at the moment and didn't want to get serious with anyone until she finishes with college.

It wasn't Kate main goal to hook up with anyone tonight and wore something simple for the night. A light purple blouse with cute little patterns on it and dark blue jeans. They were going out for Sarah birthday and she just wanted to be with her friends for tonight. She wasn't an easy person to sleep with and only did it when she wanted it.

When the specter was done teasing her stomach with electrifying hands it unhooked her bra and she felt it hanging loosely against her chest. Kate could feel both her blouse and bra being pushed gently over her shoulders to the floor below. She was standing there bare-chested with her breasts rising up and down from the fear of what was coming next. The excitement that she was feeling grew with each action that was taken on her and knew a saner person would be frightened.

Kate didn't know why she wasn't scared of what was happening or why the whole thing was turning her on. She didn't know that the specter was made from pure sexual energy and just being next to it one could feel it sexual desire like it was their own. The desire was already there in her but now it grew beyond anything that she ever felt before and was craving more of it.

The specter kiss her again and she opened her mouth eagerly accepting its tongue. The hands that were on her breasts touched them just right with touches that gave her maximum pleasure. The specter kiss moved from her lips to her neck planting small kisses up and down it. Kate clenched her eyes shut and moan from the pleasure that she was receiving.

Kate never had her breasts played with like this before with soft and knowing hands. The specter's hands were applying the right amount of pressure to them with feather-like gentle touches. They were almost transparent leaving only a slight hint of them being embraced that made her breasts even more sensitive to being touched.

Kate bit her lips and grunted when the specter's mouth found one of her nipples. The specter took her time sucking on it before giving the other one equal attention. She couldn't focus on anything besides her nipple in the specter's mouth that was sending waves of electrifying pleasure through her body. She could feel an orgasm rising from the deep of her stomach and felt a light orgasm hit through her body.

She couldn't believe she just had an orgasm from her breasts alone and felt like she was floating. She realized that the specter picked her up and lay her on the floor before slipping off her shoes. Kate felt her socks being pulled off one by one with gentleness and grace of a caring lover. The tight jeans that she wore loosen as it pops open and the zipper slowly moved down.

Kate could feel a light tug on her pants as it eased down her legs before being discarded from her sight. She didn't know how wet she was until her panties slid down her legs. The panties were soaked and she could feel her own the wetness on it. The air from the room made her sensitive pussy lips tingle with the desire to be touch and she spread her legs giving the specter an open invitation to do just that.

Kate felt a light force pushing her legs further apart and lifted her pelvis off the ground. Ghostly hands squeezed her ass as kisses slowly move from her inner thighs to the outer wall of her pussy and down to her ass. She felt the sensation of her ass cheek being spread apart and the tip of the specter's tongue licking the outside of her asshole.

It was something that she never experienced before and it brought a whole new pleasure to her. Her moaning return and could feel the tongue entering deeper into her ass. The specter moved its tongue from Kate's ass and started to lick Kate tender pussy. Between each of her moan, Kate screamed out a series of profanity as another orgasm was rising in her and wasn't prepared for how powerful the orgasm was that it nearly knocked the breath from her body.

Laying on the floor trying to regain some strength to move and felt sadness as she felt the specter faded from the room. She wasn't ready for it to end and wanted it to go on. Kate would give anything for the specter to return and forced herself up. She walked toward the mirror closing her eyes and wished to experience more with the specter.

Kate felt herself being pull into the mirror and when she open her eyes found herself no longer in the office where everything had changed for her. What she saw blew her mind away and the beauty of it took her breath away. She was now standing in the middle of the most beautiful forest that she ever saw and in the center of it was a bed with a naked

doppelganger of herself laying on it.

What Kate was about to do was a little strange but her desire to be with the specter was too strong. The whole walking through a mirror thing should have freaked her out but she will worry about that later. All that she could think about was touching the specter and have sex with her. It didn't weird her out that the specter looked just like her and thought it would make the lovemaking more interesting.

The more that they kissed and tasted each other the more that Kate wanted her. They brought each other to multiple orgasms and the specter showed her many new sexual positions to make love in. Kate made love to the specter until she couldn't move anymore and fell asleep from exhaustion. She knew before her eyes fell shut that she was forever changed and would try this again with many more girls.


When Kate woke up feeling great and the sun was beaming into her eyes. Raising her head up she noticed that she was laying in a field with her friends and they were naked. Kate looked at her friends with sexual delight and figure that they too had their own lesbian adventure last night. Their clothes were laying beside them but she wasn't too eager to get dress. She wanted to lay there thinking of all she did last night before getting dressed.

Kate didn't mind falling prey to it and wouldn't argue against another night within that house. Turning her head to look at Sarah she started desiring her more than being just her friend and wanted to kiss her. She wasn't sure what she was and need some time to think about it. The only thing she did know was that she wanted to have sex with a woman again and if Sarah wasn't interested would find someone else. She heard about a lesbian bar not too far from campus and was making a mental note to check it out. Kate smile as she heard her friend starting to wake up and can't wait to hear their tale of what happened to them.

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Sexy story that needs some grammatical mistakes ironing out

I enjoyed this but felt you were trying to rush this to press (bored with writing it?) so it had a lot more grammatical and format errors in it (as did chapter 4). Might pay to use one of Literotica'smore...

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