Lesbian Sex Slave

byWet Miranda©

My eyes quickly scanned the sidewalk. There were people everywhere. I would cause a commotion if I followed her orders.

"Can I at least keep my shoes on, Mistress Karen?" I begged.

"No. In the buff means in the buff. Not one article of clothing. Go on, get naked!"

I looked out the window one last time to make sure there were no cops. I pulled the black dress up over my head and placed it in the back seat of Karen's car. I removed my shoes and left them on the floor by my seat. She even made me remove my necklace and watch. I opened the door and put my bare feet on the ground, feeling scared as hell as I prepared to streak to the Wendy's.

I was startled to feel a sharp sting on my bare ass as she gave me a spanking on my way out the door. I turned around and looked at her. She had a huge grin on her face as she gave me one last instruction. "Walk, Miranda, don't run. You better take at least three or four minutes to get to the Wendy's parking lot. I'll be watching you."

I hesitated as I stood naked on the curb. People were already starting to notice. I considered getting back in the car and calling the whole thing off when Karen slammed the door and sped away, leaving me stranded stark naked in a crowded place.

The walk to Wendy's was a total blur. I remember faces staring at me, fingers pointing at me, and people laughing at me. I certainly created quite a stir as I strolled down the street nude. I shyly bowed my head, too embarrassed to look at anyone. I had done something like this once before, when I had streaked on a beach, but I had had a day to prepare for that experience, and it felt more acceptable to be exposed on a beach than on a busy street. The people who saw me probably all did double takes; it is not a very common event to glimpse a nude lady strolling down the street. I felt the hot stares on my completely exposed flesh; I wondered if more attention was being focused on my jiggling boobs or on my red pubic hair and my pussy. I am sure my curvy round ass got a lot of stares from the people behind me as I walked by.

When I came to the intersection I had to stop and wait for the light to change before I could cross the street. This meant that more people had time to look at my nude body, which further embarrassed me. It was very hot out, and I felt sweat start to drip down under my arms. This was too much; I felt so stripped and exposed as I waited for the light to change. It felt like an hour before the walk sign appeared, and I walked to the parking lot of the Wendy's as fast as I could without running. I reached Karen's car and tried to open the passenger door so I could get back inside the car, but in a very sadistic move she had locked the door. The pavement was burning up my feet, and I was starting to attract a crowd of people. I banged on the glass, begging her to have mercy and let me in the car. She made me stand out there naked, feeling very foolish, for about thirty seconds. She finally unlocked the door, and I jumped back into the car, feeling the soft car seat on my naked ass. I put my dress and shoes back on as she drove away from the restaurant.

"Good job Miranda...I mean Slave Miranda. I am impressed that you did it. I know exhibitionism is your thing, and that will come in handy for your next task."

"Where are you going to make me get naked next, inside a crowded shopping mall?" I sarcastically replied.

"Oh, no. Nothing like that. You will be getting naked for a crowd, Miranda, but not outside in public anymore. We are going to a Temptation Party."

"What is that, Mistress Karen?"

"It is like a Tupperware or Pampered Chef party, but the hostess sells sex toys instead of kitchen items. A friend of mine named Diane is the hostess, and she has been having these parties for a few months. One night I was on the phone with her, and she told me that many more women would buy the more exotic toys if they could see them in action."

"Um...what do you mean, Mistress Karen?"

"Well, Diane said that most of the women who buy the products stick with the more conservative ones, like simple vibrators and dildos. Many of the ladies are shy about the other toys, especially the anal ones. Most of them have never experienced the pleasure of inserting a butt plug, and Diane would like to sell more stuff like that. She said it would be much more profitable if some of the women bought items for two orifices instead of one."

"Oh no... I know where this is going. You are going to make me demonstrate sex toys in front of the party, aren't you?"

"Bingo! Yes, you are very deductive, Slave Miranda, you figured it out. Don't worry, it will be fun, and you will be helping to liberate some poor vanilla women in the process."

I pondered this next challenge as Karen drove to our destination. If it was just about demonstrating a vibrator, I would have been bolder about the idea. I considered anything to do with anal toys a very private affair, and I had never even used them in front of a partner, much less in front of a group of women. I blushed as I pictured myself naked, shoving some butt plug into my asshole as everyone stared at me.

We pulled into the driveway of a nice large house. It was stucco, with Spanish red tiles on the roof. The lawn was perfectly trimmed, and there was a beautiful garden in front of the house. Karen parked behind a white BMW. Her Saturn was by far the cheapest car parked in the driveway; this was clearly a party of wealthy women. Karen squeezed my hand as she led me to the big oak door.

I was very curious to see the party; I had heard about these types of events, but I had never witnessed one myself. A woman in her late thirties opened the door for us, and Karen introduced her to me. Her name was Diane, and she was the hostess of the party. She was tall, and had short blonde hair. She was wearing a pair of white shorts and a red tank tap. She had a nice dark tan, stylish make-up, and large breasts that looked too perfect to be real.

I sat on a comfortable white Newport chair, surveying the room. There was a large white leather sofa seating about four women. The rest of the women were sitting on various chairs and loveseats; some were sitting on overstuffed cushions on the floor. There was fine artwork on the wall, and a shelf with a collection of colorful glass sculptures. There was a small table with an authentic Tiffany lamp beside my chair. I watched the presentation which was already in progress. Most of the women were about ten years older than me. (I am in my late twenties.) They all had on impeccable clothing. I smelled the odor of expensive perfumes. A lady with long dark hair was standing in the middle of the room, explaining the features of the "Butterfly" vibrator.

"This one is great, because you can have your hands free to do other things while it vibrates you clitoris." The lady explained. She held up an item that looked like a cross between a thong and a vibrator. The vibrator itself was in the shape of a butterfly.

"You wear it like a pair of panties, and choose the intensity. The butterfly is positioned over your clit, and it vibrates in just the right spot, providing intense orgasmic pleasure. You can also wear it while making love; it works especially well if you partner is behind you, doing you doggie style."

Some of the women blushed when they heard the lady's graphic description of the toy. They had no idea how graphic things were about to get.

I learned that the lady's name was Jessica, and that she was Diane's partner. When I say "partner," I am referring to her status as Diane's lover, in addition to being her business partner in the Temptations sex toy business. I watched her describe a huge variety of vibrators, dildos, and lubricants.

I spaced out for awhile, absorbed in the presentation. I had almost forgotten that I was supposed to demonstrate a toy when I caught the phrase "Many women are reluctant about anal play. They think it's dirty, or strange. For various reasons, they never explore the pleasures of anal toys. They are missing out. The anus is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones in a woman's body, and it is loaded with nerve endings."

I stared at her hands as she opened up a black leather briefcase. Inside the briefcase was a huge assortment of toys. I saw five different sizes of butt plugs, a few anal beads, lubricants, and vibrators.

"The first thing to learn about anal play is to start out small. You need to give your ass time to get used to being filled up. We are going to do something unusual today; I understand we have a model that is going to demonstrate some toys today." Jessica looked right at me.

I didn't know what to do; I felt like I was being put on the spot. Karen walked over to me and told me to stand up. She addressed the crowd. "Ladies, this is my friend Miranda, who has graciously volunteered to demonstrate the use of anal toys for everyone today. It was entirely her idea; her exact words were "Can I show them how to use the anal toys when they get to that?"

I gave her a dirty look when she told that lie to the audience. Karen picked out the largest plug in the briefcase, and addressed the crowd again. "I know Jessica said to start out small, but Miranda here is an old pro; a small plug would bore her. After she shows you how easy it is to shove this huge toy up her butt, you will all know how easy it really is, and hopefully some of you will be inspired.

My eyes widened when I looked at the toy Karen was holding up for everyone to see. It was an enormous flesh colored butt plug. It had three successive ripples; the top was pointy, the middle got bigger, and the bottom was huge and wide. "Jessica, will you please describe this toy for everyone?"

"Sure. That is our largest anal plug. It is called the Anal Invader. It is 7 inches long, which might not sound very large. Remember, we are putting this toy in the rear, not in the front, and believe me, 7 inches is HUGE when put inside you ass. I don't recommend this product for novices. It is also wider than the other plugs, and takes some serious effort to get inside. The top is slim, but notice how it has three ripples, each one getting wider. When this toy is inside your ass, it will feel utterly stuffed."

"Well, Miranda, do you think you can handle it?" Karen asked me in front of everyone.

"I don't know." I shyly responded while looking at the ground.

"Miranda...remember what I said earlier? Now, try again. Miranda, do you think you can handle that toy? You can answer 'Yes, Karen' if you think you can do this."

I felt relieved that she wasn't going to make me call her "Mistress Karen" in front of everyone. But I got the message loud and clear; she was giving me an order, and I was expected to comply with it.

"Yes, Karen, I can do this." I said.

"Well, why don't we cut to the chase and get started, Miranda?" Karen suggested.

"O.K." I said.

"All right, this should be exciting!" a lady from the group yelled.

I stood in the center of the room, and I wasn't sure how to begin. "Why don't you take off your dress and sit down on the floor now, Miranda?" Karen suggested. I was glad to have some guidance; I didn't know how to proceed. I nervously lifted my dress over my head and placed it on the table. I sat down on the floor, once again feeling stripped and exposed. All of the women looked at my nude body.

"It is very important to use a generous amount of lubricant, Miranda." Jessica said, and she handed me a large bottle of oil called "Wet Stuff." I squirted a dollop into the palm of my hand, and shyly began to lube up my ass.

"Wait a minute. It is hard to see her ass when she is sitting there facing us. I think this would be a more effective demonstration if Miranda was on all fours doggie style with her ass facing us." Karen suggested. Well, for me it wasn't really a suggestion; it was an order. I quickly got on all fours and stuck my butt out for everyone. They all gathered around closer to me.

"How can I insert the plug while I need to use my hands for support?" I complained.

"Hmm...I guess I'll need to help." Karen said. She got down on the floor beside me and squirted some lubricant onto her hands. She held the huge toy up to my face to tease me as she squirt lube on it. The monster butt plug was dripping with the Wet Stuff, and she moved her body into position behind me. I felt a squirt of lubricant hit my ass and felt her rub it into my asshole. It felt cold at first, but it warmed up quickly. I braced myself, prepared for the invasion from behind.

I felt very embarrassed, naked on the floor with my bare ass in a lewd position while a dozen women watched the action. I felt Karen plunge the tip of the plug into me. At first it wasn't so bad, but then she got to the middle ripple of the plug. My sphincter muscles tightened; my ass wasn't ready for the next layer.

"Relax, Miranda. If you let your ass relax, it will be much easier. Just let go, and let it slide in."

I tried, but she couldn't get it in. She pushed harder, but brute force wasn't going to work in this case. I tried to let go, and let her penetrate me further.

"Miranda, relax you ass, right now!" Karen ordered me. This was a tall order; it was hard to relax on command. She used her fingertips to pry open my ass cheeks, and this extra help was enough to push the plug to the next level. My ass suddenly felt like it had expanded as I accepted the second ripple of the plug.

"Good job! I'll let you get used to that before we get to the last ripple." I started to freak out when she mentioned the last ripple; I already felt stretched and stuffed to the limit from behind. I didn't think it was possible to get anymore of the toy up inside my ass. It felt like it was inside me so deeply already; I felt all the nerve endings in my ass come alive. It was becoming painful already, having a huge unfamiliar toy pushing my ass to the limit. I was also acutely aware of the fact that everyone was staring at my bare ass with a flesh colored plug sticking out of it. I felt silly and humiliated as Karen touched my ass cheeks in front of everyone.

She began to rotate the plug, trying to loosen me up for the final push. She tried to push it in all the way, but I was too full already, and not accepting any more of the toy. She tried everything. She ordered me to accept it, but it just wasn't happening. She gave me more time to relax, but that didn't help either. Finally, she whispered in my ear "I just squirted tons more lube on the base of the toy. I'm going to push really hard, and while I do that, shove your ass back to me. We can get this sucker into your ass, I know we can."

She pushed it hard into me, and I strained and sweat as I pushed my ass back. I felt incredibly exposed as I lewdly grunted and moaned, trying to shove the rest of the huge toy into my butt. Sweat was dripping down my hair and into my eyes as I pushed and pushed as hard as I could. I must have looked wild as I exerted myself. Finally I felt a pop as the toy plunged inside me all the way. I felt Karen's hand on my ass cheeks. The feeling was incredibly intense inside my asshole. It felt totally stretched and filled beyond belief. It really hurt, like it had felt the first time I had anal sex with a man. I thought I would get used to it, but that didn't happen with the final ripple as it had with the second one; if anything, it felt even more painful as time went by.

Karen whispered in my ear again; "Don't let them know it hurts, slave. Diane wants to sell anal toys to these women, and the point of having you use the huge one was to show them how easy it will be for them to use the smaller ones."

I tried to compose myself and act like it didn't hurt. I was grateful that they couldn't see my face.

Everyone clapped their hands when Karen announced that it was all the way inside me. I learned later that almost every one of them had ended up purchasing an anal toy that afternoon. I was hoping that she would remove the toy soon, but she told me to stay there.

I stayed in the doggie style position while Karen went to get something else from the briefcase. She surprised me when she started to buzz my clit with a vibrator. I couldn't see what she was using, but it felt really good between my legs. The sensation inside my ass started to actually feel good when combined with the vaginal stimulation. She moved the vibrator all around, getting every angle of my clit. I felt like I was about to come. She took the vibrator away just as I was about to come. I felt disappointed, and then she buzzed my clit again while putting a finger inside my wet pussy. She took me even closer to the crescendo of orgasm, but again backed off just before I came. I was really starting to get frustrated. "O.K, this is it, Miranda, get ready to come hard!" she whispered in my ear. I could feel her hot breath in my ear. I was so excited and turned on. She buzzed the vibrator in just the right spot. I felt the orgasm approach; I knew it was imminent. Then she cruelly removed the vibrator yet again! I was furious; my pussy and clit were so turned on and I couldn't come.

"Slave Miranda, enjoy the delicious torture of delayed orgasm. You are my slave until midnight, and you will just have to wait until then to have your orgasm. Think of how fucking great it will feel...but oh, the agony of waiting!" she whispered.

Damn her, I really wanted to come. She worked the butt plug out of my ass. I had to relax again to expel the toy one ripple at a time. It finally popped out of my ass, and then she let me get dressed. Diane and Jessica thanked me for the show. I blushed, and hoped that I would never run into any of these ladies on the streets of Miami in the future.

Karen drove me back to her place, and luckily she let me just chill and relax for awhile. Time passed by, and I almost forgot about my slave role. I looked at the clock, and noticed it was already 7:00 P.M. I was startled when the doorbell rang.

Karen answered the door, letting a big muscular lady into her apartment. She was almost six feet tall, with very short blond hair. She was wearing a black tank top that said "Gold's Gym" and a pair of loose black sweatpants. Her smallish breasts were surprisingly round and soft looking in contrast to her well toned muscular arms and shoulders.

"Slave Miranda, this is my friend Lynn. To you, she is Mistress Lynn until midnight. You are still indentured to me also, but I thought it would be fun to hand you over to someone and watch."

"Hello, Mistress Lynn." I said shyly, afraid to make eye-contact with this unfamiliar Amazonian woman.

"Kneel, Slave Miranda" was her friendly greeting.

I quickly kneeled to the ground at her feet.

"Slave Miranda, I don't normally do this, but I'm going to tell you the plan for our session. I understand you are a total BDSM novice, is that correct?"

"Umm...I had a boyfriend who would spank me a little during sex a few years ago." I said.

"Did it hurt, or was it more like a playful slap on the ass?"

"Well...it stung a little, but it wasn't too painful." I admitted.

"Hmm...well, you are about to have a new experience tonight, Slave Miranda! As I was saying, I don't normally give my slaves a detailed description of what is going to happen to them, but since you are not really a full time sub I have decided to let you know what your fate is going to be the rest of the evening. Karen has informed me that you have been dying to come, but that she wouldn't bring you all the way to orgasm, is that correct?"

She kept using the same phrase when questioning me. "Is that correct?" I felt like I was being interrogated. "Yes, Mistress Lynn. That is correct!"

"Good. Denial or orgasm is a great technique. Mistress Karen has done a great job. I am sorry to inform you, Slave Miranda, that you will not be allowed to come until your servitude ends at midnight. My plan is to have two sessions with you between now and then while Mistress Karen watches and helps me when I need an extra hand. It is now 7:15. The first session will be from now until 10:00. That is almost three hours. I am going to introduce you to the art of bondage. I bet you have never been tied up seriously, is that correct?"

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