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Lesbian Slave Island


Since the last year of college, I knew nothing made me feel more alive than my fantasies of being a completely owned slave girl, loved and thoroughly used as a sensual object of desire by some woman I had yet to meet and love. She would keep me totally nude and exposed 24/7 (I would never be allowed clothing) and my duty would be to arouse her by my beauty, ultra fit body, humiliations, bondage, discipline and sensual skills. I also had fantasies of being the owned sex slave of several girls and/or women at once.

Of course there is nothing like the internet to find others matching these desires. However, I found most people sharing aspects of my fantasies either a little or a lot scary - I would need to feel safe too. I figured out that I would have to meet my love in person and get to know her. That could happen through the internet to start, but as it turned out I was very lucky: as a senior in college I met Helen, who came to the US from Sweden, and to whom I looked up as she was a few years older. We had hung out together around campus (she was a grad student then) and were clearly mutually attracted, but nothing happened until that day we traveled to the beach. There I found a secluded area and took everything off, heart thumping madly.

Helen and I became lovers there, soon rooming together for the summer. She only encouraged my nudism. I soon confessed to her that I absolutely loved being totally naked, and there was something about my being the only one naked that thrilled me like nothing else. And to be very exposed with shaven "loins" (loins- I love that word) - hiding nothing, was a super thrill. Quickly, my absolute nudity became the norm whenever we were alone.

I loved doing regular daily things naked in front of her. Even just having a meal together at the table excited me tremendously, noticing her eyes admiringly resting on my breasts, or toned arms, feeling the air on my skin, knowing she could see all of my body while she herself was fully dressed.

She liked it too. She did not share the same high level of thrill to be naked herself (though her body was fantastic)...but this worked out perfectly for me. I loved the disadvantage that situation created. One fully exposed, the other more comfortable and hidden. I was honored that she enjoyed seeing my body and sensing my excitement.

We took this to a new level with some light bondage, sometimes during lovemaking only, other times during relaxing times, such as while watching television. At first she did this as a gift to fulfill my fantasies and share my excitement, but she soon began to love me helpless too.

Yet another level was reached when her sister Sassa visited for a week. We quickly realized she was not only cool with her sister's lesbian relationship, but also with my nudity. It was a thrilling moment when she first saw my shaven loins, and then later when she openly admired the moisture she saw there, along with my hardening nipples. When Helen commented on my blush at that moment, the humiliation and excitement induced a whimper of ecstasy from me.

I was in bliss to be the only totally naked while two others wore clothing.

I shared my feelings with Helen, who was happy for me. She told me that she and Sassa had talked. Sassa knew some of my fantasies, and thought they were incredibly exciting. Helen expressed her concern over Sassa's very high sex drive getting her into much trouble with boys. Maybe we can keep her too distracted to bother with the boys for a while...so that very evening, I was ecstatic to be the only naked AND bound one...

It happened while we three sat on the couch watching TV. I sat in the middle. That situation alone was hot - clothed women close on either side, I completely naked and exposed between.

Helen returned from the kitchen after a commercial not with snacks, but with handcuffs. Helen's sister exclaimed how exciting this was, sitting up to observe. I could almost hear my heart thumping as I leaned forward to touch my wrists together behind me. At the click of their locking, I pulled against the cuffs, suddenly feeling the reality that I was bound, thrilling about the evening's potential that ironically created. The soft-covered cuffs were solid steel inside, making me feeling vulnerable, knowing I truly was restrained and unable to cover myself! My arousal leaped instantly higher, firing up a deep sensual longing from deep within. I was even more transported into ecstasy-land when I leaned back against the couch, my back force-arched, my chest sensually thrust outward and upward.

Helen leaned against me, fondling my thighs and breasts with her sister sitting right there, just inches to my left. After minutes of silence except for the sounds of the movie, breathing, and Helen's hand sliding against my exposed nudity, her sister's bare leg pressed innocuously against mine. I gently pressed my leg against hers to show her I liked it.

Helen decided some popcorn was a great idea for a long evening of relaxing on the couch watching cable movies. As she stood to walk to the kitchen, the sisters' eyes met, and I thought I saw Helen nod smilingly to Sassa's quizzical look. The moment Helen was out of sight, Sassa's fingers lightly caressed my upward thrusting breasts.

Sassa's eyes started directly into mine, and I wondered what Helen would want me to do. I decided to do what I craved to do but feared - to be a totally sensual slave girl like in my fantasies. I smiled at Sassa, then arched my back even more, which pushed my breast forward for firmer contact with Sassa's fingers.

Sassa smiled back, whispering I was very beautiful and so incredibly fit and lean. I told her that her face, body and upbeat personality were fantastic too.

Her eyes lowered, followed by her hand, which felt wonderful to me as it slid downward. After resting on my hip, her hand kneaded my thigh; she whispered I had steel muscles. She then fixed on my left nipple, starting at it closely and feeling it. She was pulling it gently when Helen returned.

Sassa and I looked up simultaneously for Helen's reaction. To my relief, Helen smiled and acted as if this were usual behavior. Sassa's finger only then departed from my nipple. Helen smilingly asked me to slide down a bit, so my abs would be flat like a table...I could not lie my lower torso perfectly flat because of the cuffs locking my wrists together under me, but Helen said the angle was OK - she didn't want to unlock me - at this she winked smilingly at me and I felt another tingle of heightened arousal down below. She poured some buttered popcorn onto my displayed and naked abdomen.

"Ooo I want the belly button ones!" lightly laughed Sassa, as she grabbed a few that rested in there. I was inwardly thrilled over what was happening; also a little nervous and self-conscious. Sassa turned to face right, picking up more popcorn, including ones that rolled to below my belly button, resulting in her fingers touching just millimeters from my completely hairless and open labia. My eyes widened when Helen pointed to the glistening sheen left by the butter, and rubbed my belly to spread it up, down, sideways. I was ever so conscious of eyes watching her fingers caress, including ever so briefly touching the sides of my labia...the movie faded to the background of our attention but we pretended to watch as the lovely sisters continued to pour and pick up popcorn from their shining sensual table.

(to be continued)

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