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By request I have been asked by readers of my stories to write a story about lesbian incest. The theme requested is about a girl’s soccer team and their mothers. The story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious. I hope you enjoy the story.


The Ridgeway High School girl’s soccer team in years past had been mediocre at best. The school had hired appointed a new coach who had played soccer in Spain and she had been recently hired as the school’s new Spanish teacher. Maria Espinoza was a 28 year old Spanish beauty with long black hair and dark eyes. She truly possessed the Mediterranean mystique and she was a head turner with her shapely figure. Maria stood at 5’6” and weighed about 115 pounds. She had small firm breasts, a narrow waist, shapely legs and a killer ass. She was in terrific shape and she had continued to play soccer in an adult league before she got coaching position at Ridgeway. As she walked the halls of the high school Maria got many a look from male teachers and students alike but none of them got her attention. Maria was a confirmed lesbian. She was gay and she had always enjoyed being gay. When Maria played soccer in Europe she had met other gay players and she had had her share of encounters with other women.

Maria was determined to turn Ridgeway’s Lady Cougars into a winning program. She was fortunate to have two new senior girls transfer to the school this year. The girls were twins born in Germany. They spent most of their school years in Germany and learned to play soccer there. They were far superior to any of the other players but Maria hoped that their experience would rub off on the other girls. Erica and Gretchen were identical twin blonde sisters. They were very pretty even given their athleticism and they were very aggressive on and off the playing field. Their mother Stephanie was a striking woman with a very regal appearance. Stephanie was a single parent divorced for almost eight years now. She did not date and she did have any interest in re-marrying. She had long ago given up on men. Stephanie had been concerned that her girls would be playing for a losing team until she had heard that Maria had been appointed the new coach. She had contacted Maria and offered her assistance in anyway possible Maria. Maria was grateful for the offer.

Next Monday would be the first day of practice and Maria would find out then what kind of a team she could put together. She knew the twins would be exceptional but she had no idea what other potential she had. She would find out soon.


Stephanie and her two twin daughters had just finished dinner and they were relaxing in the family room. They talked about soccer and the upcoming season. The twins hoped that there would be some talent on the team besides them. They were excited by Maria’s appointment as they knew that she was experienced in the European style of play.

“Maria is beautiful. Do you think she is gay?” Erica blurted out.

“I don’t know but I’m sure we will find out before the season is over. I would sure like to see her pussy and taste it. She is really hot,” added Gretchen.

“I would go easy with her girls. She is going to have her hands full trying to put this team together and she won’t need any distractions,” their mother cautioned.

“You’re right mother but if there is a chance I will be all over it,” giggled Erica.

“So will I. What movie did you get for tonight mother?” Gretchen said.

“It is titled Toys for Tails,” Stephanie told them.

“My that sounds like fun. Are we ready to watch it?” Gretchen asked.

“Yes I am quite ready,” her mother replied.

Stephanie popped the movie in the DVD player and the three of them sat together on the sofa with Stephanie between her two daughters. The movie started with two pretty blondes and cute brunette sitting at home when a package arrived. They quickly opened the package and they started taking sex toys out of the box. There were strap-on dildos, butt plugs, anal beads and double headed dildos. It didn’t take long for the blondes to begin working over the brunette and they were soon fucking her in her pussy and her ass with strap-on dildos. Stephanie and her two daughters were immediately turned on by the scene in the movie and they started to feel each other up as they watched the screen.

They were all wearing tee shirts and shorts with no bras or panties so in a matter of seconds the three women were naked. Erica and Gretchen were sucking on their mother’s tits as Stephanie fingered her daughter’s pussies. They had worked themselves into quite a state and they quickly moved to the floor and arranged themselves so that they could eat each other’s pussy. Erica was eating her mother’s pussy as Stephanie ate her daughter Gretchen who in turn ate her sister Erica. The three of them had done this many times before and it was their favorite way to warm up for the evening. Within minutes they were all cumming and sprayed each other’s faces with their female love juice. After they licked each other clean they sat back up on the sofa and picked up on the movie.

On the screen the girls were preparing to deflower one of the blondes who pretended to be an anal virgin. The brunette was pushing anal beads into her ass after having lubed it with her fingers. The blonde was on all fours with the other blonde underneath her eating her pussy. The brunette slowly pushed six beads into the blonde’s ass while her pussy was being eaten by the other blonde. As the blonde began to orgasm into the other girl’s mouth the brunette slowly popped one bead at a time out of the girl’s ass. The girl orgasmed and screamed each time a bead cleared her anus. When all the beads were out the brunette put her face into the blonde’s ass and tongued her asshole. The blonde screamed with delight and her body shook as the other girl’s cried out telling her to cum for them. Then the three collapsed on the screen.

Stephanie and her daughters were worked up again and Erica got up and left the room. She returned shortly with a box of toys and smiled at her mother. Stephanie took out two strap-on dildos and a tube of lubricant.

“Let’s give Gretchen what she has been waiting for,” Stephanie said and handed one of the strap-on dildos to Erica.

Both Erica and her mother put on the harnesses and snapped in the fake cocks. Erica lay on her back and her sister straddled her lowering her trimmed pussy onto the fake cock. Stephanie moved in behind her daughter and squirted an ample amount of lube directly into Gretchen’s asshole. Then Stephanie pushed it in deeper with her finger and massaged her daughter’s asshole with her finger. Gretchen crooned as the lube entered her rectum and she felt her mother’s welcome finger in her ass. Stephanie then put and ample amount of lube on the fake cock and eased it into her daughter’s ass. Gretchen loved to be double penetrated more than anything and she still remembered the day that her mother had taken both her anal and vaginal virginity. Erica lost hers as well that day and ever since the girls loved to have their holes plugged with fake cocks.

Stephanie fucked her daughter’s ass as Gretchen rode the fake cock in her pussy. Gretchen was out of control and she was bucking frantically with the intensity of her orgasm. Erica reached up and pinched her sister’s firm tits and hard nipples as Gretchen cried out in climax.

“That’s it my dear cum for us, cum for us,” Stephanie urged as her daughter surged out of control and collapsed on her sister.

Erica cradled her trembling sister in her arms as her mother eased the rubber cock out of Gretchen’s asshole. Gretchen felt the cool air tickle her dilated anus as the cock was removed from her butt. Gretchen rolled off of Erica and lay next to her on the floor. She was only allowed to rest for a few minutes and then she put on the strap-on that Erica had used on her pussy. Erica was next and she straddled Gretchen and lowered her pussy onto the fake cock. Then her mother lubed her asshole and filled it with the other fake cock just as she had done to Gretchen. Erica soon felt the surge run through her body and she drenched the rubber cock in her pussy. Erica was a squirter and she gushed in orgasm as the two fake cocks worked her holes.

Finally it was Stephanie’s turn to be double fucked. She liked to lie on her side with her daughters fucking her. Erica pressed into her mother and their tits rubbed together and the sensitive nipples hardened immediately. Gretchen pushed the other dildo into her mother’s ass and then she established a rhythm with her sister as they fucked their mother. Stephanie loved to be fucked by her two daughters and she was so glad that she had introduced them into the world of lesbianism. They fucked their mother with a passion and when Stephanie pleaded with them to stop they ignored her and continued fucking her. The girls knew that their mother had at least one more orgasm in her and they were determined to bring her to another climax. The final orgasm hit Stephanie hard and her entire body shook and trembled as she screamed in passion. She felt as if she was close to passing out her orgasm was that intense.

“Oh this is a big one, oh my God, oh my God, I’m cummmming!” Stephanie cried out.

“That’s it mother cum for us just as we came for you,” the girls urged her.

“Oh please stop now, I can’t take anymore. You must stop, please,” Stephanie begged her daughters.

The two twins stopped their movements but left the fake cocks in their mother’s holes and the three of them remained motionless for several minutes. Gretchen moved first and slid the rubber dick out of her mother’s ass. Then Erica pulled out of her mother’s pussy and Stephanie rolled over on her back. Erica and Gretchen took off the strap-on dildos and removed the cocks from the harnesses. Then Erica took the cocks and put them in the sink to be cleaned. Erica and Gretchen then went back to the sofa and watched some more of the movie while their mother recovered on the floor. Stephanie was too exhausted to even more off the floor. Erica and Gretchen took turns eating each other’s pussy as they watched the movie. Gretchen loved to eat Erica and have her sister squirt in her mouth. Gretchen wished that she was a squirter like her sister. The three of them then went to bed leaving the toys in the family room and dildos soaking in soapy water. Tomorrow would be another day and it was Saturday so they would have the morning to pick up where they left off.


Janet Jones had just arrived at her home with a surprise guest for the evening. Janet had run into Mrs. Carol Graham at of all places a lesbian lounge. Janet had decided to go out this Friday night and see what was going on down at Slippers the popular lesbian hangout. The last person she expected to see was the mother of one of her students.

Janet taught physical education at Ridgeway High School. Janet was gay and although she had been bi-sexual for awhile she preferred the lesbian life. Janet was a cute pixie looking young woman who was almost flat chested. She was about 5’4”, 110 pounds with short brown hair. Her figure was athletic but cute as she had shapely legs and a nice pert round bottom. Janet had Marcia Graham as one of her phys ed students and she had secretly lusted after the high school beauty. Marcia was pretty and stacked and she new it. Marcia was kind of a snob and she was always drawing attention to herself. She had many of the boys walking around school with erections in their pants.

Marcia Graham stood at 5’7”, weighed about 120 pounds, and was a very well put together girl. Her breasts were probably a 36 B; she had shapely legs and a marvelous ass. Marcia always wore clothes that showed off her fantastic shape. Marcia was a cheerleader and the captain of the squad more because of her popularity then her athletic ability. Janet had often fantasized about seducing the haughty teenager.

But now Janet was with Marcia’s mother who was every bit as beautiful and shapely as her daughter. Carol had kept her self in marvelous shape. She was an avid tennis player who played 3-4 times a week. Carol was married to Bob Graham who was a successful business man who was gone more than he was home. Carol and Bob and grown further and further apart recently and sex was no longer in their lives. Carol still had needs and decided to seek out female companionship rather than cheat on Bob with another man. Carol had had one lesbian experience in her life with another tennis player. She had enjoyed the experience but she did not pursue it any further.

Carol had heard about Slippers and that it was an upscale lesbian cocktail lounge. She decided to give it a try and see what happened. Carol did not think about meeting someone that she knew so she was quite surprised when she ran into Janet. Janet was easy to talk to and before long they were dancing together. Janet took her time and didn’t press Carol as she was afraid of chasing her away. Marcia was staying with one of her friends overnight so when Janet invited Carol to come home with her it was easy for Carol to accept.

As they entered Janet’s home Janet pushed Carol back against the door and pressed her knee into the woman as she pinned her against the door. Janet’s hands were all over Carol as she started kissing her passionately on the lips. Janet’s kisses were so wonderful and eager as her hands cupped Carol’s face, Janet kissed her over and over. Carol reveled in the thrill of all the emotions and adrenalin coursing through her body. Janet nibbled on Carol’s lower lip gently and Carol gushed with exhilaration as their tongues intertwined. Janet shoved her tongue deep into Carol’s mouth causing her knees to almost buckle under her with the excitement of the moment. As Janet’s wet hot tongue explored Carol’s mouth her hands roamed all over her body. Janet explored inside Carol’s shirt, up her skirt and stroked the exposed skin of her thighs above her nylons. Carol murmured into Janet’s mouth as the teacher’s caresses sent shivers through her body as Janet seductively stroked her breasts and thighs. Carol’s desire intensified as Janet stroked her pussy through her damp panties.

Janet dropped to her knees and raised Carol’s skirt pushing it up to her waist. Then she hooked her fingers into Carol’s thong panty and slowly peeled it down her thighs and off her legs. Janet then held the panty to her nose and inhaled the sweet smell of Carol’s sex. Next Janet steered Carol back against foyer table and helped raise her up until she was sitting on the table. Janet smiled wickedly at Carol as she pushed up her skirt and then dropped slowly in front of her. As Janet spread her legs Carol couldn't conceal a moan and she had to stifle her gasps with the back of her hand. Carol could feel Janet’s hot breath on her sopping wet pussy. Carol then started to place delicate kisses upon Carol’s naked thighs and the sensation of her wet lips on Carol’s skin sent waves of excitement through her. Janet ran a fingertip down Carol’s slit causing her to groan with pleasure as Janet’s fingers honed in on Carol’s engorged clit.

As Janet inhaled the sweet odor of Carol’s pussy her tongue darted out for an exploratory lick and then she lapped excitedly at Carol’s quim. Janet began to lick her from her little dark puckered asshole to her clit. Janet then pulled Carol’s pussy lips open and exposed her pink pussy as her tongue darted in and out of Carol’s now dripping cunt. Carol felt as if she were being fucked with a little cock as Janet stiffened her tongue. Using her thumb Janet rubbed Carol’s clit and she also dipped her fingers into Carol soaking wet pussy. Janet then took one very wet finger and slid it into Carol’s tight asshole. Oh how good it felt to Carol to have something in her ass again it had been so long. Janet sucked Carol’s clit into her hot mouth and slid her fingers into her pussy and one into her ass. Carol groaned with the pleasure of the raw sex and her love of anal sex betrayed her. Soon the intensity in Carol’s ass, pussy and clit built up to the boiling point and she came noisily with her juices spilling from her and into Janet’s waiting mouth.

Janet hurriedly took Carol by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Once in the room they frantically removed the rest of their clothes. Carol knew it was her turn to pleasure Janet but it had been so long she hoped that she could satisfy her. Janet stood by the bed as Carol moved behind her and placed gentle kisses all over her body. She started at Janet’s shoulders and worked her way slowly down to her buttocks. Carol was enthralled with Janet’s body with her firmness and smooth skin. Carol began to lick and kiss Janet’s hips planting kisses all over her sensitive body. Carol couldn’t resist sinking her teeth into Janet’s firm ass cheeks causing the teacher to shiver and gasp in surprise. Carol turned Janet toward her and then kissed the inside of her thighs and worked her way steadily toward her pussy. Carol kissed the area around Janet’s pussy and inhaled the sweet aroma produced by the aroused gym teacher.

Carol loved the smell of Janet’s pussy and she was desperate to taste her. Carol flicked out her tongue and for the second time in many years tasted another woman’s pussy. Carol was pleased to find that Janet tasted as sweet as she smelled. Carol began by probing Janet’s pussy gently with her tongue and then found herself diving into the luscious pussy. Janet fell back onto her bed and Carol moved to a sitting position between her legs. Carol then began to lick her clit and loved the way it swelled under her tender touch. Remembering her only lesbian experience Carol enveloped Janet’s clit with her mouth and swirled her tongue around it emitting squeals of delight from Janet letting Carol know that she was driving her crazy. Carol was gaining confidence with her tactics as she started to lick Janet’s pussy again tasting her sweetness. She ate her, licked her and probed Janet’s sweet hole with her tongue and then slipped a finger into Janet’s dripping pussy and finger fucked her while she sucked and nibbled her swollen clit.

Carol felt Janet’s clit swell and stiffen a little more as she continued to hold the hard pearl in her mouth. Carol lavished delicate kisses all over Janet’s pussy and then returned to lustily licking her clit again. Carol’s tongue danced all over Janet’s clit before probing her quim this time her tongue delved into every fold of Janet’s now soaking pussy. Janet reached down and took hold of Carol’s hair and pulled her face tighter to her snatch forcing Carol’s tongue deeper inside her pussy and she ground her clit against Carol’s mouth. Carol could feel Janet’s body quake as her orgasm rose within her and Janet continued to push back against Carol’s face. Janet ground herself against Carol as her breathing quickened and she moaned aloud and became uncontrollable. Carol felt Janet’s body stiffen and then she was cumming all over her face and Carol’s tongue hungrily searched out every drop of Janet’s sweet nectar.

Janet collapses across the bed on her back as Carol licked her pussy clean of all female juices. Carol then moves to the bed and lies next to Janet. They kiss and then Carol tells Janet that this is only her second time with a woman but that she hopes it won’t be her last. Janet smiles and tells Carol that this is only the beginning and that they will make love many times and many ways.

“You know when I ate you before I noticed that you enjoyed having my finger in your ass. Do you like anal?” Janet observed and asked Carol.

Carol blushed at the question but replied, “Yes I do. I love anal but it has been awhile since I have anything in my ass. Your finger felt great but I wished it was something bigger.”

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