tagLesbian SexLesbian Soccer Moms Ch. 04

Lesbian Soccer Moms Ch. 04




This chapter launches the soccer season for the Ridgeway Lady Cougars. Stephanie hosts a Soccer Moms Club meeting that ends up with the mothers and coaches becoming even closer. A slumber party at Trudy's house reveals a number of secrets and has some interesting developments.


Right after soccer practice on Friday Anna drove Lauren home and stayed with her that afternoon into the evening. Anna and Lauren made love to each other in many different ways and then rested in Lauren's bed. Anna was still wearing the strap-on dildo that she used to fuck Lauren earlier. Anna lay on her back and stroked the fake dick.

"How do you like my big cock?" she teased Lauren.

"Very impressive but you need to put it away. My mother will be home soon and I don't want her to find out about us," Lauren replied.

"She already knows she spied on us last time I fucked you," Anna told her with a cocky laugh.

"No way, she does not know, how could she?" asked a stunned Lauren.

"She stuck her head in last time and I saw her. Not only that, but when you dozed off I went down to her room and I caught her in bed playing with her pussy," Anna added.

"My God, what did you do when you saw her? Did she see you too?" Lauren gasped.

"Yes she saw me and since I was still wearing the strap-on I went in her room and fucked her," Anna said with a smirk on her face.

"You fucked my mother, no way, she wouldn't do that, she' not into girls," Lauren stammered.

"Well I did and I will prove it to you. In fact I will just stay right here and I will fuck her when she comes home tonight," Anna stated.

Lauren was lost for words. She didn't really want Anna in the house when her mother arrived home. But if it was true and Anna had fucked her what difference would it make. Lauren struggled with her thoughts and wondered what would happen if she allowed Anna to stay. Actually Anna would stay if she wanted to and Lauren really couldn't do anything about it.

"I tell you what," Anna directed, "I will hide when your mother comes home and if she peeks in your room to spy on us then you will know for sure and then I will fuck her right in front of you on your bed."

Just the thought of seeing her mother get fucked by Anna sent chills through Lauren's body and she felt her loins stir again. Lauren subconsciously moved her fingers to her pussy and rubbed her clit. Anna smiled at her and then thought to herself that it could turn out to be quite an evening. Anna reached over and guided the petite Lauren so that she sat on the fake cock. Lauren lowered herself on Anna's cock and began to bounce up and down. Lauren was close to another orgasm when they heard Shirley come home. Lauren scrambled off Anna's cock and lay flat in bed as Anna jumped up and hid as planned.

Shirley arrived home at about 7:00 PM and she saw Anna's car parked in the street. She felt a twinge go through her body as she remembered the last time Anna was at the house. Shirley thought about watching Anna fuck her daughter and then about Anna coming into her bedroom and fucking her too. Shirley decided to be quiet again as she entered the house in hopes of catching the girls making love to each other.

Shirley entered her home and quietly made her way up to her daughter's room. The door was cracked open slightly and Shirley peeked in pushing the door open a little wider. Her daughter Lauren was naked on her bed and she was playing with her cute pussy but Anna was not in the room. Shirley was a little disappointed that she couldn't see Anna and she pushed the door open a little wider. Anna had hid down the hall and now she approached Shirley from behind.

"Got you," Anna said as she grabbed Shirley from behind.

Anna easily lifted up Shirley and walked in the bedroom with her. "Look what I found," Anna laughed as she spoke to Lauren.

"Anna please let me go," Shirley begged embarrassingly.

"Sure I'll let you go so that you can get undressed and join us. There is no reason to watch when you can join in and you know you want to," Anna asserted.

"No Anna please I can't do that again," Shirley said fearfully as she realized for the first time that Anna was naked and wearing the strap-on.

Lauren heard her mother loud and clear when she said again. So Anna was right Lauren thought to herself, Anna did fuck her. Lauren watched as her mother was undressed by Anna right in front of her. Lauren's mother was as helpless as Lauren was in Anna's presence.

Shirley was stripped of her clothes and made to kneel on her daughter's bed her face was flushed with embarrassment and excitement. As much as Shirley was humiliated she was getting turned on as her true inner feelings took over. Shirley got on all fours as she was directed and then she looked back at Anna who knelt behind her with the big rubber cock bobbing in front of her. Anna got behind Shirley to fuck her doggy style and slid the fake hard cock into her pussy. Shirley gasped as the phallus entered her dripping wet pussy. Anna then began to fuck her with long steady strokes.

Shirley felt her orgasm build quickly and then travel through her body. She cried out in climax and her ass danced around as she fucked herself on Anna's cock. Lauren watched in amazement at her mother's slutty behavior.

"Oh yes oh, fuck me Anna," Shirley cried out.

Anna smiled at the woman's submissiveness as she fucked her harder and harder. Then Anna thought it was time to include Lauren. Anna stroked and played with Shirley's ass and tickled her nether hole with a fingertip.

"Lauren spread yourself in front of your mother and let her eat your delicious pussy," Anna directed the action.

Lauren obeyed Anna as she always did plus she still needed to cum again since she and Anna were interrupted earlier. Lauren got in front of her mother and slid down with her legs open putting her very cute pussy on display.

"Come on Shirley give your daughter some of your magic. Look at that delectable pussy you know you want to put your tongue in there," Anna urged.

All of a sudden it wasn't her daughter's pussy anymore. It was just a beautiful teenage pussy that desired to be licked and eaten. Shirley looked at her daughter's gorgeous form sprawled on the bed and buried her face in the teenage mound. Shirley shoved her tongue deep into her daughter's womb causing her daughter to gasp. Lauren loved to have her pussy eaten.

As Shirley was fucked and ate her daughter's pussy, Anna played with her ass. Shirley's pussy was dripping wet and Anna used the natural lubrication to finger the tight aperture. At first Shirley was apprehensive and then it started to turn her on.

"Oh yes!" Lauren exclaimed and she trembled with excitement as her mother's tongue found her clit.

Anna continued to fuck Shirley and play with her ass but then she stopped briefly. Anna pulled out of her and Shirley felt a huge void in her pussy as the cool air temporarily filled her hole.

"Stay right there," Anna told her as she left the bed and got something from her bag.

When she returned she knelt behind Shirley and once again shoved the big fake dick into her pussy. She started to play with Shirley's bum again and squirted some type of lotion in the crack of her ass. Anna massaged the lotion into Shirley's asshole and began to finger her once again. The lotion made Shirley very slick and Anna's finger slid easily in and out of the anus.

Lauren was holding onto her mother's head keeping it in her snatch as she watched Anna. She yelled to Anna, "Fuck her in the ass. I want to see you fuck her ass."

Lauren was overcome with lust and now she wanted to see her mother take the big cock in her ass just as Anna had done to her so many times. Shirley couldn't believe her ears when she heard her daughter tell Anna to fuck her ass.

"Yeah, do you want it in your ass Shirley?" she heard Anna ask as she felt the rubber cock press harder against her virgin ass hole.

"No please no!" Shirley cried, shaking her head from side to side with her face still pressing against Lauren's quim. "I've never done that, it's too big. You'll ruin me."

"Don't be silly she's not going to ruin you. If I can take it you certainly can take it in your ass. You just need to be broken in," Lauren said to her mother.

Anna spread plenty of lotion on the fake cock and then covered it with her saliva making it very slick. Then with one steady motion she plunged the cock into Shirley's asshole. The cock was gigantic, long and wide and Shirley screamed as Anna began to work the dildo into the woman's poor tight ass. Shirley actually felt her stomach cramp around the fake cock. As Anna stirred Shirley's insides it burned when the ass muscles convulsed around the thickness. Shaking and sobbing with painful ecstasy, Shirley fell forward onto Lauren. With her powerful grip Anna kept Shirley's ass high in the air as it was plundered with the huge phallus.

Shirley screamed into her daughter's pussy as it felt like a hot thick poker had just been rammed into her ass. Tears filled Shirley's eyes as her violated asshole spread to accommodate Anna's thick cock. Shirley tried to break loose and get away but she was held securely in place by Lauren and Anna. Lauren held her mother by the ears and Anna held her by the hips. Shirley's face was buried in her daughter's womb.

Shirley cried out loud only to have the sound muffled by Lauren's cunt as the complete length filled her ass. Anna flexed the cock deep within Shirley's bowels as the searing pain continued. Anna reached one hand under Lauren's mother and teased a nipple. Then Anna moved her other hand down and rubbed softly against Shirley's clit. Shirley's body responded to the stimulus and her stomach convulsed with mixed signals.

The intrusion in her ass didn't feel quite as bad now as Anna's fingers continued to tease Shirley's clit. She felt Anna move inside her ass now and Shirley tried to relax her ass muscles. Her body was working back and forth on Anna's cock now and Shirley was amazed at the feeling of the cock in her ass. Shirley's clit was buzzing and the fullness in her ass just seemed to excite her pussy even more.

Anna started hammering into Shirley's ass now. Anna's fingers were still busy on the clit but now she had two fingers drilling in Shirley's pussy as the others fluttered around the clit. Shirley's whole body was aflame as she could feel the fingers pressing against the thin membrane separating her ass from her pussy. Shirley could feel the hard fake cock sliding in her and the pressure of the fingers through the membrane.

Lauren yelled out, "Oh yeah, fuck her, fuck my mother's ass, fuck it good!"

Shirley didn't need Anna's powerful grip or Lauren's holding onto her ears anymore. Shirley's entire body of its own accord was fucking back at Anna. Shirley could feel an enormous orgasm building with in her and her pussy was swollen to new proportions.

"Oh God," Shirley thought to herself, "I'm going to cum again, Oh God!"

Anna continued plowing into Shirley. Anna worked her fingers faster inside Shirley as the fake cock was rammed hard into her ass. Shirley sucked her daughter's twat like a mad woman. Shirley could taste Lauren's wetness and the air was filled with the smell of pussy juices throughout room.

Shirley felt her pussy spasm suddenly and then her whole body went rigid. She screamed into her daughter's mound and sucked on her clit. Shirley could taste the sweet juices as she sucked hard and bit on Lauren's clit. All three of them shuddered hard as every muscle tensed and then relaxed. Shirley felt a hot explosion as her body was overcome with the most violent orgasm she had ever had. Shirley was still sucking hard on Lauren's pussy trying to milk every last drop of cunt juice out of her. Shirley felt Anna's strap-on cock slowly back out making an audible popping sound. Shirley's ass was still high in the air and her thighs ached as Anna lovingly caressed the shapely ass cheeks.

The three of them collapsed on the bed totally drained from the intense fuck session. As they recovered Shirley felt like she had reached an all time low. Although she handled the ass fucking she was humiliated and she felt totally dominated. It was a strange feeling to be satiated and ashamed at the same time.

Shirley lay on her back as she was caressed by her daughter and Anna. The two teenagers were not done with the mother and they put Shirley through several more couplings and compilations before the evening was over. Anna straddled Shirley's face and lowered her pussy to the mature woman. As Shirley ate Anna's pussy, Lauren put on the strap-on and fucked her mother's pussy. Later Anna showed Shirley how to wear the strap-on and Shirley then fucked Anna's pussy. Lauren then had her mother fuck her pussy too. Shirley learned how the back end of the fake cock rubbed against her own clit as she fucked the two teenagers.

Anna finally showered, dressed and left but she left the strap-on with Lauren and her mother. Shirley stayed in her daughter's room that night and they fell asleep in each other's arms.


On Saturday evening Janet and Maria arrived at Stephanie's home. The other soccer moms Vicki, Shirley, and Carol had already arrived. Stephanie served wine and appetizers and they all sat around and chatted about the upcoming season. Plans were made and assignments were given out. Vicki and Shirley were curious as to why Carol had volunteered to be a soccer mom since her daughter Marcia was a cheerleader.

"Well as I understand it Carol joined us so that she would have an excuse to be with Janet and Maria," Stephie offered.

Carol blushed at the implication and then Stephie asked, "Isn't that correct Carol? Isn't it because you like they way they fuck you?"

The whole room was quiet and the ladies stared at Carol waiting for her reaction. Carol just sat quietly and turned beet red. Janet and Maria were caught off guard but they were not really surprised by Stephie's actions.

"Oh come on now girls we are all out of the closet. Let's see I know Janet and Maria are lovers and that they included Carol at times. Shirley you have made it with Maria at the boutique. Vicki and I have made love in my home and the same night her daughter Trudy made it with my daughters. Also Maria and I made love here and my twin daughters joined in," Stephie revealed all she knew and then asked, "Does anyone have anything to add to that?"

"I think that about covers it for me," Maria replied but I do know that Anna and Lauren made it together in the showers."

Shirley surprised herself by sharing as she added, "Lauren and Marcia have made love in my house. Also Anna and Lauren are lovers and last night they included me."

Shirley was embarrassed by her admission but at the same time she was relieved that she had shared it with the others. Carol and Vicki were stunned as this was the first time they heard about their daughters and they would have never suspected them.

"Are you sure about Marcia?" Carol asked.

"Oh yes the time she stayed over at our house on Friday and Saturday, they made love both days. I saw them myself," Shirley confirmed.

Carol then knew it was the same nights that she spent with Janet and then with Janet and Maria. Carol tried to picture the two beautiful teenagers naked together and she felt a stirring in her loins.

"Stephie are you really sure about my daughter Wendy?" Vicki asked shyly.

"Oh yes quite sure, my daughters never lie about things like this. They told me everything and your daughter became quite fond of female sex particularly with the sex toys. Erica and Ingrid actually double fucked her daughter and she loved it," Stephie explicitly replied.

Vicki still had a difficult time believing that her daughter had experienced lesbian love and on the very same night that Stephie seduced her. Vicki visualized her pretty daughter with the beautiful twins and the image of Trudy being doubled fucked haunted her. Vicki was actually turned on by the thought. Then she thought about the sleep over that Trudy was hosting tonight and it included all the daughters that they had just discussed.

"Well we have finished our business for the evening, should we have some fun now?" Stephie asked.

The women looked at Stephie as they thought they knew what was on her mind but nobody moved. Then Maria spoke up, "Sure why not, there are no secrets here."

"That's the spirit. Now let's first get together with someone that we haven't had sex with. Maria why don't you and Janet get better acquainted with Vicki. Then Carol, Shirley and I will get to know each other better," Stephie directed and then added, "Now let's take our clothes off for starters."

All six of the women undressed and then stood naked looking at each other and taking in each other's beauty and unique attributes. Vicki was a beautiful woman with long straight blond hair, small pert like tits, gorgeous legs and a perfectly round bubble butt. Her body was golden tan. Shirley was a very pretty brunette with medium firm breasts, shapely hips and ass. Maria had more the Latin look, dark hair and eyes, olive skin and a very shapely 36-22-36 body. Carol was a Natalie Wood like brunette. All of them kept their pussy hair well trimmed into cute little tufts and they were all very fit from hours of fitness training.

Stephie and Carol approached Shirley and told her not to be so shy. Maria and Janet led Vicki over to one of the sofas and sat down on the edge of it on either side of Vicki. Stephie and Carol led Shirley over to the other sofa and they sat facing Janet, Vicki and Maria. Stephie and Carol sat close to Shirley so that their bodies were touching. Maria and Janet did the same with Vicki.

"This is so hot," said Janet as she and Maria moved their hands over Vicki's body.

"So have you experimented with toys or dildos yet?" asked Stephie. Then she and Carol moved even closer to Shirley and began to move their hands over her breasts and thighs.

"Yes last night the girls introduced me to a strap-on cock," Shirley replied nervously but turned on by the caressing of her body.

"Well we have some surprises for you later but first things first," said Stephie as she and Carol gently pushed Shirley back on the sofa.

Janet and Maria also pushed Vicki back on the other sofa and Janet got between Vicki's legs as Maria mounted Vicki's face. Janet wasted no time in cupping Vicki's hot ass and as she plunged her tongue deep into the blonde mother's pussy.

Then on the opposite sofa Carol straddled Shirley's face just as Stephie slid between Shirley's legs and began to eat her cunt. Stephie probed Shirley's pussy with her fingers and sucked on her clit. Shirley's legs were then lifted on her shoulders exposing her ass and her little aperture. Stephie then began to lick Shirley's bung hole and tickled it with her tongue. Stephie had a long thin tongue that probed deeply into Shirley's ass as she continued to finger fuck her pussy. Shirley knew she was going to cum soon so she picked up the pace eating Carol's pussy. Carol held herself open for Shirley and she went wild as Shirley nibbled on her clit.

"Shirley is a natural," proclaimed Carol and then yelled, "Oh this is going to be a quick one."

Carol humped herself on Shirley's mouth and came in buckets all over her face. Shirley reached her own climax and cum onto Stephie's face. Stephie sucked her dry as if she didn't want to miss a drop of Shirley's nectar.

"She is a real squirter," Stephie announced as she moved up the bed to straddle Shirley's face and then said to Carol, "Your turn."

"A real live squirter oh let me at her," Carol said excitedly and then covered Shirley's pussy with her mouth.

The actions were repeated this time with Stephie cumming on Shirley's face and with Shirley squirting her juice into Carol's mouth. Only this time Carol fingered Shirley's asshole the whole time as she ate her to climax. The three women then separated and sat on the sofa watching Janet and Maria finish Janet. Maria was riding Vicki's face as Janet ate out Vicki's pussy. Janet had pushed anal beads into Vicki's ass and she was held onto the string as she ate her. As Vicki started to cum, Janet pulled on the string and one by one the beads popped out of Vicki's asshole. There were six beads in all and Vicki's body jerked in spasm each time one of them cleared her sphincter intensifying her orgasm. Janet moaned aloud into Vicki's cunt as her mouth was filled with Vicki's juices. Vicki collapsed on the sofa next to Janet and Maria and the three of them hugged and kissed one another.

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