tagSci-Fi & FantasyLesbian Tentacles Ch. 01

Lesbian Tentacles Ch. 01


While I never considered myself one to enjoy some of the weird sexual fetishes in the world, I somehow ended up not only falling in love with one, but actually living it. No, it's nothing like those disturbing giant baby fetishes or those closet beastiality cases that call themselves 'furries'. It's something much weirder overall. I'm in love with tentacle sex. I wasn't before, but that changed when 'the queen' and I became...acquainted. Even then it wasn't an overnight change, even though the change itself was literally. Maybe I should start from the beginning...

First off, my name's Natalie Lesman. I'm 24, live in a somewhat crappy two bedroom apartment, and I work as a maid at this quaint little motel just on the edge of town. It's nothing fancy, but it pays the bills and I have enough to get by with a little left over to save for when I want to splurge on things. I'm about 5'10", slender with lovely long red hair, and my cup size is at about a C. While I may not be the next supermodel on the cover of Vogue, I'm still not half bad to look at, and unfortunately it draws the guys to me like flies to shit. Normally you might think that that's a good thing, but for me it's terrible.

I hate men. They're obnoxious, always hitting on me while reeking of cologne, and telling them that I'm not interested only makes them think I'm playing hard to get. That's why I only have eyes for women. Can't tell them that though, because then they think they might be able to score a threesome if they can bring over a hot chick to catch my eye. Newsflash losers, if you try that, I'll play along just long enough to excuse myself to go freshen up in the ladies room with your friend, duck out the back with her, and take her home myself. Fortunately for me, most women are at least somewhat curious about sex with another woman, and that leaves me with plenty of opportunities and leaves plenty of thirsty guys with serious cases of blue balls.

OK, now that I've gotten you caught up on that, let me get around to explaining 'the queen' I mentioned earlier. See, 'the queen' isn't human. I doubt it's even female to be perfectly honest. All I know is that it all started one night while I was eating some bomb Chinese chicken and fried rice from a nearby take out joint after I ate out the cute little number that was working the front counter. Her attempts to keep her squealing down in the tiny little bathroom they have there were so adorable and only made me go at her even harder. In the end I got a big discount and her number, making me ecstatic. I was about halfway through my rice when it hit me, literally.

I don't know where it came from or how it even got into my apartment, but something came flying at my face mid bite and started to force itself down my throat. I panicked, choking and trying to grab whatever it was to pull it out, but it was beyond my reach in a matter of seconds. Next thing I know I'm waking up on the floor about 8 hours later, my living room a mess from where I was flailing around, and I panicked again. I headed to the bathroom to see if maybe I can see it in my mouth. Nothing was there of course, but I felt slightly relieved nonetheless. I decided to clean up the mess, attributing it all to a hallucination, probably from a bad eggroll or something.

Once I had picked up the mess, I headed back to the bathroom to clean up that mess that was me. I was initially only going to shower off, but when I thought back to the previous night I started daydreaming about that Chinese girl again and ended up a little horny. This was when I started to notice the changes brought about by 'the queen'. Normally when I get horny I just rub one out and maybe finger myself just a little, but no, this time I was craving something to fill me up. I've had dildos used on me before, and have a few toys for whenever I have overnight company, but I'd never had a want like this before. I was practically drooling at the thought of a big meaty dick fucking me, and I was soaking wet long before I had the water running for my shower. I attributed it to the food and strange dream that I was now trying to convince myself had been last night when I got home, and started up the water.

I had to do everything with only one hand at this point, because I was very adamantly fingering myself while I waited for the shower to get warm. I had considered going to grab one of my toys from my naughty drawer, but I was too focused on diddling my cunt to want to even bother. When the water was just right, I hopped in and lavished the feeling of the liquid warmth caressing every inch of me, and my clit was engorging itself so much more than normal at the feeling. I moved on to stroking my throbbing little nub as it swelled up, and before long I realized that my clit was no longer just a tiny little bump. It was now over seven inches long, the size of one of my small dildos, and just as big around.

I froze, staring at this shocking change, not sure what was happening. I wanted to get up and run, but I couldn't. There was this strange voice in the back of my head that kept urging me to stroke it, to satisfy my lustful thoughts. I knew it wasn't mine. I wanted to run, it wanted to finish, and my body was going to do what I wanted. Unfortunately for me, that wasn't what happened. I turned to get out of the shower and a strange sensation ran up my back. Next thing I knew, I was fully restrained, wrapped up in something strong and thick, and even though I should've fallen over, I hadn't. I looked down and saw that there were these long and thick looking tentacles wrapped around my arms and legs, and a few more bracing themselves against the edge of my tub and the walls to prevent me from escaping.

I started to scream but in an instant one of them flew up and into my mouth, silencing me. I glanced down to see which one had moved, and to my shock saw that it was my suddenly phallic clit that had been the one to gag me. The tentacles all shoved me back against the wall, suspending me off the ground, and I felt several more strange sensations along my back and saw that even more tentacles had appeared from behind me. This coupled with the fact that I was nearly deepthroating what I believed was my clit led me to one conclusion: the tentacles were inside me. I wanted to be scared, but the tentacles had other plans.

Two of the tentacles started to fondle my breasts, wrapping around them and squeezing while the ends lightly rubbed against my nipples. The third one to appear was very tenderly rubbing against my now very wet cunt, teasing it but never going inside. It drove me crazy for several minutes, not stimulating me enough to make me cum, but just enough to get me almost there. It was torture of the best kind, honestly, and it only made me love them more the longer they teased me. That strange little voice popped back up inside my head, asking me if I wanted to feel release. I did, and no sooner had I thought as much, it released my arms.

I immediately thought about grabbing at the one that had been teasing me the most, and no sooner had it crossed my mind that the tentacle suddenly forced itself inside my tight, twitching snatch. The fucking it was giving me was amazing, but I needed more. I started to stroke the one that had been my clit up near my face, treating it as though I were blowing one of my toys. At the same time I was tilted slightly away from the wall, giving me room to move my head, and I started to suck and stroke on it with as much gusto as I could manage. Here I was, suspended in my shower by some strange tentacles that were coming from inside me, looking like something from out of a sci-fi horror movie, and all I could care about was using them to give myself an orgasm.

I was growing closer and closer to cumming every second, and the tentacles were only making me feel better as it carried on. The ones teasing my nipples opened up these small holes at their ends and began to use a sucking motion on my nipples, which were hard as rocks at this point. The one busy burying itself inside my vagina began to move faster while getting thicker and stiffer and the one that had sprouted from my clit was doing the same. It ended up being too much though, and I came. My cunt squeezed down tight on the tentacles and my still full mouth made muffled cries of orgasmic bliss, but that wasn't all. Not only had my body cum, but the tentacles had as well.

The one in my mouth had pushed itself in just a little farther and was shooting hot cum down my throat while the one in my pussy was pulsing in time with it, and I got the most incredible sensation as I was filled up on both ends simultaneously. I was also treated to the feeling of hot goo being sprayed all over my tits by the ones that had been teasing my breasts, and the ones that had been bracing me were also spraying copious amounts of sticky fluids at me, positively coating me in cum. Thankfully though, the shower was still running and washed most of it off as I hung there suspended, reveling in the afterglow of the most intense orgasm ever. I wondered at how I was going to get free after this, and the tentacles slowly lowered me and hastily retreated back inside my body once I was safely on the floor.

I sat in my tub for a good while, the water eventually starting to turn cold before I had the energy to move. I had no idea what all had happened, nor what all I had in store for me in the future. I had figured out a few things though. Firstly, the tentacles were inside me, and also somehow were me. Stray thoughts had made them react, and thinking back I saw that they were only trying to help me cum like I desperately wanted to. Second, whatever it was that had gotten inside my body still had some control over them, but not total it seemed. I'm sure if I thought hard enough, I could control them even if it tried to interfere. Thirdly, my normal days of sex were now gone.

All the possibilities of things I could do like this was exciting me, and I couldn't wait to try them out. Before that though, I needed to learn to control them, or else I might end up as some experiment in a secret lab somewhere. The little voice, which I later started referring to as 'the queen', agreed that control was a necessary first step before doing anything else, especially in public. I was glad that I had the day off, and that I rarely ever had to deal with or even see guests while at work, so that would help a lot. I made up my mind right then that I would learn to fully control these tentacles of mine, and put them to good use. When my thoughts strayed off to me having a go at some random girl, the little voice seemed upset and tried to change the image in my mind to me with a man and him finishing inside me.

It was at this point that 'the queen' learned something it didn't know about humans: we're notoriously stubborn. It tried to convince me that I needed to get with a man, and every time it did I thought of me mentally smacking what it soon realized was what I imagined it looked like: a very bossy looking woman with a crown on its head. It tried to show me that it needed a man to help it reproduce, and I mentally recalled some of my worst encounters with men to show it what they could be like. While it wasn't fully convinced, it did back off a little, but I knew it would try again at some point.

My very strange mental discussion now over with, I was suddenly struck with a thought, and I knew right then that I had to have an answer right that second. The image crossed my mind, and very slowly my clit engorged itself while I rubbed my fingers along it. Before long it was as it had been before my tentacles attacked me, which after I thought about it was weirdly funny, and I was ready to satisfy my curiosity. I began to stroke myself, enjoying the feeling. The voice wanted to assist but I made it clear that I wanted no additional assistance at the moment. I stroked faster and faster, feeling the pressure building up before finally I couldn't hold it any longer. It wasn't much, but I came as I sat there panting hard.

Here I am, Natalie Lesman, a lesbian with tentacles, and what's the first thing I did? Used them to give myself a dick so I could beat my meat. Yeah, I'm a real winner here.

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