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Lesbian's Panties


Message received 2302 from Elin's mobile: "Honey, are you awake?"

Alice 2305: "Yes. I was just going to sleep."

Elin 2307: "I just wanted to tell you that I'm in love with you ;-) you don't regret anything do you?"

Alice 2312: "Of course I do not; I get warm inside when you call me baby."

Elin 2313: "I'm horny again."

Alice 2314: "you are probably always horney? I like that."

Elin 2316: "it's you who makes me horny; I smell your panties now."

Alice 2318: "What are you doing right now?"

Elin 2322: "I masturbate, what are you doing?"

Alice 2325: "the same thing, I caress my upper body with your panties."

Alice 2355: "hey! What happened? Did not respond?"

Elin 0003: "oh skinned I fell asleep! Oh how I love you, I am sluggish."

Elin 0005: "tired, I mean. Good night darling."

Alice 0010: "mm. Good night. Now I am also going to sleep but first I will dance with myself."

Alice laid down her cell phone and pulled the blanket aside. The moonlight threw the shadows of tree branches over her stomach and she heard someone flush the toilet downstairs. Her heart was pounding, a restless feeling that she had to do something about. The only way she could think of was to give her an orgasm; then she probably would at least be able to fall asleep. She pulled up her legs and spread her thighs.

She had lain for almost an hour now with Elin's panties between her labia while she stroked over the body. She was so wet that it splashed as soon as she moved and now she rolled the wet panties to a string as she pulled them into the cleft between her buttocks. The loose end she brought into her pussy and with her left hand she pressed the fabric against her anus while she rubbed directly on her clit with her right hand. She fantasized about Elin's big black hairy bush glistening wet as she pulled her fingers through it.

The next day was Saturday and Alice woke up having been dreaming about sex.

She was wet between her legs again!

"I am living an erotic hell" she murmured to herself. It was five to eleven and there was a message on her mobile: "Want to meet today? I'm (almost) home alone tonight! Greetings from your horny girl"

Her insides were tingling, she was alert and full of energy and time couldn't go fast enough. She showered at breakneck speed and hurried down the stairs to breakfast where the family always ate late on Saturdays.

"Well, here's our little Alice," said her father, and then returned to the morning paper dressed only in his bathrobe. Her mother was fully dressed but all messed up doing the usual Saturday baking.

"Mom, put twice as much filling in it this time," said Alice.

"Well good morning to you, too." said her mother.

"Good morning." Alice sat down at the table and her mother put out a bowl for her.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yes." She poured sour milk on her cereal. "This filling is good."

The father looked up from the newspaper: "Quite right, I agree."

Her mother hit her father on the head with the business part of the newspaper and smiled at Alice. "Sure, I know, sweetie, twice as much."

That afternoon, they met in the center and Elin was wearing a red cloak and a white top hat with red stripes pulled down over her curly dark hair.

"You always wear something striped." said Alice, who was dressed in a black jacket and had earmuffs and her hair set up in a ponytail.

"I know. Unimaginative huh?" said Elin and put her arms around Alice. It momentarily crossed Alice's mind that to hug when you meet is nothing strange, but they had different friends who may have thought it weird but this was forgotten as she breathed in the subtle perfume that she had always loved.

Elin took hold of her hand and looked her in the eyes.

"I have longed for you." Alice noticed that people passing by turned to look at them.

"I've missed you too, where are we going?"

"We can go to my home straight away; I have coffee on the go. My parents are in the country to close up for the winter and won't get home until tomorrow."

"So we're all alone?"

"Almost, my little sis is at home too but she'll sleep over at her friends and then we'll be by ourselves."

"Oh shit, I get so fucking soft in the knees just thinking about it."

They went up along Hagavägen and held hands and the warmth went up Alice's arm making her stomach churn.

"What do you want us to do tonight?" asked Alice.

Elin laughed in embarrassment. "We can talk and stuff? Maybe watch a video?"

"You know what I want" said Alice. "I want to lie naked on your parents' bed, and then I want to lick your pussy until you have an orgasm."

Elin squeezed her hand. "I want you to do that and do the same to you."

They had coffee together with Elin's sister Emma who was shorter than Elin, freckled and with her hair cut short. She had a pretty face and Alice liked her instantly. Elin had first presented Alice as "My Girl" but Alice blushed terribly and Elin had to explain to Emma that it was just a joke they shared. After the coffee they put the dishes in the sink and Emma went to her room.

"When will you leave for your friend's house?" Elin shouted after her.

"I do not really know, around six o'clock." Emma said and closed the door behind her.

Elin and Alice looked at each other and smiled. "It's two hours, I really can't wait."

They sat on the sofa and Alice leaned over and kissed Elin on the mouth and as their lips met it tasted of coffee and girl. They sat like that for a minute leaning against each other and Alice stroked the outside of Elin's shirt over her breasts and stomach causing their breathing to become heavier.

"Let's go to my room." Elin whispered.

Elin hung Blonde Redhead on the turntable and told Alice to sit on the bed as she locked the door and turned to Alice.

"Now I'm going to do something I have longed for." Elin said, pulling off her shirt. She had a tank top under her shirt and had no bra revealing her plump breasts and taut nipples pointing into the air.

"Oh, they ache so much!" gasped Elin as she stroked her palms over her nipples.

"Do you want me to suck them?"

"My breasts?"

"Not your breasts."

Alice giggled. "Your Tits. I want to suck your Tits."

Elin giggled. They both liked little interludes in rudeness and naughty words.

She asked her friend "Do you like my big Tits?"

Alice groaned "I like your big nipples as well."

They were both enjoying talking now "I think about your nice big Tits and Nipples as well."

"What else do you think of?"

"Putting my hand up your skirt and feeling your panties."

"Like you did to me the other night?"

"Yes. Exactly that. Do you remember what you did when I had my hand up your skirt?

Elin remembered and said" I opened my legs."

"Why did you open your legs for me."

"I like you feeling my knickers."

Elin was feeling so juicy now and said "Girls are nice and soft. Its nice for girls to feel each other."

Alice sighed. She had been thinking naughty things for quite a while. She said "I like your little sister."

Elin laughed "Emma. She's not so little now. She is 19."

"I know. She has nice Tits, like you."

The conversation was getting more and more rude now and they were enjoying pushing the boundaries."

"Do you like my sisters Tits."

"Of course I do. It must run in your family."

"What? Do you mean big Tits?"

"Yes, Elin. Your mother has really big Tits."

Elin laughed "You will be saying that my father has big Tits next."

"Has he?"

"Of course not. My step father is a man."

Alice smiled "So I noticed when he had those tight shorts on."

Elin smiled at her friend's insinuation and confirmed "It is big?"

Alice looked interested "Has he got a big cock, Elin?" Elin didn't answer directly but she nodded.

"How do you know?"

"I saw him playing with it in the bedroom."

"On his own?"

"Yes and he had my panties."

Alice gasped. "Masturbating into your panties?"

"Yes mine and Emma's"

"God Elin, that is so exciting. Tell me more."

Elin was defensive of her step father and said "He is a nice kind man, Alice and he has been a very good Daddy to Emma and me and good to my mother when my waster of father left us." Alice knew this very well. Elin's father was nice.

"I know that Elin but tell me what was he doing with your and your sister's knickers?"

"He was smelling them and then he sucked them."

"God Elin. I can understand that. I like sucking your panties."

"Would you like to suck Emma's panties as well?"

"God yes Elin. I would love that."

Elin walked up to her. "Yes, I want to do that later, but first I want to see you naked."

As Elin kissed her on the mouth Alice could not help but feel her chest against her as she leaned forward.

Elin giggled and pulled back. She unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. Not in a sexy way, but Alice thought it was sexy enough just to look at when her classmate undressed in front of her.

As she lay back she wriggled her bottom and her legs to free herself from the panties bunched around her ankles.

Elin was performing for her friend now. Apart from he knickers around her ankles she was naked. Additionally her pussy was on full display and so was her bottom.

She knew exactly what she was doing.

"I like you looking at me when I'm naked." said Elin. "You have no idea how horny I was when you saw my pussy yesterday, now I want you to give proper attention to it."

She pulled off her panties and threw them to Alice. "And you could try to feel what I've been thinking about in my panties today!"

Alice caught the panties and smelled them, fantastic. She sucked on them and watched Elin, who was on the floor, with horny eyes and stroking herself over her slightly bulging belly.

"Why do you like to suck on my panties?" asked Elin.

"I do not know, because they're yours, you taste so strong."

"What tastes so strong Alice?"

"You know. Your pussy."

"Not my pussy. Alice."

Alice pushed her tongue out onto the panty material. She knew her friend wanted to talk dirty again.

"Your minge Elin. Or your cunt."

Elin was excited and she muttered "Talk about my cunt Alice."

"I like your cunt Elin. Its a nice big cunt. I like your big cunt."

Elin stretched the conversation again "My sister Emma has a big cunt Alice."

Alice smiled. She could play that game as well and she said "I expect your mother has a big cunt as well Elin."

Elin was puzzled "Why do you say that Alice?"

"Well you said your father has as big cock. So she must have a big cunt."

Elin giggled. Although the words were shocking the naughty chat excited her. She could see her friend was excited as well. Alice rubbed her hand over the crotch of her jeans. "I've probably gotten a little crazy; I've never done this stuff before."

"You mean you are not used to tasting your own fingers?"

"No. But now I do it every day." said Alice, and added softly. "You look beautiful baby."

Elin came up to her and kissed her again and Alice took her breasts in her hands and stroked her fingers over them and around the nipples. Elin gasped, "Oh, come closer." she said and giggled. She straightened up and stood with her crotch at face level in front of Alice. "Do you like it?"

Alice nodded and swallowed. "Can I feel?"


Elin got into bed and lay on her side so that her ass was in Alice's lap. Alice felt the heat from her classmate's naked buttocks against her through her jeans.

"Do you like it like this?" said Elin.

"Yes" Alice laughed. "What do I do?"


Elin got into bed and lay on her side so that her ass was in Alice's lap. Alice felt the heat from her classmate's naked buttocks against her through her jeans.

"Do you like it like this?" said Elin.

"Yes" Alice laughed. "What do I do?"

"You can fiddle a bit if you want"

Alice stroked her hand over her hairy bush. "I have always admired your hair."

"My pubic hair?"

"Yes, that giant bush you have between your legs." Alice giggled again.

"Is it so big? I've never thought about it."

"I've thought about it a lot! And now it's soaking, it shines, it's nice." Alice pulled with two fingers on the outside of Elin's labia and down her inner thighs while she talked. It smelled strongly of Elin's excited pussy.

"Thank you." Elin closed his eyes and stroked herself over her breasts while Alice slowly moved closer to her pussy with her fingers.

"You know, if you'd been a guy or just someone else I would have been really embarrassed now." said Elin and whimpered a bit when Alice stroked her on the knee.

"Being exposed like this for someone else, like, it's not something you always want to do. But now I want it more than anything else. I want you to see everything, my familiar smell, even my sweat and stuff. Do you understand?"


Elin sighed contentedly. "I want you to look inside my labia and see how fucking wet I am and you should look at my ass and see if I dried myself thoroughly."

"You're fucking crazy." she said.

"But the thing is that I can be there with you, I'm not afraid of anything, it's not embarrassing with you."

"I know what you mean." Alice drew with his finger in Elin's slit. This was the first time she'd really touched Elin's sex. It was the first time she'd shared a sexual encounter with someone other than herself.

"Do you want me to look at your ass now?" said Alice, "or I'll lick your pussy first?"

"Lick me, girl. LICK ME."

And so Alice did. It was the first time she'd put her tongue on a pussy and it was the first time Elin had felt the tickle of Alice breath directly against their clitoris. It was the first time for both of them. Now the panties came off, they wanted to drink directly from the source.

When the digital clock showed seven fifteen Emma knocked on the door. "Hello, are you there?"

"Yes what do you want?" Elin shouted back.

" I lick your pussy now!" said Alice

"Huh?" roared Elin.

"I'm going on the bus now."

"Aha. Okay."

"Can I borrow your bus pass?"

"Yes, bye then"

"Yes, bye then"

They listened for the front door to close and then went at it again. They had not moved far in three hours. Down under the covers just where they lay naked as God created them Elin were behind Alice and had her arm around her stomach as she went back to kissing her down her spine.

"Do you think she heard what we were doing?" said Alice.

"I do not know," said Elin between two kisses. "She sounded a little weird, but we can trust Emma."

"Don't you think it feels weird; maybe she thinks it's disgusting?"

"What do I care about it? By the way if you look on the wall, there is a hole our dad made for us so that when we were small we could send pieces of paper to each other. I know she usually sneaks a look at me there. "

"I can't see it."

"It's really small, but from her bed, she only has to raise her head a little and she can see straight at me."


"And she used to watch me when I do it to myself, I know that."

"Huh?" Alice turned half round and Elin was down at her lower back and kissing now.

"Your little sister watches you when you masturbate? Do you think she has been watching us?"

"I don't know, maybe. She's only eighteen and I have seen her masturbate once so it's nothing strange, we're pretty open with each other."

"Shit." Alice felt an unexpected stab of jealousy in her heart; she wanted Elin for herself and had not thought Elin would spy on her own sister.

"Have you smelled her panties sometime"

"Maybe" Elin giggled and snuggled up behind Alice again and pressed her belly against her back. Alice felt her hairy bush against her as she kissed Alice's neck.

"They are not as good as yours." said Elin.

"Can't we get some and check?"

"Okay." Elin scrambled past the Alice out of bed and carefully opened the door. She came back a minute later, theatrically clearing her throat.

"I have a present for my little girlfriend, a pair of virgin panties!"

Elin held up a pair of dark green panties in the air. "These panties are recently used and from the laundry basket."

Alice sucked the smell from the fabric and felt the unmistakable scent of a girl's wet pussy, Emma's pussy.

"What a fine sister you have!" she said emphatically.

Elin looked at her and laughed again. "You're so beautiful when you're enjoying yourself!"

She put herself between Alice's legs and spread her labia with her fingers.

"It looks like you need to be licked again."

Alice had just a little hair round her pussy, which she trimmed regularly.

"Venus, I want you now!" Elin said, burying her face back in Alice's wet sex.

Alice sucked on Emma's panties and spread her legs to give Elin more access.

"Mmm. Mmm." was all she could say.

It was an enchanted evening, the narration would have said if everything was a Disney movie and would have ended here. But the night was not yet finished, not as it would have in the children's version.

Up until midnight Elin and Alice licked each other to more orgasms than they could count and now considered themselves, with some justification, as pretty talented pussy lickers. They helped each other get better by talking about how they wanted it. "Lick my clit straight on NOW!" shouted Elin and put her legs round Alice's neck. "Large licks, like a dog! On the mouse!" said Alice when it was her turn.

They had started inserting fingers to stimulate the vagina while licking each other and were in ecstasy.

They now had had time to eat dinner and take time to watch TV for an hour but it was not quite over yet.

"Really I have such a fucking pain in the pussy now, real muscle soreness." said Alice when they were on the couch in the living room.

"And buttocks too, I have used them too much." Elin filled in.

"You know," said Alice stroking Elin lying on her stomach, "as it is now, I would be proud to say that we are together."

"Would you?" Elin looked happy. "Me too, but I do not think it's so easy to say it to people, not yet."

"Maybe they just might discover it themselves?"

"Mm, we'll see, I mean we are in a tricky situation, I do not know how my friends would react."

"No, that's true."

They were silent; each with their own thoughts as on the TV Bruce Willis defused a nuclear bomb while he was under heavy bombardment balanced on a motorcycle doing two hundred and fifty km / h. He smiled smugly.

"Can I wash you?" Elin said suddenly.

"Eh, huh?" said Alice.

"Please, I want to, just say yes."

"Yes, of course you can wash me."

"Stay here, then!"

Elin got of her aching buttocks and started getting things ready in the bathroom and finally called Alice. When Alice arrived Elin had put out two towels on the tile floor and beside them were a bucket of steaming scented water and a large sponge.

"Lie down on the towels." said Elin.

Alice lay down. "On my back?" she asked.

Elin shook her head. "No, on your stomach first, just lie down and relax and lift your arms over your head."

Alice dropped everything and allowed herself to be taken care of. She lay on her stomach and breathed out, hearing her girlfriend dipping the large sponge in the bucket and soon felt the hot water dripping on her buttocks. Elin drew the sponge over her lower back and buttocks with soft strokes and worked her way down soaping her thighs and calves and then up to her shoulders and back down to the buttocks again.

"Now spread your buttocks." said Elin and tenderly brought her hands down to Alice's bottom. Alice pulled her buttocks apart and exposed her ass hole. It felt even more forbidden than showing her pussy and she shivered with pleasure as Elin sponged up and down in the slot and washed her anal hole carefully.

"Mmm, you are so beautiful." Alice moaned and shuddered again as Elin leaned forward and licked her ass and then wrung out sponge over her back and said, "Now you can turn over."

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