tagFetishLesbian's Panties Ch. 02

Lesbian's Panties Ch. 02


It was only when she unpacked the bag in the laundry room that Alice discovered she had taken the wrong pair of panties. They were exactly the same model white cotton panties as she had had for gymnastics, but the back of the waistband was labeled with marker pen: "Elin's". Of course, she thought, they had changed clothes next to each other; they must have switched their underwear by mistake when they packed after the shower. At first she kept the panties in a pincer grasp between the thumb and index finger a bit in front of her. The underwear's dirty and disgusting, she thought.

She heard her mother's steps across the kitchen on the first floor and the washing machine hummed lazily. She was alone in the basement and suddenly, to her own surprise, desired to sniff the panties. She had never known how another human being smelled in their private parts. Once when she sorted dirty laundry she had sniffed cautiously at her dad's underpants, but then she had been so disgusted that she had to wash her face twice before she felt clean again.

Now she sat there with her classmate's panties in her hand. She held them up to the ceiling light and vaguely discerned that they had a dried stain in the crotch. She brought them in front of her nose and took a deep whiff without touching the fabric. She felt a faint smell of sex. It was the same smell that she sensed under the covers when she masturbated. She smelled again, closer and longer. Finally, she pressed the fabric against her nostrils and filled her lungs with the air that passed through the fabric.

It smelled of sweat and sex. Alice felt a tickle of excitement and the familiar wetness crept between her legs.

The smell was not enough; she wanted to feel it even stronger. Alice sucked the cloth in her mouth and wet it with her saliva. She tried to slurp the flavor. She was sitting for a while with the panties in her mouth, eyes closed and her hand inside her trousers, before she heard her mother's steps in the wooden staircase to the basement. In a panic she threw down the panties in the bag again and stood up. She pushed past her mother in the narrow stairs with the bag on her back. "I have to pee," she mumbled, feeling the blush penetrating her face.

The next day, when the few in the class who bothered to be on time sat in the hallway outside math and waited, Elin asked Alice if she happened to take her underwear home by mistake.

"It's got my name on the waistband," she explained.

Alice turned red in the face. "I am not sure," she said. "I can look in the hamper when I get home."

"That's good. Maybe I got yours mixed up with mine. Did you have a pair of flannel cut-offs?" Elin asked. Alice nodded and felt stupid. She was sinful. She had gone behind Elin's back without permission and sniffed her panties.

"Then I'll bring them to you tomorrow!" Elin said and considered that the issue was resolved.

It was a triviality really, but the more Alice thought about the panties that were now at home under the mattress, the more excited she became. When the day was over, she could hardly wait to get home to re-familiarize their smell.

She threw off her coat and locked the door to her room. She pulled out the panties and lay down on the bed with the cloth over her face. She breathed in the smell as if she desperately gasped for oxygen.

It was only when she masturbated and had an orgasm that she came back to her senses again. What was she going to do tomorrow? Would she say that she had not found them, so that she could keep them? Or would she return them? Washed or unwashed? She looked at the panties. All of her sucking on the fabric made them wrinkled. That settled it, they had to be washed.

But they would still be washed so ... yes, it could not hurt to ... thought Alice. She stripped naked and put on Elin's panties. The feeling of having her classmate's panties against her sex made her mad with horniness. She stuck in a hand and masturbated frantically. The panties were wet with her juices. She pulled together the fabric to a string and pulled it up and down between her labia. Her own smell filled the room. When she felt the orgasm coming, she took a break to calm down a bit. She smelled and tasted her fingers and sensed her own smell and taste mixed with Elin's. She fantasized that Elin sniffed her panties right now. Just the thought made her come in a squirting orgasm.

The morning after, Alice woke up to realize that she had slept in Elin's panties instead of putting them in the wash. She had had a dream that she returned them to Elin with her own smell. Elin (who in the dream looked like the bassist in the Sahara Hot Nights) had been happy to smell them in the middle of a lesson until Johnny, the teacher (as in a dream was twice as large as in reality) got annoyed and began giving orders like a general. Then the dream ended.

Without having any serious intention to return them she put them in her hand bag.

The day passed as usual. Alice was cool and Elin seemed to have forgotten about her panties.

As they stood at the lockers after the last lesson, Alice pretended to be looking for something. She glanced sideways and saw that Elin also seemed to look for something. Eventually, it was just the two left in the hall. It intrigued Alice; she did not know how she would interpret it. Elin found what she needed and slammed her locker. She said goodbye and started to walk down the corridor.

Disappointedly, Alice threw her math book into her bag and closed her locker. "Why can't she just stop now and come back?" thought Alice.

Then Elin did stop and come back. "I was thinking," she said quite coolly, "and I remembered the question. Did you find my underwear?"

Alice's thought processes ceased. "Yes, sure," she replied, " ... uh ... but no, they did turn up. I can look again if you want."

"It's all right," said Elin, and Alice actually thought she looked a little disappointed with this answer." I have yours with me anyway." She opened her bag and took out Alice's neatly folded panties. "Go ahead."

"Thank you." Alice opened her bag to put them in. In her own purse were just the math book and Elin's panties.

"Aren't those mine?" Elin asked, pointing to the bag.

Alice became red in the face and stammered desperately. "Oh ... maybe it is ... I certainly have not looked in the bag closely."

Elin snatched the panties and looked at the waistband. "It is them!" she said with a smile, and turned quickly away from the blushing Alice. "Now I have get to the bus. Goodbye!"

Alice went home with heavy steps and felt like a condemned man. She felt certain that Elin would realize what Alice had done in her panties, the smell was so strong and the stain so obvious. What would happen then, she wondered. Elin might call and tell Josefin: "You know what that fucking creep Alice did with my panties?" Then Josefin would call Daisy, and Daisy would tell her boyfriend Stefan. And he was a huge asshole.

How stupid can you be, she asked herself. She was miserable all day, until at home she sat down to do math and unpacked her bag. She picked up her panties and got a mild shock when she turned them out. The smell of Elin's sex struck her as sharply as if she ran into a wall. With trembling hands she held the panties against her face and soaked the crotch with her saliva. She sensed again the now familiar taste of Elin's juices, stronger than ever before.

There was no doubt about the matter; Elin had masturbated in her panties. Her heart was filled with joy and happiness. She was about to jump on the phone to call Elin and thank her from the bottom of her heart. But she didn't, and instead locked her door, lay down on the bed and sniffed her panties, Alice was surprised that her classmate dared to do this, and then boldly return the panties just like that. The thoughts whirled in her head.

The cell phone beeped. She picked it up and saw that it was a message from Elin. She was about to put her heart in my throat as she read: "Hello could not help but notice that you borrowed my panties. Hoping they were awesome ;-) I borrowed yours a bit too."

Alice looked at the text for a long time without daring to believe her eyes. She read it over and over again. She rubbed her eyes as they do in the cartoons, it must be a dream. Eventually she typed a reply and sent it before she could change her mind: "Well, skinned ... but thanks for the loan, I felt that you borrowed mine also, they smell good."

After long death-agonized minute her mobile beeped again: "Huh nicely said! Mine also smelled good after you have had them. I smell them now... "

By now Alice was undressed and lay down on the bed with her panties at her face. She could not believe she actually texted this with a classmate, who just a week ago was just part of the daily dull grind. She caressed herself with her left hand while she wrote: "I smell your smell now. And taste. Makes me excited. You smell better than everything else!"

The cell phone beeped again, Elin replied: "Shit I am so horny. I will have to do something ... ;-)"

Alice smiled broadly and rubbed over her breasts. She texted: "I also do that thing now. If you want you can 'borrow' my panties tomorrow too?"

Elin's response came five long minutes later: "I finished doing that 'thing.' It was nice! I would like to borrow your panties tomorrow! Make sure they smell good!"

Thirty seconds later, a text, "and if you still do 'one thing' you get a kiss on my mouth!"

In that moment, Alice orgasmed without even touching her pussy.

And what happened the next day is a completely different story, but it's worth noting that it beat everything that Elin and Alice before experienced. It was a good day.

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