tagMatureLesley Acts Like Total Slag

Lesley Acts Like Total Slag


'Mmmmm......Uhhhhhhh..........fuck...yes that feels fantastic.' Lesley's moan was low and throaty.

There was also a collective gasp from the other 5 women watching Lesley as she lowered herself onto the hard cock.

Lesley took the entire length of cock underneath her, and moaned in appreciation.

'I told you she was a dirty slag,' one of the watching women whispered.

'Fucking slut.' another watching woman said under her breath.

There was a giggle from the watching women, who were making out they didn't approve of Lesley's actions, but nevertheless couldn't take their eyes off her and the young man beneath her.

'I can't believe she's doing that. Fuck, she's acting like a total slut. We should stop her' one woman said.

'Leave her' another replied, 'Let her fuck him, she'll regret it tomorrow.'

Lesley was now trusting back and forward against the hard cock. She was riding the cock as hard as she had ever ridden a cock before. Thrusting her hips back and forth as if her life depended on it. She had not felt this kind of pleasure in a long time. Her pussy was wet, dripping wet. It was burning with pleasure. It felt totally full. It was being stretched wide open and she could feel the young mans cock head almost in her womb.

Lesley could hear the watching women talking about her, but she didn't care. In fact it was turning her on. The more they disapproved, the more she wanted to act like a slut.

One of the women gasped again, 'Jesus, you dirty slut' she said. 'Look at her. She's old enough to be his mother. She's got kids older than him. Fucking slag - she should know better.'

Lesley thought to herself 'You're right, I should know better. But right now I don't care. I'm 58 years old, he's 19 years old. When will I get another chance to fuck a young hard cock like this?' She carried on thrusting and ignored the women talking about her. Every thrust she made was met with an upward thrust from the young man which sent spasms of pleasure shooting through her sensitive clit............Lesley's mind went back to the events an hour earlier.

One hour earlier.........

They had all been shutting up the shop they worked in. Lesley worked in a clothes shop with the 5 other women and the token male shop assistant Dan, who had only just finished his first week at the shop.

The 6 women had all spent the entire week gossiping about the new male assistant. They had talked about how young he was, how he was good looking, and whether he was gay or not.

The 6 women had joked about how they should have some kind of initiation ceremony for the new boy. The suggestions ranged from taking him out to get raging drunk, to playing stupid tricks on him. Eventually one of the girls, Debbie suggested that they get him to model some of the clothes they sold, then pin him down and wax his legs. This suggestion was met with significant laughter, and once the women had egged each other on enough it was agreed on modelling and waxing.

Lesley had chuckled away to herself during these discussions. Out of the 6 women she was by far the oldest at 58. She was married and had 3 kids of 27, 30 and 32. She also had three grandchildren. The other women Lesley worked with varied in age from 20 to 43. They were all nice girls, but liked nothing better than gossiping and bitching about one another when one of them was not around.

Lesley was quite an attractive woman for her age. She had dark brown shoulder length hair, cut in quite a young style, which suited her. Her big assets were her big brown eyes. Her body was not too bad, but she had accepted a while ago that she wasn't getting any younger and age would take its toll. She had wrinkles on her face which she tried to hide with make up. Her body was sagging in all in the wrong places. She had given birth to three children, and her body had never really fully recovered. Her stomach bulged and she was constantly holding it in. Her 38C boobs were sagging, and her bingo wings were bigger than she would have liked. She did however still draw admiring glances from men in bars and supermarkets - which she thought was ok for a 58 year old woman. The other women Lesley worked with were all attractive in their own ways. Lesley often looked at the younger ones with their slim bodies, nice pert boobs and wrinkle free faces and wished she was 35 years younger. She wished she could wear some of the clothes the younger girls were wearing.

As the women agreed their plan of attack, Lesley found herself feeling sorry for the unsuspecting victim. Dan had joined the team at the start of the week. He seemed a very nice young man. He was 19 years old, attractive, polite, well spoken and also seemed good fun. He was confident and keen to join in with the women and their jokes. Lesley already liked him.

The shop was locked up and everybody congregated in the back stock room for a final end of week debrief. The 6 women and Dan all stood around. Jackie, the store manager thanked everyone for their efforts, and then paused before turning to Dan.

The women all laughed and whooped their approval as he was told to try on various outfits and model them as his initiation ceremony. Dan rose to the occasion and after faking a bit of resistance agreed. He asked about changing rooms, but was told that he may as well strip in front of them all. He did to wolf whistles and laughter.

Lesley admired his body as he got down to his underpants, and pulled on a tight pink lycra mini dress which was clearly too small.

The women all cheered him on as he gamely modelled several outfits, walking up and down like a catwalk model.

After the final outfit, the women had let him take it off, and then two jumped on his back and pushed him down onto the floor. Laughing the women then pinned his arms and legs. Dan looked a little shocked, and mildly struggled, but seemed to enjoy the female attention.

Lesley had agreed to put the waxing strips on his legs. She pulled out a strip and placed it on Dan's leg. As she ripped it off he squealed with laughter and pain. The women were all cheering their approval.

'My god' one of the younger girls suddenly said. 'Look, he's...he's getting excited' she said pointing to Dan's groin.

The women all looked. Dan was getting excited. One of the other girls laughed and cried 'He's getting a fucking hard on. Dan you cheeky bastard.'

Dan laughed and replied 'Well what do you expect? You're all sitting on me whilst I'm in my pants, trying to molest me.'

The women were all now laughing. One said 'Go on Jackie, touch it. We were all wondering if he was gay? Give it a tug and see what happens?' The women all laughed again.

'Fuck off Susie,' Jackie replied, 'I'm not touching it. You do it.'

Susie's hand shot out and grabbed Dan's semi erect cock. He gasped and she immediately pulled her hand back, laughing. 'I can't' she giggled, 'my boyfriend would kill me if he found out.'

Lesley listened as the women all started daring one another. She looked down at Dan who was clearly enjoying being the centre of attention. She could tell he liked the attention. She knew he wasn't gay. His cock was still in his pants but wasn't yet hard.

Lesley could feel herself getting aroused at the sight of this young man in his underpants. She could feel the heat building down below. She could feel her nipples getting harder. She was getting sexually aroused.

'You lot are all talk,' Lesley laughed to the other women. 'None of you would dare to grab his cock.'

'Go on then Lesley,' Susie replied. 'You do it if you dare. I'm sure Dan would enjoy a woman old enough to be his mother touching his cock' she said. The comment was typical of the bitchy attitude the women often showed to each other.

The other watching women were all laughing and egging Lesley on.

'Come on Lesley, show him who's boss' one said.

Another shouted 'Give his cock a tug. At least we would know whether he is gay or not.' The women all laughed again.

'Yeah' Debbie cried. 'I dare you to wank off his cock. Show him what a bit of MILF can do. Or is it GILF?'

Jackie, the boss, laughed, 'Careful girls. Lesley is a lot older and experienced than you all. She'll probably teach you all a few things.'

Susie piped up again 'Yeah, come on Lesley, now who's all talk. See if you can get him hard. At your age you must have shagged more men than all of us put together. Show Dan what a grandmother can do.'

Lesley heard the voices and the goading, but in her mind all she could think about was Dan and his sexy young body. Her pussy was on fire. She could feel that her panties were sopping wet. She was itching to grab Dan's cock.

Her hand reached out and started to rub Dan's inner thigh. The watching women were all laughing and cheering. Her hand moved up to the top of the thigh and her fingertips brushed the bulge in Dan's pants.

Lesley heard a gasp from Dan.

She heard one of the woman say 'Oh my god! She's going to do it.'

Lesley's hand started rubbing Dan's crotch as he moaned again. 'Come on ladies, this isn't fair,' he weakly protested. The ladies all knew that he was actually enjoying things.

The women who were pinning Dan down released him, and formed a watching crowd. Dan lying on the stockroom floor in his underpants. Lesley was rubbing his crotch, with 5 other women watching - all laughing a giggling.

Susie egged Lesley on again. 'Come on Lesley, you're just rubbing his crotch. I did that. Get his cock out and give it a wank if you dare.'

Lesley heard Susie, but had already made up her mind. She was most definitely getting Dan's cock out. And he was going to get far more than a quick wank.

Lesley's hand quickly pushed inside Dan's pants and grasped his cock. Dan gasped. The women all cheered and laughed. Lesley smiled and laughed. He was massive and not even fully hard yet.

Lesley pulled Dan's cock out to a cheer from the women, then a gasp as they saw it.

'Fuck!' One said. 'He's massive.'

'He's bloody huge' another gasped, 'and he's not even fully hard.'

Lesley only had one thing on her mind. She looked into Dan's eyes and could tell he was begging for more. She could feel his cock throbbing in her hand as she held it tightly.

Her hand started moving up and down Dan's shaft. He gasped and moaned as he looked straight at her. The look in his eyes was clear. He wanted her, she could tell. Lesley could also feel his cock getting harder. Her strokes got longer and quicker and his cock got harder.

Lesley smiled inwardly to herself. He was 19, she thought, there was no way he wasn't going to get turned on by a relatively attractive older woman wanking his cock.

The watching group of women were all now laughing and cheering as Dan's cock became fully erect. 'Well done Lesley' one said laughing.

Lesley's strokes were getting quicker and harder. Her hand was moving the entire length of Dan's cock - all 10 inches of it. As she reached the top she slightly twisted her movement just to increase the sensation, then roughly pushed her hand back down to the base and began again. Dan's circumcised cock head poked out from Lesley's hand as she gripped him hard. His girth was wide and her hand barely closed around him.

'I can't believe your doing that Lesley,' one of the women said.

Lesley realised that the room had got a little more hushed as her strokes had increased. The laughing had turned more to gasps and little giggles. Lesley could tell the watching women were more than a little shocked that she was actually doing this. It turned her on and made her more determined to have Dan.

Dan in the meantime appeared oblivious to everyone other than Lesley. He was looking at her as she rapidly tugged at his cock, his gasps and groans of appreciation were now getting louder.

Lesley looked up at the other women. 'Do you think he's enjoying this girls?' she said. 'How about I give him something else to enjoy?'

The watching women nervously cheered Lesley on slightly wary of what she meant. Lesley let go of Dan's cock and quickly pulled up the jumper she was wearing to reveal her bra covered tits.

The women all laughed. 'Fuck Lesley, what are you doing?' one cried.

'Jesus Lesley, stop. What will your husband say?' Jackie said.

Lesley looked straight at Dan as she undid her bra and let her tits fall free. 'I going to show him what a real pair of tits look like' Lesley purred.

She threw her bra to one side as Dan's eyes lit up at the sight of her tits. Her hand quickly grabbed Dan's cock again and resumed the hard wanking. But this time she also leant forward so that her tits were hanging down close to Dan's cock head. Every now and then her tits would brush his cock as he gasped with pleasure.

Bitchy Susie shouted 'I'm not sure about a real pair of tits. More like a sagging pair of tits' she laughed. 'Lesley you fucking slag. You're old enough to be his mother, no actually his grandmother more likely.'

Dan looked up at Susie smiling. 'I think they look pretty good actually for a woman of her age' he said. 'But why don't you show me yours and I can compare notes?' he laughed.

'Fuck off Dan. I'm not degrading myself and acting like a total slag' Susie replied curtly.

'Well if grandma here can do it why can't you?' Dan laughed. 'She's old enough to be my mum, but who cares when she can wank me like this?'

Lesley squeezed Dan's cock hard and twisted her hand playfully. 'Less of the grandma and old' she teased. 'You're lucky I'm up for this, so make the most of it.'

Dan looked at Lesley and smiled. 'Sorry mum' he teased laughing. 'Please don't tell dad' he chuckled.

The watching women nervously giggled.

'Don't be cheeky boy' Lesley ordered. 'You should learn to respect you elders.'

One of the watching women scoffed, 'How can he respect you when you're acting like a total slag Lesley?'

Susie chipped in, 'She's right, Lesley. You've got his cock in your hand wanking him against your tits. You should respect yourself more, you dirty cow. You'll be sucking his cock next.'

Lesley looked up at Susie and smiled. 'Now that's an idea' she laughed then looked down at Dan smiling.

Quick as a flash Lesley's mouth opened and her head went forward. She engulfed Dan's entire cock into her mouth deep throat style. Dan's cock was so long that before she knew it Lesley was gagging as it butted the back of her throat. She pulled back, only to feel Dan's hands on the back of her head forcing her down again as he trust his knob into her tight wet mouth.

Lesley could feel Dan fucking her mouth as they found a rhythm - Dan thrusting into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down, gagging with every thrust Dan made. Lesley could hear Dan grunting with each thrust. She could hear her own gagging noises and also the watching women's disapproving remarks.

'Shit' one said, 'she's fucking choking on his knob.'

Another cried 'I 'm surprised she can take it all? He's fucking her mouth like it's her cunt.'

Susie spoke up 'You fucking slag Lesley. I can't believe you're doing that. What a tart.'

Jackie was equally disapproving, 'Shit Lesley. What the fuck are you doing? What would your husband say if he saw you?'

Susie chipped in, 'Stuff her husband. What about her kids? What would they do if they saw their mum acting like such a slut? Her kids are at least 8 years older than him. They'd be delighted to see their mum letting a 19 year old fuck her mouth.' She laughed sarcastically.

Another of the women shouted 'Come on Lesley, let him go now. I think this is going a bit too far.'

Lesley managed to pull herself free of Dan's cock and looked up at the watching women. She knew she looked a state. Her hair was now bedraggled, her make up all smudged - the gagging had made her eyes water and mascara run. A string of saliva ran from her chin to Dan's cock. She could also feel saliva dripping off her chin. She knew she looked like a total whore.

All 5 were looking at her with an element of shock in their faces. Susie and Jackie actually had a look of disgust on their faces. Lesley knew what they were thinking but she didn't care. They didn't know it but she had been involved in several affairs and had even once fucked a complete stranger in a nightclub toilet - she didn't even bother to ask his name. She had also fucked Jackie's husband on a drunken night out - and she knew he had enjoyed it because he had begged for it to happen again a few days later.

Lesley smiled at the women, 'Enjoying the show girls?' she said.

'You're disgusting' Suzie whispered. 'You fucking dirty bitch. You're acting like a whore.'

'She is a whore' Jackie joined in. 'Look at you Lesley. 58 years old sucking a 19 year olds cock like a total slapper. You're just a dirty slag.'

Lesley smiled, and thought to herself, 'You're so right Jackie, and this whore has fucked your husband several times.'

'You think I'm a slag girls?' Lesley said to the watching women, 'well keep looking and I'll show you how a real slag acts.' Lesley then reached down and unzipped her skirt. As she pulled it down she kicked off her shoes.

She heard one of the women gasp 'What is she doing?' as her thumbs reached into the waistband of her knickers. Lesley pulled them straight down and revealed her pussy to the watching crowd. She looked at Dan whose eyes were locked on her neatly trimmed hairy cunt. She tossed her panties to one side and smiled at him.

'She's going to fuck him,' one of the girls said.

'I don't believe this' another cried.

Susie shouted 'Look at her knickers, they're sopping wet' pointing to Lesley's discarded pants. There was a big wet patch in the crotch.

Lesley moved closer to Dan. 'Ever fucked an older woman Dan?' she whispered. 'Ever experienced putting you cock into the fanny of a woman old enough to be your mother?'

Dan laughed, 'No not one as old as you' he replied. 'But you look fucking fantastic, so climb on board' he encouraged pointing to his hard cock.

I'm going to fuck you Dan - In front of this lot. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before. I'm going to make you cum like you've never cum before' Lesley teased, rubbing his cock again.

Jackie suddenly shouted 'Bad luck Lesley. You don't have any condoms. Looks like your plan's backfired.'

Lesley looked at Dan and smiled. 'Well Dan, it's your lucky day. No condoms, so you'll just have to fuck me bareback. No protection at all. We'll just have to risk it won't we? Are you up for spunking in my cunt? Do you want to fill my mature pussy with your young cum?'

Dan stared at Lesley, lust in his eyes. 'Fine by me' he said. 'You're probably too old to get pregnant anyway.'

Lesley moved up Dan's body, kissed him hard then positioned her pussy over his huge erection and lowered herself onto his hard cock.................


The mixture of pain and pleasure as Dan thrust his cock deep into her cunt interrupted Lesley's thoughts and brought her back to real time. Gasping she looked around remembering that the five women were still watching her.

Susie was looking straight at Lesley. 'I can't believe how much of a whore she is' Susie was saying. 'Look at her tits, all sagging and drooping. She doesn't even look sexy. Look at her flabby stomach, you can tell she's had 3 kids. I bet her pussy is really stretched and loose.'

The watching women all laughed agreeing but Lesley didn't care. She was fucking this young cock and they were just jealous.

Jackie joined in the insults, 'Lesley I always suspected you were a bit of a whore, but didn't realise you'd be so blatant about it. Look at yourself, your body's all flabby and your cunt looks like it's been stretched wide open. I'm surprised you can feel anything Dan, her cunt must be so loose and stretched.'

Dan just laughed and gasped 'It feels pretty good to me Jackie' before thrusting up hard and making Lesley squeal with pleasure.

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