tagInterracial LoveLeslie Proves Her Point Ch. 04

Leslie Proves Her Point Ch. 04

byJust Plain Bob©

I spent a good five minutes eating Leslie's pussy. It was the first time I'd tasted cum other than mine and to be honest about it I couldn't tell the difference. I brought Leslie to two orgasms before I raised myself up to slide my cock in her, "What do you want?" I asked, "Should I make love to you, or fuck you?"

She looked me right in the eye and said, "Make love to me baby, I've already been fucked tonight."

When it was over and we were lying together I said, "Stop me if I'm wrong. Every night you said you were working late you were actually being fucked by another man. That other man has been Tony, and I'm willing to bet that the first time you fucked him was because he more or less dared you to. I'll also bet that the first time you fucked him it was on the back seat of our car."

Leslie sat up and started to say something, but I cut her off, "Let me finish. The next day over drinks he apologized for his behavior, but left you thinking that he still thought you were prejudiced. Determined to prove him wrong you let him fuck you again that evening. What caused the next several times, the knowledge that you were violating the old taboo about white women and black men, or did you actually like being fucked by Tony?"

She was silent for a moment and the she said, "I suppose that it was a little bit of both."

"What I don't understand is your need to come home and fuck me every night after you were fucked by him."

Again silence for a bit and then, "I don't know if you will understand this, but I didn't come home and fuck you. I had just been fucked and I came home and made love to you as a way of cleansing myself. Even when Tony was fucking me my mind was split in two pieces. One piece was the deliciously wicked feeling of forbidden sex and the wanton feeling of just rutting with another man. And the other piece was thinking of coming home and letting you make love to me and having the tenderness and caring that I got from you - two different worlds I guess."

"And tonight, when Tony brought Jeff in to help him?"

I saw the shock register on her face, "You know? You've known all along?"

I looked at her, "I knew before it happened. I could have stopped it at any time, but I love you enough to let you do what you want. I was sure you loved me enough to come home to me, but the next few steps in your sexual transformation could change things so I felt that tonight I had to bring things out into the open."

She gave me a questioning look and said, "What do you mean, my sexual transformation?"

I explained to her the plan that was supposed to turn her into a gangbang whore with the aim of turning her into a streetwalker working for a pimp. She looked at me with a look of incredulity and then she asked me how I knew these things. I explained to her the relationship between Sylvia and Tony and everything that had happened the night of the party and how Sylvia had diverted my attention so the black guys could try and seduce her. I told her how Sylvia had been keeping me informed on everything that had been happening. I didn't tell her about the mirror and that I had been watching, but I did tell her about the way Sylvia felt about her and why and what Sylvia's price for giving me the information was and that I had paid it.

She was quiet and just about the time I thought she wasn't going to say anything she said; "It's my fault." I looked at her and she said, "It's my fault she feels that way. I should have talked to her and explained why she didn't get the promotion. She was the most qualified and the most experienced, but the company policy manual requires a minimum of one full year of employment before you can move into that position. She only had nine months and the company wouldn't waive the requirement. I know, because I tried to get her one. She will get the next opening, but it's my fault for not telling her all that." She was quiet for a minute and then she said, "Was she good in bed?"

I chuckled and said; "I'm not asking you about Tony, or Jeff for that matter, so I'm not going to answer you on that one."

More quiet and then she said, "I'll get it out of her tomorrow anyway and for your information Tony and Jeff are great fucks. I'm going to miss them. I was having a great time getting all that sex."

I looked her right in the eye and said, "Why are you going to miss it? I'm not telling you to stop, I'm just telling you their plan so you know what you will be getting into. You get to be the one to decide where to draw the line. You can fuck them as much as you want to, all I ask is that you come home to me."

A long look and then she opened her arms, "Make love to me baby, make love to me."

The next morning I called Sylvia before she left for work. Tony answered the phone and I asked for Sylvia. "Who's this?" he demanded. I countered with "Who are you?" He responded with "Don't give me no shit man, I asked you a question." "And I asked you one asshole. When I call my girlfriend and a man answers I want to know what the fuck is going on. Now who the fuck are you and what are you doing answering Sylvia's phone at this time in the morning?"

There was a moment of quiet on his end and then he said, "I'm her brother Tony."

"Yeah! Like I'm supposed to believe that. She didn't tell me about no brother."

"Hang on" he said, "I'll get her."

There was silence for a minute and then Sylvia came on the line and said hello. "How is my little black baby this morning?"

"Fine sugar, hot enough to fuck, but you're not here. What is Tony so wound up about?"

I told her about our conversation, "I thought I'd jerk his chain a little. I'm pissed off at him."

She laughed, "Why? Because he's fucking your wife? I thought that was turning you on. I thought you were getting a major charge out of seeing his black cock plowing that white slut you are married to."

I said, "I'm pissed at him because he was planning on passing her off to someone else. I want my wife treated better than that."

Then I told her the reason for the call, that I'd brought things out in the open and that I'd told Leslie everything except for the mirror. "I told her that I'd only screwed you one time as your price for giving me the information on what she's been doing. She will probably call you in to her office today and I don't care what you tell her, or how you handle it, but please keep the mirror our secret."

She was silent for a moment and then said, "You told her about the plan?"

"I had to baby. If she wants to go forward with her affair with Tony she should at least know what she is getting into."

"Wait a minute here" Sylvia said, "You mean she knows that you know and she might still see Tony? Does she care what it might do to your marriage?"

I laughed at that, "She has my permission baby. She can do what ever she wants as long as she comes home to me."

I could almost hear her shaking her head in disbelief. "You think she will still come over here with Tony?"

"Don't know. Only time will tell, but if she does I want to be able to watch. Call me and let me know if anything happens this morning. We'll do lunch, okay?"

"You got it sugar. And sugar?"

"Yeah?" I said.

"I like you a lot better now."

At ten-thirty I got a call from Sylvia and she said she had just left Leslie's office and were we still on for lunch. We met at the café where we'd had our first meeting and the first thing Sylvia said was, "I don't hate her anymore. In fact I left her office feeling guilty for what I'd helped do to her. She told me why I didn't get the job, showed me the policy and procedures manual where it said I needed a year on the job, and she even showed me the copy of request for a waiver that was denied. I felt real bad about the situation. She apologized for not telling me why I was passed over." Then Sylvia giggled, "Then she asked me if you had eaten my pussy and I told her that you had and that I'd loved it. Then she asked if I'd like to take you to bed again and when I said yes she said she would work out a way to arrange it. She said it was the least she could do for you considering what you are letting her do. I could learn to like that lady a lot. You two got something I've never seen before. I hope I can find a guy like you, and if I do I'll do my best to be like your wife. But she is still a slut - her words, not mine - and she said she likes being a slut for my brother. Then we talked about Tony and the plan he had for her."

They had talked for almost an hour and the gist of the conversation was that Leslie wanted things to remain as they were. She was willing to go as far as the gangbang, but she wanted to know how to keep Tony from getting tired of her. Then she had asked Sylvia if she was still going to tell me everything and when Sylvia had asked her if Leslie wanted her to, Leslie had said yes and then had said, "I just wish there was some way he could watch." Sylvia had almost told her about the mirror, but then she had remembered that she promised me she wouldn't.

"So" I said, "Does this mean we are on for tonight?"

Sylvia smiled and said, "I guess so, but the price of admission hasn't changed."

I chuckled and said, "I'll gladly pay it sweetie."

That night I ate Sylvia's pussy twice, once before I fucked her and once after, and then I watched as Leslie got soundly fucked by Tony and Jeff and when she got home I was in bed waiting for her.

"Sweetheart, I hope you don't mind, but I've had so much cock tonight that I don't think I'll be able to fuck you." She saw the look on my face and then she laughed, "So I brought a substitute and Sylvia walked into the room. Leslie said, "I can't figure out a way for you to watch me so I'm going to watch you."

"Ready for your little black baby sugar?"

It was a novel experience for me to have Leslie watch me fuck Sylvia and eat her pussy, but I gave it my best shot and then I got to do something really unique - I got to sleep between Leslie and Sylvia. In the morning I woke up with my cock in someone's mouth and I looked down and saw Sylvia working on my dick. When it was hard she turned to Leslie and said, "Your turn" and Leslie swung over me and mounted me. Two seconds later Sylvia sat on my face. God, what a glorious way to start a new day.

I called Sylvia at work around ten and asked her if we were on for that night.

"Not tonight sugar. I think your favorite slut is going to be coming home early tonight. Sorry sugar. I was really looking forward to collecting admission. I've fallen in love with that tongue of yours."

"What happened?" I asked.

"You'll have to ask your wife about that sugar."

"You going to be home around five? I love the way your pussy squirts when you come and I'm willing to let you have some of the tongue you love if you'll squirt for me."

She laughed, "God, but you are one silver tongued devil. I'll be here waiting for you sugar."

I didn't get home until seven that night and I found Leslie waiting for me. "Didn't expect you to be here so early. Isn't tonight the night you were supposed to be moved up to three?"

Leslie smiled, "I'm changing Tony's plan a little. Sylvia thinks the way to keep Tony from losing interest is to play hard to get, so for the next couple of days you get to be the only one to fuck me. Can you handle it? If you can't there are the other guys from the Christmas party, the hand job, the blow job, and the guy who fucked me on the hood of his car. I think they might like another taste of me, you think?"

I said I'd do my best, but if she needed more to go and get it, "You know my position baby, you do what you feel comfortable with, just drag yourself home to me."

She laughed, "I just might. The one who took me on the hood of his car had a pretty good-sized cock. And by the way" she said as she took off her clothes, "I'd like it if you were to spend some time with Sylvia, I like that girl and she says she loves the way you eat her pussy and I do feel I owe her something."

"For what?" I wanted to know.

"For keeping you occupied so Tony could fuck me."

I slid my cock into her and said, "While we are on the subject, what's this thing about keeping Tony from getting tired of you? Is there some emotional attachment forming that I should get concerned about?"

She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me down to her, "No silly. It's just that I'm enjoying what we have going right now. If it gets to the point that he tries to push me off on somebody else I'll have to stop. I have no intention on going anywhere near where Sylvia says I'll end up and I'm not going to go and find some one else when it's over. Now shut up and fuck me."

I smiled down at her and said, "Fuck you? Don't you mean make love to you?"

She gave me a wicked grin and said, "No damn you, I haven't been fucked yet tonight so you have to do it. If you can get it up again after, then you can make love to me."

It was three days before Tony was able to talk Leslie into seeing him again. Over the next two weeks she met with him half a dozen times before she agreed to let Jeff back into the act. When that happened she experienced her first double penetration and watching it made me so hot that I fucked Sylvia so hard that she asked me to take it easy. The fourth week she didn't argue when a third man was added and I watched as the three men did things with Leslie that I would have thought impossible. At one time she had all three of them in her and it drove her wild. That night she didn't fuck them to a standstill, they wore her out. Surprisingly, given the fact that the three men had left her looking like a rag doll, Leslie still wanted my cock when she got home. She did two more nights with the three guys and then she stopped seeing Tony again.

During the same period I was seeing Sylvia on a regular basis and still doing my best to keep up with Leslie's demands, which had slowed down some now that she was fucked by three other guys. Once she stopped seeing Tony again I had to try to pick up the slack and I was starting to have some serious doubts about my ability. It was three weeks before Tony talked her into coming back and on her second night they brought in a fourth man. I watched through the mirror as the four men did all the things that four men could do to a woman, but for some reason it didn't turn me on. It was just too repetitious and with all those bodies around it was difficult for me to even see Leslie and it was seeing her, I realized, that was the turn on. When they were done Leslie was left lying limp on the bed, a cum covered mess, and I wondered if she would be able to get home on her own. Sylvia read my thoughts and told me to go on home and that she would take care of Leslie.

About an hour after I got home Sylvia came in with Leslie and Leslie gave me a rueful smile and said "They did me good tonight baby. I'm going to soak in the tub and let Sylvia tell you all about it. Besides, she likes the price you pay for information." I woke up with the two women in bed with me, but Leslie begged off and let Sylvia do the honors. Over breakfast I asked Leslie if she was going to keep on. "Last night you were pretty whipped and that was only four guys. How are you going to be able to do a gangbang with six or seven guys there? Maybe it's time to end this little adventure."

Leslie shook her head, "I want to do it at least once. I may have to be carried home, but I do want the experience."

That night Leslie stayed home and we made slow leisurely love several times over the course of the evening and talked a lot about where we were heading. Specifically, about whether she was going to be able to remain a one woman man after her interlude with Tony was over.

"I don't know?" she said, "Are you going to want me too?" I didn't have an answer for her.

The following morning I got a call from Sylvia telling me that the gangbang was on for that night, "Make sure you don't miss this one sugar."

I told her that I would be there in plenty of time to pay the admission change and she said, "Sorry sugar, I can't do that anymore" and she told me that she had started seeing a guy and she liked him a lot. "I can't start out our relationship by having a guy on the side. I'll miss it sugar, but maybe I can teach him to do it."

Ten minutes later Leslie called, "Tony just asked me if I would mind if he brought several friends over tonight. When I asked how many he said seven. I may be really late tonight baby, so don't wait up."

That night I was in Sylvia's room waiting when Tony and Leslie came through the bedroom door. They undressed each other, got on the bed and went right to fucking. Five minutes later Jeff and two other guys came in and within minutes Leslie was triple penetrated and while she fought to do justice to the three cocks in her three more guys came in. I had my cock out and I was stroking myself when Sylvia said, "Here, let me do that" and she took my cock in her hand and began giving me a hand job. I started to say "What about your new boyfriend" when she cut me off. "See that tall asshole that came in with the last bunch? That's the guy I was going to be true to." She moved in front of me and bent over the dresser, "Fuck me sugar. You might as well get it because he sure ain't."

On the bed Leslie had three cocks in her and she was facing the mirror. I know it wasn't really happening, but it looked like she was looking right into my eyes and then Sylvia said, "I told her about the mirror this morning."

For the next three hours I never left the mirror as black cock after black cock sank into my wife's every opening and through out the whole affair Leslie managed to have her body in a position where she could look in the mirror and I know it may sound strange, but it felt like we were sharing the experience. When the seven guys were done with her she was lying on the bed totally spent. I'm not even sure that she was aware of the last man who fucked her. In fact, it was a good bet that she wouldn't be able to get up off the bed and make it home. I was stuck in Sylvia's room until the last guy left the apartment, and Tony climbed into bed next to Leslie and turned out the light. Not that being stuck in Sylvia's room was a bad thing. It was nine o'clock the next morning, a Saturday, before Leslie got home. She was helped in the front door by Sylvia, "Would have gotten her home sooner, but Tony had to fuck her a couple of times when they woke up."

Leslie said, "Sorry baby, I've got to go soak in a hot tub so I asked Sylvia to come home with me and take care of you."

That was not the last of Leslie's gangbangs, but she did tell Tony that she would only do one every two weeks or so. For the next year she limited her meetings with Tony and his friends to two and sometimes three times a week. Sylvia eventually met a guy that she liked and I stopped going over to her place to watch Leslie, but Leslie always told me, in detail, what had happened when she got home and made "cleansing love" with me. I did video several of her sessions with through the mirror and I watch them at home when she is on one of her nights out. Tony never did get tired of Leslie, but she did eventually get tired of him.

There followed a three-month period when the only cock that entered her was mine. During the next three months Leslie had a few affairs, the most memorable being with the guy who had fucked her on the hood of his car at the party. He liked fucking in semi public places where there was a chance of being seen by passersby and it turned out that it turned Leslie on too. He started to get possessive and Leslie dropped him. She had several very brief affairs with a couple of white guys, but they didn't seem to do much for her. "It's the taboo thing I guess" is what she said. Not to say that our marriage got boring without a bunch of black cocks chasing after her - she still tried to fuck me to death five or six times a week. Then last night she told me that Sylvia had broken up with her boyfriend and had called and asked if Leslie would like to go "out on the prowl" with her and look for some "fresh meat." Leslie asked me if I would mind and I said no, but I laid a condition on her and that's why I am now in my bedroom closet watching a shiny black cock fucking her lily white body. As an added bonus, I'm watching another black cock fucking Sylvia who is lying on the bed next to Leslie. Both girls know I'm in the closet watching and I know that I am going to have a great time when I come out. I just hope that Leslie likes going out on the prowl with Sylvia because I definitely like being in the closet watching.

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