tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLeslie Shows Her Stuff Ch. 1

Leslie Shows Her Stuff Ch. 1


A few years ago, when I was still single I dated a young woman named Leslie who worked for the same company I did. Nothing much came of it - dinner a few times, a couple of movies but we seemed to move our separate directions. I started dating another lady (Barbara) in the same organization and within a year we had gotten married. But I kept thinking about Leslie.

She and the woman I married were good friends who saw each other often. Sometimes I'd come home from work in the afternoon and the two of them would be sitting around the pool in their bathing suits, having drinks. I'd enjoy watching the two of them sunning themselves, lounging on floating chairs. Leslie had a husky voice which somehow seemed very sexy when she talked - sort of a "come fuck me long and slow" voice, you know? And when they were not looking, I'd spend some time gazing at Leslie thinking about how I'd like to get her into bed.

Let me tell you about Leslie: She was in her early 30's, dark haired and about 5 feet tall. A slim figure with nicely shaped tight butt, she cut an imposing figure in a bikini with her rounded petite breasts filling the top out. Not beautiful by any means, but a good looking woman. What always fascinated me was that she always seemed to have hard nipples. Perhaps it just was that she found the pool water cold, but I'd swear her nipples always stuck out. I would find out first-hand about these later.

My wife Barbara on the other hand, although not much taller, had a much fuller figure than Leslie. Not fat, but with a nice rounded ass and even fuller 36D breasts which stood out firmly. She had never had kids, and had managed to keep her figure even at 36 years of age. She would suck my cock (but not swallow) and was the first woman I'd screwed who truly had multiple orgasms - when we fucked, she would slowly build toward her climax, groaning louder and louder until she'd let out a deep moan and start shaking all over. That process could be repeated for hours when she was really aroused.

What really turned her on was if I'd thrust in and out with just a couple inches of my cock and play with her clit at the same time. When her climax hit, it was "hang on boys!" time as her warm. wet pussy spasmed tightly. If I would slow my thrusts for a minute or two, she would start to build to another orgasm and we'd repeat the process many times. One time we counted nearly two dozen orgasms within an hour. Finally, when her clit was too sensitive for any more, she would turn over and I'd thrust into her doggy-style from the rear, holding her ass cheeks apart as I'd bury my cock in her until I shot my load deep inside her pussy. Most times she'd get off one more time if after I came in her I'd pull my cock out and work two or three fingers in her pussy, rubbing the cum around - there was one time when she was so hot I nearly managed to fist-fuck her, but only got 4 fingers in before she climaxed again and clamped her pussy muscles so tightly I couldn't work them in any farther. But I'm getting off the subject...

One weekend Leslie asked my wife if she would look after her apartment and feed her cat because Les had to go out of town with her boyfriend Jeff for a couple days - Barb said she would be glad to and Leslie gave her a key. That worked out fine the first day, but her job called and needed her to go in to work because they were shorthanded, so Barb asked me to take care of the job. Not minding, I said sure...it was one of the best decisions I'd ever made.

When I first got to Leslie's apartment I took care of the cat, then decided I'd watch some TV for a while. Turning on the TV I found it was set to the VCR setting instead of the cable, so my curiosity got the better of me and I switched it to 'play'. WOW! There on the TV was Leslie and Jeff actively engaged in a game of hide the salami. "She must have forgotten to take the tape out" I thought, as my cock began to harden.

I soon found out that Leslie loved to suck cock - although not large, her boyfriend was easily able to slide his 6 inch cock fully into Leslie's mouth and she appeared to love it. Her cute mouth would open as she'd suck the head into her mouth and then progressively work it deeper until her nose was nestled against his pubic hair. Even though the camera was not in the best position, I'd swear I could see his cock sliding into her throat as he thrust forward, with her moaning her delight. Now, I've had some good blowjobs in my day, but the thought of deep throat really turns me on, since no woman has managed to completely take my 7 1/2 inch dick all the way in.

In a few minutes the scene shifted with the boyfriend obviously having taken the camera in hand - Leslie lay on her back on the bed, legs spread while he photographed her starting at her crotch. I was in for several surprises this day, the first being that Leslie trimmed her pussy to just a narrow stripe of dark black hair - because of her arousal, her pussy lips were puffy and extended, showing a glimpse of pink flesh. As the camera got closer, Leslie reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart and I could see she was truly excited from the wetness and an erect clit poking out stiffly. She seemed turned on by the filming as I could hear her say "that's it...look at my cunt...see where I want your cock to cum for me" while all the time she circled her clit with her finger and rubbed into her open pussy with the other hand. By this time I had pulled my own cock out of my pants began jerking off in time with her rubbing.

The camera continued up her body and I was surprised to see the reason for why she always seemed to have hard nipples. They were huge! Even though her breasts were not large, her dark spot was about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and the nipples stood out a good 1/2 inch...they were the kind of nipples which protruded in a fleshy nub - just perfect and begging to be sucked. Leslie moved her hands to her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers. "Do you want to suck on these?" she asked the camera. "You know how I cum so good when you suck on my tits, honey" she said to Jeff (and to me too, unknown to her) who continued to film this fine woman.

The camera was soon returned to a stationary position as Leslie got on her hands and knees and her boyfriend bent down behind her. "Are you gonna lick me, dear?" she asked, "or are you going to give me a good fucking?"

"Let's see" he replied..."I need to make sure you're wet enough Leslie."

With that, Jeff spread her butt cheeks and moved his face forward. I knew he was licking something but because of the angle wasn't sure until Leslie gasped loudly and said "oh yes!...that's it....lick my asshole, baby."

"So, she likes backdoor action" I said to myself. "I wonder where this will go..."

Leslie bent over like a cat in heat, thrusting her butt into the air as Jeff's oral assault continued. I wasn't sure if he spent all his time on her ass or alternated between ass and pussy, but whatever he was doing was getting the desired results. Leslie began moaning loudly and obviously was working toward a climax as he held her butt cheeks and sucked. This continued for another minute or so until suddenly Leslie gasped and began to shake, then slid forward onto the bed groaning in excitement. With Leslie now lying flat on the bed, a hard cock came into the picture and it was apparent that his climax wasn't too far behind.

"Turn over, baby" his voice said. "I want to cum all over your cunt."

Obliging him, Leslie turned on her back, lifted her legs in the air and spread her pussy wide, giving him a straight show toward her sex. In just a few seconds the hard cock erupted, shooting several large wads of white cum directly onto her pussy lips and covering her pubic hair. Leslie seemed to enjoy this, as she moaned and rubbed the wet cum around her crotch, dipping a finger in and out of her cunt. As the pulses of cum subsided, Jeff moved forward and pushed Leslie's hand out of the way, sinking his still hard dick deep inside her pussy. "Oh, yes...push that cum in me...it feels so hot!" she hissed through clenched lips, still enjoying the after effects of her climax.

As I watched the cock sliding in and out of Leslie's waiting cunt, my own dick reached the point of no return and I spurted several large wads of cum which landed on the rug at my feet. "Wow, that was really hot" I thought to myself. "Perhaps I could get some of that pussy myself" I wondered.

Stopping the VCR I made sure I rewound it to the point where it has begun so that nobody would be the wiser to my viewing. I even thought about borrowing the tape so I could copy it, but wasn't sure if I could get it back in time before Leslie returned from her trip. Walking around the apartment, I started looking to see if I could find anything else of interest.

On the bookcase were several large picture albums and I took one down. Typical family photos filled the first book, with Leslie and her family, her cat, car, etc. Returning the book I moved to the next and found it the same - nothing exciting. But as I was placing the book back on the shelf, I viewed another smaller album tucked behind the remainder of the books. "What have we here?" I pondered.

Opening the book I was glad to see it contained more "exciting" pictures. The snapshots were a succession of nude pictures of Leslie in a variety of sexual positions - laying on her bed, close-up pussy pictures, even two of her giving her boyfriend a blowjob; one with the head of his cock in her mouth and the other with him sucked all the way into her mouth, showing her deep throat technique. As I flipped through the pages I was surprised to see some pictures with Leslie having sex with more than one other person. A series of photos documented what was obviously a foursome, with Leslie, her boyfriend and two other individuals I know from work. The other woman, Sue was one who I had wondered about because she is so hot, but never seems interested in guys, so I figured she was gay.

"At least she is bi" I muttered as I looked a three pictures where Sue was taking a cock from behind as she licked Leslie's pussy. Further pictures showed Leslie and Sue in a 69 position and some unknown dick was plowing Leslie in the pussy while Sue licked his shaft at the same time. Another photo had two cocks shooting all over Leslie's tits while Sue rubbed the cum around her nipples. I imagined it was Jeff and Bobby, Sue's boyfriend who were making the donation - they managed to get a very respectable load spread on her chest, that was for sure.

But the best pictures were the last two in the book - in one Leslie had Sue sitting on her face rubbing her cunt all over Leslie's tongue and Sue held Leslie's legs straight out and spread wide with Leslie's boyfriend knelt in front of her and was working his cock into her asshole. "So, she does like it in the ass" I whispered to myself. The last picture was Leslie hovering over Sue, both of them with their mouths open wide as Leslie dripped a load of cum into Sue's mouth. "Snowballing at it's best" I thought.

Taking the photo album I made a quick trip to a local office supply store which has a self-serve color photocopier and copied all the pictures so I'd have "something to look at" in the future.

When I arrived my wife was just getting home from work. "Everything go all right at Leslie's?" she asked. "No problems at all - the cat was glad to see me and I aired out the apartment for a few minutes before I left" I replied. I didn't mention the large load of cum I'd also left while watching the videotape. "God, how I'd love to fuck Leslie and give her several loads of cum instead of dripping it on her floor" I thought to myself

My wish was to come (or cum) true sooner than I thought.

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