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Leslie's Revenge


I was still wiping the sleep out of my eyes as I quietly knocked on the door. I picked up Gary every other morning at 5:30. We both worked in the city and the alternating commuting plan saved the wear and tear on our vehicles. One of the fringe benefits to this practice was getting to visit with Leslie, Gary's wife. She always woke up with us and had a cup of coffee ready along with some good conversation while Gary finished up getting ready in the mornings. It didn't hurt that she was more than easy on the eyes.

She was a curvy 5'4 blonde whose silk robe made it hard to concentrate on whatever we talked about. The past year had made her comfortable with me, so it was nothing for her to spend thirty to forty-five minutes standing a few feet from me in nothing but that silk robe clinging to her every curve. The more she moved, the more the gap between the lapels would open, giving me a tantalizing view of her bare chest and an occasional glimpse of her cleavage.

"Ron?" she asked squinting at me as she opened the front door. It was obvious that I had woken her up.

"Hey. Good morning. You guys getting up late?" I answered.

"Gary didn't call you?" She quizzed me.

"No," I answered. "Everything alright?"

"Well, I guess you better come in out of the cold," she suggested.

She began telling me that they had argued the night prior as she shuffled to the coffee maker to brew us some coffee. She said that he'd "stayed with his sister" the night before.

"I'm really sorry to hear that Leslie. I'm sure that he'll come around. Everyone fights." I tried to console her.

With that, her eyes began to well up and her lip began to quiver. "I don't know Ron. This time might be a little different."

She was standing at the entrance to the kitchen. Out of concern, I walked over to her and put an arm over her shoulder. I led her to the couch in the living room. Once seated, she really began to gush. I sat next to her, very aware of the tanned leg that became exposed when she sat down. Even still, I wanted to be a gentleman.

I suggested "she let it all out". Of course, I meant the crying, but she proceeded to tell me about their previous night. Both had drunk a little too much and had become flirtatious at a local bar. The only problem was it was with others. Apparently, jealousy got the best of Leslie and she ended up making a scene in the parking lot. Gary responded by driving away without her. Unfortunately it was with the woman he'd been flirting with all night. He called later to say she had embarrassed him and he was staying with his sister, but she thought otherwise.

"Ron, I'm so worried my husband has left me for that slut he met last night," she stuttered while crying.

"Oh Leslie. I'm sure Gary is at his sister's and just needs to cool off," I said not entirely sure that was true. I began to rub the back of her robe, noting how nice it felt against her back. I moved my hand down far enough, despite my better intentions, and noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. I knew I was treading on thin ice.

Leslie turned toward me, exposing even more of her left leg driving me a little more wild and flooding my cock even more. She put her hand on the thigh of my jeans and said, "Thank you so much for listening. I must sound crazy."

"That's what friends are for," I said maintaining eye contact while wanting to look down at Leslie's cleavage, now exposed along with her thigh. "I'm sure he'll remember the beautiful woman he has at home and will come running back." I smiled probably the cheesiest smile she'd ever seen.

She smiled a sheepish smile and replied, "Thanks, but you don't have to say that."

She baited me perfectly because I shot back, "Shoot. I look forward to seeing you every other morning. That robe alone is worth the drive." I then realized I'd gone too far. I kicked myself internally.

She stood up and looked down at me. I was sure that she was going to chastise me for being inappropriate. Instead, she just stared for a moment longer than was comfortable for me, as if she was sizing me up. Her left leg was still exposed and her robe only strategically covered her pelvis, leaving her cleavage showing graciously. My cock was dying to come out.

Her face grew a little angry as she said, "Well I hope he remembers that when he's fucking that slut." She moved in front of me and leaned over putting her mouth against my ear. "I appreciate you noticing though." The next thing I felt was nibbling on my earlobe. The air coming out of her nose tickled my ear, causing my mouth to open and my eyes to shut hard. I took in the smell of her shampoo as her hair wafted in my face. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as her hands began to tug at the ties of her robe.

I didn't know what was going through her head, but any motivation to stop her left me when she unleashed her body by pulling the robe down off her shoulders. Before me were luscious breasts and a well-coiffed strip of hair pointing to her naked wet pussy between her legs. She stepped back and stood completely erect though one leg was canted in front of the other. "Do YOU want me," she breathily asked. I nodded what had to look like the dumbest yes in history.

She let the robe fall the rest of the way. Tears streamed down her face, but she wiped them aside as she knelt in front of me. I, dumbstruck, watched as she unbuckled my belt. I raised my ass off the couch and helped her tug my jeans and boxer shorts down to my knees. My erection shot up, showing my desire for her to continue.

As if she wanted to commit the act before she changed her mind, she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock. She lowered her head into my lap, opened her warm, wet mouth and placed it over the head of my cock. I don't know if it was revenge that motivated her or what, but she sucked it with reckless abandon, moaning and humming as she took more and more of me into her mouth. Meanwhile, she stroked my length using her warm saliva to lube her hand. It was pretty damned fantastic!

I rubbed my hand into her hair, lightly running my fingers against her scalp. She raised the shaft and began to lick its underbelly and finally down to my balls. She sucked the skin and pulled gently at it, causing me to writhe in ecstasy and grab the couch to my sides and moan my approval.

After finally taking my cock again for a few additional strokes, Leslie pushed away from me and stood up. She wiped the saliva that covered her lips and mouth with her hand, yet still leaving a glistening on her chin. She was a vision of sex that I stared at in awe.

She continued her control over me by pulling forward at my knees forcing me to sit forward on the seat of the couch. She wasted no time straddling my legs. I attempted to lean forward and kiss her, but she leaned away and was having no part of it. I was, apparently, her tool, her mechanism of revenge I supposed. And I was perfectly fine with that.

Leslie reached down between her legs and put the head of my cock to the entrance of her wet lips. She then plunged onto my thick shaft and began pounding repeatedly onto my lap. "Ah fuck," she said over and over along with other profanity through clenched teeth. She pressed her forehead to mine while holding the back of my neck.

"Ah, oh, I'm cumming..." she called out. Leslie began a beautiful series of convulsions coupled with inadvertent moans and yelps that conveyed the pleasure that was shooting through her. Watching her bronze skin shiver and her reaction brought me to the threshold of my own explosion.

I warned her, "I'm gonna cum." She looked me in the eyes and didn't respond. Then, she resumed her previous action only getting onto her feet to increase the leverage she had. She was now pushing herself onto me even more vigorously and calling out obscenities. I ran my hands over her ample bouncing breasts and enjoyed the feeling of her hard nipples in my palm. The sound of our bodies slapping together created a beat that was increasing in tempo. I moved my hands to her hips and now pulled her onto my cock.

Finally, I could hold back no longer. I warned her again with a quick yell but she just plunged me fully into her pussy. I exploded my cream fully into her, so much so that it spilled out of her and down onto my balls and the hair around the base of my cock.

She continued to sit as my rod began to shrink within her. The silence stood in stark contrast to our previous ruckus. I can't speak for her, but I was wondering what the hell just happened. Leslie leaned forward, kissed me on my cheek, and simply whispered into my ear, "Thank you for that." She stood up, spilling our mixed fluids onto my exposed thighs and I watched as it ran down the inside of her thighs. She picked up her silk robe and then quietly walked back towards her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

I sat there for about a minute in amazement at what had just occurred. I tried to burn every last second of it into my memory, to include the smells of our sex still lingering in the room. I stood up and went to the guest bathroom and cleaned up. For a second, I considered entering the bedroom, but thought better of it. Leslie had gotten out of me what she wanted and if I ever wanted a repeat performance, I didn't want to wear out my welcome.

I sat in the cab of my truck for a good ten minutes in a trance wondering if I could even handle going to work after such an amazing experience. In addition, I began to feel guilty about it all. Gary was a friend, even if we weren't particularly close friends. Suddenly, I was startled by a rap on the passenger window. Gary was smiling and pointing to the door lock. I opened it and let him in.

"Dude! I should have called you and sorry I'm running late. Have you been here long?" he asked.

In an instant, I saw an opportunity. "Uh, no, actually. I just got here. What the hell's going on?"

Gary took a deep breath and said, "I've got a lot to tell you buddy," and then started laughing to himself. "Look. I trust you. You cannot, I repeat, cannot mention this to anyone—especially Leslie!" He took another second to collect himself. "We got in a huge fight last night and I stormed off with this amazing chick. We fucked like cats dude..." he began.

As he told the story of his conquest, my guilt dissipated and I began to plan my next rendezvous with Leslie.

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