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Lesson In Womanhood


I am a woman that is easy going and have had allot of nice polite boyfriends until I started dating my current boyfriend Eric. He like most guys do not have a clue as to how much work we put in to look pretty until my girlfriend Jeny and I decided to teach him a temporary lesson in femininity that was not to extreme but makes our point of not be appreciated enough.

One day after jeny closed her salon I had my boyfriend Karl come to the salon for what he thought was going to be a typical quick 10 minute haircut that all guys get to look good. Jeny and I did not want to do anything drastic to do any permanent damage to his male ego by doing anything permanent that would effect his manhood look and cause him problems at work.

Karl arrived at the salon and jeni put the cape over him and leaned his head back to wash his hair and give him a massage so he would relax long enough for me with his eyes closed so I could strap him to the chair. Once he close his eyes I quickly strapped a belt around his chest to the chair and pulled it tight and strapped him tight to it before he could squirm out of it or panic and break loose. Karl said" what the hell are you doing that for!" Jeny smiled and I told him it was so he could not move to much so she could give him a better haircut. He seemed satisfied with that answer and relaxed again and closed his eyes again as Jeny wash washing his hair long enough for me to put straps on both of his arms on his chair so he could not use his arms to resist the express mini version of a day of pampering. Karl shouted at jeny if this was really necessary to do this to him for just a 10 minute haircut which made us both laugh and made him nervous.

Jeny raised the back of the chair up and he got a look of panic and anger when he saw me put a tray of yellow and orange curlers on the counter in front of him. Karl got mad and said" I do not have the time to play games with you and do not want to look like a woman with curly hair!" Now Karl; you are not in a position to complain about how much time it will take to give you a day of pampering like women do!

Jeny proceeded to start to roll his hair in curlers and he had a frown on his face watching her taking her time rolling it in curlers and complained that it hurt when she put clips on the curlers to make it stay in place. Jeny teased him saying "how cute he is looking in curlers and said he had better get rid of the attitude of how much time it is going to take to do his hair like hers."

The more I smiled at him and laughed the more mad he got and I teased him if he does not sit still we will put makeup on him with the curlers still in just like women do in a salon in a day of pampering!! His head was getting full of curlers now and he looked so embarrassed when he looked up at the mirror and kept trying to look at his watch to see how much longer it was going to take.

Now Jeny was done and he said in an embarrassed and humiliated voice" O.K. you made your point, l see what you are doing and have spent enough time in a salon now and do not have the time to play a silly game of a waste of time in pampering me!" Jeny and I got mad and I told him he would have to spend more time now in this salon like a woman does so he can look good for a night out on the town!! Jeny reached down into a drawer and pulled out a tray of makeup and put it in front of him on the counter and he started to struggle to get loose but we just laughed and Jeny said " Relax and enjoy the time of experiencing the time and feeling of being pampered like women do!"

Karl got a red face but had to relax because he knew he could not get loose and it finally sunk in that they were not going to let him loose until he looked like a woman going out on the town. Jeny started to put foundation on him and he thought that that was the only makeup on him that the women are going to put on him. But Jeny just smiled and picked up the mascara and told him to cooperate or she might do some more permanent things like waxing his eyebrows! She told him to look down and she put mascara on his eyelashes top and bottom and turned the chair away from the mirror so he would not panic from how he looked. Jeny proceeded to put eyeliner on him and eye shadow and I teased him how beautiful his big blue eyes looked in makeup and that he has more beautiful eyes with makeup on than alot of women do!! I told Jeny that it was time to turn the chair to the mirror so he can see how cute he looks in curlers and makeup!! Jeny turned the chair toward the mirror and he got mad and his face turned red and Karl said" this is not funny. I do not deserve this lesson on what I look like in curlers and makeup!"

That comment made me mad and also made Jeny mad and Jeny told him" we were going to just let you go at this point but since you have not seemed to learn your lesson of how much time we put in to look good for you; I am going to finish your hairstyle by letting you sit under a hot dryer for 30 minutes until it is dry just like women do!"

Jeny started top raise the chair up slowly one pump at a time while I was laughing and teasing him she is raising your chair up until it goes into that hair dryer above your head. Jeny raise the chair up high and he could see in the mirror that his head was going into the dryer and tried to slide down in the chair but Jeny just laughed and raised the chair up one more pump so he would have to sit under it for 30 minutes! He got a look of panic in his face like he was worried that sitting under the dryer with curlers would make his hair look feminine forever but then his face got mad again when he found out that no mater where he looked he had to see himself in the mirror under the dryer with curlers and makeup on!! Jeny and I thought we should teach him a lesson on how a woman does his nails also so she rolled over a cart with a manicure kit on it and polish on it.

Karl got mad again and Jeny told him "if kept fighting his day of being pampered like a woman that it would take longer and that she might wax his eyebrows and shave his legs and wax them also!" Karl just took a deep breath and relaxed and tried not to look at them doing his nails and complained about the smell of the lotion and looked over at the bright red polish and asked them in a polite way not to put red polish on his nails like a woman! Jeny and I just laugh and I picked it up and just smiled and shook it up and told him his day of pampering would not be complete until his nails were done just like a woman's!

The dryer turned off and Karl looked very relieved when she lowered the chair down out of the dryer but looked so humiliated seeing himself in curlers and makeup and looked at his watch again hoping that we would not see him look at it. I released him from the straps on the chair since he had put in his time like a woman does and he looked like he wanted to run for the door but put his hand up on the curlers and looked in the mirror and realized he could not go out of there like that and had to sit there more as long as it took to et the curlers out and style his hair. I told him not to worry that Jeny would give him a relaxing facial to take off the makeup but had to wear his new wavy curly hairstyle home with her along with the polish as a reminder to respect what women go through to look pretty for men.

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