tagInterracial LoveLesson Plan Ch. 07

Lesson Plan Ch. 07


Thank you for reading my stories, and I am sorry if the wait between chapters is longer than you would like. I am doing my best, and promise to keep writing them as long as the response to them is positive. As always, rating and commenting on the stories are greatly appreciated, and if you would like to make suggestions as to possible scenarios you like to see my characters attempt, please fire them at me.


My life since signing the "Black Cock Slut Contract," has been a whirlwind of sexual excitement. Jerome has made sure to use me as often as he likes, and always leaves me feeling completely used and humiliated. I have adhered to the contract as best as I can; remaining naked in my home, wearing only slutty revealing clothing without panties, and being the best slut for Jerome's black cock I can be. He has of course filmed me, and taken pictures of me doing all kinds of sexual acts, but has yet to post anything online though he has been bringing up the possibility more and more.

As for sharing me with others, there has only been one instance thus far. He had me order food from a chicken wings place for delivery. According to him, he knew the delivery boy was a young eighteen year old thug named Dwayne who had the habit of telling anyone you cared to listen how much he loved fucking white bitches. Jerome instructed me that when he arrived with my order, I was to answer the door in just a robe. I was then instructed to persuade Dwayne to accept a blow job as a form of payment for the food. Of course he also wanted me to set up a camera to film the entire interaction. The idea of offering me over to an unknown young black teen was to say the least exciting and frightening. However, as I knew this was Jerome's way of testing me, I wasn't going to back out.

When Dwayne the delivery boy showed up, I did just as Jerome ordered. I answered the door in my robe, and after getting Dwayne to set the food on my coffee table, I just came out and asked him if he would like a blow job. He of course did not decline, and so I dropped my robe and dropped to my knees in the proper position to capture my slutty act on camera. His thick cock was in my mouth in no time at all, and I devoured it like a hungry slut. I was impressed with the size of his cock, though it wasn't quite as large as Jerome's. He let me suck him for a while before I think the moment overwhelmed him and he lost his edge. He announced he was going to cum, so I pulled off and jerked his shaft until he spewed his seed onto my face. Then in a naughty bit of fun, I reached for my phone which I had left on the coffee table, and handed it to Dwayne. I asked him to take a picture of my cum covered face while I held his cock. He happily obliged my request, and then was soon on his way to pick up the next delivery. I sent the picture to Jerome as a way to show my completion of his task.

It was the next day after school, while Jerome was showing me his gratitude for obediently completely the task, which led to a new wrinkle in my life. Jerome had shown up at my school at the end of the day to use me, and apparently a fellow teacher at my school had happened to peek in and see us. I found out about this later when that teacher, Miss Watts, invited me out for drinks on a Friday. It was odd as I had not really known her all that well before, but when I happened to mention it to Jerome via text; he insisted I was to go. While at drinks, that is when she told me what she saw, but rather than be put off by it she instead told me of how she was a submissive. In fact, she told me how she had partaken in similar, and at times naughtier, after school activities. With the air cleared, and cards on the table, we had a few more drinks and soon found ourselves enjoying one another at her place for the night. (This can been read about in Cynthia's Submission Ch. 22-23)

That was certainly a night to remember, and when Jerome asked how it went, I spilled the details of the lesbian tryst. He seemed to be happy to hear about it, and even seemed interested in meeting Miss Watts. So when I saw her on the following Monday for a little lunch time fun and she asked about potentially meeting Jerome, I was eager to let him know. He too seemed eager to set it up, and had me inform her that he would meet her at my place that evening. I texted her, and let her know the plan before getting myself ready and things set up as he requested.

Jerome had informed me that I was going to show off to my friend just how truly I was a Black Cock Slut. He made it very clear that for the night, he would use me as a worthless fuck toy while also making sure to attend to Miss Watts in a very passionate manner. I was both scared and intrigued by how that sounded. I of course knew I would behave and act as Jerome wished, but knowing that my co-worker would be there to witness my depravity was something I wasn't sure how I would handle, nor how she would. However, I could not ponder those thoughts as I needed to set everything up. Jerome instructed that I was to have the video camera set up and ready to record. He also instructed that I made sure interracial porn was playing on the t.v. for when Cynthia arrived. I was to await his arrival at five thirty naked and wearing my collar. It was his indication that he would add to my look once he arrived.

The first thing I took care of was to get my computer hooked up to my television, and load up a collection of videos that featured hardcore interracial sex scenes between white women and black men. Once I had the porn configured as requested, I got my video camera out and set it up so Jerome could start recording whenever he pleased. I then took a shower, made sure to shave, and got myself made up to await my owner's arrival. Wearing only my collar as he ordered, I kneeled in front of my door until he came over.

As I knelt waiting, the nervous anticipation flooded my body as I wasn't really sure what to expect out the night. I also wasn't sure just how into my black cock slut behavior Miss Watts would be, but figured that considering she was in her own sub/dominant relationship, it wouldn't be an issue for her. Jerome showed up after I had been waiting about ten minutes on my knees, and immediately my thoughts all went to how I could best serve him. When he walked in he smiled his bright smile at me, and began to speak.

"So slut, I hope you are ready to let your teacher friend see just how big of a black cock slut you are, and I hope you won't be jealous when I treat her to my thick black cock."

"Yes Sir, I am very much ready to let my friend see me used by you, and have no problems letting her try a taste of your wonderful black cock."

"That's what I like to hear slut, but I think I need to make sure things are clear from the get go with your teacher friend. Go fetch me a black marker slut."

"Yes Sir."

I jumped to my feet and hurried into my office to retrieve a black sharpie marker. In no time at all, I was back kneeling in front of my black owner, and handing him the requested item. He took the marker from me, and silently began writing on my chest with it. When he finished, I looked down to read what it said. Across my chest and torso was the following:


I looked to Jerome and he just smiled back at me before explaining that he wanted to make sure Miss Watt's immediately understood what I truly was. After I accepted his explanation, he went on to further layout how he expected the night to go.

"For tonight, just like anytime you are with me, you are to behave obediently. I will use you, and have you perform however I see fit. As for your teacher friend, I will fuck her, and use her, but nowhere near the level I will fuck and use you. I may even have her partake in ordering you around. Is this clear slut?"

"Yes Sir."

"Great, I am going relax some and have a beer before she gets here. You wait on your knees facing the door until she shows up, and of course I expect you to answer the door just as you are now slut."

"Yes Sir."

I took my position in front of the door and awaited Miss Watts' arrival. As I knelt, I felt like such a worthless slut. I was about to have a coworker of mine over to my house, and I was completely naked with a degrading message penned in permanent marker across my torso. To add to the situation, she was coming over to meet the black man that contractually owns me, and will potentially see just how true the message on my body is. My heart began to race with anxiety as I thought about it, and my pussy flooded with arousal.

Because I didn't give Miss Watts an exact time to show up, but rather a vague time frame, I wasn't exactly sure when she would arrive. I had to wait on my knees for close to fifth teen minutes until the doorbell rang to life. It was of course her, and I slowly rose to my feet to greet her. Reaching for the door handle, I knew that once I opened the door the night would get started on a very wild and intense ride. I swung the door open and smiled, as she obviously reacted in shock at my appearance. She let out a startled, "Oh my," before I could say hello. However, she soon readjusted herself, and her mindset, that it was just going to be that kind of night, as she replied to my hello by saying, "I see we will be having a fun evening tonight."

I led her inside, and was happy to see she had dressed somewhat provocatively. She wore a form fitting dress that was tight enough to make it apparent that she was not wearing a bra or panties. Her heels were extra sexy, and looked to be about four inches high. From the smile on Jerome's face I knew he approved. I introduced them to one another, and Jerome immediately took the lead after their introductions.

"So, my slut here tells me you are interested in getting to know me a little better; what exactly does that entail," he asked of Cynthia.

She looked at me for a moment before answering, "I want to know what you have that can make a beautiful woman like Addison into a dumb black cock slut."

Jerome grinned and then responded, "So does that mean you are interested in becoming like my slut here?"

"For at least tonight, I don't know if my Mistress would approve of you continuing control after tonight," she replied.

"That might have to be something determined between your Mistress and me after tonight, but let us just focus on tonight for now. Take off you dress, and show me what you are working with," Jerome ordered.

Cynthia did not flatter at his command, and quickly pulled her dress from her body to reveal her beautiful naked form. She stood in front of him as he surveyed her body. A smile formed on his face as he looked, and then he spoke.

"Dumb slut, get over here and unleash my cock to show your friend what has you hooked."

His command was stern and somewhat embarrassing in front of Cynthia, but I quickly scooted over to Jerome and fell to my knees before him. I reached up and unfastened his pants. Reaching my hand into his boxers, I pulled out his semi-erect snake to present it to my coworker. I left my hand on it, and began to stroke its length as he spoke again.

"So, can you see why your friend here has become my dumb little black cock slut?"

Cynthia replied, "Yes I can, you certainly are a very well-endowed man, but I don't think just looking at it is going to get me hooked. However, before I get to know you better, how about you show me just how much your dumb slut enjoys your cock?"

"As my guest, I have no issue seeing to your wish," Jerome responded before adding, "Go ahead slut, get my cock in your dumb whore mouth, and show your friend how much you desire sucking my black dick."

I quickly took his heaving manhood into my mouth and began the dutiful process of sucking him into my throat. Though Cynthia was there watching me, I did not let it keep me from behaving like the proper slut I was for Jerome. Soon his length was buried in my throat, and the familiar gurgling sounds of my face get fucked filled the room. However, it was only for a moment, as Jerome roughly pulled away and signaled for Cynthia come closer.

"Now that you have seen the slut in action, I want to see what you can do. Get your mouth on my cock," he ordered.

I was a bit surprised at how quickly Cynthia responded to his order, as she was soon next to me with his huge black cock in her hand. Before she went any further though, she reached up to hand Jerome her phone and told him to make sure and get plenty of pictures. Apparently her mistress wanted evidence of the night. Jerome just smiled and took the phone from her. She took a moment to stroke its length, then look up at Jerome, and then at me. A small mischievous grin was on her face, or at least it was until she opened her mouth and took in Jerome's huge cock head. Apparently her mistress had trained her to suck dick as well, because she also had his long snake in her throat in no time at all. Now it was the gurgling sounds coming from her face that filled the room. I just knelt motionless staring at how sexy it was to see my petite co-worker take on such a massive black pole. Other than the pictures and videos Jerome took of me, this was the closest I had ever been to seeing a true slut in action.

Jerome snapped me out of my daze when he sternly instructed me to get down under Cynthia, and began licking her licking her pussy to prepare it for a fucking. Obediently I took up the task, and was lapping away at my friend's dripping snatch. From the moans I heard from her, she too was enjoying the tonguing. My tongue flicked all over her tender lips and hole, and I even let it slap occasionally on her asshole. I noticed quickly, that when I did that her moans became deeper, so in a bit of inspired lust, I took one of my fingers, and edged inside. Another deep long moan resulted, and I took that to indicate to continue my anal exploration.

By the time Jerome finally had Cynthia stop sucking his big black cock, I had two fingers plunging into her asshole, and my face was completely drenched with her love nectar. He moved around behind her, and had her bend forward. Since he did not say anything about me moving, I remained under her but had pulled my face and fingers away to allow him access. When he saw my fingers pull out of her ass, he smiled and then spoke.

"So, you're another teacher slut that loves it in the ass. I will have to see just how much, but we have time to get to that. I want to stuff your pussy full first."

I then watched as he knelt down behind her, and slowly pushed his rock hard unit into her. It was mesmerizing to watch as her lips stretched open to accept his dark shaft. He sank his piston into her until he bottomed out, and his heavy cum filled balls lay on my face. I should have felt humiliated, but I was too turned on from watching his cock fill her cunt to care. Pulling back, he began to stroke in and out of Cynthia, giving her pussy a thorough fucking. Of course that meant that his hefty sack bounced across my face as I continued to watch from below. Cynthia was immediately moaning from the onslaught, and after a few minutes he was driving into her with hard forceful thrusts.

At one point he pulled all the way back, leaving her slit gaping and causing her to moan with wanting. He pushed down on his shaft and angled it towards my mouth. I eagerly open up and accepted him. I could taste the savory juices of Cynthia on his black shaft, and tried to savor the moment, as it was a first for me. Jerome however, was intent on continuing to fuck Cynthia, and soon removed his cock from my mouth and plunged it back into her loosening cunt. Her moans ignited again with passion, and I returned to watch in awe and occasionally get my face ball slapped.

Jerome kept up his pattern for a while. He pounded out Cynthia's pussy, pull out, stuff his cunt covered cock into my mouth, and then return to his pounding. Each time he pulled out though he began to spout off degrading and humiliating statements about me to Cynthia. Things like, "God, your friend is such a filthy slut, she loves sucking you pussy juice of my cock," or, "Isn't this slut so pitiful? She can't get enough of my black cock, and will even wait for me to stop fucking you to get some; even if that means she has to let my balls slap her face." It became really demeaning when he began tell Cynthia about some of the more humiliating things I had done in the past.

As he fucked her he said, "This slut loves to taste her own ass too, and I'm sure she will love the taste of yours as well. I once had an eighteen inch dildo shoved all the way into her ass, and then had her play fetch with it in her front yard. Oh, and she loves to drink piss too. I called her one time in the middle of the night, a school night, and had her come meet me just so I could have her suck me off, and then piss on her face. She surprised me when she willingly began to swallow me piss, so I just let her swallow the rest like the dirty dumb slut she is."

I felt little as he conveyed my dirtiest acts to my co-worker, and I felt even more embarrassed when, between moans, she responded that she thought it was all hot, and would love to see me taste her ass and drink piss. That was all Jerome needed to indicate that it was time to focus his throbbing spear of a cock on her asshole. He had me clean his shaft of her pussy once more before ordering me to go get some oil for lube. Like a good little black cock slut, I quickly did as instructed and returned with the bottle and retook my position underneath Cynthia. I watched as he coated his pole with the slippery liquid first, and then spread some onto and into her ass. Cynthia moaned with approval, and that was the signal he needed. Gripping his girth, he leaned in and began to press it into her tight hole. Again, I watched in awe, as his large tool slowly began to disappear into my co-worker's back door.

He took it slow, but I could tell that he didn't need to, as Cynthia seemed accommodating of his size. She had told me during our weekend tryst that her mistress had regularly used a strap-on on her, and would often use her o ass. Jerome seemed to pick up on this fact, as he started to pump into her with a faster rhythm. Just as he had with her pussy, he recreated with her ass. After a few moments of steady pounding he would pull out and feed me his length. However, it was now Cynthia's ass that I tasted, and not her pussy juice. I was accustomed to tasting my own ass when I was with Jerome, but the realization that I was tasting someone else's was not lost on me. I wasn't disgusted by it, but I also wasn't thrilled. It was my duty as Jerome's slut to behave, and behave I did.

When Jerome saw that I had no problem with my dirty task, he made sure that Cynthia knew as well, and even allowed her to watch as I sucked on his cock fresh from her ass. The humiliation of the moment was not lost on me, but I did not let it keep me from continuing. I dutifully slobbered on his cock until he pulled it from my mouth with a pop, and stuffed it back into Cynthia's ass. I was again relegated to watch from my position underneath.

He seemed disinterested in having me taste her ass from his cock anymore, as he no longer pulled free of her tight ring, and continued to drive himself deep and hard into her. Cynthia's moans intensified with each thrust, and I could sense that she was on the verge of an orgasm. Jerome seemed to have sensed this fact as well, as he began to speak to her.

"Do you wanna cum slut? Do you wanna cum while my big black cock is fucking your ass," he asked.

She replied simply, "Yes, oh god yes!"

He continued, "Before you cum slut, tell me you love my big black cock, and that you are a slut for big black cock."

Without falter she responded, "I love your big black cock! Oh god, I am a slut for big black cock."

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