Lessons Ch. 2


"I will," he said. He opened her folds with his fingers, probing gently inside.

"Ooh, that feels nice," Tavi said.

"How about this?" He rubbed the tip of his rod against her.

"Even better!"

"Don't wear him out, Tavi," Jasmina said. She was perched on the edge of the bed, rubbing herself leisurely, waiting her turn.

"Here goes," Rick said, and began pushing slowly.

She winced briefly. "Gods, it feels so big!"

It looked even bigger going into Octavia than it had with the Dora. He pushed it all the way in, then just as slowly drew it out. Tavi let her head drop onto her crossed arms. Rick held her around the waist and thrust again.

By now, watching their classmate, most of the girls had abandoned their propriety and were caressing themselves, either through or under their gowns.

Cordelia couldn't stand it anymore. She yanked her gown and chemise to her waist and stuck both hands between her legs. She found herself soaked with desire. Her fingers found her button and an explosion of heat went through her. Intense as it was, she knew it was nothing compared to how she'd feel if she kept going.

Tavi was mewling and gasping now, rocking with Rick. His rod plunged in and out. His face was a mask of iron control. Cordelia imagined she was in Tavi's place, and her fingers moved faster.

"Aiii!" Tavi cried, flinging her head up, then down into the pillows. She rammed herselfbackwards furiously, almost knocking Rick off the bed. When her shaking subsided, she crawled weakly away from him and curled up around a pillow.

Rick sat back on his heels and regarded her, then grinned at the Dora. "Passionate bunch, these Rakvian girls."

"Lifetimes of repression," the Dora said. "Jasmine?"

"Yes, Dora!" Jasmine knelt facing Rick, kissing him and rubbing her breasts against his chest while she stroked his eager rod. He cupped her buttocks, then reached down to her hairless mound. At his touch, she flung herself back and lay with knees raised. "Oh, please, I can't wait another moment!"

He raised an eyebrow teasingly. "Oh, yeah?" With that, he dropped to lick her folds until she was shrieking with pleasure.

Cordelia felt like steam was rising from her skin. Each movement of her fingers against her slick flesh brought new waves of sensation.

Rick rose over Jasmina and rubbed his rod along her folds as he had done with the Dora. She writhed beneath him, her heels thumping on his hips and back.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, gods, please do it! Please stick me with that big thing!" Jasmine babbled, clutching his arms and trying to pull him down. "Do it! I don't care if it hurts! Fill me now! Oh, gods, please, now, it's happening now, I want to feel it in me!"

He thrust deeply, pinning her. She shrieked again, this time partly in pain, but even that didn't stop her from shoving her hips up at him in frantic passion. Rick's lower lip was caught between his teeth, his eyes screwed shut in concentration as he fought to prolong his own pleasure.

Cordelia felt an indescribable fire building within her, a brink she was rushing toward, but like chasing something in a dream she seemed unable to catch it, unable to bring herself over.

Rick withdrew from Jasmine, who hitched herself over to Octavia and the two girls lay against each other in a breathless pile. Rick's rod still stood stiff, seemingly even larger than ever, engorged.

The Dora kissed Rick. "Well done," she said to him. "Now it's your turn."

"Dora, may I?" Cordelia asked. "Please? I want to do it too."

Rick lay back, his rod pointing straight up. "Climb on," he invited. To the Dora, he said, "I can last a bit longer. At least, I hope I can."

Still holding her chemise around her waist, Cordelia got onto the bed. Rick put his hand between her legs, grinning when he found her so wet and ready. He helped her straddle him. She sat astride his hips, his rod resting along her folds add nudging her feverishly aroused button. She wiggled her bottom, sending sparks of white light dancing across her vision.

She raised up so that his rod pressed against her opening. It felt huge. She pushed down a tiny bit, feeling it stretch her. She groaned softly.

Rick rubbed his thumb slowly over her hard little button. More dampness flooded her, loosened her. She pushed down steadily. The sensation of fullness, combined with the knowledge that a man was inside her, pushed her over that unseen brink. It crashed over her like a wave breaking on the cliffs. Her inner muscles clenched around Rick's throbbing length. She heard herself wail in pleasure, the tiny flash of pain lost amid the ecstasy. She rammed her bottom down, taking him in all the way.

"Oh, Dorian!" Rick cried. He suddenly began moving within her, thrusting so hard he lifted her off the mattress. His rapid, forceful movement intensified her climax, shaking her with explosion after explosion until she thought she would just burst in a shower of sparks. He fisted his hands in her hair bringing her face to his and kissing her so hard she couldn't breathe.

Cordelia huddled against his chest, shuddering, unable to believe what had just happened to her. She had never imagined that her body could feel this way. A fleeting thought, that she had just given her virginity to a near-total stranger, passed through her mind and was dismissed with barely a nod of recognition.

Someone stroked her damp hair back from her face. She looked up at Dora Leonilla. The blond woman was smiling.

"Oops," Rick said, although he didn't sound terribly distressed.

"That's all right," the Dora said. "We'll have more time later."

"Did I ... I mean, did you ...?" Cordelia stammered.

"I sure did. You were wonderful! All of you were! " He grinned at Jasmina and Octavia, then gave Cordelia a sweet kiss on the lips.


"Yes, Cordelia?"

"I think I'm going to like this school!"


The End

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