tagGroup SexLessons from a Soulmate

Lessons from a Soulmate


A Sequel to 'Finding a Soulmate'

I woke early in the morning. I could still taste and smell Kate's cunt around my mouth. She was still asleep after our night of unrestrained lust. We had fucked each other in every hole but I still wanted more. I watched her as she slept. Her newly cropped red hair looked incredibly sexy and the thought of her sitting in the chair at the barbershop as the clippers brutally consigned her hair to the floor still made my cock twitch. I could see tufts of hair sticking out from under her arms and thought back to the pubic shaving session in the hot tub the day before when she instructed me just to remove her hairy ginger bush. The aroma of sex hung heavily in the air as I headed for the bathroom. I looked at my own almost bald head in the mirror with some concern.

The shearing at the barbershop the day before supervised by Kate had come as a complete surprise to me but it had made me realise just how lucky I had been to meet someone who shared my hair fetish. It was something that I had never dared share with anyone before. Kate, however, was quite open about her fantasies and desires. She had, apparently by chance, stumbled on mine which had always remained hidden deep within me. Fetishes are strange things. I suppose everyone has some weird kink in their wiring that ignites their lust and fans the sexual flames. How many people keep them secret? Perhaps some people have a whole drawer full of unrequited fetishes with a few yet to be discovered. I began to wonder if this was true for me or perhaps even Kate. I returned to bed and fell into a fitful sleep only to be woken by Kate's well-used and quite hairless cunt tickling my nose. The invitation to my tongue was soon accepted.

Later, over breakfast, Kate reminded me that her old college friend, Jane, was coming for dinner that evening with her husband, Dave. They were staying the night. I tried to turn the conversation to fetishes and probe for what else turned her on but she was unusually reticent while she busied herself with clearing away the breakfast things and making a picnic. We were going sailing. It was an idyllic morning. We took the small sailing boat up to a deserted part of the lake where we swam and sunbathed until lunchtime. Over the picnic lunch and a bottle of wine, Kate suddenly started to play our sexual preferences game.

" Bleached hair or bald?" she asked.

I was a little surprised, not really seeing where she was going with this, but I replied, "Bleached head, bald cunt."

She shrugged and was silent for a moment before saying, "OK, here's another one. Straight or bi?"

Again, I was puzzled, but after a moment I slowly said, "Bi-curious, I suppose."

She smiled and kissed me full on the lips before pushing her hand into my swim shorts and grabbing my ample forest of pubic hair. She whispered, "Good. You'll be fine."

I returned the gesture by tugging on the hair under her armpits and saying, "When is this all coming off?"

"You'll see", she said and then she turned and dived into the water leaving me with a large unsatisfied erection. We returned to the cabin in the afternoon where we slept before showering and getting ready for dinner. I prepared the barbecue and Kate made salads to go with the steaks. Beers and wine were added to the cooler and we waited for our guests to arrive. Kate was dressed in shorts that hugged her ample backside leaving no doubt that there was nothing underneath and a bikini top that perfectly presented her ample tits. I was more conservatively attired in comfortable shorts and a polo shirt.

Dave and Jane arrived at 6.30pm and after much excited kissing and hugging between the two old friends, I was introduced. Jane eyed me warily, perhaps because I was staring at her in amazement. She was taller and slimmer than Kate, but aside from her small tits and pert arse, what stood out most was her bleached blonde cropped hair that perfectly complimented her aquiline face.

She took my outstretched hand and purred salaciously, "So you are the famous Steve that we have heard so much about. I hope you've got more balls than her ex. I told her not to marry that boring loser but she doesn't listen to me." She kissed me on both cheeks as Kate blushed and playfully punched Jane's arm. I moved on to Dave and introduced myself. He was not quite as conspicuous as his wife, being of average height and build. The most notable thing about him was his totally bald head, but that is hardly unusual in men in their late thirties. In fact, l was quite rare among my contemporaries for still having no sign of receding hair. That, of course, was currently academic since I had left most of my hair on the barbershop floor the previous day. Dave was casually dressed like me while Jane had managed to squeeze herself into skin tight jeans and a precarious halter top.

The introductions over, we adjourned to the deck overlooking the lake to drink wine and watch the sunset. There was much talk of how the children were doing and how things were with Kate's ex-husband who was clearly not liked by either Dave or Kate. Soon we ate al fresco and inevitably drank more wine until Jane suddenly said, " Kate, are you going to clean me up?"

Kate nodded enthusiastically saying, " Sure am. Let's get to the bathroom". I raised a puzzled eyebrow but Kate put her finger to her lips and led Jane away. I had no choice but to carry on talking to Dave, but we had plenty in common and I enjoyed his easy manner.

Almost an hour passed unnoticed before we saw Kate and Jane again. However, when they did return I was struck dumb. Both were naked and giggling as they walked in each other's arms back onto the deck. Jane was now totally bald from head to toe. Her cropped blonde hair had been shaved, while Kate's cropped red hair had been bleached platinum blonde. As she raised her arms to embrace Jane, I noticed that the tufts of ginger hair under her arms were gone as was the fluffy growth on her legs. I also noticed how wet and puffy her cunt lips were.

Dave gave a low whistle and Kate walked behind his chair and kissed his head, saying, "Mmm, nice. I heard you got shaved this morning."

"He certainly did", exclaimed Jane. "Show her honey!" Dave stood up and removed his shirt and shorts to reveal a totally bald body. His long cock hung down from a smooth patch of skin and dangled below his shaved balls. Kate felt all around his cock and balls, signalling her approval.

Jane turned to me and said, "What have you two been up to while we were away? Why have you still got clothes on?"

"Er, we were just talking," I stammered.

" I wasn't sure how Steve felt about things honey," Dave added. "You remember how Kate's ex reacted. "I was perplexed and looked to Kate for some explanation.

"He'll be fine," she said. "We've already discussed it." She knelt and took Dave's flaccid penis into her mouth and slurped lasciviously.

"Well let's see shall we," Jane purred, as she removed my shorts to reveal my half erect cock. "Kate, looks like you're right, darling. He seems to be enjoying himself, but just look at all that hair!" She cupped my balls in her hand as if weighing them and took my semi-erect cock in her mouth. I let out an involuntary sigh as she grabbed a handful of pubic hair and allowed my cock to fall from her mouth. "Let's get you cleaned up, shall we? Dave, fetch the clippers and the razor."

I was pushed back on to a sun lounger with my legs spread apart on either side. Jane knelt in front of me and Dave handed her the electric clippers. She stared intently into my eyes as she clicked them on. The loud buzzing caused me to twitch involuntarily and forced a drop of pre-cum out of the tip of my cock. Jane bent to lick it off and then, moving my the engorged penis to one side, she slowly pushed the clippers through my thick bush and flicked a a large mound of hair to the floor. Jane stood up and said, "Dave, can you take over? You are better at this than me."

I tensed and almost got up but Dave was quickly down between my legs and expertly manoeuvring the clippers around my cock and balls. It was the first time that I had knowingly allowed another man to touch my penis but I gradually relaxed, even when my legs were raised and the clippers set to work around my arsehole. Kate and Jane looked on as Dave spread the newly sheared area with shaving soap and than slowly shaved it smooth. They occasionally shared a passionate kiss or sucked lustily on each other's nipples. When Dave had finished shaving me, both Kate and Jane dropped to their knees I front of me and took it in turns to suck and lick my cock. I was lost in the mounting pleasure when I felt the clippers start up again and begin to move slowly over my scalp. Dave was shaving my head!

Kate squealed with excitement when Dave finished wiping the last of the foam from my bald head and moved behind me so that she could lean over my face and rub her dripping wet bald cunt on my head. It was an unimaginably erotic experience. Jane got up and kissed Dave saying, "well done Big Boy, now go and get your reward."

Dave fell to his knees and took me full into his mouth as Jane slithered up my chest and began to grind her wet cunt into my mouth. It was all too much and I came will three huge spurts which Dave effortlessly swallowed down. Dave let me free and moved over to where Kate was watching on the next sun lounger. He laid down on his back and she impaled herself on his cock while Jane was busily strapping on a dildo. She moved behind Kate and pushed the dildo into her arse. I massaged my cock back to life while sucking on Kate's tits. She soon screamed long and loud as an orgasmic tsunami shuddered through her body.

Dave moved her off his cock and gently pushed my shoulders down so that I was kneeling in front of him. His cock glistened with Kate's vaginal juices as it stood to attention in front of my face. I grasped the shaft and directed it towards my mouth. Here was a moment of truth. I had never sucked a cock in my life but as I wrapped my lips around his swollen head, he sighed with pleasure. I gradually built up a rhythm and it was not long before he sent a torrent of spunk down my throat. My first blowjob had roused me. I moved behind Jane who was by now lapping gently at Kate's well fucked cunt. I tried to push into her vagina from behind but she was still wearing the strap-on harness. Instead, I slowly worked my cock up her arse and began slow thrusts into her tight hole. Jane moaned quietly as she encouraged me to a faster motion, she then looked at her husband and, as she unstrapped the dildo, she pleaded with him. "Dave give me more."

Dave responded by moving in front of Jane and positioning his newly erect cock at the entrance to her pussy. She lowered herself into it with a small whimper and then dropped into the rhythm that I was pounding on her arse. I could feel Dave's cock inside her rubbing up against mine separated only by a thin membrane. I soon started to climax and as I shot my load deep up her arse she froze and let out a long, animalistic moan as she shuddered and twisted on the two cocks.

We stopped for a while to recover and drink wine while lounging in the hot tub. After a while, Kate smiled wickedly at me and placed a finger on her lips while looking quizzical.

"Cock or dildo?", she asked. My sphincter twitched and I shifted nervously.

Kate continued, "Dave, I think Steve would really like your cock up his arse."

"Oh, lovely!", Jane squealed. "Go on, Dave."

I watched as Dave stroked his cock to life and I slowly turned so that I was bent over the edge of the tub with my arse in the air. Kate set to work with her tongue and I heard a squirt as Jane eased some lubricant onto the palm of her hand which she used to salve Dave's cock. Kate then placed a lubricated finger up my arse and began to work it wider with first two and then three fingers. Then, my cock twitched as I felt the tip of Dave's cocked touch my slippery hole. I pushed back slightly and braced as Dave slowly eased the first two inches into my arse. I tried to relax to ease the stinging but I could not stop myself from letting out a low moan. Dave paused briefly and then inched in a touch further. I pushed back more and soon I felt Dave's groin hard up against my arse. Dave began a slow piston motion and soon I felt pleasure rippling through my arse and up to my cock. I was on the edge of coming. The sensation of Dave's cock massaging my arse transmitted directly to my erect penis which was now in Kate's mouth. As Dave pumped a load of hot spunk into my arse, I let out a guttural moan and shot directly into mouth. It was pure ecstasy.

As Kate and I lay in bed that night, with me stroking her buzzed and bleached hair, I asked, "Do you have any other surprises for me?"

"Maybe," she replied, "but you will have to spank it out of me."

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