tagFirst TimeLessons In Love Ch. 04

Lessons In Love Ch. 04


Sunny stood up and looked around the room, noticing that Seth and Helena were on the road to cumming. Their anger seemed to have dissipated as they lay next to each other, their fingers gently touching, eyes closed. Her eyes next fell on Gwennie and Archer and she stopped in her tracks, staring at them. What she saw was beautiful.

Gwennie was scared, so scared that her hands were shaking. Archer reached across and took her hands into his, willing some strength into her, then he released one hand and simultaneously raised their hands to each other's own chest. He moved her hand slowly across her collarbones and shoulders, slowly moving lower, sliding over the slope of her breast and just over the nipple.

"Feel that?" He whispered softly, gazing into her eyes. "Feel how soft your skin is? Feel how your nipple is getting hard?"

A deep shiver flashed through her body and her fingertips slid over the puckering flesh, circling it again and again until it formed a hard bead. Her master's touch had always been rough and to be touched so softly, it took her breath away. She didn't notice when Archer backed away; she was ensconced in discovering her pleasure. She trailed her fingers across the valley between her breasts and rubbed the other nipple, a soft and low moan escaping her as it hardened as well.

"Doesn't that feel good, Gwennie? Doesn't it feel good to touch yourself in a loving fashion?" She trembled, hearing his words and feeling the sensations that coursed through her body. "No pain, just pleasure. Sweet, wonderful pleasure." She rolled the nipple between her fingertips and a streak of heat blazed directly into her pussy. "Come closer to me, Gwennie." She looked up and saw that he was rubbing his nipples and furred chest. Still afraid, but less so, she moved over to where Archer sat and spread her legs as he did.

Archer gave her a smile and caught her eyes with the movements of his hands, sliding them across the flat planes of his chest and tweaking his nipples. Then he let one hand drift downward, through his thick, dark pubic hair and wrapped his hand around the root, tugging gently. "Let's do it together."

Gwennie nodded and with trembling fingers, she let her hand slowly move down over her stomach and between her legs, gasping when she touched her buried clit. Juice squeezed from between her dry lips and heat flooded her face, making her gasp. Her pussy gave a deep twinge when she ran her fingertips down the edges of her sex, awed at the amount of pussy cream that was leaking from in between them. She dipped her finger inside and shook with the pleasure that followed.

Watching her, he worried for a moment that something was wrong with her but when he saw the dazed look on her face and her finger deep inside her pussy, he knew that she was all right. In fact, her look was so arousing that his cock jumped in his fist. "Yes, Gwennie. That's it. Push you fingers farther in. … Oh, yeah. Just like that."

She did as he asked, the breath leaving her chest in a huge gasp. The feelings were so sweet, so deep that she couldn't move for a few moments between each thrust of her hand. Juices ran freely, coating her thighs and fingers as she pushed herself toward an orgasm. She fought the urge to scream as the heat rose in her belly, fiery and encompassing, scorching her from the tip of her nose to the pads of her feet.

"Yes, Gwennie." Archer whispered encouragingly, stroking his cock more firmly, pre-cum glistening against his skin and slicking the thick fur down. "Yes, just like that. Keep going." Her breathy whimper made a streak of adrenalin surge through him and his cock seemed to harden even more as he watched her fucking her pussy. "Oh, yeah. Almost there, Gwennie. Almost there … "

Panic blossomed in Gwennie's chest as a strange sensation began to build from inside her cunt, sweetly creeping through her and gathering, bunching in her hips and radiating outward. Grunts of lust morphed into a low moan that rose in tone until she was gasping over and over. "Archer!" She barely had a moment to gasp before the feelings overwhelmed her. Her orgasm burst onto her like a volcanic wave; her pussy muscles grasped her hand and she nearly screamed in release.

Archer watched Gwennie cum and his cock exploded in his hand, warm strings of cum splattering across his chest. His jaded soul found something worthy in her innocent display and it moved him more than the dirtiest porno movie he could find. He jerked and shivered, looking across at Gwennie who was shuddering in her own throes of release. When her soft eyes, filled with tears rose and met with his, all he could do was offer her a goofy smile.

"Good show, Gwennie. Good show!"

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