tagGroup SexLessons Learned Ch. 04

Lessons Learned Ch. 04


He hung up the phone with a smile on his face. Sometimes, it amazed him that he had so much control over his geometry teacher. In his mind, he corrected himself. Miss Moyers was more than his geometry teacher. She was a horny bitch so deep into an affair with a student that she would never be able to tell him no. All he had to do was mention a phone call to the principal and she would be on her knees begging. He liked her being on her knees. It was where bitches belonged, he'd decided. Besides, she had a very talented mouth when she was on her knees for him. Listening to her fuck herself over the phone had his cock throbbing.

"Truth or Dare, Danny?" The voice that penetrated Jon's thoughts belonged to the girl sitting on the bus seat in front of him. She was on her knees, peering over the back of the captain's chair in the rear of the charter bus. Her name was Sonja and there were rumors that she was bisexual. He knew that Danny had fucked her two weeks ago. Danny had talked about it for two days afterwards. He had also been watching her and Tamara, the girl seated next to Sonja, for three days on the bus. Jon had decided the rumors were true.

Danny was seated across the aisle from Jon. Danny's girlfriend, Keri, was seated next to him. Danny rolled his eyes back in his head as he thought about the choice. "Truth," he finally answered, though Jon detected he heard a hint of nervousness in his buddy's voice. Sonja could ask about their encounter, which would not go well with Keri present.

Sonja smiled and ran her tongue over the front of her teeth as she formulated her question. Jon thought he could see Danny sweating. "If you could fuck any teacher at school, which teacher would you fuck and where would you like to do it?"

Danny smirked and closed his eyes. That wasn't a hard question. Every guy knew which teacher he'd like to fuck. It made geometry class go faster just to think about it. "I'd like to bend Miss Moyers over the hood of that sleek little Trans Am of hers and drive her till she passed out."

Jon couldn't resist a chuckle. He knew that Danny didn't have what it took to make Miss Moyers black out. He also felt a twinge of jealousy that he hid by picturing her ass pointed at him from the top of the car. He might have to arrange that position some time soon. He felt his already stiff cock stretch the fly of his pants but made no effort to hide it.

"I wouldn't mind a piece of that myself," Sonja commented, confirming their suspicions. Tamara playfully punched Sonja in the arm. The thought of Sonja on Miss Moyers caused his cock to jerk again and he grunted softly. He didn't think anyone heard him, but Sonja's eyes landed firmly on him. Her eyes moved down to study his lap. He dropped his hands to his side and allowed her to enjoy her view.

"All right, my turn. Truth or Dare, Sadie?" Danny said.

Sadie was seated next to Jon. Jon liked the girl, but unfortunately, she'd kept her legs closed for the duration of the trip. Before he'd started fucking Miss Moyers, he would have been embarrassed to have his erection displayed so prominently, especially in front of Sadie, but now he didn't care. In fact, he was hoping it would get some attention soon.

"Dare," Sadie said, surprising them all.

Danny and Jon exchanged a look and a grin. "Show us your breasts," Danny ordered smugly. He was practically drooling at the prospect.

Sadie hesitated a moment, glancing toward the front of the bus. Sonja and Tamara blocked any view the chaperones might have of them. She lifted the baby doll t-shirt up until they could see the white cups of her bra above her flat stomach. She gripped the cups in her hands, and then peeled them down. Her breasts were small and pale but her nipples were thick. She quickly covered back up. "Truth or Dare, Sonja."

"Truth," the girl with heavy black hair said in a thick voice. Her cheeks were flushed as she answered.

"Do you like boys or girls better?"

Sonja laughed. "That's not hardly fair, given if I answer wrong I might not get any tonight." She winked at Tamara. "Let's just say it depends on what mood I'm in, and who's available. Truth or Dare, Jon."

"Truth," Jon answered, his eyes locking with her dark ones. He thought that she looked a bit disappointed with his choice.

"How big are you and how long can you last?"

"I don't carry around a measuring stick, but around nine inches, I guess. And the longest I've lasted was an hour in a mouth, longer in a pussy."

"Bullshit," Danny muttered.

"Which one? I can show you my size right now." Jon unzipped his pants and pulled his thick cock from his fly. It poked against his belly, a vein bulging against the taut skin.

"There's no way you can last an hour," Danny insisted.

"I know I can last longer than you," Jon returned immediately.

"Wanna bet?" Danny prompted. Jon cocked his eyebrow in acceptance of the challenge. "If I win, I get to drive your car all weekend."

"If I win, I get to fuck Keri."

"Hey!" Keri exclaimed.

"Don't worry, baby," Danny said. "I'll win."

"Who is going to provide the services?"

"I don't think it's fair if Danny gets Keri. She might not give her all," Sonja teased playfully.

"I'm not worried about it," Jon replied. "I'll outlast him even without her trying."

"All right, I'll do you, and if you can last longer than thirty minutes in my mouth, you get to join me and Tamara later."

Sonja had a hungry look in her eyes and Jon almost reconsidered his bet. Instead, he upped the stakes. "What if I lose?"

"You don't get Keri," she answered, winking at the red head sitting next to Danny. Keri seemed relieved. The two women exchanged a silent agreement. Keri would work slowly on Danny and Sonja would be fast on Jon. Even if Jon won his bet against Danny, he wouldn't lose to Sonja. "Switch places with me, Sadie," she ordered.

They switched positions and Danny reluctantly took his dick out of his pants. He wasn't as aroused as Jon and knew he paled in comparison. Sonja and Keri maneuvered so that they could each access their partner. Sonja glanced across the aisle. "No hands. Just mouth. Tamara will judge." Keri nodded weakly. "Ready? Set. Go!"

Jon had to gasp as Sonja's mouth latched onto his cock. His heart leapt into his throat as her lips suctioned around his throbbing shaft. She didn't hesitate to work him deep into her throat. Her tongue curled around his member and her head began moving quickly. He bit his lip, his head slamming the back of his seat as he resisted the urge to groan. Beads of sweat formed along his brow. His pulse hammered as her mouth sucked him. He finally had to close his eyes and force his thoughts away from the powerful vise wrapped around his dick. He thought about the dismal season that the Yankees were having. He thought about how boring the museum they had visited earlier had been. The vein stood out against his temple and he wound his fingers in Sonja's long, block hair and forced himself to ignore her hot, fast mouth.

Keri took a slower approach on Danny. She barely had him in her mouth and was just rubbing her tongue around the head of his shaft. Her tongue swam in circles as Danny's member quickly hardened. Danny's fingers were curled tightly around the arm of the chair as he attempted to hold on to his orgasm.

Jon had gained control of his body. He was breathing steadily now, his chest rising and falling gradually. He was enjoying Sonja's hot mouth on his sensitive rock hard member. He had missed Miss Moyers mouth this week. Sonja's mouth was different than his teacher's. It wasn't necessarily better, but she had a strong pull and her tongue never seemed to pause. Miss Moyers blow jobs were usually paced and rhythmic. Thoughts of Miss Moyers pushed Jon closer to the edge. He had to take a deep breath and find other thoughts to occupy his mind.

Danny's control was slipping. His hips were coming up, sliding his slick member in and out of Keri's relaxed lips. His eyes were focused on her red lips stretched around his cock. He was grunting as his hips bucked into his girlfriend's mouth.

Sonja had Jon in her throat. She swallowed against him and was delighted to hear a slight groan. She knew none of the others would hear his silent pleasure. She knew he was going to outlast Danny. The other boy was moaning constantly as he attempted to win the bet.

Jon's eyes drifted to the clock at the front of the bus and he latched onto the red digital numbers. He hadn't noticed it at the beginning of the contest, but the numbers told him it was now twenty-five after four. He knew the competition had been going on for at least five minutes and possibly as many as ten. He wished Danny would go ahead and explode. Jon had every intention of lasting thirty minutes longer than his buddy.

In the seat in front of them, Tamara shifted. She positioned herself so that both men could see as she slipped her skirt around her waist. She opened her legs and revealed her pink lips and a mat of blonde curls. She began dancing her fingertips up and down her swollen lips. Her eyes were on Sonja's lips wrapped around Jon's cock as her fingers slipped between the lips and began stroking her clit slowly.

"Fuck!" Danny exclaimed, his hips thrusting up hard as his thick cum shot into Keri's mouth. He jerked stiff and released a long, low groan.

Keri sat up and quickly found a tissue. She spat into it, her green eyes full of fire as she glared at her boyfriend. "Dammit, Danny." She started to turn away but caught sight of Jon's calm demeanor. They could hear Sonja's mouth as it worked on him but Jon seemed totally unfazed except for a vein bulging at his temple. Danny was always quick on the trigger. She had known he would lose the contest and was glad when Sonja offered her an out. She didn't watch Sonja's mouth on Jon, but she watched him. She had done everything she could to keep from staring when Jon had pulled his long cock from his pants. He was bigger than Danny and thicker around. She loved her boyfriend, but she knew he played around. Suddenly, she wasn't sure that she wanted Sonja to succeed.

Jon's eyes never left the red numbers on the clock. He didn't allow himself to look at Tamara's inviting pussy. He didn't allow himself to think about Sonja's hot mouth. He certainly didn't think about the fact that he had won the bet with Danny and was finally going to get to fuck Keri. He'd wanted to get her since Danny had started cheating. His mind wanted to picture Keri bent over with his cock thrusting in and out between her ass cheeks. He also didn't think about what would happen if he won Sonja's bet. He'd never had two women at once. He enjoyed the thought of being between the two beautiful women.

His chest was rising and falling quickly now. His eyes locked on the bright numbers, willing the thirty minutes to pass. He could hear Tamara muttering softly as she teased herself. Sonja's mouth was getting hungrier and Jon knew if he looked down that the woman giving him such a delightful mouth job was watching her girlfriend's pussy. The clock clicked to 4:50 and Jon finally dropped his eyes, relaxing his control a little.

Tamara's pussy was trimmed to a line of blonde hair along the slit of her pink lips. She was holding her lips open as she played, showing Sonja her fingers as they moved against her nub.

Jon allowed himself to feel Sonja's tongue. It danced up and down his shaft, stroking him as her throat squeezed and contracted against the head. He could feel his release building, so he closed his eyes and exhaled slowly.

He shot into Sonja's mouth the moment the clock showed 4:56. He filled her mouth with his hot, salty cum and was delighted to feel her swallowing his load. She didn't let up until he had finished shooting into her. Sonja pulled off slowly. Swirling her tongue around the head to clean up all the excess, she grinned at him. Immediately, she turned to Tamara, bowing her head and putting it between the blonde's thighs. She began lapping against Tamara's clit.

"Oh, fuck," Danny muttered again with a tense grunt. He attempted to cover himself but he couldn't stop his second load from soaking his shirt. Jon saw the look of disgust on Keri's face. He couldn't wait to see what kind of expression she wore after he finished with her.

"Mm, Baby," Tamara groaned quietly as a spasm raced through her body. She gently stroked Sonja's hair as the girl lifted her head.

Sonja lifted her head to her girlfriend. "I need you now," she whispered.

Tamara grinned. "No. You shouldn't have made me part of the bet."

Jon's cell phone rang so he stopped paying attention to the conversation. He suspected that Sonja would be begging Tamara before long and that was something he wouldn't have minded watching. He looked at the number displayed on the phone and grinned. It was Ms. Moyers. He clicked the answer button. "Couldn't get enough, huh?"

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