tagBDSMLessons Learned Ch. 05

Lessons Learned Ch. 05


She stared blankly into the face staring back at her through the passenger's side window, fear beating wildly in her heart as her mind raced through the last few minutes. How long had Perry been standing beside her car, watching as someone on the phone coached her through an orgasm? Even if he had not seen the beginning of her actions, it would be painfully clear to anyone who saw her what had happened. Her skirt was still bunched around her waist, her thighs open, and her bare lips pink and slick. Her breasts felt heavy and her thick nipples pushed against the cloth of the white silk shirt.

Being caught masturbating in the school parking lot was embarrassing, but that wasn't why terror turned her blood to ice. If Perry knew that a high school senior, her geometry student and his third baseman, was on the other end of the line, she wouldn't just be humiliated. Even though Jon was eighteen, he was still her student. She could be fired. She could never teach again. Part of the thrill of the affair had been the possibility of being caught. Now that the possibility was a reality, she hated herself for being so careless. Without Jon's voice cooing to her, she could pretend that she had some control over her actions and wasn't a helpless slut to his touch.

Perry opened the passenger's door and slid into the bucket seat. He silently situated himself so that her eyes were drawn to the fly of his pants. He placed his palms on his lap to frame the tent stretching the loose sweat pants. She reached down to tug her skirt back into place, but his voice stopped her. "Leave it," he said. His voice was firm. She tried to read in his tone and in his face what his intentions were, but he faced the front of the car and gave no clues.

She turned, placing her hands on the steering wheel of her Trans Am and waited, still feeling the leather against her bald pussy. His silence was more maddening than any action he could take. Her eyes fell back to the material stretched over his cock. She wondered how big it was, how thick it was, and how it would compare to Jon's. "Do you want to see more?" he asked suddenly, startling her from her reprieve.

Her eyes flew to his face and her cheeks turned pink. The innocent act of looking did more to embarrass her than being seen sliding her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. A hint of a smile touched his face and she relaxed a little as he reached down and pulled his cock over the top of his sweatpants. Her eyes dropped to study the member standing against his stomach. He was not as long as Jon, but the heavy sack bulged at the base as if teeming with life. A vein throbbed from the base to the tip and she couldn't help but imagine running the tip of her tongue along the vein and around the swollen head. Her tongue glided along her lips as she stared.

He pushed it back into his pants and she resisted whimpering in response. He chuckled and the sound gave her chills. She closed her eyes and tried to form a coherent thought, but he interrupted her process. "All this time you were turning me down. Every time I asked you out, you came up with some excuse as to why you couldn't go with me. I wondered what you found so repulsive about me. I was beginning to think you didn't even like men."

"Perry," she began, suddenly wanting him to go away. She didn't like the tone of his voice. There was something sinister lurking beneath the surface.

"I think you should crank the car and start driving, Miss Moyers."

She blinked at him in surprise, but knew she had to play his game until he declared what he wanted. She cranked the Trans Am, listening to the motor roar to life. He was quiet as she drove across the parking lot and pulled onto the highway. "When you started coming to our baseball games, I thought you had weakened a little bit. I should have known then that something was going on. A woman doesn't suddenly become a baseball fan for no reason. You would sit on the third base line and flash your legs. I thought it was all for me."

"How do you know it wasn't?" she asked breathlessly, attempting to appear nonchalant and brave at the same time. She heard the tremor in her own voice.

"I know it wasn't for me. I saw you get out of his car after a game."

She laughed nervously. "Who's car?"

"Don't play coy with me. I know you've been fucking Jon."

"Don't be ridiculous, Perry. I'm no idiot. I know better than to mess around with a student."

He reached into the floorboard and retrieved her phone. "Perhaps I should see who you were talking to. You dropped the phone. They might be concerned." She heard the soft sounds of buttons being pushed as he scrolled through the menus on her phone.

"No!" she exclaimed suddenly. "No, no, that's all right." He grinned and her shoulders slumped. "All right, Perry, what do you want?"

He chuckled, sliding the phone into her purse. "You didn't even ask Jon who. You need to have a better defense if someone else catches you being indiscreet."

"Just tell me what you fucking want, Perry," she growled through clenched teeth, her anger and frustration seething. She hoped that the tears that were burning her eyes would not fall. She didn't want him to know how deeply he had cut her.

"Why don't you drive me to your house," he suggested casually, taking her hand and placing it over the stiff shaft in his pants. He stared out the window and didn't say another word as she sped toward her small apartment.

She trembled as she drove. She could feel the heat of his erection against the hand he pressed into his lap and hated herself for the tingling sensation burning between her lips. Jon had accused her of being a slut when their affair had first begun. Now, she was starting to believe he was right. She hadn't taken any lover but Jon since the affair began, but now she wanted Perry as badly as she did her student. She hated herself for wanting him. She loathed her own desire.

They reached her apartment in silence and Perry followed her up the stairs. He stood close behind her as she fumbled with her keys in the lock. She could feel his rod pressing against her through the material of her skirt. He flexed his hips slightly, moving against her. Her body pushed backwards, betraying her instinct to hurry into the apartment and slam the door in his face.

As if reading her thoughts, he placed one hand on the door over her head. He took the keys from her hand with the other. Pinning her body between his and the door, he opened the door deftly and pushed her into the dark living room without breaking their physical contact. She twisted away immediately and he tossed her keys on a side table as she turned on the lights. Nervously, she scurried about the apartment, picking up stray trash and flipping through her mail. "Do you want something to drink?" she asked, walking toward the kitchen.

"I want you to undress for me," he answered calmly as he settled onto the couch. He crossed his ankle over his knee and gave her an expectant, patient look.

She hesitated a moment, that pink tinge touching her cheeks again as she looked toward the floor. She struggled mentally even though she knew she had no choice. Perry held all of the cards in his hand right now. She walked back into the living room and stood in front of him. He smiled up at her, but it was not the disarming smile she had come to expect from him. A shiver raced down her spine. She brought her trembling fingers to her blouse and worked the first button free. His smile disappeared as he focused intensely on her. She freed the second and he could see the lace of her bra. The third button revealed her brown stomach and the fourth opened the blouse completely. She shrugged out of it, being careful to lay it across the back of a Queen Anne chair.

She reached behind her, unhooking her lace bra and leaning forward as she pulled it away from her heavy breasts. They were pale and full and the dark nipples stood thick. She straightened, arching her back a little to allow him time to appreciate their beauty. In the back of her mind, she began to develop hope that she could entertain him and he would not tell anyone about Jon. That hope drove her as she reached to her side to lower the zipper of her skirt. He tilted his head as her bare hip came into view. The skirt whistled down her body to pool at her feet. She stepped out of the skirt and returned her eyes to his face. He remained expressionless as he took in her form. She was naked except for nude stockings that stopped at the top of her thigh, framing her white, smooth pussy against the dark material. "Nice," he said. "Those, too."

She nodded and placed one foot on the sofa near him. He glided his hand over her firm calf in appreciation as she leaned forward and began rolling the stocking down her strong thigh. She repeated the process with the other leg. She stood again, wadding the stockings and tossing them aside. His eyes on her made her warm inside, despite the nervous twitter clutching her stomach.

He stood and she could see that his erection had stiffened more. He closed the distance and she tensed as he lifted his hand to touch her, certain she would be repulsed by his caress. The touch was light, his fingers tracing ghost patterns over her face. His breath was warm on her cheek as his hand glided down the arch of her neck and over the soft flesh of her breast. "I knew you would be beautiful."

She leaned into his touch, turning her face toward his lips. She wet her lips, looking at his mouth as his fingers lightly massaged her breasts, teasing her nipples as goose bumps formed on her entire body. She wanted him to kiss her. She wanted to feel his mouth on her lips and on her sensitive breasts. Their eyes met as he turned toward her. She parted her lips in anticipation of his kiss. Instead, he pulled away and sat back down. "Beg."

She blinked blankly at him, the sudden change in atmosphere making her reel. He was relaxed, watching her with steady, intense blue eyes. He was leaning against the arm of the couch, his chin propped in his palm as he watched her. His throbbing member did not seem to be distracting him from tormenting her at all. On the other hand, his teasing was causing her to spin. "What?" she asked, prying her tongue from the roof of her dry mouth.

"Beg," he repeated the order. He leaned forward, almost snarling as he continued. "Beg me not to report your sordid little affair to the administration."

She shrank back, a chill descending over her body. Some of her desire was eased. This was business. "Please, Perry, don't tell on me."

"The only proper way to beg is from your knees," he announced in the same casual voice. He leaned forward with a sneer. "It's a position with which I am sure you are familiar."

Her stomach knotted again but she couldn't explain the tingling that went with the sensation. She knelt slowly, her eyes focused on his face. "Please, Perry, don't report me to the Principal. Don't tell on me. I can't help fucking Jon. I'm addicted to his cock. I crave it." She dropped her eyes to the tent stretching his pants. "I'm a slut, Perry. Please. I'll do anything."

With her eyes still fixed on his straining cock, she inched forward. He opened his legs as she crawled toward him. He placed his hand over his hard staff, stroking it through his sweatpants. Her eyes followed the motion of his hand. "Do you want this, little whore?"

"Yes," she answered breathlessly. She barely recognized her own voice. It sounded husky. Her tongue felt thick. Her body yearned to feel him inside of her. She didn't care how he took her, as long as he satisfied her soon.

"What do you want to do with it?" he demanded as his hand grew still. It hid the bulge from her view, breaking the mesmerizing spell for a moment. She dropped her eyes, panting for breath as he continued his teasing. He reached out and tilted her head up. "Look at me, cunt. I said, what do you want to do with my cock?"

Her voice trembled as she answered. "I want to suck it. I want to lick it. I want you to fuck me with it."

"How do you want me to fuck you, whore?"

"Every way. I want you to fuck my mouth. I want you to drill me. I want to straddle your hips and ride you. I want you to press me against the wall and fuck me hard."

He leaned forward with a sinister smile on his face. "Don't worry, I will. I'll take that drink now."

He sat back, crossed his ankle over his knee, and turned on the television with the nearby remote. He did not look at her as she knelt in front of him with a blank expression on her face. His words slowly penetrated her brain, splashing cold water on her desire. Trembling, she rose to her feet, barely trusting her knees to support her. She took her time in the kitchen, listening as he surfed through the channels on the television. She was quickly losing control of her senses as the situation continued to spiral away from her.

When she returned to the living room, he took the drink without looking at her or speaking to her. She remained standing beside him, unsure what to do. She would have liked to have sat next to him and teased him until he needed her as badly as she wanted him. However, she sensed if she attempted to seduce him, her torment would continue. She didn't want to kneel. She knelt for Jon. She didn't want to appear submissive to Perry. Rather than submit willingly, she stood beside him, a defiant look on her face.

She gasped in surprise when he suddenly reached out and drove two fingers between her slick lips. "You can be as bitchy as you want," he snarled, "but your body is betraying you. Get on your knees, fucking cunt." He withdrew his fingers and she knelt immediately, her eyes angry as she glared at him. He chuckled as he turned his attention back to the television. "Go ahead and glare. You aren't going to get anything until you know how to behave."

She dropped her eyes, hating herself for giving in so easily. He sipped his drink slowly, giving her anger time to settle and her mind time to wander. She didn't know if she could trust him. Even if she did give in to him, he might still betray her secret. By the time he had finished his drink, she knew she had fallen into a very deep hole.

"Undress me," he said suddenly, still not looking at her. Her head jerked up, startled at his words. Helpless to resist, she crawled between his legs and reached up, sliding her hands beneath his t-shirt to feel his flat stomach. She pressed her palms to the washboard and pushed the material of the shirt up as her fingers glided against his muscular frame. Her fingertips moved over his well-formed muscles and brushed against his small nipples. She pulled the t-shirt over his head and tossed it aside. She leaned forward and licked each of his nipples before dragging her tongue along the line of his hard stomach. She reached the waistband of his pants and lifted her hands to them, but he pushed her hands away, shaking his head. She read his silent command and her hands dropped. She gripped the waistband in her teeth and pulled downward. His cock sprang free as she tugged the material over his hips. Her eyes remained focused on the staff as she finished removing his pants.

She leaned forward and licked the length of his cock with her tongue, circling the head and tasting the drop that had gathered there. Her tongue glided back down, circling around the base of his cock before rubbing his balls. Her tongue bathed his heavy sac and then moved back to his cock, gliding up and down the stiff rod. She lifted her eyes to his face. He was still focused on the television so she intensified her efforts. She added more pressure and began moving her tongue quicker. She licked the length several times, swirling her tongue around the head.

He shifted a little, signaling to her that her tongue was having a serious effect on him. She dragged upward slowly and closed her lips around the head, sucking softly on the swollen mushroom. She tasted his salty flavor as she engulfed him in her hot, wet mouth. He groaned softly, thrusting upwards to force more of his shaft between her lips. She adjusted, accepting his thick shaft as his fingers threaded into her hair. His fingertips massaged her scalp as her mouth milked his hard, throbbing cock.

She could taste the cum gathering at the head. His hips were flexing, the rhythm increasing as her mouth intensified. His hand made a fist, pulling at her hair as a groan finally escaped his throat. She suddenly pulled off, taking advantage of his distraction to scramble out of reach. Perhaps her mouth had driven him to the same point of distraction that his teasing had her. She could feel her heart pounding in fear and excitement as she waited for him to respond.

"What the fuck?" he growled, his eyes flashing with anger as he stood. He threw his glass across the room and it shattered against the wall. She cried out as he took a menacing step forward, shrinking back as the fear overruled the anticipation. He slapped her so hard that she felt her head snap to the side. "You fucking whore!" he yelled. She placed her hand to her cheek, feeling the heat as a thousand pinpricks tingled against her skin. She didn't have time to react more than that. His grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled it. Her head snapped back and as she cried out, he grabbed his cock and thrust it into her mouth, cutting off the sound of her surprise. The head popped into her throat and his balls slapped against her chin. He pumped his hips, his shaft slipping in and out of her throat. She surrendered, closing her lips around his rod to increase the stimulus. He grunted and she felt the hot streams of cum exploding from the tip of the head. He pulled out and coated her face with the sticky substance. "Listen to me closely, bitch," he snarled. "You are the one who has fucked one of your students, so stop playing games. You do what I say when I say to do it. Don't play with me. Do you understand, cunt?"

"I . . ." she began. He slapped her again. "Do you understand?" he screamed. "Yes! I do! Yes! Please, Perry!" she cried, cowering as he raised his hand again.

He dropped his hand and smirked at her, cupping her chin in his fingers. "I can smell you, whore. You need to be fucked, don't you?"

She thought about denying his impact on her, but knew her hard nipples and slick lips were betraying her. She dropped her eyes. "Tell me," he ordered softly, his tone and touch suddenly gentle.

"I need to be fucked," she said softly to the floor.

"Louder," he commanded, his fingers trailing over her cheek, then tilting her face up so that she had to look at him.

"I need to be fucked," she repeated.

"You smell like a bitch in heat. Do you need to be fucked like a bitch?"

Knowing what he wanted, she answered. "I need to be fucked like a bitch."

"Does your student fuck you like a bitch?"

"S-sometimes," she whispered, her stomach knotting nervously.

"I'm going to fuck you like a bitch. I'm going to fuck you till you howl." She felt her cheeks growing hot as he grinned. "But you made me blow my load, so you'll just have to wait. What do you have to eat?"

He pulled away from her and disappeared into the kitchen. She could hear him rattling around, so she rose and followed him. Meekly, she stood just inside the room and watched as he fixed himself a sandwich. He sat down at the table and looked at her. His eyes went to the floor beside him in a silent command.

She obeyed.

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